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  1. I wonder if the Chargers will go for a new bolt decal?
  2. And here is the same Home Kit with Royal Blue tops....
  3. I like the second one more than the first, it's got me curious
  4. UPDATE (with suggestions made) I might go for Chargers next... see what I can do with that new lightning bolt.
  5. Considering you are one of the reasons why I got into concept making, I feel honored to take your suggestions into advicement.
  6. They'll probably do Royal Blues maybe but here I figured they would go with the whole So Cal feel.
  7. Here is me guessing what the Rams are going to be going wearing onto the field following their fisaco with the logo unveiling... this also includes a new style of adding stuff in the picture just so I can reduce the amount of concepts made. HOME ROAD HERITAGE As you can see the new Rams Royal and the new Sol has been used and makes the logos look crisp, fresh and bright with the helmet probably the only issue here... everything else has been specifically followed to their teamsheet guide, it also emcompasses all the eras of the Rams with extra options for Home and Road, the Heritage uses their classic dark colour to go with the new Sol... helmet may put some people off.
  8. If we're following the leaks that were here before then yes that's where my doubts lie.... and so far it's 1-1
  9. I feel that they are going to :censored: up their redesign.
  10. Personally think this was the better new logo of the two LA teams and someone wanted to make a thread about this.... here it is.
  11. That's 1 more star than usual... these uniforms must be REALLY special.
  12. Well making concepts for the LA teams is going to be fun... I already had an idea on what Rams are going to be.
  13. Walker and Ta'amu are going to get chances in the NFL... at least that's what the half season of XFL has proven.