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  1. I know we're all staring at the bolt-less pants here, justifiably. But can we give a moment of attention to that facemask that's a few rungs away from going to his knees. How did that thing not crush his larynx every time he looked down? I know that longer facemask style was popular among quartersbacks and a handful of running backs and defensive backs in the '80s and '90s —Steve Young, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino, Steve DeBerg, Ronnie Lott, Ottis Anderson — but I don't recall it looking as huge as it does in this picture.
  2. I also bought tickets to what would've been today's game. Bought three right after they announced the upper bowl would open, hoping to see if my sons would find football more engaging than they do baseball. It's a bummer, but a necessary bummer.
  3. I do like, however, that it correctly forecasts our immediate future in which all NFL players will be required to play with surgical gloves. Seriously, though: Looks great, just maybe for a fictional franchise that doesn't have 60 years of history.
  4. Sorry friends, but mixing orange with pewter is a disaster. It's like mixing toothpaste and orange juice. It just doesn't work.
  5. Seattle has been overrun by coronavirus. Making an announcement about the hockey team's branding at this point could come off to many as being tone deaf. And even if that wasn't a concern, they want this to be a celebratory affair and not something lost in the noise of a pandemic. I'm gonna cut them some slack. Yeah, they should've made the announcement before this. But now's not the time.
  6. Seattle NHL identity reveal is delayed due to coronavirus, according to Sports Business Journal. From an SBJ e-newsletter: .
  7. I like these last three, other than the fact that they're not distinct enough from the Cincinnati Bengals.
  8. I've wondered about this. As a kid in the '80s, I always liked the creamsicles. And I remember being disappointed by the red/pewter look in the late '90s -- not because it was bad on its own, but because it was replacing such a unique color set. All I can figure is that those uniforms carried some of the residue from the team's futility during much of that era. Ugly by association, you could say.
  9. I'd also think that if the NFL wanted to take this on, that slapping an H and star onto the logo wouldn't be enough to deter them.
  10. You don't think the big, giant H on the front is distinct enough?
  11. You guys, this isn't that hard. I wasn't questioning the relevancy of a star for the Houston franchise. I get why they would have a star. It's Texas. You're big on stars. I was questioning the necessity of it. There's already too much going on with that uniform and logo. The star is extraneous. Not every Texas team needs to shoehorn a star into their look.
  12. Yeah, I agree with this. We've agreed to disagree on the relaunched BiG logo, but the Brewers uniforms represent, in my mind, a significant upgrade. I'd think Rams fans would be happy to have a similar outcome.
  13. Yes, I recognize that Texas is the Lone Star State. But that doesn't mean the star needs to be forced onto the uniforms or the logo, which is the case here.