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  1. They've got merchandise with that logo on their website now. Could be just for that.
  2. I asked her where she got that jersey from. It belongs to her boyfriend and it's custom made.
  3. Whether that jersey is legit or not, seeing this makes me wonder why more teams didn't go with a collar like it is on this jersey. Looks so much better than what most teams went with. Ottawa did it half way on their Centennial Classic jersey, which looked ridiculous. The lighthouse doesn't look too bad on the front on the jersey. Also, not completely sure, but that might just be Steven Tyler's daughter.
  4. Saw this on an Devils fan page on instagram. The Binghamton Devils were supposed to wear these as an alternate this past season. They played their homes games in Newark this year and since they are moving to Utica for next season, these will never be worn. The picture is off of ebay.
  5. In their first season in 1974, the Washington Capitals wore white pants with their red jerseys for their first 4 road games before being replaced with blue pants. They wore red pants with their white jerseys. The next season, they would only wear the blue pants.
  6. Does anyone know who actually makes the decision of which jersey the team wears? Is it the owner or the players? GM? With Pittsburgh, they are probably going with some yellow towels or t-shirts for the fans, so I get why they would wear the yellow alternates. The other teams, I have no idea why.
  7. Dallas' current look is fine, but I still don't understand why they dropped gold from their colour scheme. Maybe they should have dropped the black and kept the gold, instead.
  8. Sergei Gonchar won the Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but spent 10 seasons with the Washington Capitals, mostly in the Screaming Eagle jersey. However, he did wear the original set. Also, he's mostly known for wearing number 55, but he also worn 17 and 38 with the Capitals while wearing the original set.
  9. In 1996, the Edmonton Oilers unveiled new jerseys that included a shoulder yoke on the white jerseys. But, a year later, the yoke was removed.
  10. In the category of dumb ideas Reebok came up with for the 2007 Edge system makeover, Ottawa's ridiculous looking socks, which lasted a couple of seasons.
  11. When the Calgary Flames introduced their new home jersey in 2003, the name plate was originally black, outlined in white. The commentators complained they couldn't read them, so they switched them out to white, outlined in black, after a game or two (or maybe more. Can't remember.)
  12. Blue Jackets tweeted out that they are going to wear their retro blue pants with the white jerseys.
  13. Another one of Tampa's ring with the explanations.
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