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  1. *me, making this* ‘I can’t wait to watch the boards explode again over this’
  2. The helmet has an orange eye, it was just tough to get that to show in the pictures.
  3. So what you're saying is that you wouldn't recommend applying for their job opening, I take it?
  4. The swooshes are silver too, it’s just a highly reflective kind that turns bright white in certain lighting, kind of like those Olympic jackets Nike made in 2012. Makes it a real pain to photograph the numbers
  5. ALL orange. Good thing it never happened.
  6. How'd I do? I'll take any feedback/criticism/old-man-cloud-yelling. Also, here's a flat file for a little reference:
  7. Yeah thats what everyone said about Tennessee going into this offseason, and look what we got. I think I’m gonna stay pessimistic with new NFL uniforms for a while, less of a chance I get disappointed
  8. Egypt (A1) vs. Panama (G1) Morocco (B1) vs. Mexico (F1)
  9. Egypt (A1) vs. Australia (C1) Sweden (F2) vs. Panama (G1) Morocco (B1) vs. France (C2) Mexico (F1) vs. Senegal (H1)
  10. Egypt (A1) vs. Spain (B2) Australia (C1) vs. Iceland (D2) Serbia (E1) vs. Sweden (F2) Panama (G1) vs. Columbia (H2) Saudi Arabia (A2) vs. Morocco (B1) France (C2) vs. Argentina (D1) Switzerland (E2) vs. Mexico (F1) England (G2) vs. Senegal (H1)
  11. Group A Saudia Arabia Egypt Russia Uruguay Group B Morocco Portugal Spain Iran Group C Australia France Denmark Honduras Group D Iceland Argentina Croatia Nigeria Group E Serbia Costa Rica Switzerland Brazil Group F My Group Group G Panama England Tunisia USA Group H Senegal Poland Japan Colombia
  12. What's really great is having Cincinnati's home run derby jerseys being worn in the 2026 ASG in Denver (I have The Show 15). I don't get why they put you in the HR Derby jerseys during the actual game, maybe that's been updated since.
  13. Man, I thought we were talking about the stadium lights.... Serves me right.
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