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  1. Nissan Stadium. The Titans play there. Nissan builds a pickup truck named Titan. Did they purposely not name it Nissan Titan Stadium?
  2. Sorry. I should have included you. You were NOT the reason for my complaint.
  3. I think it should be a courtesy to not hijack a thread. @pitt6pack & @SFCOM1 put too much time and effort in to have inaccurate posts flooding their thread. That Rams field is an abomination.
  4. More stuff... Darren Rovell reporting..... And the bombshell.....
  5. Not necessarily a logo misconception, but when I was younger, I thought an Argonaut was nothing more than a Canadian Astronaut.
  6. Well @pitt6pack we have a little mystery as to what the Rams end zone will look like. Rams confirmed they are wearing the throwbacks, so I'd assume it will be blue with the gold. Will they use a helmet logo? Will they go totally official and use the white logos? I hope the conference logos return, but I think that ship has sailed.
  7. I loved the last iteration of the Oldsmobile rocket logo. Traditionally, the rocket was straight vertical. The new logo made it look like it was moving forward. Which, they didn't. GM just kept badge engineering them and were dead in 2004.
  8. I love how South Park even acknowledged the problem....
  9. And pulling your hair out taking it off.
  10. And it may stick out more than ever this year with many veteran drivers gone from the sport. Between the 8 drivers that drive for Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing, only 3 of those drivers have won Cup races.
  11. I'm banking on the word mark being one solid color with no outlines, gradients or any other details. That's the crappy trend nowadays.
  12. I find it strange that they changed the Home Track logo but the Whelen All American Series logo hasn't changed, for which I am a tech inspector (among other things) for. I'm guessing it saves the track owners money on uniforms.
  13. I don't think he's a horrible coach. Got shafted when Manning got hurt.
  14. You guys need to get with the program! This is how I watch!