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  1. Scotiabank considered it and even did some polling. They thought it would be polarizing had they called it Gardens. Scroll all the way to near the bottom of the article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/sports/leafs/2018/07/01/scotiabank-arena-now-officially-the-home-of-maple-leafs-and-raptors.html
  2. As good as the original set for the Sharks are, they've done them already, though it's been a few years. I'd actually like them to throwback to this set, complete with the shiny material.
  3. Using their actual primary logo which does not appear anywhere on the jersey would have been better. Making the home/away match would have been best.
  4. The Kings are playing the Avalanche in an outdoor game at the Air Force Academy in Feb 2020. There's no way either team isn't going to have a special jersey for it.
  5. Everyone has their own opinion, but these, much to my dismay as a Canucks fan (though I was only a couple years old back then), existed.
  6. Even though it's quite minor, I don't like how rounded the old Blues logo looked compared to the current one. I don't think the Blues need to add red, at least not to their primaries. For an alternate, sure.
  7. Small detail, but the Canucks are going stripeless on the pants while wearing the heritage jersey.
  8. Really, really horrible new road jerseys for the Estevan Bruins of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. White breezers should never, ever be used.
  9. I still say the Flames pre-edge jersey is their best look, but I will say that the white heritage jersey is nice. I would say it's one of those cases where the white jersey is superit to the coloured version.
  10. If it is so easy, then why don't they do this already? Why did they make the switch? Equipment managers already have a lot to do, they don't need to lug around extra stuff if they don't need to. For special occasions it's okay, but for every road trip, it makes no sense.
  11. Teams are not going to lug around 2 sets of uniforms, which is why they switched to the coloured jersey for home, since most alternates are coloured. This can only work in the playoffs.
  12. People should realize that I was being sarcastic about the tucked jersey. Jerseys should not be tucked, unless it's like how Wayne Gretzky did it. On a more serious note, teams, regardless of the sport, should have a max of 3 jerseys, with an exception being allowed for a 4th vintage jersey that could be worn a max 4 times. No ads. Numbers on jerseys should not be just a white outline. Everything should be legible. The NBA should go back to actual home/away designations, while still allowing for colour vs. colour games. There also must be an even, or close to an even split of games for the two primary jerseys. The coloured jersey is the home in the NHL. The switch was made for a reason: alternates being mostly all coloured. (Let's not just brush off this significant detail).
  13. I'm not a baseball fan, but I do believe they did wear them a few games ago against the Dodgers.
  14. What you mean. Isn't that why the jerseys have a curved hem? So they can be tucked in? Isn't that why some teams have dainty little hem stripes. Isn't that why the Maple Leafs, an original 6 team that should know better, got rid of the hem stripes for the edge makeover, so the jersey could be tucked in? The hockey gods wouldn't have given us the Reebok Edge Uniform System, if they had not intended for jerseys to be tucked in. And, not like how Wayne Gretzky did, looking all cool with only one side. But, the whole jersey like Urkel. Eleven years later, I still don't get the reasoning for the curved hem.
  15. Not sure if posted, but Canucks 50th logo in black/red/yellow. Also, somebody on twitter pointed out that the logo has a slight mistake where the white in the skate blade doesn't extend to the end of the s.
  16. In hockey, goalies typically wear numbers 1, or numbers 30-35. Defensemen stuck to 2-8. Forwards never wore numbers 2-6.
  17. Did last year's jersey still have the phantom yoke and the trim to nowhere, or is the removal of them also new to this year's jersey?
  18. Is this something you know for sure or just your opinion. I can see your point, but I still think they should put it on. Both the Flyers and Kings had the anniversary patch on their anniversary jerseys. And, we are talking about the Sabres, a team that had their primary logo on the shoulders for a long time up until they switched colours.
  19. You are right. I must have remembered wrong. I knew the chest numbers were gone so I automatically assumed they were being replaced with the anniversary patch. Why wouldn't they put it on, though?
  20. Since the 50th patch for the Sabres on the anniversary jersey was on the chest, I was thinking that the Sabres would finally get rid of the TV numbers on the primaries. I shouldn't be all that surprised that they are not, though. Even the Sharks replaced them with their 25th anniversary patch. And, all patches should go on the chest for all teams, with the exception of the Rangers and Red Wings.
  21. When they retire Vince's number. Perfect time as that is the uniform he mostly played in while with the Raptors.
  22. I really don't get the carbon fiber collar or how it squares off at the bottom. The square patch doesn't make sense either, since no team uses it. Before when it was Reebok, it made sense to have it there no matter what. But, not any more with the different template. Outside of the NHL, does anyone know if any team or league that has ever utilize it someway?