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  1. Romania has unveiled it's newest kit. They are now part of the Macron family who have really taken over the rugby scene as of late. I really have no words on that alternate kit but the white one is a pretty clean. Still waiting for Canada to unveil their new kit by Macron. I asked them on twitter and their response was "soon". The humorous take on the kit by Rugby Shirt Watch
  2. The Super Rugby season is off and running (and unfortunately for us fans here in North America, don't have a boradcaster to watch it... Boo TSN) Anyways, here are the Australian teams new kits. A surprise is the Melbourne Rebels who hasn't had a new kit in a few years. Brumbies: Western Force: Melbourne Rebels: Queensland Reds: New South Wales Waratahs:
  3. Not so much a new club, but the MLR's Toronto Arrows have announced their senior academy program branding and it is pretty nice. TORONTO ARROWS ANNOUNCE AVRO ARROW-INSPIRED SENIOR ACADEMY LOGO
  4. The other NZ based Super Rugby teams released their away kits for the upcoming season. Up first the Hurricanes based out of Wellington: The Highlanders from Dunedin: The Chiefs from Hamilton: The Blues from Auckland: And the Crusaders from Christchurch (which was previously posted):
  5. Canada Rugby League released a new logo today: Their old logo for reference:
  6. I miss Canterbury making the NZ Warriors kits. They always did a good looking jersey and I prefer the old black, white and red kits... And I still rather enjoy those South Sydney Rabitohs jerseys. Russle Crowe knows a good kit.
  7. The Hew Zealand Ice Hockey League has expanded again and has put a 3rd team in Auckland. The Auckland Mako will be sharing home arenas with the Botany Swam and the West Auckland Admirals starting this season and the roster will be made up of mostly U-23 players with a few veterans in the roster for leadership. Personally I would love to see a team in Wellington but it seems that council there can't get their act together to get an ice rink made despite the public wanting one.
  8. The Super Rugby season about to start at the end of the month and we are starting to see the new kits for the upcoming season. The first to show off their new kit is the Canterbury Crusaders. They changed their logo last season because of the Christchurch Mosque shooting but it was too late to put it properly on their kits. This year they have the same template but the new logo on the jersey. Their away jersey is new and it looks like the NZ based clubs are doing away with the Adidas Parley theme and going with their own colours rather than the blues and greens for all clubs.
  9. A quick update to the Toronto Arrows 2021 home kit. Fans were not happy about the kit and one of the few times that a club listened to their fans, they made changes. And a bit of an odd one but Barcelona has a range of sports associated with their club like basketball, handball and ice hockey. They even have rugby and have one of the nicer kits and are manufacturered by Nike. This was their previous kit: Some nice kits all around in my opinion. Another thing of note is that Nike is being rumoured to be getting out of the sport of rugby. I think that Argentina is the last nation to be kitted by them and Toulouse in France is one of the final clubs. Saracens were kitted by them but will be switching to a new manufacteror next season.
  10. England has released their 150 anniversary kit for their upcoming match against Scotland.
  11. South Africa have released their new Lions Tour jersey. Pretty much the same kit as they currently wear, just a slight change on the Spring Bok logo putting it on a shield.
  12. Toulouse did a joint kit design with the European Space Agency:
  13. Toronto has had some success with their kit since they began. They are also the only team with 3 kits; a home, away and Sunday home (which was last year's away). Little disappointed that Atlanta didn't use their snake head logo as their primary though... On a separate note, the Harlequins have released their 3rd kit as part of Adidas' Parley line. That's the one that uses ocean plastic waste to make the fabric for their jerseys. All of the New Zealand based Super Rugby teams have their alternate kit made with this stuff and I believe the NHL All-Star jerseys are made from it as well.
  14. Would there be an interest to get this league and their logos on the main site? I would love to see it up there.
  15. It also appears the Rugby United New York got a new logo as well.