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  1. Boston Mariners Seattle Rockies Colorado Cubs(a nod to Denver Bears) Or Colorado Brewers Chicago Giants Tampa Bay Pirates
  2. Avs’ equipment should be NAVY. Stale blue looked off to me. I know navy is only for their alternate, but it’s a great colour to replace black for Avs.
  3. the RR? NO. the orange pants are just terrible.
  4. I don’t like the slate blue equipment. I just feel that slate blue is not a right colour for Avalanche’s equipment. Navy is a much better choice. The equipment should be navy. What a blown opportunity.
  5. One of the league’s best jerseys ever is now back! Hey Sharks, please retire the stealth pyjamas and make this a permanent alternate now. NOW. Hopefully they switch this to full time in few years.
  6. Please be Spiders. It’s perfect and unique name.
  7. Too way off. Navy is much better for the equipment, my opinion. But I love the new pants of the alternate. It’s one of my favourite alternates.
  8. A another “FC” called team. How uninspiring. Olympique Montreal sounds a much better name, right?