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  1. 1994 Astros @ Giants. First year for the Astros in Navy/Gold first year the Giants in a newer more classic look at least in the scripts and piping. Numbers stayed the same from the previous look. 2000 They would repeat being first year new looks as the Giants went cream and nnob at home while the Astros ditched the cosmos andwent western with a complete overhaul including color palette. Couldn't find any pics of the 2 teams together that season anywhere. That same season the BrewCrew went Miller and adopted the Navy and Gold look. This would be Houston at Milwaukee at County Stadium.
  2. 94/95 Season Sixers @ Kings . Kings switched to the Rockies inspired Black , Purple and Silver. Sixers ditched the super early 90s unis for these that would only last a couple seasons. Cavs also changed unis that season so anytime the 3 played each other that would qualify.
  3. I fully expect the bucs to open next season looking like the way they ended this season. Would like to see a little red on white next year when they do wear red.
  4. SB logo was only on the 50 at 8 previous superbowls. So really the shield at midfield is the way to go.
  5. They have previously done same colored endzones multiple times including double yellow endzones. So they've never shyed away from it. However the chiefs have always gone yellow endzone In the Super Bowl no reason to change that.
  6. I mentioned this in one of the wrestling forums i frequent, But huge missed opportunity to bring back St. Valentine's Day Massacre. They've been pretty good with nxt bringing back old ppv brands. This was one that I thought would be a no brainer. Guess it really is 2021.
  7. Not terrible for digital use, but I don't think it would translate well on field. Actually the more I look at it the worse it gets.
  8. Has TB ever had a pewter endzone? I'm honestly not sure, but I don't think so. Pewter endzone would look terrible.
  9. The shield has only not been on the 50 for 11 of the championships. And the actual super bowl logo was only at the 50 for 8 of those. I'm fine with the shield being at the 50. Endzones need to go back to centered wordmark with conference logo and team logo flanking. And bring back game specific logos.
  10. It's weird. They sorta randomly did them and then randomly didn't, and then back again. The Patriots are probably to blame for the current endzone mess. Things were looking good with Team logo, Wordmark, Conference logo, and then the Pats changed their wordmark to the current with the logo under it. That year against Seattle had an uneven endzone because at the time they didn't have a non logo wordmark. All they need to do is go back to Team logo, wordmark, conference logo and you're set.
  11. I think you kinda do. Just a lil. Lol. I looked it up looks like the first 4 had nfl/c on the left and afl/c on the right. Starting with superbowl V they alternated until XLIV. XLV had conferences on same sides prior year and then alternated after then til LI. Since then AFC has been on left and NFC on right the reverse of the first 4.
  12. Obviously. But 13 games that counted. Just happened to also wear red all preseason too.
  13. I found a topper. The 94 Superbowl XXIX winning niners wore red tops (both the standard red and the 94 throwback) a total 17 times that season. All four of their preseason games they wore standard red with khaki pants. Week 1 and 5 Standard red with khaki. 11 other games including playoffs and superbowl wearing the red top throwbacks. Side note, 5 games that year was the all white throwback. Only 1 game, week 2, that they wore the standard away uniform.
  14. Actually happened 2 years ago. Philly and NOLA met twice in the Silverd....I mean Superdome. Regular season NOLA wore all white color rush and the eagles were in green over white in the playoffs the eagles were in all white and NOLA all black. Also JETS at SD in 2004. Week 2 JETS Green/White - SanDiego White/Navy and wild card NYJ White/Green - Chargers Navy/White.
  15. How are we in 2021 and nike can't do metallic pants properly? Or won't do.