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  1. Same happened recently when the Pelicans wore red in Houston and the Rockets were in black.
  2. The Timberwolves rebrand was a downgrade from the previous identity right from the get go. Sure, the unis that preceded the update were dull without green, but these new ones aren't any better. The logo package that got replaced was gorgeous. This new look tries to make up for the lack of green on the main unis with a predominantly neon green alternate, but instead that uni is absolutely hideous, and I'm surprised it has still lasted. The hated Dallas 'trashbag' unis have nothing on them in that sense. The new colors could very well have worked, but the way everything was executed, it falls short.
  3. I don't get this at all. Kristaps is still 23 years old, the Knicks have three very promising rookies in Knox, Robinson and Trier, they are setting themselves up for drafting Zion (or one of the other top 4 prospects) since they weren't going to compete this season without Porzingis anyway, and a chance to sign a top free agent in the summer. It doesn't make sense for KP to want to be traded.
  4. The orange arena name on the baselines is so out of place.
  5. Of all the unis from the new set the Nuggets introduced, the Mile High City alternate is the best-looking.
  6. The outline on the letters should be black.
  7. The ugly gray Pacers' City uni was as ugly on the court.
  8. My list would look different too. The gorgeous and the superior one of the first LeBron Cavs' sets - red - isn't the one that's listed, for starters.
  9. The Cavs looked great as expected, the court included. I don't think they should switch from wine & gold, it just happens that their regular set is inferior to these. The Sparta-style font they use is bad (it's used in that City look too, I know) and the new primary logo sucks big-time too.
  10. Yes, looks very bleak and muddled. The wordmark in particular. For comparison:
  11. It definitely popped more with white than this gray that gets lost there.
  12. Purple & gray was a bad idea from the start. Gray doesn't contrast and pop well enough from purple, they should've kept black.
  13. No, that's way too hard to grasp for some people on here.
  14. That's one clean uniform designed with taste! Everything about it is thought out design-wise. The placement of the number creates just the right tension without looking too predictable and boring. The court is nice too, FWIW.