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  1. The second I heard about the NHL players returning to the winter Olympics, I immediately became super excited for it again. Not that I didn't watch the 2018 olympics, but it was way less exciting. With my excitement came an idea to redesign all the olympic country designs. I think most of us are getting a little tired of Nike's one design fits all template they used for international hockey. At least I'm pretty done with it. I'm guessing Nike will have the contract for international uniforms for awhile, but I wanted to come up with some actual original ideas that make sense for each country. No more wing designs on every uniform sleeve. No more overpowering amount of black on team Canada. Up first, my home country and the team that WILL win the gold medal, you heard it here first, Team Canada. These images were designed for instagram, and I'll admit, I'm a little lazy to change it, so they won't all seamlessly line up like they will on instagram. I really wanted to incorporate aspects from Canada hockey history in these uniforms. I did take heavy inspiration from the heritage uniforms that Nike released a year ago. I used that idea, combined with the look from the 1928, 1932, 1936 Olympics and 2002 Olympic alternate with the maple leaf and arched "Canada" below it. I love using the maple leaf as a sort of arm stripe that adds just enough to the uniform to keep it from being boring, but doesn't add too much crazy detail. I hope Nike doesn't go back to the sleeve wings. The white uniform is just a reversed version, while keeping the red shoulders. Finally, the Heritage uniform pays homage to the 1982 world junior uniforms. The shoulder striping comes from a uniform I found online, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what year it came from, but I liked the extra detail. It's nothing crazy, and I'm sure there are some better concepts out there, but I love a simplistic uniform for the Olympics. It brings history in, but feels modern at the same time. I used and NHL adidas style template, so I didn't add a Nike or Adidas logo for that matter. Since it wouldn't fit Nike's template, but they also won't be made by Adidas I'm guessing.
  2. Appreciate the comments on this series! This will be the last one in my MJHL series. Winnipeg Freeze This was one of my favourites to redesign because the logos and uniforms they released were just so bad. In my opinion at least. The team was put together in a matter of months and their logo definitely reflected that. Their uniforms weren't much to look at either. The Freeze are similar to the Blues. They're both owned by the same group that owns the Winnipeg ICE, and they decided to make all the teams look the same. Same colours, and for the Freeze, the same font as the Ice. They rushed the design and team onto the ice. There was many things I would've done differently if I were them, including taking some more time to develop their own identity and a more modern look. This is what I came up with to replace their current look. I designed a brand new primary logo. One that stands out and creates an identity for the Freeze. I paired that logo with a fauxback logo for their retro uniform. Since they're a brand new team, they don't have a retro, so I created my own look for that uniform. I agree with one of the comments above this post, I think that "retro" script would work as the primary, but I do quite love the snowman I designed as well. I did keep the same colours, even though it's the same scheme as the Ice, but since I updated the Blues colours, I thought it would still work well.
  3. Winnipeg Blues The second last team. The first of two Winnipeg teams. The Winnipeg Blues. They have had many different looks in the past, but most recently they have used almost a cookie cutter look to the Winnipeg Ice of the WHL. The ownership group that owns the ICE, also owns the Winnipeg Blues and Winnipeg Freeze and rather than each team have it's own identity, they figured just make all teams look the same. Not sure that's the best route to take. I wanted to give both Winnipeg teams their own identity. To separate from each other. So I brought the Blues back to a classic royal blue and yellow. It's a very different logo and uniform design than they have ever used, but I'm pretty tired of teams called the Blues to just use the St. Louis logo. The alternate uniform uses a template they wore a couple years ago. Except back then it was yellow, which I never understood when they were called the 'Blues'. So I changed it to blue. The retro is one I found while researching the team. Obviously that logo is older than I am, and I couldn't find any other image with that logo, so I can't confirm it's legit, but it fits into the retro theme, so I went with it.
  4. Winkler Flyers The Winkler Flyers unveiled a new logo and new uniforms a year or 2 ago. Simply put, I didn't really like them. Their new logo isn't terrible, but there's just so much detail in it. They have a black background with some details in a dark grey, and it just doesn't translate well in most cases. You'd have to either zoom in or look real close at a uniform to see the details. It works for a special logo, but I wouldn't add that much hidden detail for the primary logo. I just simplified the logo they unveiled. For the uniforms, the striping is what they use currently. They're light uniforms they released feature no black on the uniform, besides the logo, which didn't make much sense to me. Especially with the predominantly black logo. It didn't really fit. So maybe this is more of a fix than a redesign in this specific case. The Flyers are a team with little to no change which doesn't make it too easy to make a cool retro look. I did use a true to era retro logo. So basically it looks like a hand drawn version of their primary logo. The alternate is similar to what Philly did, a black and orange look with little to no white, except for the numbers in this case, just to make them easier to read from the stands.
