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  1. I like the Oilers doing navy/orange, but hate the orange jersey. They should have gone this route. Blends both of their good uniform eras.
  2. The dark one is an edit on what I think looks better.
  3. I havent seen these posted, but a nicer look at jersey renders... Not 100% accurate i'm assuming with number font and whatnot, but a nicer look at them and i think it makes them look a lot nicer than what we've seen so far. It changed my opinion on the road slightly. It pains me to say it since this style is getting overdone i feel, but the road could benefit from having the whole sleeve carry over from the home.
  4. does it bug anyone else when the condensed version of the numbers for the arms looks better than the backs?
  5. my immediate reaction: not my first choice, but they did make some cool design decisions and i'm sure it'll look great on the ice.
  6. I agree that’d be a cool lightning logo. Rangers one works well too as almost a fauxback
  7. I was just going to say the same. I remember the Ducks but not the Lightning.
  8. if you think about it, Toronto is a blue/white Ottawa. it’ll be different enough with the arm layout and finer details I’m not really concerned.
  9. This is why I kind of wanted to see something new. Sure I like the set they’re going back to but something entirely new would have been cool to see. Hopefully the “slight” updates to it make a difference.
  10. That would make them a black and red version of the leafs basically. Perhaps with different proportions but still. I say it’ll be the same as before with the numbers inside the stripes. No one else does that anymore.
  11. I mean, I get that look was probably their best, but was hoping to see something new. Kind seems like a cop out. I am kind of glad it’s the black jersey without the white. It pairs better with the white version. id assume it will have some updates to the shoulder logo, and probably the main. I can’t image they’d use the original one. It would look so dated.
  12. Well dip. Now do they mean the home black set with no white but the numbers or the ones with the white? Can’t read beyond the pay wall.
  13. Interesting. i like the direction, and although it's supposed to be a vintage logo, i feel like it could be cleaned up a little while retaining that look. I went to two schools that were Wildcats (my elementary school AND UNH actually). my elementary school had a great vintage wildcat logo like this painted in the gym that from at least what i can remember is a great example. unfortunately i can't find it anywhere. But maybe look at the Predators Winter Classic logo for some ideas on the lines/markings. I'm also not feeling the UNH on the forehead, but it does fit the idea you're going for so i can appreciate it. Perhaps taking the idea further, maybe it should be just blue and white. I feel like they wouldn't have used silver/gray in an older logo.