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  1. Most fans if asked do not like the name Wild. I was reading through the post game comments in the local StarTribune and a lot of people's sentiments were along the lines of "ditch the Wild name", "why did we choose Wild?" "Can we use these colors permanently?"
  2. Yes, but that doesn't mean we can't use our former colors full time.
  3. I can't wait. Just please make the colors full time...
  4. It makes no sense to keep black numbers.
  5. I would choose Spiders because of all of the headlines and puns: "The Spiders crawl back for the win in extra innings!" "The Spiders get washed out by the Twins" "The Spiders are tangled up here in the bottom of the 8th" "The Spiders with a silky double play!" "The Spiders are in a web of disarray after todays loss"
  6. There could be a special tourney of the sox. The red, white and blue battle.
  7. Full view of Wild uni in NHL 21. Interesting if they really do use the stars.
  8. The Sens logo is off should be red cape not gold. You can see it in full on the EA twitter.
  9. I'm not even able to view the RR jerseys in offline mode on NHL 21 only if I play online...
  10. Why keep black numbers on the road? Feels very inconsistent. If you're going to go full burgundy and blue you have to go all the way.
  11. Is this update happening today or just promotion for later?
  12. Are they changing the black numbers too?
  13. Same pet peeve for me as well. It bothers me.
  14. Yeah I'm afraid you are very wrong. League owns it and N Stars have way more meaning and love in MN.
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