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  1. The Souris Valley Sabre Dogs of the Expedition League decided to play in jorts. John Cena would be so proud.
  2. There's also Washington. I actually liked them when they first came out, but have soured on them since. Winning the Stanley Cup doesn't mean they can't change, as seen with other Cup winners.
  3. I believe there's been rumours about the Ducks making a change the past couple of years, maybe making the switch to the orange alternate full time. Or, maybe that was just people here thinking that could happen. Anything is possible. If they aren't, they should consider changes because I think their current primaries are a mess. Could also be just not having enough stock because of the pandemic and not being able to get the factories up and running. If they are being sold at a massive discount, that could be a clue to if they are getting new uniforms.
  4. It's a knockoff, but why the hell is that shoulder logo so big? I hope that isn't how it is on the real jersey.
  5. I didn't like the beveling at first, but on the darker background, it needs it. That or a white outline. On a lighter background, it could get away without it.
  6. Check out this clip if you think this doesn't look like 2K.
  7. Not really practical to be changing the courts around. Maybe for the Finals, but 1st/2nd round, there's no way that's happening. Actually, with all the big screens, it probably makes it more difficult to change out the courts than usual, so the generic courts are probably there for the entire time.
  8. The blue ice was tried out a long time ago in Buffalo for a couple of AHL games. I guess the NHL decided it wasn't something worth pursing for whatever reason.
  9. The old racist, cranky guy who thought of himself as a guardian of the game and hated hockey players having a little fun. Gotta be robots. I thought the Canes celebrations were dumb as well at first, but the fans like it and the players are okay with it. What's the big deal?
  10. Yes. While they might not be for everyone, I don't think anyone is going to say either name is silly in the same way Kraken is. They are also fine for an expansion team. Whatever name Washington and Edmonton ends up with, they should fit in with a more classical naming scheme, even if it ends up being a generic animal and nothing too out of the box. Are you really Don Cherry?
  11. It is a silly name. But, for an expansion team, whether it be in hockey or football, whatever. Go for it. To use it to as the new names for historic franchises like Edmonton or Washington. No.