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  1. Maybe the cooperation becomes an investment, in which case anti-trust (I believe) is out the window.
  2. I actually think this is a positive. It shows a little more cooperation from the NFL.
  3. Thanks - I checked out his Twitter bio before asking. The second response helps me out in terms of the validity of his response. I hadn't thought about taking a 'leak' like this in having someone confirm/deny. I guess my curiousity extends to 'how many people actually know what they look like', and thus 'who could actually confirm or deny?'. Just trying to work through this in my own mind given the tightly kept nature of this or any update!
  4. Who is Connor Hughes and why would he know? I'm not arguing that this is legit, I just don't know why someone would know the negative (not it) without knowing the positive (real thing).
  5. Yup. As a diehard Packer fan, I will always say that Dez Bryant made a great grab, it just wasn't a football catch
  6. Well, the written commentary here misses the fact that this happened after the whistle blew, so it is a correct application of the rule in that there was no clear and obvious recovery by a player. Rant against the rule, not the outcome. Re-word the rule to say team instead of player, and this shouldn't happen. Spoken another way - words have meaning. Choose your words wisely [not choose you're words wisely]
  7. Is it a safe guess that most of the offending stuff has been removed?
  8. You're right, but you're wrong with why you're right. Milwaukee has no field that would suit a football team. Miller Park isn't the answer to this question.
  9. Sorry - you totally missed the point. You say you don't want to watch the NFL because you know who is going to win it. I say you are wrong. pssst - not a Patriots fan and don't want to see them win
  10. Here's where your blinders are showing. There is a law that limits the number of events that can be held at Cal over a three year period that wouldn't allow a full season of home games to be played there. What do you see otherwise?
  11. And yet that is one of the problems with Miller Park. WHY the bleep did they make it predominantly green for a team nicknamed 'True Blue Brew Crew'?
  12. Nope - that would be antitrust. Unless saying that you 'prefer' AAF over XFL doesn't disallow a player from signing with the XFL, it's antitrust. Even if you say that, and you say it can be done, but no one does it, it would be antitrust.
  13. You take that one team who you know will win the Super Bowl anyway, and I get all the rest. I'll win way more money in the long run than you will.
  14. I'm not sure on the answer of whether or not it would be an anti-trust violation. I don't think it would be. To the bolded point - I'm not sure that it would be financially smart for either league to 'bid' on such a status.