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  1. Based on the Swinging Friar logo posted above, it looks like the brown may be a dark brown, closer to black.
  2. So are we still thinking very dark brown based on the Instagram?
  3. Where is everyone hearing pinstripes from? Links please.
  4. All lies. Tony wanted brown back too.
  5. Looking at the spring training schedule on the Padres website, it appears the shade of brown they are using will be very dark. Thoughts on that?
  6. When they first released the uniforms in late 84/early 85, the San Diego Union reported the away color as “taupe”. The article had a picture of Tim Flannery modeling the home uniform and Alan Wiggins modeling the road uniform.
  7. Instead of a rich brown/sand away jersey, why couldn’t they go for the very subtle tan they used on the roads from 85-90? Substitute orange with yellow and you’re set.
  8. Nate Colbert as a member of the Detroit Tigers: Nate as an Expo: Nate on the A’s:
  9. I agree, that white S yellow D logo is really weak. It doesn’t work as well as the white/orange or white/red combos of the old navy uniforms (1991 and PCL uniforms respectively). Brown cap with a yellow SD (I’d be ok with a yellow squatchee) and an alt hat with the yellow bell on the front (bonus points if they can get the bell to match the original 78-84 design).
  10. From today’s Uni Watch:
  11. Wow, I didn’t even bother checking the other teams, that’s pretty cool.
  12. Padres all star game field cap. Is this a preview of the “SD” font tweak?
  13. Is the SD on the logo part of that font set?!