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  1. He was also free to sign with whatever team and join whichever stars, it doesn't make it any less weak a move. He could've easily let them know he wasn't coming back.
  2. The problem with LeBron's Decision was not as much the fact that it was televised or that the "Big Three's" contacts' expiration coincided with each other, rather than him not keeping Cleveland informed of his intentions until the last minute, for them to be able to make appropriate and suitable moves in time with his departure in mind until it was late. Then, sure, there was the fact that he joined with two other stars on one team...
  3. I totally share that sentiment.
  4. Total fiasco. --- What comes to the Jazz identity, I never cared for the note look and it's the representative of total "whatever" in the NBA. Not poor quality like the Nets or Thunder, but as uninspiring as they come. Unlike the Mountain era, which had strong personality. FWIW, their sleeved jersey was one of the very few exceptions that was interesting and really worked.
  5. This is exactly how I felt from the start, when that template was introduced first in white. It does work best with gray, though, to me.
  6. Agree with this. It is too beautiful and an obvious choice to not have it in use. Don't care about the OKC brand in general..
  7. Strongly disagree on everything about those sets. Moreover, I was glad they won it in the black alternates, as bizarre as they were, it was better than everything else they wore at the time.
  8. Before sticking with something, the Cavs first need to land on something all-around solid, and the last time that was, was the first LeBron era identity and set.
  9. Agree on all accounts, except the Rockets' logo monogram is still top-notch.
  10. Orlando did the galaxy pattern in a similar way, while not exactly sublimated, and it was a success and well-received. Their T-Mac era's gorgeous sublimated star pattern unis are still one of the best to this day to me. It can be overdone if everyone starts doing it, but given how well it worked for the Magic then, I've wondered why it was barely done at all afterwards. There's definitely room for that in the league.
  11. Still better than the graffiti City ones from a year ago. That texture is actually nice, and the minty green shade compliments it rather well. In a world of fashion uniforms (which comprises half of the game uniforms nowadays), I like it. EDIT: Moreover, if the wordmark and numbers were that green solid color, those would be some kickass game unifroms. Would make a good color combo for the Mavs. Fresh, but still appropriate.
  12. Maybe, but putting him in comparison after TT and JaVale does not sit right. He was an All-Star the season just before LeBron was drafted, and then again the year after that.
  13. Even Big Z? Ilgauskas was an All-Star even before LeBron came to the league, compared to TT and JaVale, who never have with or without LeBron.
  14. I thought this set was good too, even as is.
  15. Kings switching to black paint is not the biggest concern to me, especially since they've been sticking to black in different instances, but I do prefer purple. I see the Blazers decided to go full monochrome with their Earned uniforms and bypassed the opportunity to have it look any interesting by wearing all-red accessories (and shoes, preferably).
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