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  1. Looks like they've been playing in a mud game.
  2. Yeah, our signals got crossed lol. I get what you meant. But yeah, we understand each other now.
  3. Where did anyone say that? One person said "people like change, for change sake" , My post was a reply to that... Being, the Falcons wouldn't be making a change for the hell of it, it has historical relevance. That should clarify any confusion.
  4. Either you're purposely missing the point, or you just want to go back and forth. "Historically" means what they wore through their history. The green yellow is synonymous with GB, as is red/black with the falcons. We aren't talking about their identity as a whole, just certain elements. It's pretty self explanatory
  5. To be fair... Historically, the Falcons have always been a red helmet team... The black lids have been dominant since the 90s(first SB run) so that's why they're more synonymous with the Falcons than red helmets. But, red has just as much history. Honestly, I just don't see a better uni combo for ATL than this
  6. For one, the Falcons will have black jerseys and other elements to clearly differentiate from the bucs. Red , black, white will always look the same, no matter what team. They definitely won't look too similar, I'm confident of that.
  7. Actually, It was rendered to be a "F' as well. I believe there's an article (not Bleacher report) on the designers' intentions. You'll have to look it up
  8. As opposed to what they were trotting out the past few years?
  9. When you see the logo on actual merchandise, and not just a screen, it's even more apparent that it needs no change. Opposed to the ATL Hawks, I grew tired of the new look uniforms after the first year. Some things are better left alone.
  10. Sorry, but no. That's much too archaic for a team playing in 2020. It's so easy to go back to the past. The current logo is more than fine. It looks good on a helmet, jersey, and merchandise. They don't create logos so the design community can approve of every single aspect.
  11. Did you know, Nike has no real control over the shells? They're an easy scapegoat, but they wouldn't be the ones to blame for a helmet blunder.
  12. I get all of that. But... How many people you think see the Falcons logo, and say " Oh Lord, I'm having Michael Vick flashbacks" ...or "That logo looks like 28-3". That's insane. People recognize the Steelers, Patriots, 49ers, and Packers so well because their logo is synonymous with winning championships. The Falcons have had moderate success, and bad experiences. That doesn't mean, we have to change our logo. It can be a symbol for some of the greatest Falcons teams of all time, first time for back to back playoff teams, and it's plastered everywhere in Mercedes Benz stadium. It's not like we're the Browns, Raiders, or Jags. We do have more good than bad that's happened under the current logo.
  13. What the hell does any of that have to do with a logo? You sound like you just want to stir the pot. Stay on topic and contribute a relevant point. People do things, and make mistakes everywhere. You don't see every company and team changing their image just to distance themselves from a stain in their history. They cut ties and move on. You should do the same, and actually talk about uniforms and logos, not things that never occurred on the field, or happened more than a few years ago.
  14. Monstrosity? Everyone has their opinions, but the logo is nowhere near a monstrosity. It's middle of the pack, at least.