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  1. I was hoping this would get more attention, but we'll see if my next bunch of logos can draw more people. I made 8 more logos, as well as updating my Legion of Boom logo. Also, I made these before Forsett got cut. I also wasn't too happy with the Forsett logos, but I couldn't think of a better way to make them. Any C&C is very much appreciated. I hope these get a little more attention. Legion of Boom (update) May The Forsett Be With You (first option) May The Forsett Be With You (second) WD-Forte Make America Gronk Again Red Hot Julius Peppers Rawls Royce Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  2. Recently, I decided to try out fantasy football for the first time. I also love making logos for anything. So these 2 things clashed and out came a couple of fantasy team logos. These aren't meant for a serious kind of fantasy football as some people like to do. They are kind of just for fun and to have a cool logo to go with the name, instead of the built in logos with some fantasy sports sites. So far, I've only made 3 (2 for the same team name) but I might end up making more. Maybe I'll even take requests, though I don't have much time to make them. So without further ado, here they are. I made logos for 2 teams: Legion of Boom and RG-3PO.
  3. Oh I see. Going with the heritage Classic unis and colours makes sense. Since those are some of the nicest uniforms I've ever seen. But if you want to stick with each team's official colours, the update works much better. Other than that one thing, everything looks great!
  4. All of them look really good! The only nitpick I would have is for Winnipeg. With their current logo and uniforms, red isn't very prominent. I'd sooner put have a red outline with the light blue from their uniforms replacing the red inside.
  5. It has been a very long time since my last post. I've had many different projects occupying my time, and frankly, I haven't had the motivation to make these recently. But I got back into working on them and finished my next request, Mike Evans. I'm also trying out a new style with the background by putting a picture of that player's team's city in or something that has to do with the team. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out.
  6. With the roundel logo, it's not something I'm using often. I just made it mostly because I love roundel logos. But I can't agree with your suggestion. The light bulb has just as much to do with my business and name as the albatross. The albatross isn't the main focus. The light bulb and the albatross are both together the focus. We will both have our opinions. I should thank you for your C&C. It's much appreciated. But I have my reasons for everything I do in my work. Including logos that I won't really use. Thanks for the C&C again though. I'd rather you give your opinion than not. It will help me in the future
  7. This is a super cool idea! I definitely look forward to seeing more of these. This first one is golden. I love the logo, and I don't think I would change anything with it. Looks like it could be maybe an ECHL or AHL team. A little too crazy for the NHL though haha. The colour scheme at least. Just an awesome idea. Something I haven't seen anyone do here. Keep this up!
  8. I'd love to know what more people think of my change in logo and name.
  9. After essentially starting my love of graphic design on this site, I've had quite the number of opportunities to create logos, both business and sports, for various people over the last year. With these developments, I've had to come up with a new business/personal name and logo. I would love people's opinions on my brand new logo. I'm not posting it to change anything, more to just get people's opinions on it. My new name is now Dynamic Lights Design. It was originally TJK Designs, to coincide with my name. But at the moment I'm at right now, I thought it would be a good time to come up with a name that meant more to me. The Dynamic part of the name comes from the albatross. The albatross has a special meaning to me from experiences in my life. It's also a good word for the dynamic part of design. The light part of the name is also very meaningful to me. The lightbulb can also represent the many ideas I have in my design work. Along with my main business/personal logo, I decided to branch it off with 2 other variations of my name and logo. I have Dynamic Lights Concepts, for the concept work I do, mostly on this site. I also have Dynamic Lights TK 97, which is only for personal projects I create for myself or friends and family. And of course, I had to make a roundel logo, for all those times a roundel logo is needed. And I just love making them haha. So I'd love to know what people think of the direction I went in. Also, if anyone wants to know what my old logo looked like, just ask and I'll post it.
  10. That is very easy. Thanks.
  11. Well, I was hoping for a little more C&C for my Winnipeg concept, but what can you do. Anyway, I managed to finish 2 more uniform sets. First up is the Winkler Flyers. They previously wore uniforms very similar to the Philadelphia Flyers. And as I stated before, it's not my favourite thing when junior or minor league teams just reuse pro teams uniforms and names. I still decided to go with a pretty classic striping pattern though. The logo is very different from what they currently have as well. I wanted to get a new idea for the name Flyers. So I went with the literal sense of flyers, with a plane theme. Well, actually, just the propellers. But I thought it worked very well. Current logo: Redesign: The next team is the Neepawa Natives. This was an interesting one. Nowadays, it's pretty tough to design a logo that's not offensive for these kinds of names. Their current logo is a Blackhawks style head, thought not stealing the exact logo. I decided to keep the idea of feathers from the original logo, but more modernly designed feathers. For the uniforms, I love the Blackhawks uniforms. So I actually started with them but made some minor changes. Minor enough that you can still tell where the inspiration came from, but different enough to give Neepawa their own identity. Current logo: Redesign:
  12. TrueNorth13

    Help Needed

    I know this isn't a concept, but it has something to do with some of my concept topics I've started. I've seen people change the topic name to reflect the latest concept they posted in that topic. So my question is if there is a simple way to do this? I feel like it would be very helpful, not just for me, but for people to see what team concept I posted next in my topic. Anyone that can help me would be much appreciated.
