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  1. It's a different look for the Flames and it works. My only critique would be the home jersey has too much white at the bottom, maybe try swapping white with one of the other tertiary colors
  2. X-Men I meant to have this one out closer to when X-Men 97 had dropped but I got sidetracked with it. So Here is a set based on the Original 5 X-Men. I did a volleyball jersey (which is a first for me) based on Marvel Girl Around the wordmark and number on the front I put an effect similar to what is seen around her when she uses her telepathic abilities. On the side panels is a subtle fire effect nodding to the Phoenix. The basketball jersey is based on Angel with Worthington III on the back while the front features the emblem for Xavier's school. The baseball jersey is based on cyclops and is a sleeveless jersey to mimic their original uniforms. I thought about making the visor red but it didn't look right. Football is of course Beast with the X logo on the helmet. Iceman obviously gets the hockey jersey and for this jersey I added a gradient to the sleeves and bottom of the torso to mimic him icing up.
  3. Kings doesn't look bad with Sac on the cap But I think if I were to change the cap logo I would go with their crown logo on the cap (is that a hat on a hat?) Great call on the Raptors The Wizards did feel empty and numbers on the front is the perfect touch and it now feels like a complete jersey, thank you for that recommendation I could alter the yellow on the Jazz uniforms, but I'll one up that. With the Jazz recently announcing new and much better uniforms; I decided to redo the Jazz (almost) completely. The home is based on the new association uniform with a matching gray uniform, the icon uniform becomes their purple alternate while the black statement becomes their second alt. I did keep the City Connect however to help break up what feels like a very similar uniform compared to the other new unis
  4. I somehow forgot about this thread. So I figured I'd post the rest of these uniforms. oops. San Jose Sharks Seattle Kraken St Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets
  5. Washington Wizards Here's our final team; the Washington Wizards. To employ the striping they feature on their jerseys I went with a pullover jersey for the Wizards. The way gets a gray treatment while their icon uniform becomes a red alt. Their statement uniform becomes their second alt fiving them a well rounded red, white, and blue uniform set. For the city connect I used their 2022-23 city edition. Those pink and blues are such a beautiful color combination; I wish more teams would use a color set like this
  6. Utah Jazz While the Jazz's current basketball uniforms are trash except for their current city edition; it kind of works as baseball uniforms. They're still not great, but an improvement and they stand out as far as baseball colors go. The home and away are white and gray respectively with a yellow alt and black alt based on their icon and statement uniforms. This gives them a pretty well rounded 4 uniform set. The Jazz have only had 3 city edition uniforms so I went with the one they used from 2020-2022 as it felt the most refined and best translatable to a baseball uniform
  7. Thanks! While I will admit it wouldn't work for all teams I feel like it is almost a no brainer for your warmer climate teams
  8. Toronto Raptors The Raptors are the only team that is not based on their current uniforms. As hard as I tried the current Raptors designs just do not translate to a baseball uniform. The issue was the wordmark; so instead of using the wordmark that points up I use their previous wordmark as well as a pervious secondary logo on the cap that features the Canadian maple leaf with TR. So we get a white home, gray away, red alt, and then a black pinstripe alt based on their statement uniform. For the City Connect I went with their 2020-21 City Edition
  9. San Antonio Spurs The Spurs get a great set that features a white home and black alternate. I then took their gray(silver) and used that for their away uniform. Their SATX statement uniform becomes their other alt. For the City connect I went with their current city edition. The Spurs have had some great city editions, but their current one felt very San Antonio and also had many design elements that lent themselves to a baseball uniform very well.
  10. Sacramento Kings The Kings home is a direct translation of their Association uniform while the gray for the away uniform is a dark gray directly form their palette. Normally I take the icon uniform and make that the 1st alternate but for the Kings I took their statement and made that the first alt as I felt it went better with white pants. The icon uniform is then transitioned over to the 2nd alternate. I went with the 2021-22 city edition for the city connect mainly for the Sactown script that looks like it was made for a baseball uniform
  11. Portland Trail Blazers Even though the Blazers diagonal stripes aren't a traditional baseball design I think it works pretty well on a pullover jersey. So they get a white home, gray away and black alternate all in this style. The red statement uniform becomes their 2nd alternate. I used their current city edition for the city connect. I like the Rip City script for a baseball uniform and the plaid feels very Portland
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