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  1. I don't argue any of that - I'm just saying that these issues aren't going to be brought to light, changed, made to matter, whatever on the basis of the World Cup.
  2. I'm not sure that the Middle East has nearly the passion for The Beautiful Game that is found in this post.
  3. I've never thought an apparel logo looked cool on uniforms.
  4. I'll hate these just because those shouder stripes, so "perfect looking" (had to resist a bad pun there) on these photshops, will never look that smooth in real life. Even if they did, I still wouldn't like it. Trying too hard is a great description.
  5. I'm the opposite. No Amazon but yes to NFLN.
  6. Change your name to Arlcowboyfan92, and THEN you can :censored: about them being called New York.
  7. Patches on jerseys aren't a traditional football aesthetic. I have no other reaons than that. That isn't to say it is the only or the correct answer, but it is my answer to your first question. I recognize that it is only my opinion, so nobody ought to get bunged up that I am declaring the end of the debate.
  8. How does that gold stripe end? Tapered? Cut straight at the end of the purple taper? not a fan The reason those stripes are the way they are is to mimic Ravens' feathers, which are a dark purple to black. This is one case where the color DOES matter, unlike there being no navy bears or blue lions.
  9. No - looking to build their revenues. The contracts expire now regardless of the pandemic. This was the way the negotiations were going to go regardless of the pandemic.
  10. Not sure if serious. You DO know that the whole Tiki Barber thing is because he got pranked by believing what someone wrote on Wiki, right? To answer your question, the G is the logo that was designed per Lombardi's request, and it stands for Green Bay. How about them Chicagos with that logo, though
  11. BUT They don't use that C to spell Chicago. They use it to spell Cubs. Can't wait for the new Bengals uniforms
  12. If you are worried that the boards are breaking European rules, maybe you could delete any identifying marks in your profile, then logout, and not come back?