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  1. Just for fun, I thought I'd post the top liked concepts from this series. Maybe it's slightly unfair because the black Bucks concept hasn't been up too long, but oh well. I'll just do the top 5. 1. Toronto Raptors (22 likes) 2. Minnesota Timberwolves (20 likes) 3. Milwaukee Bucks - Blue uniforms (18 likes) 4. Washington Wizards - (17 likes) 5. Atlanta Hawks (14 likes) I'm actually shocked the blue Bucks concept got that high, but pretty happy about it. I loved that blue uniform.
  2. The Bucks were the most significant update that I made, so I'll just add the remaining updates in this post. I changed the script and number colour for New Orleans, added an outline to the numbers on the Celtics, and changed the number colour on the Nuggets.
  3. Now that the series is technically over, I'll post some of the updates, fixes, and suggestions some people had. Starting with the Milwaukee Bucks reverse retro in black. I still personally love the craziness of a full blue uniform, and the fact that they have never worn a blue uniform like that, I like a unique style for a one off alternate. But the black can work as well. I guess it fits more into their current look, something that would fit easier into a full time alternate.
  4. I was busy with a different project, but we have reached the final concept. Besides a couple revisions I'll add after this. New Orleans Pelicans - 2010 This might be the equivalent to the Golden Knights in the NHL. Throwing it back a whole 10 years to the days of the New Orleans Hornets. The Pelicans colour scheme works perfectly for this uniform. I think the best part is the seamless transition to a modern look. The logo still fits New Orleans and the jersey script is perfect as well. I also just love some pinstripes.
  5. Charlotte Hornets - 2004 For the final 2 teams, it's kind of like they are trading identities. For example, the Charlotte Hornets started as the Hornets until 2004 when they became the Bobcats, and in the year after, the New Orleans Hornets took the name. Until 2013 that is, when New Orleans switched to the Pelicans name and Charlotte brought back the Hornets name the season after. A confusing time where 2 cities within a 10 year span used the name 'Hornets'. That said, I decided to bring the Charlotte Hornets back to their Bobcat days. I definitely love the Hornets look better, but the Bobcats days brought some cool looking uniforms that really work with their current colours. I hope the Hornets don't switch back to the Bobcats anytime soon, but bringing back this retro uniform, would be a perfect way to honour that part of their history.
  6. We are nearing the end! Only 3 concepts left, plus a couple of the changes and fixes as a bonus at the end. Philadelphia 76ers - 2000 I think these are arguably the best Sixers uniforms in their history. In the least, it's their most unique look in their history. Bringing it back to the Iverson days. It is definitely a better throwback than their strangely formatted 'Seventy Sixers' script uniform from a couple years back, at least in my opinion. I think this is the perfect blend between their new look and one of their most classic looks.
  7. New York Knicks - 1997 This is another one I kind of changed last minute. I had a white version of this, but it just felt exactly like what the Islanders did for their RR uniform. Basically changed nothing except the shade of blue. So I switched it into an orange alternate, with white as the secondary colour, and blue as the accent. I think this makes it a true reverse retro without making it the exact same uniform, just with a colour shade difference. It's not too exciting, but the Knicks haven't really changed up their style much. Which is great for the brand, but annoying for this series haha. I'm quite a fan of having a lot of white on an alternate uniform, as the secondary colour, but I know it's not for everyone.
  8. Washington Wizards - 1997 The Wizards are one of those teams that I actually like their current look. Although, not a huge fan of the circle logo that has infected the entire league in recent years. I actually much prefer their only other primary logo in their history. The Wizards have actually put out some cool looking uniforms recently, but I think this concept would fit perfectly in as a reverse alternate.
  9. I love the idea! The logo looks awesome! I guess my only nitpick is it makes me think more of Miami than Los Angeles, mostly because of all the Miami vice stuff that has come out in the last few years. I agree, I think adding some blue and yellow for the Rams/Chargers would make this logo even better!
  10. Detroit Pistons - 1996 I think most of us can agree that the current Detroit Pistons logo might even have the Brooklyn Nets beat for most boring logo in the league. So why not bring back this classic? They once used this logo in a blue and red colour scheme, but as far as I know, they never put this uniform style in the blue and red colours. And it looks sweet! I know their current look is based off of their history, but this logo era was definitely the best they have looked, in my opinion. I think with a bit of a logo clean up, this look could and maybe should return in Detroit.
  11. Appreciate the comment! I've never been a fan of the Nets current look. I think it's possible to use the colour scheme well, they just haven't. The 1977 design isn't my favourite in their history, but I love uniforms that do something a little different, and still look good, without getting too crazy.
  12. Utah Jazz - 1996 The purple and blue and random bronze colour the Jazz wore from 1996 looked cool and all, but I love their current colours. Blue, yellow, and green. It just feels unique. Their brand new city uniform for this year looks pretty sweet too. But I think I prefer this concept. A nice throwback to their 96 days. They wore a true throwback a couple years back, with the purple and blue but these colours just work so well. This concept is basically a modern version of their white jersey from 1996. I love those mountains on the front. So clean.
  13. Yeah, the second half of the league was a lot more fun to make. Teams with less history seem to have more fun designs it seems. I really loved the T-Wolves concept. And definitely love the Raptors uniform. I recreated that one in NBA 2K21, and I'll say, it looks really good in the game. If the Grizzlies didn't look so good, the Raptors would be my favourite in this series. I think you should be excited for this next one.
  14. Minnesota Timberwolves - 1996 One of my favourite uniforms since the mid 90's. The Minnesota Timberwolves. I loved the little trees they added into the design, it added so much personality the their look. The new uniforms, just don't have that same feel anymore and I wish they used the green on the main uniforms more. Modern looks to a uniform can be great, but what the T-Wolves had, was so specific to Minnesota. Everyone knew what team it was. I chose grey just to make it different from anything else they have worn. Also, the bright green definitely works better as an accent colour, rather than a main colour. Similar to what I did with the yellow in the Grizzlies uniforms. The new logo looks cool and all, but their logo from 1996, just looks way more intimidating. An intimidating logo isn't necessary for a good brand, but it really works for the T-Wolves. Or it did work. This is one of my favourites.