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  1. The fact that there are no imminent plans to trash those disgraceful falcons uniforms , is baffling at best.
  2. The black jerseys are beautiful and should be a regular in their rotation.
  3. Or... Everyone has their own opinion. Doesn't mean it's a forgone conclusion. I'm a Braves fan, but I personally loved the Padres in Orange and blue. But the brown/gold combo isn't offensive in any way, IMHO
  4. Hawks uni breakdown: (number of games) Home• Black(14) City(11) White(9) Red(7) Away• Black(6) City(5) White (13) Red(17) The red "ATL" version is worn the most, which is ok since we're getting new uniforms next year anyway. ATL is nationally known, and recognized, but I can't get on board with DAL, PHX, CLT, ORL, and all the others. They just look forced.
  5. Jay and Silent Bob reference...nice lol
  6. "That's what I call a sack lunch....mmhmhmm"
  7. I'm sorry, but being from Atlanta, there isn't any reason to draw uniform inspiration from Ty Cobb, especially in the NBA. It's only a nod to "The Peach State", nothing more.
  8. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it lol
  9. That was the Hawks. When we first had the rebranding, they proposed to have the court mirror the look of a blacktop. When it was rejected, they instead used the same proposed design to revitalize the city parks and rec center courts. There's pictures of what the design would look like if it was approved.
  10. Honestly, they should've did a color swap and call it a day. Not that the new unis are bad, but yeah, you know...
  11. It's not the lyrics that are outdated and dumb... it's the people using them in situations that thinks it's cool, which obviously is lame
  12. I fully believe the Hawks will do something very similar to their G-league uniform. It does resemble a recolor of the powder blue throwback that was a major fan favorite this past year.
  13. Not only that...but they cropped out the part where the collar of the black jersey was peeking through the bars, behind the helmet.