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  1. White NL version and gray AL version.
  2. No, they had to wear black hats, they couldn't wear their regular hats. Lester (and the rest of the team) just did it anyway. The position players were supposed to wear the white hats, and Lester a black hat. MLB sent an edict to all teams telling them to follow the rules after.
  3. I doubt this is anything other than him just putting on a different jersey for the picture, but Joey Gallo recently put out a tweet of him wearing the new powder blue jersey, but while wearing white pants. I like the look.
  4. New Matte helmets for the Nats it seems:
  5. I think they mean like the road uniforms they used in the '80s. And I found this mockup from April 2018:
  6. That's because it's a new alternate. They wore the white stars and stripes alternate during the WInterfest prior to the 2017 season, and the navy "Nationals" alternate during the one prior to the 2018 season. Source. Source.
  7. Yes
  8. Obviously this news has its own thread, but its relevant here: Glove Love: Brewers Unveil New Logos and Uniforms
  9. And the official web page:
  10. I don't hate it, but with the script and NOB being navy with a red outline, the jersey is trying to be a nice even mix of navy/red (IMO), but the helmet is pretty much just red , with practically no navy on it.