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  1. Curious as to why the earliest date for the AFL logos is 1970? I know that’s when the merger happened but the NFL recognizes all of the original AFL history.
  2. The question was “How often has a team a year after a major overhaul changed uniforms? ”. 1977 Padres uniform: 1978: Not a “major overhaul”? Then they changed in 79 and 80. Is that not what the OP asked? Is that “playing loose”?
  3. 1978/79/80 Padres. 1978: 1979: 1980:
  4. The Padres have been wearing their Sunday military tribute pants with the BP jerseys as well.
  5. I was watching something on MLB .com and they interviewed Mark Grant at the Padres fantasy camp. He was wearing what he claimed to be the BP jersey.
  6. That ain’t real, is it?
  7. It doesn’t look bad, but the brown jersey is specified as the primary road jersey, hence the “SAN DIEGO” on the front. More likely we’d see this.
  8. Probably not due to the fact it says “San Diego” on the front.
  9. The only places that have them are the Padres Store at Petco Park or online at There’s some kind of exclusive thing going on.
  10. Just saw on MLB shop’s site that the alternate cap is now available there.