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  1. The Islanders have a nice old time hockey look, I especially like the logo with the wave below the anchor Love the color scheme and bold striping for the Rivermen, that goalie mask in the illustration is also a thing of beauty
  2. Congrats on completing this, been following since the beginning and it's definitely one of the better threads I've seen here
  3. I like the look for the Dutch Lions and their logo is great, but there isn't nearly enough contrast between the shades of orange. From any distance it would be hard to see that there was even a crest on their primary kit, let alone what is on it. I think adding some white or blue for contrast could help, but other than that I'm a fan of how you handled them
  4. That breakout jersey is definitely... something Other than that though I think you nailed the Ducks. Their old jerseys look great simplified and I honestly kinda prefer the more traditional version, but the angled stripes look good too
  5. I don't really know what there is to say, all of the designs are great and I love the retro video game style for presenting