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  1. Ugh. The white shorts bandwagon.
  2. Imagine you tried to see that while you’re at Yankee Stadium or watching TV, But you don’t.
  3. That Avalanche helmet... Just Horrendous.
  4. Wow! The slate blue, brick red and sand concept is totally beautiful! That’ll be a huge improvement of their current set.
  5. The only good ones of the whole ST caps are Toronto, Detroit, Houston, Colorado, Arizona, and Of course, Minnesota. That Orioles cap is absolutely the worst of these awful caps. I’ll never buy that monstrosity. Ever. Same as the rest.
  6. I hope that rumour is fake. Why? Because Kraken sounds like a 9-year won a school team-naming contest or a AAA Junior team.
  7. I think San Jose Sharks should’ve wearing their original jerseys (1991-97) in 2016 Stanley Cup Final. Like the Pens wear their throwback/former alternate as home uniform before they returned to their retro uniforms full time. why not Sharks use their beautiful retro jerseys and going with that as full time? Honestly it’ll much better than current set. Fix the stealth “pyjamas” with more white and add hem stripes to match the 1991-97 original set.
  8. Why they put their logo on a another jet? Should’ve used just the jet with maple leaf behind it, not this monstrosity. Although the rest is nice.
  9. So you renamed the Memphis Grizzlies? Good move. Even are no grizzlies in whole state of Tennessee! Wait, the whole renaming means the Vancouver Grizzlies are returning? I mean you’ll make a Vancouver Grizzlies concept? Also, I suggest for Sacramento renaming, please keep the purple/sliver/black scheme it’s pretty unique.
  10. Panthers, you can’t remember you already hosted the 2003 All Star? Thanks, NHL, now I’m sick of many cities hosted the AS again twice they hosted in previously years. Anaheim, Arizona, Vegas, New Jersey, Washington DC and of course, Winnipeg are only teams are never hosted a All Star. Come on, NHL please give these teams a chance to host the All Star. Or give the teams already hosted the AS but yet hosted in a long time. Toronto or Buffalo should’ve hosted the 2021 All Star instead of a small city which is very far from Miami.
  11. For my Red Sox, please to not use the Patriots’ outdated piping for them.
  12. Sorry, but a not a fan of green for my Red Sox. They look like belong to a Christmas event. Navy is a much better colour and a traditionally colour so they used it for decades. Sorry. P.S. I love the navy ST/BP for Blue Jays.