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  1. Nice, so for Boston..... the Braves?
  2. I feel that arizona should go with orange rather than red. Do duke next!
  3. Can we see the logo and the court? Otherwise, Nice Job!
  4. Yes. You should try your hand at some alternates. Good work!
  5. A: the second set gives me Phillies vibes, though it still looks great. B: the arched Cleveland never worked for me. Could you do the Cleveland wordmark the Indians wordmark treatment? Good job!
  6. Thanks for the court. I think you’ll be good at the Christmas courts for theses jerseys. Don’t have to do them all. Good work!
  7. Nice one. Maybe reverse the logos, maybe do it in 90s style?
  8. Could you try to combine the Jets and the Titans(New York titans) logo?
  9. Nice. Maybe put the Spartan at like a side or 3/4 angle, sort of like the senators logo?