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  1. You do have to pay for them but I've found they are worth it in the end. I've been using this, rugby and their original hockey one for about a year now and I've found that they are far superior than what I have previously done.
  2. With all this quarantine stuff and social isolating, I've had time to come up with some concepts. Nothing in particular as a series, just some random ones using Sports Templates new Adizero jersey template. First up the Colorado Rockies. Kind of took inspiration from the ECHL Colorado Eagles jerseys, which were one of the best minor league looks, and put it to the Rockies as well as darkened the blue a bit. Hartford Whalers: Took the 1997 jersey and reversed the green and blue... kind of like the Plymouth Whalers green alternates before the Edge jerseys. Oakland Seals: A bit of a mismatch of various jerseys here but I felt like I came up with something that works well with them. Quebec Aces: Really just a recreation of their original jersey on the Adizero jersey... One thing I do like is the clubs, spades, heats and diamonds on the collar of the jersey where the NHL shield would go. Victoria Cougars: Kind of took a bit of the idea from the Rockies jersey that I did and wanted to use those same colours with the Cougars. I've always liked the WHL logo that they had before they moved to Prince George. I also went with the 1925 jersey as an alternate. That's all for now. Most likely will have more by the time this thing is over and done with... Maybe this could be an ongoing thread with random concepts done during the quarantine as we all seem to have a bit more time on our hands. If that's something you want to do, feel free to post on this one and keep it going.
  3. The owner of the Toronto Wolfpack, who play in the British Super league, announced their intention to bring a rugby league club to Ottawa. Today they announced the team will be known as the Ottawa Aces and will play in the third tier league of the British Rugby League system. (the same level where the Wolfpack started)
  4. Canucks are wearing these for warm up against the Avalanche tonight:
  5. If they are going to do throwbacks, I really hope the Canucks go with the flying V. We've seen all other throwbacks for the Canucks except these.
  6. What they do not show on these kits is that players have large front numbers as well as name plates (that tend to start peeling off during games). The kits were okay but went downhill after the addition of front numbers and name plates. Austin vs. Toronto highlights
  7. So take it for what it's worth but was looking on Pacific FC's shop and authentic and replica shirts are on sale for 50% off... Does this mean new kits for the upcoming season? Just looking at all the other team stores and no one else is offering a sale.
  8. Totally agree. Their plans for local rugby are fantastic and could/should be a model that all professional clubs should abide by. As for the name, it seems like they really are trying to be like the MLS with the ridiculous names like "Clash" or "Mutiny"... the terrible name is sort of made up by a not too bad monogram logo. Hopefully we will see an actual logo and kits soon.
  9. So this happened rather quickly. The Austin Elite, who changed to Austin Herd for the start of the season are now the Austin Gigronis... no idea what that is.
  10. So far Winnipeg, Anaheim, Phoenix/Arizona and Seattle have yet to host an all-star game. I seem to remember that Seattle is looking at bidding for an all-star game and draft within the first 5 years or something like that. The Coyotes had a game but it was cancelled due to the 2006 Olympics in Italy. I think the Seattle will host one well before Winnipeg ever will and as for Arizona, who knows with them. They are a failed experiment that needs to be put down... but that's just my opinion.
  11. Was watching that very beautiful jersey match up last night between the Rangers and Canucks and my mom asked the question why are those Canucks jerseys so popular? My answer was nostalgia but I also thought that with TV broadcasts now being all in HD, all these bright 80's jerseys that they used to have, look far better and cleaner on high definition rather than standard definition. So I pose the question to people here, why are we seeing a throwback comeback with teams going back to their original designs? Is it because of nostalgia or HD, or a combination of both? Or is it something else completely?
  12. Brumbies kits released for the upcoming season:
  13. Rugby United New York: Rugby ATL: Austin Herd: Colorado Raptors: Old Glory DC: Houston SaberCats: San Diego Legion: Toronto Arrows: