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  1. Question, in every team's secondary, the shorts look like a light blue. Is that supposed to happen?
  2. Nice Replacement for these aged uniforms
  3. The shade of blue on San Marino's primary is different. Very Impressive
  4. Yeah no. Rockets too, heard westbrook and harden missed travel to the bubble
  5. Im thinking he's sort of doing it for the low playing field, to help his draft stock, maybe bust a few bracket when March Madness comes Back.
  6. Jamal Crawford and Michael Beasley are Nets For the time being. I like it. Thoughts?
  7. Ivy League out too.
  8. Everything looks great, but i have 2 questions When Dewi Saint wins, dos everyone get free/discounted Bojangles? Does Space Coast have Helmet nights, or Free Orange nights?
  9. The Cards are fine, the Falcons second alternate screams Bucs. Good Effort!
  10. Perhaps a golden beveled W in the middle of the stars? Like a roundel?
  11. 2 and 3 are nice. Great work!