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  1. Lol..oh ok. I was genuinely lost, and wondered how the topic switched to that. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Sorry, not a mod or anything... But what does this have to do with the Hawks, or their new uniforms?
  3. That brown, gold and "sand" color scheme is so complimentary, and works so well for a city like San Diego
  4. Yeah, but that template has a million seams lol. They could've went with the much cleaner vapor untouchable
  5. Yeah, as you said before, the Hawks are a predominantly Red and yellow team now. The only black is the statement uniform. The red and white versions look nothing like the bulls, blazers..etc
  6. Even so, Atlanta historically has had black and red. So it's not like this is anything new lol.
  7. That'd be a great Broncos Jersey.
  8. We get it for the thousandth time... McDonald's is red and yellow, so are the Hawks, Chiefs, and Flames(another former Atlanta team)
  9. And at the beginning of each home game, the PA system will echo "Let's get it Kraken"
  10. This would sort of work for a Redtails identity. The leather helmet look is reminiscent of the aviator helmet/hat. It could definitely be tied in if they went that route.
  11. I wouldn't speak in absolutes like that. No one knows how anything will turn out. Best you can do, is give it a shot like MLS,MLB, NBA, and Nascar are doing. It's working to a degree.
  12. I think it's less about Simms, and more about how the pro bowl itself was perceived back then.
  13. Agreed. Basically, the Hawks have never had a team like they do now. I'm talking in terms of a core of really young players that are all drafted and developed as rookies. The new design works for the young, and the older crowd.Think if Nique, Dikembe, and Doc Rivers all came in the same 1-2 year span, and then the Hawks introduced the classic design that Nique made famous? Those uniforms would be a lot more prestigious than they already are. So basically, if the Hawks become an eastern powerhouse, these uniforms will look that much better and hold that much more value.
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