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  1. Love the Trailblazers name, the crest is a good start, but I would simplify it, especially the trees.
  2. These have all been great, but I agree about Minnesota being too close to the loons. I like the grey duck name so I'd be perfectly fine keeping it, but I would change the shape of the crest and the bird, right now it still looks like a loon instead of a duck. I think the color scheme works really well with that name and with it being all over the stadium they would probably opt to go with the grey and blue. I guess what I'm getting at is I love the idea and the name, the crest just needs some tweaking to be more duck like.
  3. These last few have been great, love St. Paul
  4. Fort Wayne might be my favorite yet. The colors and logo are great. Lumen Christi looks good as well, even for a team from Wisconsin
  5. And finally we have our only expansion team, the New Ulm Baverians. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  6. West St. Paul simplified their logo, removing the drop shadow and outline. The new logo also features a sash with the towns name inside. The Waves also adjusted their uniforms, emphasizing navy and white over the powder blue. New Old
  7. Two Harbors went through a complete rebrand, changing their name from the Timberwolves to the Wolfpack and introducing a new logo for the first time. The uniforms use the new logo on the front and now have colored shoulders. New Old
  8. The Rochester Robins thickened the outline of the R in their logo and removed the white stroke. The Robins also drastically changed their jerseys, changing the striping and making the home jersey orange instead of black. New Old
  9. The Austin Mavericks changed their logo for the first time, ditching the "Flying A" for a new logo of a Bull with steam coming out of his nostrils. The Mavs added the new logo to the jerseys and added blue shoulders to the away jersey. New Old
  10. Section30

    MLS 2022

    I love the split home kit for RSL
  11. Love Detroit State, one of my favorites from the original series. The Thunder look great as well.
  12. UC-San Jose's logo is great and the colors work well together
  13. Sad to see this end, one of my favorite threads in a long time. Well done!