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  1. The Cubs were certainly lovable losers in the Harry Caray era. You went to Wrigley to drink, maybe stare at Marla Matthews, and take in some sun. The outcome didn't really matter. True story - my first visit to Wrigley was Opening Day, 1983. It began to rain as my brother and I went through the turnstile. The game never started. While waiting for the rain to quit, I overheard this discussion in the men's room. Keep in mind that Mel Hall was the Cubs' next big thing at the time. Guy 1 - how do you think the Cubs will do this year? Guy 2 - well, if Mel Hall has a bad year, they'll probably finishe 5th Guy 1 - yeah, that sounds about right Guy 2 - but if Mel Hall has a really good year (pauses for effect), they'll probably finish 5th. That's what it was like to be a fan of the lovable losers.
  2. For the record, we also have beaten up the Lions. This Packer fan is NOT mad at the team for failing to include the QB is personnel decisions. Jake Kumerow, supposedly the second best WR on the team when he was released, has failed to demonstrate his talent to anyone other than Rodgers.
  3. The way franchise values are booking, I'm not sure there will be enough people rich enough to buy them, or to afford the inheritance taxes when they are passed down the family line. Yeah. I agree. Open this option up.
  4. Completely. I get wanting a team, but not wanting another team's fans to feel your pain.
  5. Not really related to any of this, but the front desk staff at the Hyatt Bellevue were wearing Kraken t-shirts (alt logo) when I checked in yesterday.
  6. Centered, no. It's just the angle of the photo. Look at the g in Angels. These numbers aren't below it. That would be centered.
  7. Bringing this over from the regular season thread. The Braves tweeted this before last night's game.
  8. I was a Cubs fan until the off season of 2010 (I should really link to that other thread about quitting a team). SOMETHING happened in the offseason that year. I am pretty sure that the team signed a horse's butt to their starting rotation and sold it like it was the best thing ever. I said 'eff it. If they don't care, why should I?' I took a year off of having a favorite team in 2011 so as to not appear to bandwagon the Brewers (in case they turned it around). They did. I declared myself a Brewer fan after the 2011 season and haven't looked back. My ex-wife still can't fathom that I wasn't happy for the 2016 Series win. I was happy for friends of mine who are Cubs' fans, but no joy for me. It sucks that this is happening to you and your favorite team. I take joy in seeing it happen to the Cubs, but not to fans of the team that I "know" or know.
  9. Posted by the Braves before tonight's game
  10. Understood. I've tried correcting that misnomer when it comes up.
  11. Yup. The guy has put up big numbers. Has anyone mentioned that he is 1-4 in NFC Title games? After 30 years of HOF QB play, it's the last game of the year that matters. His record in that game only has 1 W. I don't want to kick him to the curb. He gives us the best chance (currently) to win. He's not the GM, though. Nor should he be.
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