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  1. History was made in Arlington today: Joey Gallo hit a sac fly
  2. We got color v. color in Cleveland today:
  3. And the winner is.....
  4. Not sure if this was said before, but the Cardinals and Reds are wearing Ford advertisements on their helmets for the Mexico Series. And as you can see the Cardinals are wearing their red hats for the series, instead of their navy hats.
  5. The Dodgers are wearing their "Los Angeles" jersey for the first time this year. However they're wearing their stripeless pants they wear with the "Dodgers" road alt jersey instead of the single striped pants they usually wear. They've worn their alt the last 3 games, so i'm presuming they found it easier to pack just 1 pant type.
  6. Hmm.. Wonder what's different this year.
  7. This is definitely not true. The Orioles have yet to wear their black alts this year, and have worn the orange alt at both home and the road so far, on Saturdays. IGNORE, am idiot.
  8. The Pirates are wearing their gold jersey/black pants uniform today, so we got have a neat little battle of the condiments in Pittsburgh.
  9. That Phanatic jersey is honestly great. Green and red is such a good combo imo. Honestly wouldn't hate that being a BP or special event jersey.
  10. And here's how it looks in reality: They're wearing the all black hat and not the purple-billed hat shown in the image above. I personally don't understand why the Rockies have a black hat, I just think they should use the purple-billed hat all the time, especially since they've dropped the all purple hat.
  11. 2019 World Series Logo Leaked Via Email Advert
  12. I feel like the road alt would be better if it had the sleeve and collar piping like the rest of the jerseys.
  13. The Indians debuted their new red alternates today: