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  1. I don't follow tennis, so I have this question to ask -- is there something with the tennis calendar that doesn't allow for re-scheduling Wimbledon? Cancellation seems drastic for an event in early July.
  2. And the black is elevated from supporting to primary. Yeah - not feeling good about that.
  3. Only to us nerds on this site. And not to all of us nerds on this site.
  4. I would like this better with a little forward lean in the logo, akin to the 2003-current one.
  5. I love how you pulled the helmet stripes into this. Please tell me that was intentional (and if it wasn't - lie).
  6. The talon/claw is too thick. I prefer the revision made by @hawk36 Regardless, it still has the problem of NOT being an F on one side of the helmet.
  7. Thanks for the response. I agree with your opinion on Cleveland, Tennessee and Tampa Bay. I lump Seattle into that same group, but I can't argue with an opinion (well I can, but I won't this time!).
  8. This needs sharpening. The angles/points of the interior aren't the same as the rounded edges of the keyline. This makes it look blobby to me. The white outline may not be needed in which case the keyline issue is likely lessened.
  9. Heavens - I have no idea WTF clean means now if a mess like Seattle can be described as clean. This means that a jersey where random color swatches were placed on the front in order to have a place to put the team name, as opposed to just using the wordmark (not that THAT is even necessary, and don't anyone give me the anti-counterfeit BS); the jersey also includes a lovely color swatch added to the sleeves for the sole purpose of highlighting the manufacturer's mark; and let's not forget about adding the invisible unless on top of the helmet "feature" that happens to be the only thing glossy on the helmet. Yup - pretty clean, whatever that means.
  10. So I asked about 'clean' in another thread, and this seems the opposite of what I was told elsewhere. How can something be clean and detailed (unless it is a car straight from the shop)? I don't know what those two words mean when they are used in this manner. Context - this was someone else in the Colts thread when asked about "clean" - Clean meaning 2 things, as mentioned it could sub in as a word for "cool," it would jump them up into some of my favorite uniforms. However, I also mean for it to be like "unified" as in it ties everything together, it isnt trying to do too much. So the overarching theme is that I think it would fit the whole set better, "clean" it up.
  11. Ex-Pac heat, for the wrestling side of this board.
  12. Some of us are old enough to remember watching those in the 60s and 70s.
  13. You could also ask for citation on this "a lot of people were barely even aware of". They're a freaking NFL team. That statement is laughable.