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  1. I go back and forth on the Sharks “best look”. They had two such distinctively different looks in their original jerseys and the pre-edge ones. If the edge jerseys used silver instead of orange maybe it would have hit differently. The pre-edge does carry an identity with it the most out of anything they’ve had. not too long ago I made this concept to go back to the pre-edge look and simplify the home. Frankly you could use either logo too but put the current one on it, using the old fin on the pants again.
  2. These look great. Love the home and road and your RR gave me flashbacks as I remember those jerseys. question, is there an significance to having the Hockey East logo and captain patch reversed? hope you continue and get to UNH!
  3. I gave it a shot to see how it’d look:
  4. The sea foam color seems to really be effected by lighting.
  5. I still think this is the way it should be. I made this for my ideal set to use in NHL 04. Credit to @StPatty33 for the logo.
  6. The silver really sticks out with the switch to blue and looks too dark. More importantly on the roads. Don’t think it’d make sense to change the silver to blue, so add blue so it at least ties the whole thing together. change the white cuffs on the gloves and it would be easier to get on board. These small incremental changes aren’t helping. Do the whole thing at once.
  7. Yeah I just can’t get used to the blue. Thought the numbers would help but not much for now. We’ll see as more/better pictures come out.
  8. Nice. Love the first one, and really creative on the second with the sublimated pattern. That would be really cool to see a real jersey with that. My one small suggestion on the ideal road jersey would be to make the white space on top of the kachina pattern black, like you have on the other set. It would really make the sand-colored pattern stand out more.
  9. I realized last night that when I was thinking this concept through I had envisioned the numbers on the home being red with wheat drop shadow. Somehow forgot that when I made it, so here it is with that option for comparison. UPDATE: Made the numbers on the road red as well to carry over from the actual Wild road, and brings more color diversity to that, and matches red pants better if that's the way it goes.
  10. Really strange that this thread is so old. Feels like not that long, but then again time has no meaning anymore. im back with another swap. Easy to tell what it is. I swear the recent Winter Classic jersey had nothing to do with this. Just got into a Wild creative phase, and their colors work so much with so many designs. I started with the white jersey and went from there. Tried a couple recolors keeping the same color ways but cleaned it up a bit to keep the red and green from touching. Numbers are the Wild’s font just Ranger-ized. Also included bonus pants! My first inclination is the green ones, but they could probably pull off the red.
  11. I saw someone on Instagram trying to predict the Wild jersey by placing the teasers on a blank template where they think it's a snapshot of, and while i don't think it's accurate with the first teaser (then again, who knows) it did get an idea in my head that i think still might fit into some of the details from Russo. EDIT: here’s that person’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTS6LfPvAFt/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. I’m pretty sure the moon did change from yellow to gold at some point, I can’t remember if it was with the Edge or Adidas switch overs but I remember it happening.
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