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  1. San Jose Barracudas and Henderson Silver Knights wear mismatch socks to raise awareness for Rock You Socks for World Down Syndrome Day on Mar 21.
  2. I thought after the Atlanta/OKC debacle, it was mentioned that the home team had first pick of which jersey to wear and then the road team made their pick. I think when Nike took over, they did decide for every team at first, but that might have changed since.
  3. I'm pretty sure he means Bronco State football team, which wear blue at home, and have a blue turf. But, at least Boise looks decent. Dallas, (or any team), in all white, not so much.
  4. With fans in the building for the first time since winning the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Lightning finally raised their Stanley Cup banner. Too bad they were wearing their glorified practice jerseys for the game.
  5. I love that Tampa jersey because as a long, suffering Canucks fan, I can say that the Flying V is no longer the absolutely worst jersey ever. I don't mind going out of the box a little bit with the design, as long as it somewhat still resembles a regular jersey with some type of stripes, but I don't know how anyone could have given the okay on those.
  6. Energy will be a perfect name for when the CFL and XFL merge and become the CXFL.
  7. Portland's earned jersey is so trippy because it looks like it's a black and white photo.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the all-star jerseys were Kobe themed.
  9. I think it has changed in the last couple of years. I have read that Nike dictated what both teams would wear for every game when they took over. Teams probably complained and now the home teams chooses first, then the road makes their pick. Interesting thing with the Thunder-Hawks jersey debacle is that OKC was listed in their white jersey and Atlanta in red in Locker vision. So, did OKC simply forget what they were supposed to wear or did they make a last minute change and just figured it would be okay?
  10. Pre-season game in 2016 in London, Ontario. Florida thought Dallas would be wearing green because they would be playing again a couple of days later in Texas, so Florida obviously brought only their white jerseys. Nothing is really going to beat this example.
  11. Needs something like a red stripe to seperate the black and purple, otherwise, it's still meh.
  12. More I think about it, Carolina should have went with either a blue version of the Whalers' jersey they have been wearing the past season or gone with a Whalers' jersey in red/black/silver. Either one would look a whole lot better than what they ended up with.
  13. I keep on looking at Carolina's retro and I'm not totally sure if it's okay or not. I think it is sorta okay. But, when I look at the whole thing, from the green helmet to the pants, I don't think it looks particularly good. I'm not a fan of grey jerseys, except for the LA Kings grey alternate. It really is the only grey jersey I think looks good from head to toe. San Jose's RR might be okay, too, but I'll have to wait and see for the full shot.
  14. Minor nitpick about the Panthers retros, which are beautiful. It's actually more of a complaint about the Adidas template. I hate how fat/wide the shoulder yoke has become. It looks okay on teams like the Oilers with a more rounded yoke, but the triangle yoke looks so bloated compared to the original.
  15. I know that the Coyotes are going full on Kachina soon, but if they actually come up with a new design, that colour combo from their retros isn't too bad looking. Certainly not as dark as the old/new primary.
  16. Boston started out wearing their Pooh bear alternates with white helmets before quickly realizing that was a big mistake and switched to wearing them with the black helmets. In 2003-04, 7 teams wore vintage jerseys. Some teams went all out making sure everything was correct from helmet to the pants like the Canucks. Then, there were the Kings, who, at least, made sure to have matching socks.
  17. Would have made more sense for Vegas to wear their gold helmets with the alternates. If they are only for the Chinese/Lunar New Year, then they the retros would have been a better choice than their regular home. Probably still look bad, but it would at least go with the theme.
  18. It has become an annual tradition for the Canucks to wear special warmups for the Chinese/Lunar New Year. This year is the year of the ox. They will wear them on Thursday.
  19. Add some black and maybe some silver. Would be much better than the original. The only thing I dislike is that the black on the cuffs is basically non existent, hidden away under the gloves. I don't hate the current set like a lot of people, but I wouldn't hate them going to this, either.
  20. But, isn't the only difference being the centre court logo? It's not an entirely different court is it? Could just be swapping out those pieces. Shouldn't take that much more room to store compared to an entire court. Also need space for the hockey stuff.
  21. Some Can Con. Can't find the actual logo, so here's Bret Hart wearing it. Shawn Spears aka Tye Dillenger (minus the circle) Edge Le Champion, Chris Jericho