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  1. So, since the Championship Game is on the 4th of July, I was thinking something something just as snappy as Super Bowl. 1st idea: I’m *insert commentator’s name* AND WELCOME TO THE GREAT AMERICAN CLASSIC! Or WELCOME TO THE FIGHT ON THE FOURTH! Or: WELCOME TO THE JULY JAMBOREE! Ok maybe that one sounds a bit corny. But is the Championship game going to be at a specific location or A home field?
  2. I feel like adding Noc-A-Homa to the jerseys in real life will start a riot... But everything else is fine.
  3. Well, I’m flattered, and you beat me to it on St. Louis and Denver. I’ll keep Denver, I have another idea for St. Louis. Which is TAKE FULL COMMAND. Bryan in New York.
  4. Any chance for the infamous Pooh bear to return on the thirds?
  5. Good to see ya back.
  6. Two things: Delta Colors? It is the official airline of Atlanta. Also, what about Mike Vick or Matt Ryan as the mentor? And without further ado, The Flight: TAKE TO THE SKIES The Krewe: JOIN THE KREWE. (idk man. Another option would be “life of the party”)
  7. Will you make t shirts of these, everytime one of these teams make the playoffs?
  8. I’m not a Cavs Fan, but need I say more?
  9. Guys, I have a question: If there were one jersey that you wish Nike would revive, which one would it be? Edit: nvm submit as much as you like.
  10. Well, my thoughts are : 1: I wish Seattle’s Light and Dark didn’t differ so much. 2: wouldn’t it have been better if the snake on Arizona’s jerseys wrapped around instead of it being all in the front?
  11. Continuing my slogans: Machine: We Have a Drive. Sentinels: March Into Battle Condors: TIME TO SOAR.