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  1. Deion Sanders has left NFL Network. His contract was up and he chose not to renew, based on what I read.
  2. I'd rate the horns 4th and numbers first, but that's like re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic (or something).
  3. I thought Miami was the 3 seed as East Leader based on Winning Percentage. Not sure you're doing this right Padres are the 7, but Reds/Mets are tied for 8. No Cardinals
  4. How the bleep did THIS post get rolled into THIS thread? Not @BringBackTheVet because he didn't do it - but this post was about the WFT and its yellow jaw piece on the burgundy helmet. This is another reason why threads shouldn't be merged and/or split. You get stuff like this (plus there was only one new post for me in the thread, but it made me read through the whole thing, so I'm obligated to make a post just to express annoyance with the process).
  5. 1 - I'm not sure that they will wear it that way - they are pushing monochrome 2 - Agreed 3 - Disagreed 4 - Maybe - I'm waiting to see them in game action before I judge that
  6. I'd be willing to bet that MANY people know Hail to the Victors.
  7. For appearances? I thought it has been decently established that 'contact' isn't a transmission vector about which you have to be concerned.
  8. NHLTalk still seems regularly updated, and not by AP stories. Not sure I will miss Craig at HardballTalk, as he couldn't write a baseball story without inserting his views on business/politics/other into nearly every one of them. I get it -- I know where you stand -- but I'm just here to read about the games I missed.
  9. The Brewers have a neon MLB logo on the inside of their collar for each of their World Series Championships.
  10. Agreed, but why would they do it now when it seems they are content to just minimize connections to their previous name, and do that as simply as possible?
  11. I was going to say that, unlike most of us, he grew up