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  1. That’s fair, no changes to the divisions would have to be made.
  2. It appears the Canadian teams are going to be able to play in Canada, but what if they had not been allowed to? I randomly assigned the seven franchises to a US city and realigned appropriately. Northeast Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals Southeast Carolina Hurricanes Dallas Stars Edmonton Oilers (Houston) Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens (Atlanta) Nashville Predators Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs (Charlotte) Midwest Chicago Blackhawks Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings Minnesota Wild Ottawa Senators (Kansas City) St. Louis Blues Winnipeg Jets (Milwaukee) Pacific Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Calgary Flames (San Diego) Colorado Avalanche Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks Vancouver Canucks (Portland) Vegas Golden Knights I wanted to send Calgary or Winnipeg to their former city but proximity wouldn’t allow me. Montreal or Ottawa would’ve been shipped out to San Diego. Not exactly ideal. Edmonton goes to Houston since Houston’s first NFL team was the Oilers. The Northeast doesn’t change from the 2020-2021 East.
  3. Just had a thought...the NBA is thinking about having a division heavy schedule to reduce travel this year, so why not move the Timberwolves to the Eastern Conference just for this year. Yes it would mean the Western and Eastern Conferences would be imbalanced for a year but it would be worth it for them to play several games this year in Chicago and Milwaukee rather than Portland and Salt Lake City.
  4. You put a lot of thought into it but way too many teams. Still that’s why this is called the pointless realignment thread.
  5. If only the Raptors played there full time. Not that divisions are relevant in the NBA, but it would allow them to swap with the Wizards, who really belong in the Atlantic anyway. WHOA...this might actually happen temporarily.
  6. I agree swapping the Braves and Pirates and Reds and Astros would work best, but I can’t see the Braves going for expansion in BOTH Charlotte and Nashville. Then again we would make a killing for DOUBLE territorial infringement. I am a huge fan of sending the Astros back where they belong in exchange for the Rockies. Hoping that another team isn’t placed on the West Coast, the Rockies would otherwise have to be placed in a “Midwest” division with the Royals, Rangers and Twins. (If moved to the AL). Rooting for Nashville and Montreal. But Tampa will probably end up moving somewhere.
  7. This would be a return to the pre-2004 format. I’d keep the Grizzlies in Memphis and in the West, and put the Timberwolves in the East. Even though Minnesota is further West than Memphis, they are right there with Milwaukee and Chicago. Memphis is relatively close to New Orleans. The reason for moving a West team East is because I would put an expansion team in Kansas City instead of Kentucky. San Diego or a return to Vancouver is intriguing but I don’t really want to put two expansion teams in one division. The only thing I hate to do is split up Denver and Utah but that is unavoidable if adding Kansas City.
  8. 0:48 of the Super Bowl XXI intro...the Gatorade bath is introduced by Harry Carson to Bill Parcells. Interesting that they didn’t have the normal voiceovers.
  9. Sorry not sorry about the 1995 World Series but you better believe I was pulling for you guys 2 years later. Especially after Eric Gregg screwed us over in the NLCS.
  10. Yeah the Cubs and White Sox announcers are not even traveling to each other’s ballparks. It’s so weird seeing Paul Byrd report from Truist Park when the team is playing in Philadelphia.
  11. After the events of last October in Atlanta I totally agree!
  12. So I guess the Charlotte NBA team becomes the Spirit if this had become reality.
  13. I like it, though they probably should’ve went with Charlotte Crown. It’s already in the logo. I would’ve preferred Soccer Club but the abbreviation would’ve got confused with South Carolina.
  14. Nice work! But all those teams in Florida, and you couldn’t put one in Charlotte?
  15. Nashville to the Southeast, DC to the Eastern and Montreal to the Central. I know the latter is a bit of a stretch but it puts the Eastern Canadian teams together. But really, I just don’t like having a Washington, DC team in a southern division like they are in the NBA. Here’s my version that I did back when they first announced the expansion. Atlantic New England New York Red Bulls DC United Philly NYC FC Northeast (or Central) Montreal Toronto Cincinnati Columbus Chicago Southeast Atlanta Charlotte Miami Nashville SC Orlando Here’s how I did the West. I know my Southwest looks wonky but you just can’t split Vancouver from Seattle and Portland and Sacramento from San Jose. Southwest Dallas Houston Austin LAFC LA Galaxy Pacific Vancouver Portland Seattle San Jose Sacramento Northwest Minnesota St. Louis Kansas City Salt Lake Colorado