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  1. Well, yes, as much as I tried. But as you can well see, it wasn't let go of regardless, including you.
  2. You know, just to put a final seal on this Oregon-script topic, since you're keeping on bringing it up. I just totally unintentionally stumbled upon this Brush Script font which actually appeared to be the very "free font" used in that Blazers' wordmark I was asked to find and present (and therefore had me mistakenly thinking of another free script font that was Mistral) and then compared it to the Portland sign. And, upon further inspection of the sign, I noticed that It also might had been made by modifying the Brush Script or similar indeed. What threw me off in this case, though, was that the obvious modification in the sign was the letters "e" and "n" having been replaced by counterparts from a different style script altogether, and those were the sticking points for me in this discussion. So, this isn't any "design contrarianism", on the opposite, it was caused by knowledge of design.
  3. My reaction was based on the apparent way you showed you interpreted what I had said. The Blazers jersey isn't even relevant at this point, nor it was ever a big deal. The "consistent complaining" was me having to go back to that topic to clarify my view to every one who brought it up and questioned it along the way. The original argument wasn't even with you, and as I have said already many times, I had finished with this particular topic myself.
  4. I even have to affirm this? I don't need to take any shots, you showed it yourself with your posts and still keep on doing so. You still can't even separate two different topics I touched on from each other. Again, all my posts are there in elaborate order, I had said everything, New York included. But, shall we leave this aside now?
  5. Everything exactly. And apparently all about you and your messages too. At no point did I claim anything was for certain (or that free fonts are used), I only expressed my opinion on the matter on how it looked. Go back to the first quote. I never said anything like that. I don't even care for that uniform had it used the actual font from the sign or not. And since when is the collective opinion a definite standard for anything? Wasn't the goal of this board to express and discuss different opinions on things just a moment ago? Was that it? Or anything else? I laid out my opinion including regarding different points in all this in a clear and elaborate way from the beginning. If ya'll want to, go and read this discussion and all my messages over again. I'm not gonna repeat or go back to it anymore, like I said.
  6. Again, I wasn't implying that at all. It was you guys, who made such a big number out of it. I used it as an example of a general issue, when we're talking about unifrom designs and their issues, and discussing suggestions of improvement.
  7. Yes, I was using the Blazers' and Spurs' unis as examples of cases in point, and was talking about their execution, not the intention or idea. - Also, as I said, I was done with this particular topic, I have no desire to go on about it.
  8. And it is. No reason to tell people to go find anything in an argument. Moreover, I said "as if they used...", instead of claiming that they did, to even begin with.
  9. Why should I go looking for any free fonts? I made my point across. As if this Blazers uni was the only case in question. Whatever font they had to "change", wasn't the one from the Portland sign. If you don't have the typographic knowledge to see the differences in brush strokes and flow of those two scripts, then it is what it is. This case is closed from my part.
  10. What? At no point did I claim that the uniform wasn't "well thought-out" or criticized its inspiration. I was talking about the execution. What I said, was literally that I don't like the uniform nor I think it looks good. Then I followed-up with a separate issue that was the font, which is also related to other City uniforms. Absolutely. But I expressed my view clearly from the very start, and then followed up with almost like, what, 10? posts, clarifying my point in response to people. With this kind of matter, it should've come to an "agree to disagree" conclusion, if nothing else, way sooner.
  11. You guys so off-point. Did I say it was Mistral?? Although it is not, If you fail to see that those are different style scripts and the Mistral way of letter structure especially seen in the "n" in the one below... Then again, still grinding over this is ridiculous. .
  12. ... This is unnecessary talk, but the point wasn't comparing how closely the Oregon and Chicago scripts match, rather than the font on the Blazers' jersey and in the sign differ in style. I'll leave it at that.
  13. That's two clearly different-style fonts there. Again, one is Mistral-like, the other is Chicago script or such like.
  14. Not totally sure I understood correctly, what you meant, but the font used on the Blazers jersey and the one in the sign are fairly different, as I said in one of the previous posts regarding this. Again, I'm not criticizing the intention, but the execution of it. And here the right thing wouldn't even be to use existing fonts, rather than adjust one or draw a new wordmark for the case in point.