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  1. Now it's time to move on the next team on the list... The Big 12 check, non Texas team check and comes from Iowa... Time for the... IOWA STATE CYCLONES!!! A lot of cyclones implimentations aside, the Cyclones represent a more intimidating set of colours that include 2 reds and a bright gold that whilst sets themselves apart from their state rivals that they need a more traditional set to carry that color across... and essentially set themselves apart from all the red teams in the NCAA. ((Yes i draw stripes by hand and it does in fact suck))
  2. Assuming everyone's ok I'll be posting Texas Tech one more time...
  3. ((This is WIP but I assume you mean like this?))
  4. Valid reason why I didn't use Silver Helmets because then it WOULD be similar to Ohio State, which people will rightfully notice. The silver is actually there might I add, it's in the logo, if you find a link on google and then look carefully... silver is an accent colour. Probably go for tv numbers on the shoulders maybe.
  5. Luckily this is fixed easily... also thank you. While I am here... I'll just post the third triangle team. NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOLFPACK
  6. Seems that people are sated for now (hopefully? I can't tell) So I am going to move onto the next team.... we return to the ACC where another basketball giant that has an average football team? I'm talking about a member of the infamous triangle of the Carolinas.... THEM DEVIL BOYS OF DUKE When you get into a creative rut in the football department, sometimes different sport teams of the same school usually have good ideas and this can be the same for the Devils... the more successful basketball team designs have made their way onto the football team and using the same three colors that the Indianapolis Colts recently embraced minus the silver is the way to go. The infamous Duke Blue goes alongside Duke White and Duke Black alongside the giant D helmets are used to try and bring agression back to the football team.... when they are not clobbered by everyone else per say.
  7. Funny a few hours go by and I get ideas... so I retooled the Red Raiders and as I said before, I would use Atlanta Falcons as a template BUT I didn't say which Atlanta Falcons era though... for the Red Raiders of Texas, there was one era that defined toughness, that defined meanness, that defined what made Texas Tech great. The 90's in particular I am refering to the Dirty Birds of the late 90's... noted for Black, Black, Grey. One era of the Red Raiders defined this look... THE ERA OF ZACH THOMAS The idea here is what I call a mix and match, where 3 helmets, 3 shirts and 4 pants are interchangeable between each other, thus able to create different varients of the Red Raiders... adding silver to the mix in pants form is different I can tell but the logo has 4 colours, so I am adding that to the pile.... plus silver helmets and shirts for red raiders would not fly, I tried to come up with something but alas it doesn't work. Trust me this is not Oregon, nobody wants to be that designer :censored: like the Ducks are.
  8. I mean I do go back and improve on teams as you might of seen here... for instance the Redhawks, I went back through at least twice.
  9. Yeah I figured as much... I'm going to do an updated Atlanta Falcons look for the Tech
  10. I remember the Renegades being very drab compared to their Federals identity... Showboats are showboats and the Red makes them better.
  11. Here's what I got upcoming: "ahem" Duke NC State Iowa State Indiana Hoosies ((Trying to figure out which red to use)) Arkansas Oregon State Purdue Mississipi State and finally UCLA
  12. Moving onto the Power schools and back into the Big 12 we go for the first of the Texas Schools.... so what happens when you have poor recruiting, bad sponsors and generally a bad uniform? You get the Red Raiders.... unfortuately for these guys they aren't good so... I did the best I could. Whilst some of you might argue that their whole Gun Show motif of recent years has been improvements... Under Armor whilst does good for some uniforms, when it comes to Texas Tech... they basically throw crap together in a design concept and considering how terrible their uniforms are, well I tried to make good of a bad scenario. Eventually they are going to want new sponsors and maybe a return to a classic look of some kind... possibly borrow 80's/90's Falcons and make Red Raiders proud again, I might consider doing this if people want me to retool the Red Raiders.
  13. Oh hey welcome back to this thread.... it's been nearly 2 months at this point, I figured I get things back on track.... and we're going to do it with Group 5 teams in particular the C USA... where two texas teams primed for either Big 12 or targetted by the Sun Belt... it remains to see that these two are unique... First we offer the more traditional said concept... UTEP MINERS And then we go to San Antonio where Roadrunners go.... MEEP! MEEP! I was doing the sleeves in that fashion... when I got the idea to do a sort of tie-dye effect to the pants... there is no 'mono' effect here.... I use three colors and that's all.