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  1. The Nets' new alternate is easily the best uni they've had since the move to Brooklyn. The Bulls' pinstripes should absolutely be red.
  2. That B in the ball logo isn't any good and looks a thousand times worse at centercourt than the roundel. Not feeling the gray court either. Who knows, maybe in real life it will look more interesting.
  3. There is a swoosh on the Butler pic.
  4. While I dislike those throwback Cavs' unis, the second, latter version of the shorts style, as seen on the photos posted previously, was better. But what I'd like to see, are the first LeBron era unis (aka the unis that should've never been ditched).
  5. Wow, a major leak! Some observations: - The Grizzlies' throwback court is gorgeous. - Cavs switching to a gold out of bounds area, which is an upgrade from black. Their throwback court is nice too. The City court is meh with all the navy. - The original iteration of that Raptors throwback court had a herringbone parquet. - Pacers' court needs yellow paint areas. - Houston's new font is ugly. - Clippers' court wasn't good, but going all black sucks. - Suns have a great-looking court.
  6. That is another great throwback for the Hornets, but the overly thick pinstripes mess it up. How can one not notice such an obvious and egregious error and not fix it already going into the third season, it's beyond me. The pinstripes on the M&N version that @Conrad. posted, while thicker, aren't as thick either.
  7. I didn't think the uniform design was good, with the two white stripes on the sides and the cable wire element on the shorts and all. It's complicated and forced for unnecessary reasons. I expected a cleaned up and a rationalized design with the update.
  8. So they kept the same uniform template. Quite a letdown.
  9. It's slightly better, but still it's polishing a turd.
  10. This. The Brooklyn Nets' branding was weak from the start. The font they use is generic and doesn't look good for a sports team. The uniforms are forgettable. I'm not a fan of the BW color scheme, but the identity could've been executed a lot better. Jay-Z's team did a very poor job. I don't think they should switch to RWB, though, since that scheme is really overused indeed. What comes to the Coogi pattern, it's not a bad idea for the City jersey, but it's kinda meh for me, since it doesn't stick out much and the pattern looks as if it was solid brown color from distance anyway.
  11. Zion is shut down for the rest of the summer league after ten minutes of play in the first game. Many of the lottery and first round draft picks are not playing, including MPJ from last year. This is pathetic. Fultz should be out there too.
  12. Awful by the Rockets, not even worth commenting. A generic catalog template, basic and black side panels, everything's been said already. A downgrade by all standards, even considering the move to the Nike template. Wow.
  13. Agree on the Rockets.