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  1. The fedora would be a great logo. But there were two other famous coaches that wore fedoras, and they were probably more famous for wearing fedoras than Paul Brown.
  2. Well, that was the end of an era yesterday. That was the final NFL game in the foreseeable future, to be played on a dirt baseball infield.
  3. I've had my plates through a couple cars now. It's cheaper to keep the white ones. And the yellow ones are ugly. They only look good on 1970's-80's era cars because that's what they had.
  4. Do Canadians refer to those big bumps in the road as "Frost Heafs?"
  5. I still have these plates on one of my cars. TC11. I have the gold plate on my truck. 11TC. And the wife has a gold plate on her car. 9TC
  6. It's not a race man. I appreciate your time, effort and accuracy that you put in. Stay healthy this season!
  7. They used the current orientation for the Raiders first stint in Oakland, at least late in the regular season. Sorry to get off topic in this awesome thread.
  8. I seem to recall some of the Raiders preseason games had the field orientated this way. An end zone ticket for the regular season game would get you a 50 yard line seat for the preseason, albeit very far away.
  9. I agree with you. I think if this was a Lions, or NFL specific field, the inner hash marks would be sewn in also.
  10. It's been done. Interesting that the fonts for the Giants were different between the helmet and script logo. The Bengals were the same way.
  11. Nissan Stadium. The Titans play there. Nissan builds a pickup truck named Titan. Did they purposely not name it Nissan Titan Stadium?
  12. Sorry. I should have included you. You were NOT the reason for my complaint.
  13. I think it should be a courtesy to not hijack a thread. @pitt6pack & @SFCOM1 put too much time and effort in to have inaccurate posts flooding their thread. That Rams field is an abomination.
  14. More stuff... Darren Rovell reporting..... And the bombshell.....