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  1. As Rays fan, I found this concept incredibly difficult. I never really consider the aesthetics of my own team, because inherently love my team. I took a step back and realized the current colors stand out in the league, but the rainbow gradients are also very sharp. I merged the two into something, I as a fan would be proud to wear.
  2. In the middle of a really busy week, but found time to scrap up a Giants concept. Pretty similar to what is currently worn. Biggest difference is the shoulder patch which is a diamond shape with the Golden gate bridge inside, and the SF logo placed at the bottom. Also took off the headspoon on the away, and brought back block lettering to the orange alt. The black alt follows the template of the grey alt.
  3. Like the direction you are going with UConn, the wordmark would be a good replacement for the husky head on the shirt to keep from being redundant.
  4. Cincy and Temple look great, maybe you could use a more sports oriented font for the names and numbers. Could even use the official school fonts as well, or try something new to match the uniform.
  5. No responses, so here are the Padres. I used the soon to be introduced brown and gold colors, and decided to mix both modern and classic styles. A fauxback set is included to compliment the main uniforms. Additionally, updated the camo uniform to match the current Navy uniform. While some hate it, they were the first to introduce one, and IMO was a great nod to the Navy community.
  6. I would replace the long soccer socks with maybe a style of stance or Nike basketball socks that would be more adept for Cornhole. Is a great start so far!
  7. Here is my take on the Pirates. The vest comes back full time, with black pants and a yellow top in tow. Eliminated the white outlines on the black alt to match the hat, and also added a fauxback.
  8. Also throwing in my Phillies concept. Royal is swapped for powder, and the new red is a mix between classic maroon and the current red. Racing stripes make a return, and sleeve numbers are dropped.
  9. Dropping some edits finally including the Dodgers, Mets, and Mariners. More to come. White outline and the Dodgers wordmark to make this set pop more. White inner line in place of grey as suggested. Snow white, and orange options added.
  10. The New York Yankees are up next. Felt like making a good amount of changes, with a throwback NY logo for both caps and jerseys. Liked the more square version bc it fits neatly in all applications. Also used a flannel pattern on the away, a real traditional feel, along with an inverse alternate. Obviously not that creative, and very controversial, but if college baseball can make it look "fire emoji," why not the Yankees. Also an additional more toned down grey alternate that also uses the throwback NY. Tradition stays around, in the form of no front Nike logo..!
  11. I will start on some color tweaks, but in the meantime here is a Twins concept. The pinstripes are back, both home and road. Ugly gold is taken out, and that Joe Mauer helmet becomes a part of the hat set.
  12. All good, admittedly 1 is a weird numeral in that font considering it’s been retired for awhile.
  13. That is actually the Red Sox font I used.
  14. Here is my take on the Rockies. A team with almost the same look for their entire existence, I kept with their "established tradition." More emphasis on purple, and a slight shoulder logo tweak. Also, their unique road pinstripes make a comeback.