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  1. The old green jersey the whole logo was white. something about it being white and green seems off to me, but you're right small detail
  2. Kansas City Scouts Alternate + Reverse Retro Alternate For the Alternate I knew I wanted the KC as the main logo so from there I decided to have the design of the jersey mimic the overall shape and colors of the KC logo Reverse Retro This is a reverse on two fronts. First the colors of red and blue are swapped, but the jersey also employs the current darker color set. I also included the original logo for the fact the it is an homage jersey and it wouldn't be worn all the time.
  3. How's this? I probably still prefer it the other way; the tail looks off in white
  4. I love Pucky and wanted him to be a main logo. That would be interesting to see happen though. I think the whalers made the smart move taking the harpoon imagery out of their design when they moved to the NHL, but it would still be an interesting concept
  5. Hartford Whalers Alternate + Reverse Retro Alternate The alternate here is my way of taking the Whalers redesign in the '90's and fitting it in with the Home and Away I already made. Instead of the dark blue, green and silver the Whalers keep their beautiful blue and green. The big change is Pucky is now the predominant logo (how that never happened I have no idea) Reverse Retro For the reverse retro we see the Whalers final WHA look brought back and their current blue is brought into the mix. I thought about trying to swap the green with another color but I didn't want two blue alternates and the yellow did not look good so the only reverse is the blue
  6. Looks good. It's unique and still very Phoenix; this definitely would look nice next to the Coyotes Reverse Retro
  7. Hamilton Tigers Alternate + Reverse Retro Alternate So I wanted to go with something more drastic and in your face and this is what came out of it. We get the tiger head on it's own with some striping behind it mimicking the whiskers of the tiger. The sleeves get claw marks on the sleeves as well as the tiger pattern in the numbers. Reverse Retro A swap of their final jersey but also with the twist of the new colors that I had given the team. Very traditional, but nothing to go crazy over.
  8. Yes the blue is infinitely better. The stencil font is great too. Now THIS I would buy.
  9. Colorado Rockies Alternate + Reverse Retro Alternate The alternate pulls it's look from the Colorado state flag. I wanted to do something with just the C and decided to put a white stripe behind it as it looks on the flag. From there I added some accent stripes of blue and yellow. The darker color set also is pulled from the flag Reverse Retro The reverse retro just takes blue and red and swaps them. This is reminiscent of the Blues RR but I think it works a LOT better for the Rockies here
  10. I still think this is way TOO radical of a change for the Red Sox. I do agree that in general it was misstep starting with this uniform with how much of a departure it was for the Sox, but I think that was Nike's way of saying expect the unexpected. They could've done something green and said it was Green Monster or done something modeled off of the red brick architecture of New England or the Giant Citgo sign above Fenway (all great ideas that would've been more traditional or not as radical a change for the Red Sox). I'd even really dig something that said Beantown on it too. So it's not you it's this design that Nike and Boston had in the first place I don't think going back to the Sox regular script is the answer for this. If they're really trying to make it off of the Boston Marathon it should use some of the writing they employ at the marathon like these I also wonder if this would look less imposing as a blue dominant jersey with yellow accents; maybe even with white lettering like the picture above? The yellow B on the hat does look better. I just honestly think there are much better avenues that Nike and Boston could've taken. Again it's not you it's them
  11. Don't get me wrong I LOVE these as a design and would totally love to see these on the ice; I don't know if they would do three Kachina jerseys at once. I would actually like to see these become the home jersey over the original Kachina design. These seem like a great combination of both eras of the Coyotes. Great job
  12. Cleveland Barons Alternate and Reverse Retro Alternate The alternate for the Barons gets the grey/silver for the main color and the secondary logo of the B in the state of Cleveland while the main logo I used is move to the shoulders. The alternate also gets more traditional striping as the home and away had some eccentric design. Reverse Retro The reverse retro is a palette swap of the teams one and only jersey. Gotta say I think it looks good in black
  13. I went back and credited OC's of logo's I used. Thanks for letting me know to credit even with permission. I wasn't trying to pass it off as mine. I'll make sure to credit in the future as well
  14. DUDE! that would've been dope. When I'm done with this series I'm gonna do some RR concepts for what could be next season; I'm definitely gonna do a Sharks/Golden Seals concept. I tried to make the striping on the alt look like waves coming in.
  15. Thanks. For a lot of them I have gotten permission to use from creators. I'll start posting the creators as well
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