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  1. New at Target Field this year will be banners recognizing the 1924 WS title, 1925 and 1933 AL titles. They will be flown alongside the Twins' 1965 AL banner and 1987 and 1991 WS banners. Also this quote from the article doesn't seem accurate to me as I thought the Twins always retained the original Washington stats and history. Regardless, further plans are still being explored to expand recognition of the 60 years of Washington history, likely including recognition of legendary pitcher Walter Johnson.
  2. Still not on board with the updated "TC" logo... leave it as is or move on to something different. Maybe a non-serifed C would change my mind though. I really dig the Twin Cities Twins concept. I love location names that are neither cities nor states (Golden State, Tampa Bay, etc.). Great work!
  4. Saw an XL Nike Russia hockey jersey. The blue one from Sochi, $30 at Marshalls, didn't pick it up though.
  5. You seem to be forgetting the Stars fan base was far from robust in their final years in Minnesota.
  6. Then you'd have to include all the one-off games/series in other stadiums (e.g. the Indians' home games at Miller Park a few years back). There are certainly many examples of that. Personally I'm more interested to learn about all these extended stays in temporary venues.
  7. The Vikings of course are playing at the Gophers' TCF Bank Stadium both this year and last.
  8. Vikings changed the yardage numbers on the field at TCF Bank Stadium to match their uniform font: for the Vine, can't find any images out there yet) Do any other teams do this?
  9. Any ideas what the Wild/North Stars team will wear for the alumni game against the Blackhawks?
  10. Have to disagree with you on that one... Yeah hawk36 is definitely in the minority there. If you look at the main site, only Chicago and Detroit have higher ratings on their primary logo than the Wild.
  11. It's relevant. With Wild being such a poor nickname, people always want to change it. And the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is North Stars. It's actually brought up here in Minnesota and discussed fairly regularly. Very annoying since they certainly will not change the name any time soon.
  12. "Northern Lights" was on the final list of possible names.
  13. Sure it is. Refers to the French fur traders that frequented Minnesota in the early 1800's. Minnesota's lone national park is Voyaguers National Park.
  14. Wild 15th anniversary logo per Icethetics