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  1. I know it's very monochromatic, but I like this version of a Bears endzone in Super Bowl XX instead of a Red-Orange background. Gives more contrast to the field:
  2. Always wondered what the old Bengals helmet would look like in the Super Bowl so I made one up:
  3. I guess that means your calling mine inaccurate and assume I didn't put time into my work.
  4. Also couple Pro Bowl fields: 1974 in Kansas City 1980 in Honolulu
  5. Couple minor edits to some of the Raider fields I posted earlier: 1968 Early 1968 Midseason (Heidi Bowl) 1968 Playoff 1969 1970 1971
  6. Few more Pro Bowl fields from the '70s: 1976 Pro Bowl - New Orleans 1977 Pro Bowl - Seattle 1978 Pro Bowl - Tampa
  7. Since it's Pro Bowl week, I tried the 1975 Pro Bowl from the Miami Orange Bowl. Not spot on with the wordmark but pretty close:
  8. Thought I'd try my hand at some old Raiders fields: 1968 Raiders Early: 1968 Raiders Late/Playoff 1969 Raiders 1970 Raiders 1971 Raiders 1972-81 Raiders
  9. Couple corrections: 1979 early/mid regular season field had 5 small red stars around the Cowboys star at midfield and during the 1979-80 regular season, the endzones had "Texas Stadium" spelled out in them during the year. I took a crack at them a few months back. Here are some photos:
  10. Noted and corrected on the original post.
  11. A couple of new historical playoff fields since it's playoff time: 1971 NFC Championship 1973 NFC Championship
  12. Couple minor changes: KC and Pit used the same field as the week before vs the Jets. Against the Bengals in week 7, all I could find was the gold background with black Steelers 70 using photos and videos. Other endzone is guess.
  13. I got a good look at the GB-PIT game in '70 - Black background with gold hypocycloids and gold background with black Steelers 70 opposite.