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  1. So looking at the Macron shop, they also supply Portugual: Germany: (and probably one of the nicest kits out there)
  2. Watched the pathetic attempt by Canada against Wales. The Canadians were in all black and it looked not too bad. In about 15 minutes, Canada is set to play England at Twickingham and the Canadians are going to be in all red. For their black kit, I don't mind the all black set but I must say that I really don't like Canada in an all red it. I would have prefered white shorts for the Canadians. I know there would be too much similarities with looking like Wales but this one colour set just doesn't look good. On a side note, looks like Macron will be adding yet another country to their list. Georgia is set to sign on with Macron at the end of the year after spending the past few years being supplied by Canterbury. Macron now supplies Wales, Scotland, Romania, Canada and now Georgia.
  3. Fiji have dropped their new Nike kits that will debut this weekend against the All Blacks. The front sponsor is usually Air Fiji and will return after this game from what I understand.
  4. Australia had a vote with their players and fans about their new colour and they voted to go back to their original gold colour. They are also using Cadbury as their new shirt sponser:
  5. The Toronto WolfPack have announced a new kit supplier when they start up in the North American Rugby League. They have previously been supplied by Kappa, ISC and BLK before the pandemic hit. On a side note, after looking at the NARL store, it seems all of their gear is being supplied y Macron. Perhaps they have a deal with them to supply all of the teams for their first season in 2022. https://macronstorect.tuosystems.com/stores/narlleague
  6. Wexham AFC released their new kits by Macron and new shirt sponser TikTok They are owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Reynold had funny video about guessing who the new sponsor would be and included companies like PanAm Airlines, Delorian Motor Company and Enron.
  7. I was just going to post this... Not too bad and will set them apart from the other red and white team which is nice. I just hope the replica shirts are nicer than the Canterbury ones. I got the black World Cup one and was REALLY disapointed with it. It didn't have the rubbery sticky stuff on it like the Under Armour one.
  8. I'm still waiting for Rugby Canada and Macron to unviel their Olympic, 7's and 15's kits. With all of the switching Canada has done over the last 10 years (Under Armour, Canterbury and now Macron) all off them have been really late in showing off the new kit. Canada's mens XV are set to play Wales on Saturday and there hasnt been any kit reveal at all. This is one of the MANY issues I have with Rugby Canada... the others include the money that's paid to them on their on field performance over the last decade.
  9. So why are these guys allowed to use the "Mounties" name and likeness on a logo but when Vancouver got the NBA and wanted to use the name, they were told no? I know the logo was terrible and the on court performance was dreadful but that aside, why is this ok and the NBA was not? For the record, I much prefer the Grizzlies name over "Mounties".
  10. As mentioned before, Fiji has signed on with Nike to provide their kit for 3 years I think. Anyways, they have just revealed their 7's kit that will be used in the Oceania 7's tournament:
  11. Not sure if Steve Nash played lacrosse in Victoria as a youth but Gretzky sure did and was pretty good at it as well from what I understand. I'm pretty sure Gretzky was also part owner of the Arizona Sting while he was owner of the Coyotes. I also think Gretzky's son-in-law is also part owner as well.
  12. No so much a club but a competition change. The Pro14 circuit is rebranding after allowing the 4 former South African Super Rugby franchises to join their competition. Recently they completed the Pro14 Rainbow Cup with the Couth African clubs playing in their own pool and the remaining 12 clubs playing in Europe. (final is this weekend with Italy's Benetton vs. the Vodacom Bulls from South Africa) Anyways, starting next year they will be known as the United Rugby Championship. Here is the logo: The teams in the competition are Edinburgh and Glasgow Warriors from Scotland, Scarlets, Ospreys, Cardiff Blues and Dragons from Wales, Munster, Connacht, Leinster and Ulster from Ireland, Zebre and Benetton from Italy and the Sharks, Stormers, Bulls and Lions from South Africa. I think the main reason for South Africa joining this compatition was because of travel to Australia and New Zealand and the TV times in South Africa are in line with Europe. Here's the old logo for reference:
  13. A lot of people thought that Nike was leaving rugby with Argentine being the last national team they provided kit for as well as Toulouse but yesterday the Fiji Rugby Union signed a 3 year deal with Nike to provide their kit and training gear. Nike has had some fantastic looking kits with Argentine so lets hope they can duplicate that success with Fiji... who, by the way, are the reigning Olympic rugby 7's champions. Fiji Rugby Union announce multi-year deal with sportswear giants Nike
  14. Manu Samoa has released a new logo as well as kit: Logo: Primary: Secondary: Old kit for reference: Fun fact, my coach here in Edmonton a couple of years ago was a legendary tackler who played for Manu Samoa as well as the Wasps club in London... a guy by the name of Trevor Leota.
