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  1. If you need help with WLAF fields, here's a full game if this helps:


    1. SFCOM1


      Thanks neo. I plan to do the WLAF and NFL Europe eventually, after I finish the USFL



  2. I had to hand draw the "C's" and the "O" as well as the curvature at the top of the "I". The standard font lust do not give the option to make it correctly.
  3. 1985 NFC Championship game January 12, 1986. Chicago Bears 24, LA Rams 0
  4. I just completed updating my Soldier Field profile on the USFL Fields thread. I will be working on the early 80's astroturf era for the Chicago Bears shortly.
  5. Updated Chicago Blitz field (Matching the font in the end zone. Which was the same font used at Soldier Field from 1980 till the Bears moved out for the remodel of the stadium at the end of the 2001 Season)
  6. 1985 NFC Championship game
  7. It is (but i think I need to "round out" the two "C's" They look a little "Flat"). Just no "Wishbone C" at midfield. I think that was either added during the NFL season or a couple of years later. This would work as the Bears field for the same time period till about Approx 1985 when I can verify the "Wishbone C" was added and the spacing for the yard lines on sideline was changed to 8"
  8. Chicago Blitz 1983
  9. Thanks, I am working on the profile for Mile High Stadium this weekend. For both the Denver Gold and the 1983 USFL Championship game.
  10. The Lions helmet logo was the same size as well (The Silvedome used the same template for both teams)
  11. Thanks, I will check. My copy of the old footage was very poor. And RFK stadium was a mud pit 3/4 of the year too. OK I found a good clear pic of RFK as the Federals where playing the Gunslingers. The helmets where silver ans the helmet opening was grass green. Will make adjustments when I get home. Thanks!
  12. 1984 Early Season Washington Federals 1984 Late Season Washington Federals
  13. 1983 Washington Federals (Thanks to pitt6pack for the number font to RFK stadium)
  14. One other thing I noticed as I was working on the USFL fields. Most teams did not use a logo in the middle of the field. So far only Michigan, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Washington (only for the opening game) Memphis, and Pittsburgh used a logo (helmet or team) first year. In the second and third year only a couple of teams did center logos, Most did end zone markings but very limited (Arizona, Tampa Bay). Oakland, Houston, and Denver had the baseball diamonds down Philadelphia and Pittsburgh covered the cut outs, while Houston did not. Chicago just did the end zones (as they where permanent on the astro turf and had soccer markings down as well (The center "Wishbone C" was Bears only and was painted only for the NFL season). And a couple only had the standard field markings (Houston, Washington 2nd year, and New Jersey as examples). Very odd, but most likely a cost cutting measure for the rent of the stadiums).
  15. No problem. I made the logo based on the fields created for the Gridiron Fields Database (which I drew the Lions and several other NFL team fields for). The profile was created with exhausting research, and several photos from the archives of the Detroit News and Free Press showing the field being painted (they used new rolls of astroturf for the Panthers Logos and end zones, compared to the ones they used for the Lions at the Pontiac Silverdome). I feel very confident it is accurate rendition given the available photographic angles at the time, but I am always happy to receive constructive criticism. So I will take a look.