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  1. I'd argue that they don't want a London team, they want a location to leverage against other locations for new stadia. This is especially the case now that LA is no longer an option.
  2. Aesthetically it looks like it belongs in college (or lower level, such as high school, minor league, or PeeWee). Added to the chrome mask that also is a fad, the helmet as a whole doesn't appeal to me. I appreciate the question - it is of course my opinion, and I can't criticize you for yours.
  3. Cuz they are just chasing a collegiate fad. Fads can stay at the college and lower levels.
  4. The league isn't a bunch of uniform nerds like us. Not. Gonna. Happen.
  5. No - they really weren't. Failed first year red outline of orange aside, they were always legible from the stands - unless we were getting 15 inches of snow on game day at Lambeau
  6. Do you have that article by Bud Lea? It would be an interesting read.
  7. I'm an old guy. I SHOULD be ESPN's demographic, because I don't go to Twitter or online for highlights. But I DO go to the MLB Network or NFL Network for highlights and information, rather than where I used to go (ESPN), because I feel like I get less shtick.
  8. OK - here I come. Too much of ESPN has become 'look at me' rather than 'look at this highlight'. Chris Berman and his lame nicknames and his shtick are among the reasons I rarely watch ESPN any longer unless it is for a live event. It seems to me that most of ESPN follows his lead (yeah - it started with Patrick and Olberman, but (a) not everyone is good at the shtick and (b) not everyone needs to do the shtick). I can understand how people will enjoy this - I won't be one of them.
  9. Two more on page 53 of that thread. And now one just as I got to this page.
  10. Every time I hear this, all I can think of is the 1970s Vikings with their mismatched home and away uniforms - that both looked fantastic - and know that while it is an opinion, it's a bad one.
  11. That's some pretty faulty logic, as has already been mentioned in this thread. The bottom portion of any NFL roster is always churning. Being on a roster doesn't mean you will get playing time, or even be active, or even more that you will be on the roster next week. An indictment of NFL judgement? Yep - mistakes are made all the time. Take a look at every draft, and then re-draft it 3 years later.
  12. I've been re-directed to a WalMart phantom ad twice on page 43 of the NHL Changes thread. Are we still trying to report these?
  13. True, but the loudest voices at the moment would indicate that it isn't useful. I agree with those voices.
  14. Was the intent of this to re-set your 'read thread' settings? If I go into any of these now, it sends me way back into the past, prior to things I have already read