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  1. I have to disagree entirely. This one was totally gratuitous to me with the navy blue and absence of red..
  2. Of all the GFGS jerseys, Pistons' is the one that really works for them with their colors. The red alternate from back in the day was good too, but it doesn't make this one any lesser.
  3. I liked the alternate red set with the ATL wordmark that had a cool 'A' character, and would've worked with yellow too instead of the volt that I despised. All of the main three sets had awful shorts design, though.
  4. You hit the nail on the head and took the words out of my mouth with that statement. The value that those looks have, had been developed over time and gained through achievements, that's what makes them classic. You just can't come up with such a generic bare-bones design today and call it a day and expect it to last and be successful and classic, the way the Sixers have done with their last set. It's just a retro design at this point and nothing more. This Hawks set works in a little more interesting way to its benefit, but it's still of the same. That's why I don't see it having much staying power or ground for that. I've witnessed the Hawks since the 90s, and their identity has always had personal character the way this new set doesn't apart from the colors.
  5. Now that we see the full set, I can say that the black one is the best of the bunch and surprisingly my favorite, with the white one being solid too and the red just suffering from the yellow and white colors clashing. Playing with black as an additional color on both the white and red jerseys might've solved that problem. The side stripe pattern is overkill, though, and I see no reason for so many stripes - could've done without one outer stripe on both sides of the panel. The new alternate "logos" are a disgrace, and the wordmark by itself in that font does absolutely nothing. They could've added some more interesting details to the unis using the main Pac-Man logo more prominently and with actually cool alternate logos, given that the unis are very generic on their own. One of the white/red jerseys should say 'Hawks' instead of 'Atlanta' too.
  6. You know, I don't hate it. I was set to dislike it as soon as we knew that they would use those drop shadowed block numbers just like the Skyhawks, but the font they picked for the wordmark fits so well in matching the number font but at the same time having the right amount of character to make it all look just interesting enough and very cohesive with a good color balance. And using the traditional yellow instead of volt looks so much better. Also, the angle of the shadow to the side is so much better than straight downwards that the Lakers use, SMH. Does it suck to have block numbers for a team that can use something more original and creative? Yes it does. What comes to being generic, the first post-LeBron Cavs had laid the absolute floor for high school like looking uniforms, with Brooklyn having had given them a run for their money, and this doesn't come close. I could see it as a "stripped down, generic" fad that will not stand the test of time and them being not very relevant after a while, though. I don't want anything resembling the Nique unis, that's for sure.
  7. So, it appears Westbrook has covid after all. Wonder what's up with Harden.
  8. Nah, they just arriving on their own at a later date, same as Kawhi. Everyone should calm down with this.
  9. I think they did well, given the cards they were dealt. What the Wizards are gonna do, however...
  10. More like there was nothing good about them.
  11. For me it's that they wear it way more often than needed, and the number font isn't apparently very visible.
  12. But Lowry was drafted by Memphis and played his first three years there.
  13. Never liked that design solution with the flags on the shoulders. I think the Clippers did it better in Russia:
  14. Boston, Lakers, Knicks, anyone? Then you can add the Suns, Blazers and Magic too, up until the last slate-orange alternate.
  15. The best of all their new sets.