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  1. So I guess the Charlotte NBA team becomes the Spirit if this had become reality.
  2. I like it, though they probably should’ve went with Charlotte Crown. It’s already in the logo. I would’ve preferred Soccer Club but the abbreviation would’ve got confused with South Carolina.
  3. Nice work! But all those teams in Florida, and you couldn’t put one in Charlotte?
  4. Nashville to the Southeast, DC to the Eastern and Montreal to the Central. I know the latter is a bit of a stretch but it puts the Eastern Canadian teams together. But really, I just don’t like having a Washington, DC team in a southern division like they are in the NBA. Here’s my version that I did back when they first announced the expansion. Atlantic New England New York Red Bulls DC United Philly NYC FC Northeast (or Central) Montreal Toronto Cincinnati Columbus Chicago Southeast Atlanta Charlotte Miami Nashville SC Orlando Here’s how I did the West. I know my Southwest looks wonky but you just can’t split Vancouver from Seattle and Portland and Sacramento from San Jose. Southwest Dallas Houston Austin LAFC LA Galaxy Pacific Vancouver Portland Seattle San Jose Sacramento Northwest Minnesota St. Louis Kansas City Salt Lake Colorado
  5. A-Rod a hero? Nope. Luis Castillo is the goat.
  6. Could you imagine Bob Brenly managing the NL All-Stars in 2002, against his own players? It probably wouldn’t have ended in a tie (the AL probably wins again) and we never would have been stuck with “This One Counts”
  7. I also envisioned a scenario in which the Marlins were contracted instead of the Twins as was also rumored. No NL team would’ve had to switch to the AL. The Pirates AND Reds move East and the Rockies move to the Central.
  8. The Diamondbacks would have been the one to switch... Them and the Devil Rays had a window that they could switch leagues without them having any say...and you can’t just move the Brewers right back to the AL...and I would have kept 3 divisions anyway to keep Atlanta or Cincinnati from moving back to the West...of course it would have been awkward switching the World Series champs, but, Selig... This is what realignment was going to be... AL East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Devil Rays Toronto Blue Jays AL Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Texas Rangers (moved from AL West) AL West Arizona Diamondbacks Anaheim Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners NL East Atlanta Braves New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates (moved back from NL Central) Washington Nationals (former Florida Marlins) NL Central Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Houston Astros Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals NL West Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  9. That’s true but only one postseason
  10. I don’t miss the Baseball Network, even though it was for just one season thanks to the strike, worst idea in sports to have all the playoff games regionalized. I don’t miss the Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds being in the NL West, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals being in the NL East, the Arizona Cardinals being in the NFC East and the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers being in the NFC West.
  11. Chipper Jones’ first two full seasons (not counting 1994 when he got hurt in spring training) were the Braves’ final two seasons at Fulton County Stadium. But that’s where he got his ring and played in two of his three World Series, strangely enough. We never would’ve thought so at the time though.
  12. I forgot about that. They were sorted by division.
  13. MLB: Atlanta Braves NFL: Carolina Panthers NCAA: UNC, Charlotte 49ers NBA: Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls (was die-hard when Jordan played) NHL: Carolina Hurricanes
  14. —The Braves on TBS and Skip and Joe alternating with Pete and Don between TV and radio (RIP Skip and Pete) —The NBA on CBS and NBC —First round of the NFL Draft on Saturday afternoon —ACC basketball games on Raycom. It’s just not the same on the actual ACC Network. I don’t miss Raycom football as much because it started at 12:30 and it forced WBTV to have to join the SEC game in progress afterwards (never understood why they got away from noon) —The double round robin in ACC basketball but I know why it had to go —The Braves making more than one trip to cities in their league outside their division —Only having interleague in May and June, can’t expand fast enough. But I do like interleague. —The Astros being in the National League. Shutting the state of Texas out of the NL was a huge mistake. They should’ve moved the Rockies to the AL West and the Astros to the NL West.