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  1. Obviously this news has its own thread, but its relevant here: Glove Love: Brewers Unveil New Logos and Uniforms
  2. And the official web page:
  3. I don't hate it, but with the script and NOB being navy with a red outline, the jersey is trying to be a nice even mix of navy/red (IMO), but the helmet is pretty much just red , with practically no navy on it.
  4. One thing I'm curious about is what helmet they'll use when wearing the jersey. I would assume the Capitol building hat would continue to be worn with it, and the main road helmet matches it more (navy crown, red bill), but during ST they used the primary home helmet, and it didn't look the greatest IMO.
  5. That was their look during spring training, and its the best the team has ever looked in my opinion. I don't know how known this is, because I don't think they actually sold it, and this sites article about the 2019 ST hats didn't include it at all, but there was actually another version of the cap they used during road games. I wonder why they didn't bring this one back?
  6. I don't believe so. Didn't the Marlins not wear their road grays at all in like 2013?
  7. Jason Heyward never wore #78. Maybe in the minors or a spring training game, but his entire time in the majors hes worn #22. Here's his first ever at-bat, very clearing wearing #22.
  8. I fully expect to see the "Nationals" script on their primary home jersey fairly soon. I have no inside information, this is just pure speculation on my part, but they've been slowly bringing it into the spotlight. In 2017 they introduced their current BP/practice jersey, the first time the script appeared on an on-field jersey: Then in 2018 they introduced the navy alternate, first time the script appeared on a jersey that was used during a game. And obviously the prior mentioned ST jersey, which they totally could've seen as a prototype kinda thing.
  9. Yeah I don't know if its a game limitation, but they've never had button less uniforms in the game. Just button down uniforms designed in the style of a button less uniform. Like some of them have multi-colored belts to replicate the sansabelt pants that were used IRL.
  10. They did say they were making a "very subtle change" to the logo though. Padres notes: Brown uniforms coming in fall
  11. Mark Your Calendars: Padres to Unveil New Brown Uniforms November 9th
  12. 2021, we get Miller Park for one more year.
  13. MLB reportedly rejects Dodgers' request to wear traditional uniforms vs. Yankees on Players' Weekend
  14. Looks like F.P.s comments were more of an observation then a joke. The umpires not being in blue makes no sense.
  15. The Nats color guy F.P. Santangelo keeps jokingly referring to the Nats as "The Umpires", and I gotta agree.
  16. Also worth pointing out that its just their road version of this uniform: Which they wear every Saturday home game, and have been for the past 6 years. The only difference being its powder blue in color and that they wear it on the road instead of at home.