  5. The retro logos for basically every team is an exact copy of the logo they once wore. I didn't change anything about those logos or uniforms. (Except making Neepawa's retro black instead of red.) I wanted to keep it as a true retro, with little to no changes. That would be the reasoning behind some of the logos, like Virden or Waywayseecappo looking not as good as it could be. Kind of fits the era they were designed in.
  6. Steinbach is my hometown team, plus I had done a few things for them in the past. I've actually had a couple Movember and Pink in the Rink uniforms worn in game that I have designed. That definitely helped my case getting my designs for their full time look to be considered. I actually just ended up emailing the GM/Head coach, and he liked the designs and we went from there. I also work a seasonal job in Steinbach and my boss is the GM's brother, which maybe helps even more I was definitely honoured to have them wear my designs as their full time look, and the special event uniforms in the past as well. I have 3 of the 6 uniforms I've designed so far for them on my wall, so it is truly a dream come true! Maybe I'll just add the special event uniforms here too, not that I'll change how they look, because they were all used already, but in case anyone is curious about them. Most of them designed before I renamed by business. Pink in the Rink 2017 Movember 2018 Movember 2019 Movember 2020 (Wasn't worn in game due to Covid shutdowns)
  7. Waywayseecappo Wolverines I almost made a complete change with Wayway. I changed up their logo style, but kept the paw and claws aspect, while choosing a different 'W' for the primary. I also chose to switch out the yellow with the Florida Panthers gold. The dark and light uniforms feature a custom striping pattern. The stripes on the arm form a 'W'. The alternate is based on (obviously the Senators template) a uniform Wayway used to wear.
  8. Virden Oil Capitals Virden is another team where I didn't do anything crazy with their current look. I really thought about changing their colours, maybe and orange and navy like the Oilers, but ultimately I stuck with their red and black look. I did switch the primary dark uniform colour to red. The biggest change is the logo. Again, not a huge change, but I simplified it a little bit. Took out some aspects I didn't think were all to necessary, the shadowing in the current logo.
  9. Thanks for the comments and compliments! With Steinbach, I had made the updated Pistons logo first and the car logo second. When I presented it to the team, they requested several changes for each logo. So a lot of the changes from there were up to the team and me. Though I also wouldn't have picked up on the difference in shading at the time, but definitely see what you're saying! I'm also not a fan of the Steelers logo, I think they could've done something way better. But it's an old logo. I also don't want to change some logos too much in hopes that maybe the team will like the changes and consider letting me work with them
  10. Swan Valley Stampeders This one might be one of the biggest redesigns in the series. I never minded the colours that Swan Valley uses, other than the fact it's another team with a primary black uniform. Not enough colour for me. The logo was probably my least favourite part. It's not an exact rip off of the Denver Broncos, but it's pretty much the same logo. I came up with a brand new logo, that I designed from scratch. I went with a very unique colour scheme as well, with a retro Phillies vibe. The maroon and light blue. I think my favourite part about this one is what I did with the alternate. I had an idea of a logo that would be similar to the St. Paul Saints pig logo. The logo is a pretty simple outline of a horse, with the initials 'SVS' inside. The uniform gets even cooler. I went with a fauxback kind of style. It's not something they have ever worn. It's very different, but would look so good on the ice. I love playing with new ideas. It feels like the Dallas Stars winter classic uniform a little bit. But I loved that uniform.
  11. Steinbach Pistons This is by far my favourite redesign for two reasons. 1. They are my hometown Steinbach Pistons, a team I witnessed in person go from winning 12 games a year to winning a championship in 2013 to being in the hunt for the title every single season. And 2. I got to work with them a year and a bit ago to make these uniform and logo designs a reality. They have worn 2 of the 4 uniforms in my redesign. They use both logos I designed as well. I have designed maybe 4 uniforms for special events as well that they have worn in the past. The logo is simply a simplified version of their previous logo, with a couple other minor changes. I always disliked the realistic pistons they used, it made it so hard to embroider or put on any apparel. It just didn't make sense. So we worked together to make the new simplified version of their primary logo. Something that wouldn't change the brand a crazy amount, but would improve the look. I also convinced them to adopt a new alternate uniform, that includes a vintage car. The Pistons' first logo was an old car, but it was a pretty bad looking logo. It was bad enough for the team to stray from using a car at all, until I designed the current alternate logo that uses a car that has a lot of meaning in Steinbach. Steinbach is known as the Automobile City and we have the 'Big Red Car' as it's known as. A 1931 replica Rolls Royce. That was the inspiration for the new alternate logo, using a car that actually has meaning for the city of Steinbach. They have a shoulder patch for that uniform that was sketched out by the head coach's brother and I touched it up. As you might be able to tell, I'm very proud to have such a big part in this redesign turned real life. The retro uniform I added to the set is the uniform that the Pistons won their first ever championship in. Not my favourite design they have ever worn (obviously haha) but won that is now in the history books.
