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  1. Awesome job@pitt6pack. Sorry I have been off the boards for a long time. I have been working really long hours @ the Home Depot call center, and now working at home as a Home Depot chat associate. It will free me up again to get some stuff done (Like finishing those pesky USFL Fields).
  2. any USFL fields updates in the works thanks

    1. SFCOM1


      I am trying. I work for the Home Depot Phone center as an inbound phone associate, and with the curent situation with the corona virus crap it has been super busy due to the excedingly large call volume.


      I hope to get some time in the near future, so the USFL Fields Dayabase will be completed.





    2. smith03




  3. I was brousing the net while working@home during this COVID 19 crazyness. And I saw a drawing of what the fleld for the new LA Rams field might look like. So I drew it up. Let me know what yout think!
  4. Yea, I think the color began to fade a bit before the game. They Painted on Saturday afternoon, If I saw that correct. I did not catch the Thin Black line though. I got to the game just before kickoff, due to Baseball meeting requirements!
  5. I took a look on the HD streaming on FOX and it looked liked the grass field shading was inverted. But when it uploaded first, It did this! Great Googly Moogly!
  6. Looks very good. Maybe a touch too busy with the second one, but in the classic style. But now you face The Shredder! (That is what I get watching TMNT The Movie last nite. In a severe cold drug addled brain. LOL)
  7. I agree. They most likely outline with black stripe, just like previous years with the Steelers.
  8. Yea, Been real busy with "Real Life" and getting ready for the Baseball season (which starts right after the Super Bowl).
  9. Soon. Biggest issue is documentation. Working on that now!
  10. Ok I got this off the Sun Devil web site Peter Wozniak and Brian Johnson who are the managers of grounds for ASU. They are the team that goes to the Super Bowl to paint the fields. They have worked together since Super Bowl XXX (Ironicaly at Sun Devil Stadium). Neither is a relation to Toma, but worked specifially with Him since SB XXX.
  11. The man, The myth, The legend! (Great field...but who are the CHEF'S...Great googly boogly!) LOL
  12. I believe George Toma's Grandson is one of the head grounds keepers at Frank Kush field at Sun Devil Stadium (Official name LOL), And they use the field for experiments on painting tecniques. Hence all the interesting field graphics the past couple of years.
  13. Looks more like a dark tan/brown clay like substance. I will chek the stadiums' website for more information.
  14. @pitt6pack Yea, I think this is the field that will be created. Though I hope for a yellow Endzone for the Chiefs. I believe in an interview, the teams stated they have the choice on how the endzone is detailed (within NFL guidelines). But givien this is the 100th Season, who knows. Will check with the people I know, but i doubt they will answer. BTW the Superbowl fields are painted by the grounds crew that works for ASU Sun Devil Stadium. As far as I know, they are seperate from the State Farm grounds crew that the Cardinals and the Fiesta Bowl use.
  15. WOW. Though I thnk it will be closer to the standard SB Layout. With better endzone colors!