  15. Team Great Britain released their 7's kit for Tokyo: USA also released theirs:
  16. The VIJHL (Junior B level) announced 2 new teams in the past couple of days. The Port Alberni Bombers and the Lake Cowichan Kraken. The bomber is the old Martin Mars water bombers that were stationed in the Alberni Valley at Sprout Lake. They were sold a few years ago and are now somewhere else but they were a huge part of the Alberni Valley as well as Vancouver Island during forest fire season. If you have ever seen those things in action, you were very lucky. They were huge and as a kid when I saw them once up close, I was in awe. The other team is the Lake Cowichan Kraken and yes they took a lot of similarities from the Seattle team. They based the name off of a local legend about Stin'Qua who is like Ogopogo and lives in Lake Cowichan. (Although as a kid who went to Lake Cowichan every summer, I never heard about this lake monster). And I'm not sure if this was mentioned already but I'll put this here anyways. The Saanich Braves changed their name last season to the Saanich Predators. They changed the name because of the movement to drop Indigenous peoples as names and logos.
  17. It was posted in the other 2020-21 NHL thread but the Oilers plan to wear their thirds for the playoffs.
  18. Victoria won't get a minor pro team again. RG Properties' main goal when they built the Save-On-Food Memorial Centre was to get a WHL team. When the league said they wouldn't expand and no franchises were available to relocate, RG Properties purchased the Baton Rouge Kingfish of the ECHL and had them play there until a WHL team became available... Fast forward to when the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg, the Moose became available for relocation in the AHL and there was a lot of talk of them coming to Victoria as the Canucks affiliate. The WHL didn't want to lose Victoria as a market so they let RG Properties buy the Chilliwack Bruins and relocate them to Victoria. Victoria got their beloved WHL team back and the Moose moved to St. John's and became Winnipeg's AHL affiliate. The NHL returning to Winnipeg had a major effect on 4 leagues in Canada. I think Victoria is always going to be a major junior city. The minor pro circuit was a good filler but fans really wanted the WHL. Also we can't forget about the Victoria Grizzles (formerly the Victoria Salsa) of the BCHL who play out in Colwood at The Q Centre (I think they should rename the team to the West Shore Grizzles or something that reflects their location more accurately). Another hockey league/team would really over saturate the market there. The Grizzles don't draw that well and I think the Royals are now back in the rebuilding phase and are not seeing a lot of on ice success. This will hurt their attendance when they eventually return to playing in front of fans.
  19. Rugby United New York unveiled their "Neighborhoods" kits yesterday against Old Glory. They feature the same district hoops as their away kit and a map of the New York subway system on the left arm.
  20. LA Giltinis revealed their black kit against Seattle last weekend: They are paired with black shorts and pink socks.
  21. I think they kind of got screwed over by the Super League. I don't think the Old Boys club there liked the way they cruised through the 3rd and 2nd division so easily and then were able to bring in one of the biggest names in rugby league/union to them. I don't think they wanted a team from the colonies coming in and possibly doing well and didn't give them a fighting chance. Once COVID hit, they used that as an excuse to get rid of them... Regardless, it was a fun few years and even though I'm not a league fan, I did enjoy watching them play and really enjoyed that Million Pound Game that they won to get promotion.
  22. The Toronto Wolfpack are back... along with 13 other teams starting in the new North American Rugby League that will begin in May 2021. North American Rugby League story North American Rugby League
  23. The 2021 MLR season kicked off yesterday. The LA Giltinis kicked off their first season with a convincing win over the New England Free Jacks 42-27. I watched a bit of the game and they looked pretty strong. Canadian internation DTH van der Merwe scored the first ever try for them. The defending champion Seattle Seawolves fell 30-24 to Houston and the Toronto Arrows, who were the first place team last year before they shut things down, fell 21-14 to Rugby ATL. OVerall the games looks pretty fast passed and lots of trys are being scored. The Toronto game was pretty entertaining in the first half. Also of note, all of the MLR games are being streamed on their new streaming service The Rugby Network and it's also free to sign up. For Toronto Arrows fans though, the games are available on TSN, TSN On Demand and the TSN App. Did anyone else catch any of the games? Thoughts going into this season?
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