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  1. The thing is the Rockies are both a Pinstripe and non Pinstripe wearing team. Albeit the home look is with pinstripes. I'm one that the Pinstripes should stay as I like them and actually wish they'd go back to pinstripes on the road as well.
  2. I found a reddit with a sheet of different concepts they looked at before they changed to that logo. Funny thing a few of them looked like they inspired the InVasion wcw mark.
  3. They'll look as bad as their play this year. Although I do enjoy hitting up a weekday matinee game.
  4. I tend to disagree with this. The Jordan 5 Grapes( purple/emerald(tourquoise)/ white) are one of the hottest selling retros. So much so that they have re-dropped several times since 2010. In fact that color scheme has become super popular across several shoe manufacturers and clothing brands. It's definitely a seller and one players today and most importantly consumers love. I think this is probably the reason more than anything. Which is a damn shame because regardless of how much it screamed 90s, that uniform set and colors was amazing.
  5. On top of that with how many uniforms teams go through on yearly basis, I'm surprised/ disappointed they haven't even bothered to do a throwback night or something.
  6. They should really just bring the green back. There early to mid 00s set was underrated.
  7. These are actually pretty awesome. Looks like the date of the games is around Easter. Perfect color scheme for the spring. Love the argyle sleeves. This is what's great about minor league ball.
  8. The sharks should really just go back to that Jersey set. Feels balanced. Shoehorning in orange and that terrible logo update really screwed up their look.
  9. Oh it's happening. Unfortunately. And the exact problem with the nets has happened kings wearing black both times against the nets if I recall. When I walk into my home teams arena (G1C in this case) I want to see my team in the home whites against the visiting team in their team colored road uniform. I don't wanna see kings in black Lakers in yellow in Sacramento. That's sacrilegious to me.
  10. - I wonder if the Giants will do something for Robinson as he managed the team from 81-84.
  11. Or maybe it looks good because that's What it's supposed to look like. Lakers in yellow(goldish) at home vs the rockets in a colored uniform.
  12. I would hope all their jerseys are clean. Or else they need to fire their equipment manager.
  13. Personally I wish the twins would just go back to the metrodome look M cap and all. To me that was their best look.
  14. Actually, the A's first year in Oakland in 68 they wore Oakland on both jerseys. The following year they switched to A's on all tops. And again wore Oakland on both 85/86 before switching to current split.
  15. The Rangers their first 3 years and then again in 84 wore Rangers on all jerseys. Before switching to team name Home Texas on road. And then since 09 have worn Texas on both home and away.