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  1. I was with you on the Clippers, but they also were playing ugly jacking up threes when I tuned in in the 3rd quarter. One thing is pretty certain, though: LeBron is the best basketball player in the league.
  2. It's for the people on the other side of the globe. Not problematic for people on the American continent on a weekend day, and very convenient for Europeans. A rather considerate arrangement from NBA's part on a once a week basis.
  3. I'm against black on Lakers' primary unis whatsoever, but totally with you on the last statement about Nike. Also, they could've worn yellow against the Clippers, it's not their home game technically.
  4. No, it's that the Kobe era unis were superior to what they wore during Magic's time to me, and there really was nothing wrong with them.
  5. It worked great on the Kobe era jerseys with a purple wordmark. They fixed what wasn't broken.
  6. BTW, the current Lakers' City uni is awful and doesn't do any justice to the Kobe-Shaq era set which was the best they've had. White number AND wordmark doesn't work on a yellow jersey.
  7. It was bothering me a bit, and now it's evident - there wasn't such a prominent teal drop shadow on the original mountain jersey numbers as they made for the throwback.
  8. This too, but the biggest mistake to me was shifting from the script wordmarks that were beautiful. No question, but I've kinda come to like the rectangle LAC monogram, they didn't have a logo better than that, really.
  9. Yep, Ja might be the Rookie of the Year, but Zion is looking like the Best Rookie.
  10. I can accept the Lakers wearing white (only) on Sundays, but what the heck are the Celtics doing wearing those Gaelic alternates at Staples Center? Oh, giving them national TV exposure to bump the sales, of course.
  11. I actually liked the crop field graphic and idea they added a couple years ago, I wish they emphasized it a lot more in the branding.
  12. Lakers Take Two. Haven't watched him that much tho, is he anywhere near as good as his brother?