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  1. My first memories of the Hawks, they wore these. Some of my favorites.
  2. Thank you! Buster's a cool dude, and he seems to like whatever the final uniform is. So I wouldn't anticipate anything too outlandish. "Flashy" for him could've simply meant big numbers, too bright of a green shade ..etc. Guess we'll know for sure in a month or so.
  3. Lol, no I didn't get that far in the conversation. Just kept it simple and had a quick chat, then we went our separate ways.
  4. Also, not a Jets fan by any means, so I have no reason on this thread. So take that info as you like.
  5. I live in Atlanta, and went to high school with Buster Skrine's sister. I ran into him on Monday at a CVS, and talked to him for a second. I asked if he saw the new uniforms, and he said" yeah, they're pretty dope, but a little flashy for my taste." So, interpret that how you like. Not claiming inside info, just a genuine tidbit I thought might help here.
  6. Atl Hawks 03-06 https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/joe-johnson-of-the-atlanta-hawks-poses-in-his-new-uniform-news-photo/53442347
  7. Yeah, I wanted them to have the same color ratio as the 1969 throwback, with a blue tomahawk. It would've been gorgeous
  8. Just because something is similar, doesn't preclude it from being good. There are only so many ways to go with red, white, and blue. Without a total change in brand, this is a solid if not great look. I can say, in person, they look gorgeous and you won't mistake them with anyone else.
  9. The piping on the Navy alt is actually a metallic looking Gray, as opposed to white. It's actually beautiful. The home and away are rightfully the same.
  10. Lol.. that was also my first car, but in dark green.
  11. Yeah, I expected it to be more than just another Alternate. Sounds like they're going to be a hit(no pun intended)
  12. Lol.. yes, although I've lived in the actual city as well, so it doesn't really count to me. But oh well.
  13. I literally live within eyesight of SunTrust park, I'll be at Chop fest and can't wait to see what's in store.