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  1. How legit is this?
  2. Dave Concepcion - 1989 Spring Training
  3. So which San Diego helmet is the right one? The one with chevrons down the middle or the one with stripes around the base of the helmet? I like the chevrons.
  4. Where was this posted? How accurate is this? I’m particularly interested in San Diego. No logo on the side of the helmet?
  5. Players were against the 84 “Taco Bell” designs. They liked the change to pinstripes and a more conservative look. There was never any consideration to switch out brown until Tom Werner bought the team in 1990.
  6. They’re not retiring 15. What is is wrong with Bochy’s health?
  7. It’s a joke. The ownership group has resigned themselves (I say this because they collectively dislike brown but to their credit are acquiescing to their fans) albeit a darker brown, apparently. I hope it doesn’t look like the Pirates black/yellow combo. I do believe they will still keep a camo version for Sunday.
  8. Bunch of amateurs. The organization shoots itself in the foot time and time again.
  9. Wow, I can't believe they let that happen. I guess it was cheaper than staging a fake game.
  10. He was Rick Pitino's first pick in that big draft where they had three first round picks but could not net that lottery pick to get Tim Duncan. A year later Pitino, trying to prove his worth as a GM, started wheeling and dealing players away and he traded Chauncey away. Pitino was a huge failure as a Celtics coach and worse as the GM.
  11. If Mark honors the tradition of his father, nothing will change. I think one of Mark's main goals in getting a new stadium was to build a statue honoring Al. I don't think he'll do anything to change the logo. They will add a "Las Vegas" wordmark to include when stating the full team name but they will not put "Las Vegas" in the iconic shield logo.
  12. Historically, that's how the bolts have always went across the shoulders. I used to hate these uniforms because I always felt Spanos was being stubborn keeping these instead of switching to the throwback powder blues, but man, I miss these uniforms.
  13. Good for them, it was a stupid simplistic logo that really did not match anything about the brand anyway, even the bolt.
  14. Looks like they are discounting the old "non-flagged" caps there too. Interesting the Padres taco alternate caps do not have the flag (as of yet) - maybe because it's an imported cap?
  15. The Chargers can appeal for a one-year extension on the LA option if there is "progress" in negotiations with the city. Also factor in that Kroenke can't start selling PSLs until the tenant situation is settled, so he'd have to wait another year, which probably isn't too palatable to him or the NFL to do, so the next few days leading up to the 15th will be very interesting.