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  1. Glad my Jets using red again. A true beauty. It's a shame the Coyotes still owns the original Jets looks. Shouldn't they make new uniforms inspired their Heritage uniforms? I hated their current roads. Honsetly, red is bit too weird for a colour for a team named "Blues". Although I loved the trumpet logo.
  2. As a Jets fan, this jersey is totally a beauty.
  3. Totally beautiful. Also, I sure this jersey would become a top seller. Hey Flames, make this your primary road. Make the retro alternate your primary home. I want that. NOW.
  4. Just awful. The recoloured logo is a eyesore and the striping is way too thin. Hey Oilers, can you go back to Gretzky-era uniforms now please?
  5. Looking good. But I feeling is something missing. What about a alternate based by Jazz's gradient city uniforms? I'll love to see that.
  6. Interesting work! My favourites are Chicago and Carolina. Can't wait you do for my Seahawks!
  7. Eastport76

    MLS 2022

    The away set is beautiful. Loved the stars.
  8. Eastport76

    MLS 2022

    Oh, I'm not a fan of the pink pants. Also I wonder if you made a pink jersey.
  9. Does that means the upcoming third is inspired to their old thirds?
  10. Unpopular option: Every single logo or double logo don't bother me.
  11. Eastport76

    MLS 2022

    Honestly I don't like the black uniform. Sorry.