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  1. The Braves are wearing their red home alternates on the road against the Cubs today.
  2. Per the ESPN article: "The plans, announced by MLB on Thursday morning, include an annual tribute in which uniformed personnel will wear a jersey patch celebrating Gehrig, and a "4-ALS" logo -- commemorating his No. 4 -- will be displayed around stadiums. The league will use the occasion to raise money and awareness to battle ALS and pay homage to ALS advocacy groups like the LG4Day committee, which turned an off-the-cuff text into a cause that will bring together the sport."
  3. They actually did wear it once, the final game of the season.
  4. No clue if this is just another version or if it'd replace the logo with the block W, but...
  5. Yeah they dropped the navy on navy following the 2018 season, for this. Their spring training jersey is actually a mixture of the two, with a navy on navy wordmark like the old one, but a red number on the back like the new one.
  6. I guess since its the last game of the season the Nationals decided to not wear either their champions or navy jersey today. Instead opting to wear their newish alternate/ST uniform.
  7. Reds, Pirates (new road and alt), Blue Jays, Twins and sorta the Nationals introduced new alts for this year. https://news.sportslogos.net/2020/07/22/every-new-baseball-logo-and-uniform-for-2020/baseball/
  8. While watching the Yankees Vs. Red Sox game I noticed that Boston pitcher Austin Brice was wearing a red belt instead of a navy belt, which as far as I could tell everyone else was wearing. Seems like he's used a red belt in all his appearances so far.
  9. The Nationals are the road team tonight against the Blue Jays due to the Jays stadium issues, and I believe this is the first time they've worn the new matte road helmets.
  10. Padres new road uniforms debuted tonight.
  11. Reds debuted their new red alts today.
  12. Yeah they looked better when paired with the regular blue helmets IMO.
  13. Don't know if this was already known or not, but the Brewers have matching helmets for their alternate yellow front paneled hats.
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