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  1. And now to wrap up this batch of Power 5 concepts... we go back AGAIN to the Pac 12 and for the other Washington team that is rivals to Washington State..... WASHINGTON HUSKIES The Huskies are a major Pac-12 powerhouse that competes often and competes well... before the dreaded college playoff was introduced, they managed to get in the top 4... which is probably why the NCAA is in absolute tatters because of it's preference to Alabama, Clemson and to Ohio State. Next up will be the remaining 6 FCS powerhouses that are in stat, suitable to making the step up to FBS.
  2. Put in the San Diego State Aztecs... the look is practically made for Pac 12
  3. Or I always consider Boise State to be a PAC-12 worthy member.... but an independent esc powerhouse like Notre Dame and Army works too.
  4. Last team for now in the SEC because I'm going to finish off most of the FBS in a very large burst in the near future... so it's this team and then it'll be say Washington for the PAC-12... so anyway this former founder of the Big 12 was doing well for years until the untold riches tempted this side towards the SEC and in the East division, they have been in constant with the hunt so to speak against Florida, Georgia and Kentucky... as well as South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt... MISSOURI TIGERS
  5. New update and back to the Pac 12 for the other tream that plays in Arizona... when the Wildcats went dull, the Sun Devils emerged from being a joke and became legit contenders with a new image, a sharper uniform and an identity that doesn't mess around.... HERE COMES.... ARIZONA STATE The Sun Devils are the demons of the PAC... they are literally in the hunt for the last decade and this set reflects that mighty progress... yes I didn't have room for their recent retro.
  6. I saw it on one of the women teams and figured it would be a perfect fit...
  7. Back to the SEC where we move onto a dynamo in the Basketball but bloody average in football... HERE COME THE... KENTUCKY WILDCATS No Black in this set.... it's White, Blue and Silver.
  8. Now let's go to the AAC where a team from Atlanta resides but doing terribly, I mean you are stuck in a state where the main football team is described as Choking hazards... the Yellowjackets were a founding member of the SEC but then got kicked out and moved to the AAC where they have stayed since.... Time to show off what I did for... GEORGIA TECH Primarily Home and Road has what the team has and that is triple colors which you need cause Georgia Tech ain't good lately.... the sleeves are inspired by the stripes of their namesakes so the Alts however is where I get to have some fun including a pair inspired by the mascot... BEHOLD! SET 1 BEHOLD! SET 2 And finally... BEHOLD! Set 3!
  9. IRL Illini are all mono, there's a problem with that so that set plays against the monochrome. The Red Helmet Logo is me trying to replicate what the Gamecocks actually have.... and for the Illinois Shield, they say don't use it as the main logo but the I on it's own is plain and boring and IRL set, it's all mono and boring.
  10. Whipped this real quick because I had time today.... back to the Big 10 and we go to the Windy City. ILLINOIS FIGHTING ILLINI
  11. This Steelers team has to go into the top 10 of all time collapses
  12. Back to the SEC where another team suffers from being bitchslapped by the lords of darkness themselves, Alabama. We're going to South Carolina... as we now visit: THE GAMECOCKS. The Gamecocks use Black, White and Garnet although it looks like a deep bloodied red and that is how they stand out... a terrible team in the SEC football but good elsewhere. Heck Crimson Tide are dominant in one sport but in another, they are likely to be laughing stocks of another.
  13. I tried to find the shiny gold that they have for their alt helmets.... the one that sparkles on sunny days