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  1. Appreciate the help. Reason I ask is because the Ducks team shop seems to be really low on Current style sweaters. Just sort of feels like maybe a change is coming. Personally I would enjoy going back to the original color scheme ,logos, and jerseys. I just don't feel like orange and black fits, even though won the cup in that scheme.
  2. Has there been a list of teams that are scheduled or rumored to change looks in the upcoming season?
  3. Still look absurdly bad. Kinda pathetic actually.
  4. As much as I hate the ads, they didnt really ruin the nba for me as much as the stupid uniform system nike implemented. That by far is more jarring than the ad patch (in it's current iteration).
  5. Logo still way too big. Probably shrink by 30% and they'd be good. Pewter set is fine but they should have gone rwr on the sleeve stripe.
  6. Nah the dark helmet over the royal is the Rams look. That's all they had to do was adopt the throwbacks and they were set. Nothing about this new look especially the helmet is worth keeping. Ditch it.
  7. That's what it was. Seemed like a cop out.
  8. I can't remember which gm or team official phrased that it was a league rule. Maybe Orlando or Detroit. I believe it was quoted in this thread here sometime earlier in the season. Would be interesting to get real clarification on this. Maybe it was used as an excuse by the team for opting not to use a throwback.
  9. So it's been mentioned by several teams that they can only wear throwbacks during anniversary or significant moment seasons. It's apparently a league rule. This has to be a new rule correct? I remember when the Kings debuted their adidas version of their current uniforms prior to the 16/17 season. They brought back the powder blue set and court from the previous anniversary / final season at Arco. The next year they were gone which coincided with Nike takeover/ruining league. Coincidentally we start hearing about this rule on throwbacks.
  10. Same with Sacramento. I can't tell how many times I've met people coming to town for Kings games or SacRepublic. There's a big disconnect between Reno and Las Vegas. They'd probably just as well chant Beat LV as nor cal is Beat LA.
  11. Nah dude, pulled out the VCR and VHs tapes the other day. Looking for my folks wedding tape since its their 30th in october, Ended up watching old eps of Ninja Turtles and the Disney Sing a long tapes.
  12. You know the more I see these... The more terrible they look. And that video they posted to twitter sealed the deal. Worst look in the nfl. That stupid ass off white uniform??! The hell is that :censored:.
  13. This is actually worse than Atlanta. Only for the simple fact that Atlanta had more options to choose from to get it right. Which in turn meant they had more options to screw it up. The rams had 1 option to get it right. All they had to do was go back to what they left in. And they completely dropped a turd. There really is nothing redeeming about this. Hell what they had was good till they started adding white face mask and horns etc...
  14. To your first point. There shouldnt be any issue with getting new pants between now and the start of the season. It's a matter of want and stubbornness more than anything. If it could happen 20 or 30 years ago, it can certainly happen today. Although apparently metallic fabric is impossible today so what do I know. As far as your next point. Its definitely brand first dick swing move by nike. They're basically saying this is our brand this is our template. It's why I dreaded them getting the nba contract and am still weary about them having mlb now. It forced teams to adjust their look to fit Nike, when it should be the other way around. As far as shoulder stripes, while some manufacturers have found ways to get more full looking stripes, others havent. That was a problem with adidas and reebok too as sleeves have shrunk. When it comes to numbering and lettering they're mostly done by whatever seamstress the teams contract with to handle jerseys. The manufacturer sends them blanks and they decorate the unis. Yes the local person can do the Grizzlies numbers, but if it's cost prohibitive for retail , manufacturer will say it's not possible.
  15. Dear god I'm so sick of all the botdf coverage going on right now. We all knew this :censored: was going on back then. I mean not details and stuff but the talk was there. Terrible human beings. I dreaded the dates and festivals had to share a bill with them. Even more so all the friends that are coming out having had :censored: happen. Ughhh.