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  1. Looks good. No real complaints or feedback. Well done.
  2. oh nice. I saw this on twitter and didnt realize it was you. I love this so far. It's a great ram logo. I want to use it for a fantasy hockey team!
  3. Finally! Been waiting for you to post the next one. Overall these are great. The Wild are a team for me where you can just have endless concepts and options for them. They have a great color scheme and logos. Home and Road: Not huge changes but nice. While i do like their current striping, adding that extra arm stripe works well for them. I also think the main logo on the green jersey is not an issue so this looks a lot cleaner than their current home. Only potential change could be to make the green stripes in between the wheat stripes red. Not necessary though. Pride: very interesting, great color combo. Something is not completely fitting for me though. I almost feel like the red in the logo is throwing the rest off. And maybe adding a yellow stroke to the numbers could help? Honor: Perfect. I made this myself for my EA game, but i used a winter classic collar with no laces. Seemed to fit the feel of the jersey. EDIT: One thing i noticed, if you are shooting for accuracy, is the pant stripes they had were actually red, gold/wheat, red. Unless it was a conscious decision to reverse it, then nevermind.
  4. I don’t mind it on the side as much as when it’s on the back. Small thing but drives me crazy.
  5. I’m not sold on the home and road, but they’re not bad. Loving the other two though. That D logo is so good it’s a shame they don’t use it more.
  6. What’s tough is it’s really similar to Ottawa. But it looks good.
  7. I could live with the black and silver if they cleaned it up. Those throwbacks looked awesome, although on some it looked like the arm stripe and numbers were sitting too low on the arm.
  8. I have been waiting for the B’s, and you did not disappoint. The more authentic take on the WC jersey with the Honor set is perfection. Magneto meme-level perfection. My one thing I would change is the tone on the home. I’d prefer it as it currently is. The squared yoke works great for the road because it’s been used before in the past. I understand keeping them consistent on the primary uniforms but it would look so much better to me.
  9. Can we see Ottawa with the home as a black jersey and the Pride as red?
  10. Someone once made this Moose concept and I always wanted it as a jets jersey. Close to that polar bear one but with silver. The Jets logo would pop off of this real well.
  11. I like the sounds of that. I’d like to see it as well.
  12. Blues are a real nice update to that 90s set. Love it.
  13. I liked Dallas with the dark green, gold, and black a lot better. Wish they went that way with the rebrand. The logo colored that way in that prototype concept looks fine to me.
  14. Canadiens look great. Like the collar switch. Unsure on the missing stripe on the back though. Small detail not sure if intentional but their gloves in real life have the blue and red reversed. Those or colored like the Rangers’ gloves. The Honor set looks amazing. Only thing I might say is I like the deeper red they use. My favorite Caps jersey is the Pride one. Would make a great alternate.