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  1. I'd like to see the Broncos modern set done in their colors from the 70's, 80's 90's.
  2. After the bailout they came and removed the GM logo from the signs out in front of the dealership. So now they just have Chevrolet and Buick logos. No mention of GM anywhere. Also, they just introduced new packaging for parts. Apparently not a lot of communication between GMCCA (Parts) and the marketing department, all the new packaging is obsolete with the old logo. Doesn't surprise me really. I've worked at a GM dealer for almost 23 years. And so many things that happen don't make sense and make you wonder who is really in charge? We get calls from the GM Customer Service division asking us, why there is a delay in getting parts. And the answer is, why the hell are you asking us? You should be the ones telling us why there is a delay. Lots of situations like that.
  3. You know....that would have worked for a Vegas Super Bowl too..... eLVIs
  4. We went 44 years without the trophy in the logo. People still knew what the trophy looked like.
  5. There is ZERO need to have the trophy in the logo.
  6. Use to be quite common before HDTV. It was very noticeable on the old Astroturf.
  7. Certainly a better look than the previous warning track/dirt/turf thing that was 3 feet into the white border. That always drove me nuts. Looked terrible.
  8. My local news had a story on Mr. Toma. He mentioned the Chiefs end zone being yellow and already having the templates, however the shot of the end zone was tight, so I don't know if the footage was from last years field. And I can't find the story on their website. EDIT: Found it from another channel.....definitely a clip from Hard Rock last year....
  9. #4 is the worst number for me. Because of the asymmetry.
  10. I would buy every one of those prints. Amazing as always sir!
  11. Chances of retro Super Bowl I retro field.....zero....but one can hope I guess. I was hoping the Buccaneers would get a pewter end zone with red lettering in Super Bowl XXXVII. A gold Packers end zone with green lettering would work too I think, however not sure what to with the outline around the "G."
  12. Should the Rams make the Super Bowl, this will be their 5th different wordmark!