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  1. The comparison depends if they'll get to the playoffs in the first year.
  2. Now why did i not figure Platinum was a good colour for Wash.
  3. The 81 Retro was released as a sweetner to the old school fans for those that don't like the new kits ((Dolphins situation)), I'm gonna redo the numbers so they fit the pantstripe as well. The Jagged sleeve pattern is suppose to represent trees as in 7 trees from 7 hills that surround Cincinnati.
  4. 2020 season is over as far as I am concerned and the winner of the Super Bowl was New Orleans with a 38-35 win over Baltimore and now 2021 is approaching with only six teams applying for redesigns, the first one was blatant as one can be as before Mike Brown conceded control to a new board of directors... he unveiled the newest uniforms in the Bengals history with a return to the team's infamous 80's look as the tiger striped helmet turned 40 years old. https://ahsports.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=114&p=1 CINCINNATI BENGALS The Team's return to the 80's style of uniforms with the double black at home, double white at road, double orange as the alt, the snow bengals look for color rush WIth the NFL relaxing the one helmet rule, The Bengals opt to return to the 1981 set that got them to the Super Bowl The team wanted to get away from being compared to the Browns and make their own bold, modern identity Tiger Striped Sidepanels and Numbers, three new under colors created specifically for the stripes Sidearm Panel has 7 trees that represents 7 hills surrounding Cincinnati, honors the area around the city... thus ditching the tiger striped arms as before since that and the new striped numbers and sidepants would of been too much.
  5. Do not be shocked if the Rock names a team the Bulls
  6. Ok consider me on board if THE ROCK is the commissioner of the XFL.
  7. Make it so the Kraken is never seen, you get some cuddly mascot on top but then make it afterwards so that there are eyes underneath the rink....
  8. We're up to the Superbowl now in the AH thread so after a lot of football being played...
  9. I would replace that with the Titanic sinking.