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  1. How about Milwaukee, San Diego, Phoenix, and St. Louis?
  2. Good start! The shape of the crest is good, but I feel that the contents on the logo don't feel like a soccer club badge as a collective. I had an idea that I just came up with: I'd put the trailblazer at the forefront, with trees in the back, and have her look up to the sky towards the north star, as if she's using the stars to navigate her way through the wilderness.
  3. I'm gonna have to say that the actual crest still looks better, but your version isn't bad either. Though you can definitely improve on the home kit by removing the golden stripe in the middle altogether and then make the left sleeve on the black side blue. That way, it has a little more balance of the colours and you don't need to have the back name and numbers in a black box.
  4. Two stunning logos right there. The Launceston one is especially great with such a unique combination of colours. Also, in terms of the 3 remaining clubs, my votes are for Wellington Phoenix and Christchurch for sure. Maybe Echuca or Bendigo?
  5. I hope this gets resumed soon. Your work is as always incredible, mcrosby.
  6. Really like your idea for Brisbane Rovers, and awesome job on the Victory rebrand. I'm not a fan of the Central Coast rebrand though. I think you should have kept the wave motive in some capacity.
  7. Axe

    Brampton Beast Concept

    The only real complaint I have about this is that you should give the Captain C on the home jersey a black outline, and make the C on the away jersey match the numbers in colour. Other than that, I really like it.
  8. Sorry about the wait! Here's the final team in the series: Regal FC out of Regina, Saskatchewan! The royal insignia on the crest is based on the ones the royal family uses, most notably Queen Elizabeth II, as seen here: As Regina is named the "Queen City", it felt appropriate to tie in the colours of the province with a royal theme. Gold at home, Green on the road. Pretty straight forward.
  9. It's all good. When you have good ideas happening at the same time, you get a lot of good content. You definitely take it a bit further with redesigning the logos to your imagination. Speaking of, you definitely made the logo better! WPG 2 feels more polished and sharp.
  10. Nice job on Edmonton. One critique I have about Winnipeg is that the wheat stalks and "Winnipeg" are really squeezed in there and make it hard to read. If you want, you can try making the circle in the cross bigger and making "Winnipeg" bigger and much more visible. Then take out the wheat stalks and put them around the badge like a wreath. I feel that this would make the crest easier to read.
  11. Team number 9 in the CPL hails from Quebec City by the straight forward name of CF Quebec! The logo should be self-explanatory. Circular Q, fleur-de-lis, snowy owl (provincial bird) all tied into it. My 10th team should be a little more creative than this. ? Blue and white from both the provincial and city flag, grey from the walls of the infamous citadel of Quebec City. The kits are also pretty straight-forward. Blue at home, white away.
  12. York 9 is number 7. Now, I'm open to doing three more concepts, including two with logos, since it's been mentioned that the CPL is looking to have 10 teams in the league. The places I'm looking to make kits for are Ottawa (Fury FC most likely), Quebec City and Regina, SK. Thoughts?