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  1. They did say they were making a "very subtle change" to the logo though. Padres notes: Brown uniforms coming in fall
  2. Mark Your Calendars: Padres to Unveil New Brown Uniforms November 9th
  3. 2021, we get Miller Park for one more year.
  4. MLB reportedly rejects Dodgers' request to wear traditional uniforms vs. Yankees on Players' Weekend
  5. Looks like F.P.s comments were more of an observation then a joke. The umpires not being in blue makes no sense.
  6. The Nats color guy F.P. Santangelo keeps jokingly referring to the Nats as "The Umpires", and I gotta agree.
  7. Also worth pointing out that its just their road version of this uniform: Which they wear every Saturday home game, and have been for the past 6 years. The only difference being its powder blue in color and that they wear it on the road instead of at home.
  8. Has its own thread, but i'll post it here since its relevant: Cardinals Change Their Classic STL Cap Logo