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  1. I keep seeing a rumor/leak of D.C. Sentinels.
  2. I think they could go back to their previous name, "Braves." And do it tastefully.
  3. Thank you as always Pitt. Big fan of all your work. I'm sure I can speak for others, we really appreciate all you do.
  4. I don't like the inconsistency of everything. Why would one have a helmet and one not? Last year I could understand because the Rams didn't really have a separate logo for their old school look. I know it's probably only a small group of us that care, but come on. Who is making these decisions?
  5. I still can't believe you do them in MS paint. Amazing. You'll love Photoshop.
  6. Weatherbug link is down. Must have caught us snooping.
  7. Feel good photo in this tweet... https://twitter.com/donnatoma216/status/1219607803356241922/photo/1
  8. I'm surprised they are painting this early. In my limited experience with a high school grass field, in two weeks, you'll need a full repaint.
  9. I've never been one to request, but I'd like to see a Steelers black end zone from Super Bowl XL with the gold racing stripes. I don't know if the Steelers script would look better in white or gold though?
  10. I think the numbers were outlined in red on Saturday.....it's a start.
  11. Well, we are getting some new blood on the AFC side of things. One has been 20 years. One has been 50 years and one has never been. I'll take it, even though two are blue.