  12. Selkirk Steelers I didn't do too much with the Steelers. They have a pretty classic red and black look. I do update the logo, a modernized, cleaned up version of their current logo. The alternate logo is also a cleaned up version of a logo they have used in the past. The retro logo is very similar to the alternate logo, but from further in the past. It's probably the most simple, maybe boring concept of the MJHL series, but it's one of those teams I didn't want to do anything crazy with. Didn't want to change too much.
  13. Neepawa Foresters - Updated Colours I got a suggestion on my instagram post to add some colour to Neepawa. I purposely didn't just to stay true to their current look, but I went back and added in some green. Seemed like an obvious choice for the name Foresters. The black and green look reminds me a lot of UND hockey, which is awesome because I love their look. The double green works really well too, at least in my opinion.
  14. Portage Terriers I'm usually not a fan of straight up using NHL uniform templates for junior teams. I love a good custom design. But the Minnesota Wild reverse retro uniforms were so amazing, I couldn't help but use that style for the Terriers, while adding a gold alternate and throwing back to their classic black and green for the retro. The Terriers have used other NHL templates in the past, like Dallas' current uniform style, so this fits with what they have done in the past. Gold and green might be one of my favourite looks in sports, and even though the Terriers are my hometown's biggest rival and I will never cheer for them, this redesign might be one of my favourites, in terms of the colours. For the logo, I just simplified it. Changed out the dog to look like a terrier.
  15. Always appreciate some comments and compliments! You're definitely right about the retro Neepawa uniform reminding you of the old Stars jerseys. I'm almost 100% certain it is the same template. I feel like it's pretty common for MJHL teams to just use NHL uniform templates rather than come up with a custom jersey. It's easier. Especially from 10 years ago and prior. I'll always advocate for a cleaner, upgraded look for OCN. When they announced they were getting a new logo last year, I had some high hopes and they put out a logo that in my opinion was worse than the past look. Adding gradients to an already complicated logo seemed like an interesting choice haha. Impossible to embroider on a hat, that's for sure. I was pretty happy with my version of the logo. It just fits better as a hockey logo in 2021.
  16. Thank you! Really appreciate that! What do you mean exactly by redesign? How would you define a brand update and a redesign? I might have different definitions
  17. OCN Blizzard The OCN Blizzard are the first team to fall under one of my goals for this redesign. To make the colour schemes used in the MJHL a bit more interesting. There was too much red and blue in this league. I never found the colours for each team interesting enough. So the Blizzard were given a new look. Replacing the red, blue, white, and black, with a purple, white, and teal/blue look. Very similar to the colours used by the Solar Bears of the ECHL. Maybe not a conventional colour scheme, I actually found these colours to work very well with the Blizzard name. I used a similar looking logo, redesigned from their current look. Every uniform design pays homage to a uniform worn by the Blizzard throughout their history. The dark and light uniforms were designed based off the uniforms worn in the 90's during Jordin Tootoo's, the alternate and retro were both designed based off other uniforms worn, I just can't find the dates for those. Google has not been kind to me in finding retro looks for the MJHL.
