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  1. Thanks man. I'm not as familiar with Basketball so I just kind of go with what looks right to me as far as placement and proportions, but I'm working on it and trying to get closer to actual jerseys. I'll try putting Rip City on there. I'm not a fan of the name personally; that's why I put Portland. The team and fans like the Rip City though so I'll try it. If you're interested in seeing more of my work I'm posting concepts on my twitter @johne9109. I'll also be starting an NHL series when I'm done with this series.
  2. I know it's the obvious choice, but especially with the Magic being sponsored by Disney it's something that I think is coming. I modeled it after the blue jersey that the team wore for years. I tried putting horizontal stripes to replicate the Magic's striping and the spacing in the castle, but it was way too much. I also contemplated something Sorcerer's Apprentice themed, but it would've been way too busy.
  3. When doing research for OKC I found out that Route 66 passes right through their downtown and right in front of city hall so I used Oklahoma's unique Route 66 sign as the basis
  4. DUDE I would go to a Carolina outdoor game if they did it at BOA. That's like 30 minutes from me. Carolina vs Boston and Carolina wear Whalers!
  5. I thought about doing an NYPD one. I just can't see them doing it in the NBA right now with everything going on unfortunately. What's wrong with the Hook and Ladder 8 logo?
  6. Ok so here's another indulgent one and I think it went better than the jersey. I took the FDNY jersey they had a few years ago and used the hook and ladder 8 logo.
  7. I still see the V and the front of the helmet. I see what you're saying with an M, but I don't think it'd be a big issue