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    Great Snakes!
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    Red Sox 1977-2008 roundel, Coyotes' Kachina, Wild's Landaspce Bear, Nordiques,
    Texas Rangers' 1970s logo, many more...
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    Winning Jets,Boston Red Sox,Seattle Seahawks, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

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  1. Finally a Rev rebrand! However, the clash and "R" is not good. it's cluttered. and I'm sick of roundels. I prefer @mcrosby's concept.
  2. No thanks. Wrigleyville sounds stupid. one more awful City Connect uniform and I’m switching to NPB. I can’t stand it of seeing my team Red Sox wearing yellow.
  3. a zipper collar? on a hockey jersey?
  4. Least the NPB don't had these stupid city jerseys. or else.
  5. I had one thing for Rays: Bring back and update these and done.
  6. Huh? this picture isn't showing up.
  7. my first thought of this uniform is Titanic's sister ship Olympic's dazzle camouflage in WWI.
  8. First the Sound Tigers, Now the Red Claws?
  9. I think that's my favorite of this series.
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