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  1. Kraken is a very terrible name. Sounds very “minor-y”. I still prefer Pilots than a minor-league sounded name. But man, the logos are amazing. I liked the “S” logo which is a tribute to the Metropolitans. The hidden tentacle is very neat. The Space Needle/anchor is clever. The colours are just beautiful. Very Seattle. Well paired with the Seahawks and the Mariners. The home jerseys are sick. I’m not joking. They’re perfect. Honestly, this reminds of Minnesota Wild. Wild is a awful name, but their logos and uniforms are fantastic. And the colours too. Yes, their landscape bear logo is one of best NHL logos all time. Ever. I still hate that name Kraken. But I’ll used over it. Although the logos and colours hit the target. Imagine their mascot would probably look like...
  2. One of things I love about the jersey: the olive leaf pattern stripe. It’s very unique. they should’ve brought back and update the olive pattern by reverse the colours (black striping, gold pattern) or a gold striping with a silhouette leaf pattern like Vegas’s. I know many people wanted the Silver Seven Jerseys become their full-time uniforms( no, I love these jerseys!), But the modern Senators are a 1992 expansion team, not the 1897-1934 original team. Yes, I still love the black =O= jerseys, but I hope they bring as their alternate again.
  3. I choose the 1966-1991 logo. It’s a classic and well, a fan favourite. Not just that, it’s also used for all three times when the Orioles won the World Series championships. I’m not happy with MLB logos now. Why? Most teams just switched their creative logos with boring cap logos as the primary logos. Ex. Pirates dropped their pirate logo and replace it with a just a P. BORING!! Where’s the creativity of the MLB logos?
  4. as a Jets fan, this mismatched striping are a great touch of their history, Especially the Thrashers. the collar is just perfect. the flying/gilding jet on the hem stripe is genius. love it.
  5. Ads on the stomach? Ankle ads? Under arm pit ads? Blech. Who thought that mess is a good idea?
  6. These concepts definitely screams Arizona. Why they’ve been never thought that? Arizona has a rich history of native art industry. My mom owns a Navajo blanket. Yes, it’s very wonderful. I agree with you about Arizona’s teams. They’re should’ve into that style. Do it.
  7. I wonder Coyotes would looks like in brick red/turquoise/black scheme.
  8. A another rumour about Edmonton will become the hub centre of NHL or the Western Conference else. I’m not sure.
  9. The placement of mouth is disturbing. Even the beak looks like a Photoshop gradient fail. Should’ve kept original beak colours but in a gradient. Yes, the colours are way too bright. What the teeth was for?? Note his wings aren’t visible anymore. Thanks you, I hate the stupid Calarts style even more. What happened to unique and traditional style used in 80s-2000s? Huge downgrade. Exactly they even thinking about?
  10. Brewers: the barley tail is genius. It’s a perfect fit for Brewers. The cream home helped them out of home white program. I love it. The traditional is just beautiful. I agree with @FinsUp1214. There’s wrong with the home plate. the font is difficult to read on the nameplate. They’ll become blurry in television and even at the stadium. And “MKE” is too thick for a cap logo. Mets: Beautiful concept! The all uniforms are great, especially the home plate! No complaints for that. Yankees: I hate the Yankees, but the concept is pretty nice. Although, I realized they are bit too plain. Maybe add their logo on sleeve? If you aren’t a fan of grey uniforms, why don’t try tint-colour greys for each team’s away uniforms? Like blue-tint for Blue Jays, Mets, Brewers and purple-tint for Rockies. It’s will become unique. I’m never a fan of coloured road uniforms even. Note the white pants, even the home wearing white. That’ll cause a massive confusion. The fans will thinking whose is the home or the away. Like Nippon Professional Baseball(NPB), most of teams had a colored jersey for road. I’m never a fan of that.
  11. No. These wordmarks looks still awful in any colour. Every colour. The new wordmarks are not best, but these are better than these monstrosities. Although I still preferred to their 1940s wordmarks.
  12. Why don’t use blue and white? The colours looked very Ottawa-y (Senators, RedBlacks, etc). Blue Screams Toronto. 1/2 percent of Toronto’s sports teams use blue(Except Raptors and TFC). Six is a terrible name. It’s just very weird.
  13. Congratulations, Rams! You’re like the new Coke! the bone looks like they’re dirty white clothing been never washed in two weeks. The yellow and white didn’t help. The colours are correct, however they missed their target. Why? Their “name plates”! They don’t feel belong to a football jersey! The gradient numbers actually look nice, but why only home uniform had gradient numbers and the road had solid colour numbers?? Although the helmet is beautiful, but that horn is bothering me. Yes,that’s don’t look like a ram horn! Sorry, but The Chargers won. Final Score: 1.5/10
  14. That’s great for Avs, but it’ll probably get lots of mixed reactions like Hurricanes and Nationals. I know it. I’m not sure, but I think Jets would wear Thrashers jerseys in a few years later I’m don’t mind that. I’m happy for Avs brings back Nordiques jerseys.