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  1. Good stuff, but why does the lightning bug look like he doesn’t want to be seen?
  2. For the Wizards’ statement, I’d put an American Flag Stripe where it usually is for the other 2
  3. How about keeping the orange and blue and putting in Queen City instead of Buzz City
  4. I’d understand if you don’t want to make alts for this team, but if you do, I’d suggest either the sunrise colors or the green. Also try to give the Football’s endzone the striping patterns of the basketball courts. Good stuff as always.
  5. Could you let me know when you finish? And how to download it?
  6. Hey RHL Modernized should be the next idea!
  7. That Keith Haring jersey needs to happen
  8. Also can someone PLEASE put these uniforms in 2K??
  9. Can someone puts these Uniforms in 2K? Anyone?
  10. Kraken and the Blues are the best so far
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