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  1. I'll never understand this :censored:. We're in 2020. It boggles my mind how they're unable to replicate something from 20 years ago with all the new technology we have.
  2. All these posts happened during my sleep so not sure if someone touched on this. I know the new stuff is out now. Back to the point. WWE main colors are red black and white. When Mania was at Levi's for 31 same black and red color treatment. However I think there was 1 or 2 pieces of merch that added gold in for the host team. Possibly would have been similar had Tampa actually hosted the show.
  3. I love how people in this thread really mark out for team fan base etc. Bottom line is this, the owners dont really care if the sold out stadium is comprised of half visiting team fans. The ket here is sold out. As long as tickets are sold, and fans are in attendance buying beer and concessions and paying for parking and shopping at the shops that are paying rent to be at Hollywood park, that's all that matters. This is a real estate investment and the rams are just the anchor tenant to the project. No way they're gone in 20 years.
  4. Here is where I I both sort of agree and disagree with that point. Maybe you're correct in regards to stadiums that get used maybe 20 times a year. But as far as public funding being used in conjunction with team money to build an arena? That's where I disagree. Sacramento helped fund a new arena for the Kings. The promise of helping to fund the arena in conjunction with a new ownership group is what saved the team from the dreary pacific northwest. The complete turn around of downtown since the Arena opened has made the investment by the city completely worth it. Previously outside of Kings games Arco was passed up by many events due to being outdated. Especially from a logistical standpoint. Load ins were terrible to do because it only had 1 ramp. Now with a new state of the art facility, concerts and shows make a point to hit Sac instead of skipping over. In turn the development of businesses around the arena, restaurants, bars, shops has turned a once sprawling area that hit rock bottom at the turn of the century, into a thriving hub for tourists. It just makes sense in certain areas for the cities to work in tandem with sports franchises, especially if the upside is a revitalized urban area.
  5. Would that be crossing into 182 territory?
  6. Woof. Not good. Honestly Pewter only works with red being the dominant color with it. If orange was gonna be brought back in a more prominent role, then ditch pewter completely. In fact if the fabric is gonna stay matte , should just ditch pewter anyway. Looks terrible.
  7. Could be their version of adidas numbers on the rev30 jersey. They used a mesh fill with twill outlines.
  8. Honestly if the one tradeoff is missing the orange for basically the SB set it's one I'm willing to accept.
  9. It looked right in the context of an homage to the full house unis. I agree though on ditching the placket piping. Especially now that the sf alt is retired.
  10. Oh for sure. I'm well aware that was the situation. But maybe Tom being the super Niner fan he was would wanna do something similar.
  11. Joe switched from 16 to 19 upon going to KC. Maybe Tom will do something similar.
  12. I'm all for the Buccs ditching pewter if Nike cant provide shiny material. It's actually crazy to think that with all their scientists and engineers they can't figure out how to make shiny material. That's all the personality the sb set needed. Glad they're getting rid of the stupid numbers they had. As much as losing orange sucks , that's a compromise my eyes are willing to make .
  13. Heres a vid I found of the current uniforms available in the show 20. Giants 80s home unis added but no road and no gray sf alt they had been wearing the last few years.
  14. Except the jags current unis are kinda ugly too. They havent looked good since the early 00s. Each look since hasn't been near as good as that set.