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  1. One i'm torn on as i think it could have been done better, but a good attempt is Max Lagace's Bruins mask.
  2. I think the Kings gloves look bad with the silver cuff. Jets are ok, but agree it’s an unnecessary move.
  3. I didn’t think teams really changed the brand logo colors on helmets. Just kept them black or white.
  4. Update with the neck area. Jaw will be next.
  5. Yes, I mentioned that in the original post. I think I have an idea on what I’m going to do for that
  6. Loving the new Predators logo released for the Winter Classic. While it was designed with vintage elements, i think it can be the basis for a great update to their logo. Here's along the lines of what i'm thinking. I'd say this is a work in progress as i didnt edit the jaw or neckline yet. I took off with the post below that TheLAKnight started and you can see where mine fits in comparison.
  7. See, take that second alteration, smooth the lines to modernize it, have a curve shape to make the bottom white like a real cat, and there’s a modern update and better logo. I might try it if I have time. EDIT: See my topic on Concepts page for what i'm thinking. don't want to bog down this thread.
  8. That's what i was referring to, which makes me believe it will be forward facing on each shoulder.
  9. I really like the Preds logo. It has that vintage Midwest high school feel to it, while still looking like a good base for an update to their current. Im guessing it will be forward facing on each shoulder, seeing as how they have shown it facing left and right. To be honest, I did not think of the old Bruins logo. I can see how others are connecting the two but it’s not popping out as something obvious to me. Perhaps it was used as inspiration? Reminds me more of Battle Cat from He-Man.
  10. Got away from this (wow, didn’t realize it’s a year old) but realized I should have done the Bruins/Devils swap a little differently, so here’s that. Just reversed the stripe order on each, and honestly some part of me likes these.
  11. The Heritage Classic is going to look amazing. Love both uniforms.
  12. The thing with these compared to the red throwback they wore this past season is balance with the striking. If they used this as the base and just flipped the outer ride and gold stripes and colored accordingly it would look so much better. That would make for a great home and road set
  13. Always loved this logo, both iterations of it and probably more the sand/red version.