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  1. I going to keep moving along with the Mets. This time I am going back to a ton of options, with a set of racing stripes and a set of classics. One hat ties the looks together.
  2. To follow-up, I am posting the Marlins and using nike basics to add more color to the set, and pinstripes just because. Well actually as a nod to successful marlins past, but same concept.
  3. Next up are the Mariners and another combination of eras trend. Modern colors, vintage logos, and a new sleeve logo. Added are a consistency throughout the set, and a splash of more teal.
  4. Posting back to back so i can show off a design that showcases some nike principles. That would be the addition of countless neoclassic uniforms to go along with a traditional set (see UNC through the years). with that being said, I kept the current home/away unis with no changes, but added three options that look modern, but draw influence from some early 1900s aesthetics.
  5. Alright, the next design is the ANAHEIM Angels, which means a name change for the sake of aesthetics. For this one I really didn't go "nike crazy," rather just made some tweaks including a new shoulder patch, striping, and hats. Also yellow replaces the silver halo. Red on red remains, because I hate the recolorization of the angels logos especially when paired with the red on red hat. No blue alternate to differentiate from the the other Navy dominant teams.
  6. The Cardinals new powder blues are unnecessary and gimmicky.
  7. Sure can,. I’ll get around to edits after all the teams are posted. Although I tried to stay away from oversaturating my designs with powder blue uniforms, because I find them gimmicky.
  8. And now for the St. Louis Cardinals. Its a classic brand that doesn't leave much room for innovation, and for that reason the only difference is a fauxback to add a bit of flair. Also change of wordmark on the away, not revolutionary but imo is much better.
  9. For the Milwaukee brewers, I went in a different direction and didn't go with many options. Instead every uniform is a pullover, and I scrapped a grey road uniform. Decided on the classic powder blue to complaint the lighter blue and yellow color scheme.
  10. Next up, the Oakland Athletics, and a the return of a brighter green. The uniforms mostly stay intact other than a switch to a brighter green, with the exception of sleeve patch colorways. What makes this interesting are the fauxback options that include one of the major college trends.. colored pants. Just like the old A's ,the fauxbacks take a vest form with the original A logo on the chest. Expect a lot more colored pants and pullovers to come...
  11. I am starting "another" MLB thread, but the catch here is the concepts are modeled after the college baseball nike designs. This means a ton of options, fauxbacks, and non-traditional designs. The first team is the Houston Astros, a team many college programs model uniforms after. I took a page out of the NCAA's book and brought back the rainbow guts with a modern twist. Additionally, the more traditional options have added a shooting star above the team names. C&C are appreciated, but any edits will be about 2 months out.
  12. To keep it rolling, the next team is the Denver Broncos. The set is based off the color rush with some updates. The alternate helmet with the "D" bronco is updated to fit the current brand, and is added on the pant options. Kept it simple, focusing on mixing and matching.
  13. The next team showcased is the Dallas Cowboys, with a rehash of the '94 look with a few tweaks. The white helmet is added with chrome striping, to go along white pants. The faux-backs are similar to the cowboys traditional look, but maintain color consistency with the rest of the uniform pieces. The end zones swap out depending on the helmet option.
  14. Back home and back to dropping some material. I really like the current bears uniforms, so with that as a template only came up with a pair of faux backs. Only change to home and away are GSH colorways. Not much to describe, but I plan on branching away from current looks more with the next concepts.
  15. Those are magnificent, I'm a huge fan of this work.