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  1. New at Target Field this year will be banners recognizing the 1924 WS title, 1925 and 1933 AL titles. They will be flown alongside the Twins' 1965 AL banner and 1987 and 1991 WS banners. Also this quote from the article doesn't seem accurate to me as I thought the Twins always retained the original Washington stats and history. Regardless, further plans are still being explored to expand recognition of the 60 years of Washington history, likely including recognition of legendary pitcher Walter Johnson. https://www.skornorth.com/2020/07/history-lesson-twins-taking-steps-to-recognize-franchises-time-in-washington/
  2. Still not on board with the updated "TC" logo... leave it as is or move on to something different. Maybe a non-serifed C would change my mind though. I really dig the Twin Cities Twins concept. I love location names that are neither cities nor states (Golden State, Tampa Bay, etc.). Great work!
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SAN-DIEGO-PADRES-NEW-ERA-MLB-VINTAGE-RETRO-PINCH-HITTER-REPLICA-CAP-HAT-NEW-/121693651308?hash=item1c5581c16c:m:mxb1dCclfWMlId3EzTOwEEA
  4. Saw an XL Nike Russia hockey jersey. The blue one from Sochi, $30 at Marshalls, didn't pick it up though.
  5. Then you'd have to include all the one-off games/series in other stadiums (e.g. the Indians' home games at Miller Park a few years back). There are certainly many examples of that. Personally I'm more interested to learn about all these extended stays in temporary venues.
  6. The Vikings of course are playing at the Gophers' TCF Bank Stadium both this year and last.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Twins and Brewers play in the same division these uniforms threw back to? No, in the 80s the Twins were in the West and the Brewers in the East. They were both in the AL central from 94 to 97, but the Twins no longer wore those unis. Here's a picture from said game by the way. Does anyone know why it's backwards? Did the Twins just want to wear the Powder Blues at home?
  8. Found on my local craigslist: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/spo/4687746896.html I emailed the guy and he said he would drop it to $60 if I bought it that day. It's one thing to claim a knockoff is authentic, but to also claim it's game-worn? Some poor guy who doesn't know the difference will be out $60. Anyone know where I can report this junk?
  9. Why not? I like the jersey and I don't care if he's gone. Point being was that not all legitimate jerseys are budget busters, which is the biggest argument in favor of purchasing knockoffs.
  10. Proof you don't have to spend big bucks for a legitmate jersey. There's just two things: You have to keep your eyes peeled constantly for deals and you have to be fine with non-current players. Picked up this sweet Wolves sleeved jersey at lids. Originally $110, marked 50% off, then an additional 30% off. Great jersey for $38.50! No China needed!
  11. My girlfriend would always get annoyed whenever I pointed out knockoff jerseys at Twins games, but then I equated it to a girl carrying a fake coach purse. She gets it now.
  12. Yank all them stickers off and you've got yourself one helluva collection!
  13. Hey guys. Been searching for a Washington Nationals alternate hat, the DC one. (I really want the navy crown/red bill one but have given up all hope on finding that one...) I've only been able to find youth sizes and strapbacks. I'd really like to find a size 7 1/2 authentic 59fifty, it's one of the "whales" of my collection. I found a size 8 on hatland, but I don't see my head getting that big in the near future. Any leads or ideas where to look? Don't want the stars and stripes one by the way, I find those to be pretty tacky.
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