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  1. Colorado needs to change the numbers on the white, though, from black to blue. Doesn't look right. The burgundy gloves might actually be the better choice than the blue ones for the road jersey. Still think black helmet/pants is the better combo for the white jersey and wished they kept them.
  2. I really need to put a disclaimer on some of my posts that it's a joke. A couple times now folks have taken it as serious.
  3. Typical EA making mistakes. How do they mess up putting the Islanders regular jersey in the promo?
  4. I don't know how to embed the tweet, but Oilers in orange pants and white gloves in EA trailer. https://twitter.com/EdmontonOilers/status/1334573117188964352?s=20 And Canucks full look
  5. The logo looks pretty good and the colour combo, but the rest of it isn't very good.