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  1. Former San Jose Sharks captain, Joel Pavelski and ex-Anaheim Duck, Corey Perry, as Dallas Stars.
  2. They could do that, but why risk a good thing with the Hitmen?
  3. I honestly don't see a problem with the Sens reusing the centennial jersey. It's not a horrible jersey. There are far crappier designs. Melnyk is cheap, a bad owner, and apparently a bad gambler, but I think them reusing the jersey might have more to do with them not knowing what they are doing with the brand more than anything and everything is kinda on hold until they decide which direction they are going. It was all speculation, but there was talk of a new logo and jersey a couple of years ago.
  4. Without any white stripes in the jersey, it wouldn't match, so I would say just going with the solid blue was the correct move. Of course, as you pointed out, the jersey needs some white stripes. I honestly don't think it even looks good in pictures.
  5. Go take a look at the video. https://www.nhl.com/avalanche/news/continue-climb-on-scoring-charts/c-309818630 Scroll down a bit and at about the half way mark you can see a side version of Landeskog doing the fly by on the celebration that is the same as that picture. There's also a shot of the C about 10 seconds in. It shows the normal looking C. There's a fold in that jersey you probably can't tell because of how dark the jersey is.
  6. Those Nets jerseys really need a black outline on the numbers and names.
  7. Only joking. It obviously is the top part of the leaf, but to me, it did resemble a candle. The blue part would be the flame. It does have a retro look about it. As for the Canucks, if they aren't going to get rid of the Orca, then just keep it as is. If they were going to tweak it, then they should have done it for this season.
  8. Weird decision for the Leafs to incorporate a candle into a logo. Originally thought it might be only to be used for when they hold viewing parties at Maple Leaf Square, but I guess it will be used for more than just that. https://mobile.twitter.com/MapleLeafs/status/1180105678922362880
  9. It would be somewhat hilarious if it's Adidas considering they weren't thrilled with Vince's Anthem logo that they thought was too similar. But, I guess business is business. If Vince was able to hire Eric Bischoff, Adidas can supply the XFL with uniforms.
  10. The more you look at the Brooklyn jersey, the more it grows on you. Too bad the number font doesn't really match.
  11. Vegas and Seattle had permission from the league to go ahead with those season ticket drives. Plus, those were for potential expansion teams. Different situation. The NHL, rightly or wrongly, were still trying to keep the Predators in Nashville, which ended up being the right thing.
  12. Wasn't sure if I should post it here since it's not a ring, but related to the Blues Stanley Cup win. St. Louis police officers who worked during last year Stanley Cup Final will be allowed to wear a special badge for the entire 2019-20 season.
  13. Is it weird that I think the Nashville logo looks better facing the same direction as their current primary? And, if that is only the shoulder logo, then I guess it's pretty much all but confirmed that the front will be a script. And, all patches should go on the front. I hate teams putting the patches on the shoulder.
  14. I know Winter Classic jerseys have been far more traditional than Stadium series jerseys, and it's only a t-shirt, but why do I have a bad feeling that Dallas could end up with something similar to the Oilers new third and Pittsburgh/Philadelphia stadium jersey from last year.
  15. As WSU151 pointed out, the jerseys aren't likely to be anything but team colours. Calgary's 2011 Heritage Classic jersey was based on the Calgary Tigers, who's colours were black and yellow, with the Flames recoloring it in red and yellow. That being said, it doesn't stop Dallas from bucking the trend if they want to show off some Texas pride.