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  1. I do believe though that it's actually the Kings fault as they originally brought out an alternate court for the powder throwbacks prior to any other team going alternate court.
  2. Probably more than half the league was like this up until the mid 90s when everyone wanted their own stadium.
  3. So basically have the cowboys bring back the thanksgiving double stars from 2000- whenever they started wearing the white throwback.
  4. To be fair. They had a winning record in both iterations of the sash/slash unis they're throwing back to. It was the final version of blue orange black with just the piping that they had an abysmal record in.
  5. I do. It's not always just about whether or not a team wins or is successful in the normal sense of the word. Those were developing years. Games were always sold out. Crowd was always insane. It is driven a lot by nostalgia especially given the last 13 years of this teams performance as well as the huge change in society as a whole. Those trash teams were not good on the floor but you never felt that way about the team. The team always felt exciting. The players (whether or not they wanted to or didnt want to) never gave the impression that they didnt want to be in Sacramento. That hasn't been the case the last decade +. And like OldSchoolFool said. NBA Jam and just simpler times. Again a lot of nostalgia and the fact I was a kid. But those were great times and being able to go to games all the time are great memories.
  6. Hey now. I always talk about the bobby Hurley, duane causwell , mitch, lionel Simmons. Walt the wizard...early 90s kings teams. I'm stoked they're finally throwing back to this era. Wish it was the home uni. We used to have season tix at arco during this era. Fond memories of that arco thunder.
  7. Nope. But the league dont give 2 about people's opinion as long as money is coming in.
  8. I wonder if this is a reaction to what's going on in the NBA. MLB seems like they're really trying to appeal to a certain "hip" crowd. I just don't think that's really where the focus should be. It's the oldest of the BIG 4, they should really act like it.
  9. I read somewhere years ago that the Murph stood in for the stick in a lot of the baseball scenes in the fan.
  10. Price point. That's the difference between replica and "authentic". Why would someone shell out an extra $100+ for just different material. :censored: I remember just 15 maybe less years ago the replicas all used the same single color block font for names and numbers. Never team specific lettering/numbering. Gotta pony up for the real McCoy.
  11. League / Adam's Family (haha) still control the name and marks, but the colors can be used.
  12. No sans, giants should look like this including the GIANTS wordmark.
  13. I feel slightly different about combined no hitters. Obviously the preferred is 1 guy getting it done. But it is impressive that multiple different guys can come in and still shut down an offense. How many times have we seen a starter come out after the 7th dealing, just to have some reliever start giving up the game cause he just didnt have it. Plus for a hitter sometimes seeing someone new after being shutdown by the other guy is what you need to get your bat going.
  14. I wish I could have made the trip down again to catch tonight's game. Went on a socal road trip with my dad to catch a few games. Caught Skaggs last start. Did the stadium tour the Monday morning he passed. Rip45
  15. Except didnt most of the derbys from like 93 - recently players wore bp tops or jackets etc...?