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  1. I couldn’t find any good pictures, but Dave and Doug Widell played on the same offensive line for the Broncos in the very early 90’s
  2. Tennessee Titans Inspiration: 1960 AFL Champions
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars Inspiration: 1995 Inaugural Season
  4. Indianapolis Colts Inspiration: 1970 Super Bowl Champions
  5. Houston Texans Inspiration: 2002 Inaugural Season So this ended up being a red version of the color rush uniform.
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Inspiration: 1976 Inaugural Season
  7. New Orleans Saints Inspiration: 1967 Inaugural Season
  8. Carolina Panthers Inspiration: 1995 Inaugural Season
  9. Here's what I would do... 1. Throw your field PNG into power point 2. Draw a rectangle over your field 3. Fill the rectangle with texture, such as Newsprint for example 4. Change your transparency as needed 5. Select all, and save as picture Voila!
  10. Atlanta Falcons Inspiration: 1966 Inaugural Season
  11. Los Angeles Chargers Inspiration: 1963 AFL Champions
  12. Las Vegas Raiders Inspiration: 1983 Super Bowl Champions
  13. Nice Louisville Lightning crossover. Go Commanders!
  14. Kansas City Chiefs Inspiration: 1962 AFL Champions
  15. Denver Broncos Inspiration: 1965
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