  13. On to the next team: the Winnipeg Falcons. Now, people won't recognize this as a current MJHL team, because technically it isn't. I decided to change the name of the Winnipeg Blues. I don't like when teams use names, logos, or uniforms from professional teams. It just doesn't show creativity on their part. In my opinion. So I decided to change the Blues name. I stayed with the history of Winnipeg hockey though. I brought back the Falcons name that existed way back in the day. The alternate uniform I created has the horizontal stripes from the Falcons Olympic team uniforms. I went a little crazy, or original, with the striping on the home and away. I love classic striping on uniforms, but I wanted something different. So I went with a wavy kind of stripe, which also looks like a W, at least to me it does. (W for Winnipeg) And seeing as it's a junior league, I feel like it's one league where more original/crazy striping patterns can fit well. I also pulled a Florida Panthers move and went with the Falcons name on the home and Winnipeg on the away. It's quite a change from what the Blues have now, so I thought I'd get the craziness over with first. Current Logo: Redesign
  14. I understand what you mean. But I didn't add them for 2 reasons. Most MJHL teams don't wear shoulder patches. Like the Pistons have a championship patch on one of there jerseys where the shoulder patch goes. The other reason is I honestly just didn't feel like adding them haha. I feel it's not a necessary thing for a concept. But that's just my opinion. Especially since the shoulder patch would just be the alternate logo.
  15. So with my latest project, I've decided to redesign the MJHL (Manitoba Junior Hockey League) For those who don't know, which will be most, the MJHL is a Junior A league in Canada apart of the CJHL for 16-20 year olds. My hometown team, the Steinbach Pistons, are apart of the league. I've been to many games, and have gotten to watch and see what kind of logos and uniforms these teams put on the ice. Some are great, classic and classy, and some are just plain ugly. This is why I've decided to redesign this league. I will post the complete redesign of each team, as well as the current logo, just to provide some background information, for the 95% of people who haven't heard of this league. I've seen a couple redesign on here, but not many. I have finished all the logos, but not the uniform set. So I will be releasing them one by one. This is probably the best option especially since there's only 11 teams in the league. I hope you enjoy this short series! On to the first team, my hometown team, the Steinbach Pistons. In my opinion, they already had one of the best logos in the league, but it was too realistic. Their current logo makes it hard to put on any merchandise like shirts and hats, because of the level of detail on the pistons. So my goal was to simplify the logo. Current logo: Redesign
  16. It's been a long time since I posted a finished request. I've been doing some important projects for other people over the last few months and those will always take precedent over this thread. That being said, I have started working on these once again, starting with the Mike Evans request. Thanks for the patience. Even though I'm sure this thread has been all but forgotten.
  17. This was the first concept I ever made and it's pretty bad, but it is a blue and green Seattle Totems concept. I eventually went with green and grey. But I can say that this concept is far better than mine, and I like the unique colour scheme. Unique for the NHL at least. And sorry if you didn't want other people's concepts on your thread. I just wanted to make a point that there are blue and green Totems concepts out there.
  18. It's been awhile so I thought I'd update anyone who's following this or waiting for requests. I've been very busy with my new job and other projects people have contacted me about. So those projects are higher on the totem pole since there's a project deadline for them. I'm sure everyone will understand. I have not forgotten about the requests I have yet to do. Just since I put out my NHL Redesign, I've been much more busy than I expected. I appreciate the patience and would like to ask for more patience. I will get to these again, but after I finish the project I am currently doing. Thanks for understanding.
  19. So after a slight delay with some of my other projects taking my time, and an 8 hour wifi connection loss yesterday, I'm finally back. I finished the next request, the French Connection. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find good quality images of older players. I went for less detail in this one, but I had to keep the hair. They had great hair in those times! I also added in the banners that I think exist. Either they exist or someone did some pretty good photoshop. I'm not a Sabres fan, so I'm not entirely sure how big the French Connection is there, but they seemed pretty important.
  20. Sorry for the long delay. I have been finishing up my NHL Redesign series and have had a couple other more important projects to do. But I'm currently working on the next request, the French Connection.
  21. Thanks. Yeah, I was happy that I could get some green into the orca logo. It looked way better than I imagined. And I went with the darker red because I just wanted a change and it still looked pretty good IMO. Different enough from what they've used, but close enough to fit with their classic look.
  22. I don't agree. And reading some of your comments on other stuff, it seems you have hinted not other people taking things that are not theirs. Which I never did by the way. Also, when I ask for C&C, I actually want stuff that could help.
  23. So over the past few days, I've shared this redesign with a few people and it turns out that 2 major sports websites decided to share them. BarDown (TSN) and Sports Illustrated wrote short articles! But I never would have shared it if not for the awesome C&C from everyone on this thread. I always appreciate the comments, whether I like them or not haha.
  24. And all of the alternates on one page:
  25. Thanks! Some of the logos I made, like Edmonton and Carolina, didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but overall, I'm very happy with how it all turned out. I think Buffalo was by far my favourite logo since I took it from the old logo. I'm not great at retouching older logos, but that one really turned out.