  18. Appreciate the comments! I also thought that while making the league logo, but I'm quite fond of that style of font, so I went for it. As for the roundel, I would honestly prefer to not have that option, but staying true to the branding of the league, I added it. That is a good suggestion though, I'll definitely see what I can do. I'll post changes and touch ups after I post all the teams. For the Kings, there were a couple things I would've liked to do, but wanted to keep it similar to their logo from the 60's to 90's. But I definitely see what you're saying. For Neepawa, also definitely see what you're saying. I will admit I rushed through that alternate one, I used the N logo from a previous redesign I made for them and didn't think much about the font. I do like that retro uniform you suggested as well. One of my goals for the retro uniforms was to stay pretty much true to the design without changing too much. Though I did change the colours for Neepawa, so I'm sure I could make that minor change too. And thank you for the comments and compliments! It's a lot more fun to post on here and receive some comments on top of liking the posts
  19. Neepawa Foresters If you know or follow the MJHL, you'll know this isn't the current name for Neepawa. They are currently called the Neepawa Natives, but announced in 2020 that they would be moving forward with changing their name. Love it or hate it, it provided me with a blank slate to come up with a brand new identity for them. I looked into what Neepawa was about, from an outsiders perspective, and found strong ties to agriculture and forestry. Using this, I came up with the name Foresters. It actually may be one of my proudest logo designs I have made. I stuck with the colours that Neepawa is currently using. I'm not usually fond of just a black and white colour scheme, but I wanted to keep a piece of their current identity. I am definitely open in adding some colour to it though. My favourite part is definitely the plaid striping. I also added an alternate logo of a capital N on a piece of a log, as a reference to their current primary logo and uniform. The retro uniform is just a simple college style they used. I figured if they're trying to get away from the name 'Natives', it wouldn't make sense to use a retro uniform with the former Natives logo.
  20. Thanks! Presentation has always been the toughest part for me to get down.
  21. Dauphin Kings The first team I redesigned is the Dauphin Kings. A couple years ago, the Kings redesigned their logos and uniforms from the help of someone who actually posts topics here. The design was a cleaned up look of a retro logo they used to wear. It is definitely miles better than what they used to wear. I wanted to take that look and add my own spin on it. The Kings used to wear red, blue, and white, but with their latest redesign, they went with 2 colours. Blue and white. Personally, I'm never a fan of just one colour and white. It just seems boring to me. So I brought back the red and added a beige/tan instead of white. The alternate uniform has some custom sleeve striping, which is meant to look like the top of the crown. The retro uniform is a mixture of eras. The logo is from the 1990's and the jersey striping is from their current look.
  22. A couple years back, I redesigned the entire MJHL. In case you didn't know, the MJHL or Manitoba Junior Hockey League is a Junior A league in Canada, which is part of the CJHL. There have actually been a bunch of MJHLers who have made the NHL now. Zach Whitecloud with Vegas, Cole Smith with the Preds, Jordin Tootoo played in the MJHL once upon a time, Barry Trotz coached in the MJHL for the Dauphin Kings, Brady Keeper with the Panthers, Wyatt Kalynuk with the Blackhawks, Travis Zajac, Travis Hamonic, and a couple others. All that to say, it is becoming a more prominent league and has a high rate of sending alumni to NCAA schools in all 3 divisions. I decided to scrap my previous redesign of the MJHL and start again. Here's the basics of what I wanted to accomplish. I rebranded the league's logos and special uniforms for the MJHL/SJHL showcase they play every year. I also redesigned every team in the league. Each team has an updated or rebranded logo and four uniforms. Since in the MJHL, they switch their home and away uniforms half way through the year, they are referred to as Dark, Light, Alternate, and Retro. Typically, the MJHL runs with 3 consistent uniforms at most, but I couldn't help but adding a retro option. (The 3 doesn't include special event uniforms.) To this date, one of my redesigns is actively being used by a team. My hometown Steinbach Pistons allowed me to work with them to redesign their uniforms and logo. I was honoured to say the least. So that will be the only team that isn't technically redesigned because I already redesigned it haha. They're just using my redesign already. So after my long explanation, we shall start with the new MJHL branding and uniforms. I'll just add, I wouldn't personally include a roundel logo in the league branding, but they have an option for it currently, so I thought I'd just add that in, to stay consistent. Any C&C is appreciated!
  23. Just for fun, I thought I'd post the top liked concepts from this series. Maybe it's slightly unfair because the black Bucks concept hasn't been up too long, but oh well. I'll just do the top 5. 1. Toronto Raptors (22 likes) 2. Minnesota Timberwolves (20 likes) 3. Milwaukee Bucks - Blue uniforms (18 likes) 4. Washington Wizards - (17 likes) 5. Atlanta Hawks (14 likes) I'm actually shocked the blue Bucks concept got that high, but pretty happy about it. I loved that blue uniform.
  24. The Bucks were the most significant update that I made, so I'll just add the remaining updates in this post. I changed the script and number colour for New Orleans, added an outline to the numbers on the Celtics, and changed the number colour on the Nuggets.
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