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  1. I think the market for fully authentic jerseys is very small. It's way easier to sell an official look a like at $150 than it is to sell a real mccoy at $300+
  2. The fact the Bungles still don't have an indoor practice facility makes them a sham of a franchise. This is at best a slight upgrade. The side panels had to go. But no TV numbers sucks. Out of the pant options, the black looks best. Too much white on the road uniform. Color balance off. It's no Rams , Falcons, or Titans mess so in that respect its a great uniform.
  3. Prior to the Kings moving downtown, downtown sac was a ghost town. Failing businesses run down buildings etc. The minute groundbroke on G1C downtown began a big revitalization. Redevelopment of downtown brought in new businesses and new jobs. Had the Kings ended up in Anaheim, VA Beach, ughh seattle, downtown would never have bounced back. The G1C would never have been built, which in turn Sacramento would have lost out on so hundreds of other events that would have skipped over that market. So yes. Sports teams can be vital to certain markets.
  4. Are all yall nike lovers/ apologists happy now? Nike really is the worst company. They ruin everything. This is what I feared when they received the contract.
  5. Pretty sure the numbers are outlined in gold as well. Unless you meant they shouldn't be either.
  6. Not sure about the belt, but the shoe rules have kinda gone out the door unless you're bauer and using your own logo. Then you get a stern letter from the comish office.
  7. Nwa was wearing black. Even the possible lakers gear, which I couldn't find any pictures of them at that time wearing, was black based. Hip hop at that time during the boom of gangsta rap was black clothing based. I should rephrase my stance. Yes Gretzky was a huge reason why they became popular with hockey fans and certain demos. But going off the visual evidence we have the switch to black attracted nwa which then attracted that demo that would not have bought merch because of Gretzky. Reason being that demo isn't big on hockey regardless of how popular someone may be.
  8. The Twins really need to just go back to the metrodome unis. They really haven't looked right since they ditched them.
  9. Wrong. The Kings, while yes with nhl fans became popular because of the play and success on the ice, it was the switch to silver and black that sold and drove merch sales. Had they never switched to a pallet similar to the Raiders, NWA most likely never rocks their gear as lets face it, hockey isn't particularly popular with the hiphop demo. NWA wearing LA Kings gear was easily the biggest driving force in merch sales during that time period.
  10. This makes sense as the Mets have previously gone this route so it's in essence a throwback or at least a nod to those teams. Where I'd be worried is if the Mets came out in red and yellow uniforms for some random named reason. The stupid nba system will always be a worry when dealing with Nike. (Still Hate that they got the contract.)
  11. Coaches yes. I would agree with that statement. But players is another story. Especially where the league is now, I mean just look at how much time and effort a lot of players out in just for the fit they wear to the arena. I would be willing to bet that they care a lot more than you think about what they wear on the court.
  12. Sorta random observation. Watching the ncaa tourney and there is nike teams galore. Most if the teams have armhole trim and it goes all the way around. Why the hell can't nike make an NBA template that does the same.?
  13. Was doing a little impulse buying, especially with the Jethawks officially closing up shop and everything 50% off. Went to the Rivercats team shop and noticed the standard Home and Road caps were significantly on sale. Haven't seen any release or news but one would think a change could be happening.
  14. This was my biggest issue with the rebrand in 16. They eliminated black from the logo and relegated it to a terrible alternate. The court is a nice nod back to Arco circa late 90s early 00s, but the logo is all silver and purple. Just doesn't fit.
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