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  1. For Denver, maybe put the name in the white line? Good to see you back!
  2. These nets concepts are great, but I personally think that you should incorporate the subway theme more also the b is kinda tacky. Great work!
  3. Jets alternate Giants, Mets Yankees,Knicks city, nets statement, isles and rangers, all #22. Thanks in advance
  4. This is probably one of the best knicks concepts I’ve seen on this site.
  5. It was actually the Celebrity game. (nice job tho)
  6. My favorites are the 90s burst and the we are Phoenix. Nice job, Nike should hire you.
  7. Three things A: why does the primary alternate and Windy City jerseys have “White Sox “ in the underline in the script and the silver series road and primary road doesn’t? B: for the Windy City hat, how about putting the four stars on the brim of the hat or the underline in the script? C : good work!
  8. Edmonton:the alternate logo is Fantastic Leafs: if the alternate is a homage to the raptors, could the Toronto maple leafs in the logo be replaced with north? Looks fine though. Vegas : could you put the red into the white striping? Fantastic job with those three teams.
  9. For the logo, the shade of black looks uneven. Still great as always!
  10. One thing: curved wordmark is not working for me. Good work!
  11. Agreed. Why did Ottawa never use this logo?
  12. Well since no one commented.... I have no problems with the bills or pats...... But all the others are kind of boring. The numbers look something out of the 80s. The browns look like the 60s in general. Also, the helmets. These helmets are kind of looking 80s as well. Perhaps another template? This one doesn’t really work. Despite all, good work!
  13. Icicle the Iceman? Frozone? Hades? Also, for the word-mark, how about a blue ice stretch with a blue figure skating at the end? Good work!