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  1. Color names don't mean anything. Forum Blue is Purple, for example.
  2. Denver's QBs are exxpected to be cleared by then - possibly by later today if I recall the timeline properly.
  3. I wonder how hard hit the Northwoods League will be as a result of moves such as this. Players may be reluctant to play in the non-MLB versions of these leagues.
  4. "I'm used to seeing them" does not equal "I don't notice them".
  5. I wonder if they actually PAID for that ad? I mean, did Riddell have to fork over money for their product placement? I'm not arguing with you that it WASS in fact an ad, I just wonder if didn't dawn on the league to charge for it.
  6. Separating then from now from the past. It was an easy visual to help make the point that they are WFT, not their old name.
  7. Yeah - that should have been obvious
  8. Brewers beat writer, when asked if there was any fear of losing Wisconsin as an affiliate, responded "I wouldn't worry about that" Oh - and Carolina likely their low A affiliate
  9. If you heard an 'eh' reaction on the Thomas pass, you need to pull something out of your ears.
  10. I would be stunned if Wisconsin (Appleton) isn't in Milwaukee's plans. It was their Alternate Training Site this year. Thanks for this summary.
  11. I've never played Madden or organized football. I'd be willing to bet the answer to your question is that, yes, you are far removed from doing it in real life.
  12. Cheating the salary cap is done by deferring too many/much payments. If you aren't in compliance with the salary cap, you're cheating. All in good fun, I hope you understand. I toss that one around. The reasons the Packers lost that game: 1 - Denver took offense to being an afterthought in that game, and came out the much better team. [big gap here] 2 - Holmgren was already on his way out the door to buy the groceries and make the meal 3 - Gabe Wilkins made the financial decision to not play so that he could cash in as a free agent.
  13. I hope nobody is going to drive there. I get it - low level football will drive. Ugh