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  1. Never noticed how good looking and simple the Texans uniforms are. Their away jersey is clean...
  2. Yeah, I wish the uniforms could incorporate more of the teams identity, rather than 10 company logos. There could be some great uniforms with unique identities, but they're muddied by the bland template and sponsorships.
  3. What on Earth are you babbling about? I never once told him his opinion wasn't valid or open for discussion.. my posts clearly states, that if it's just a matter of opinion on the aesthetics of the uniform, that's no issue, we all have opinions, I CLEARLY stated that. I'm not a Clippers fan , so I couldn't care less about their uniforms. My contention , was that every team has done something with their uniforms that doesn't fully represent who they are. It makes no sense to aggressively call out one team, because at least half the league has had a uniform in the Nike era, that baffles the fan base. You can read my earlier posts if you like. Not once, did I tell him his opinion wasn't welcomed. Nothing more, nothing less. Good day, internet Sheriff.
  4. Just end this please. There is no basis to your argument whatsoever. We get it. You don't like the Clippers, they have mediocre history, and they're soft, so the tough guy image doesn't fit them. I really don't know how any of that has a lick to do with presenting a new uniform. Who the hell are you to say "These guys shouldn't wear this because they haven't won anything, and they're not tough, they don't represent LA"... Really? It just sounds super childish and has no substance to it.
  5. The Hawks have had the same statement uni since 2015... I think the city edition has a 2 year limit though.
  6. That's literally the point of doing something different. They're not claiming to be the new "bad boys"... But opinions are opinions.
  7. Lol... it's ok to be a Laker fan, and acknowledge that the Clippers, on paper, have their best team in ages. The expectations are high. Why not capitalize on going in a new direction? EVERY team has had a new jersey since Nike took over. Whatever you have against the Clippers, should apply to every team. Some teams went waayy out of their usual brand to accommodate Nike. It's like you don't want them to sperate from their mediocre history and establish something new, even if it didn't come with a full rebranding. Again, this can be applied to almost every team. There are only so many designs for a team, and Nike is running through them.
  8. You're still a little off with your argument (or point)... So you're essentially saying, the Clippers aren't allowed to try anything different, separate themselves from the past Clippers teams that amounted to nothing, or signal change in the direction of the organization and team. Every single team in the NBA has tried something new or different. I don't get why you can't just say the uniforms don't resonate with you personally.
  9. Ummm... it's ok to not like the uniforms. But as far as brand and going for a certain look, why wouldn't you reinvent your identity with a new team? I don't think they're trying to be hard, they're just embracing being a different LA than the Lakers. LA isn't just movie stars and showbiz... At least they're trying to separate themselves. This is their first, real championship caliber team...a little change isn't that serious is it?
  10. The fact that there are no imminent plans to trash those disgraceful falcons uniforms , is baffling at best.
  11. The black jerseys are beautiful and should be a regular in their rotation.
  12. Or... Everyone has their own opinion. Doesn't mean it's a forgone conclusion. I'm a Braves fan, but I personally loved the Padres in Orange and blue. But the brown/gold combo isn't offensive in any way, IMHO
  13. Hawks uni breakdown: (number of games) Home• Black(14) City(11) White(9) Red(7) Away• Black(6) City(5) White (13) Red(17) The red "ATL" version is worn the most, which is ok since we're getting new uniforms next year anyway. ATL is nationally known, and recognized, but I can't get on board with DAL, PHX, CLT, ORL, and all the others. They just look forced.
  14. Jay and Silent Bob reference...nice lol