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  1. I don't hate that winged G logo. I might actually like it.
  2. It seems clear to me that the objective here was to come up with something completely new without being a jarring, seismic change. So they picked a name with the same number of syllables that also allowed for a similar-styled script and primary logo, albeit in an adjusted font. If that was truly the goal, then it's hard to argue that they didn't nail it. I was just hoping for something bigger. But I'm not a Cleveland fan, though. Maybe this comes as a relief to them.
  3. 100% agree. I lived in Portland for 10 years and during a recent period of prolonged success for the Winterhawks, when they were regularly producing future NHL stars. The team has a pretty devoted fanbase, but I never once felt like there was a sustained buzz around the franchise. I always wondered whether it would be different had they not been playing Blackhawks dress-up for so long. As a fan, I'd much rather connect with an original brand rather than one mimicking one that's more famous yet without any real direct ties to that club.
  4. I'm not sure they're hiding it. They just announced it publicly. Looks like Oregonian columnist John Canzano also wrote about the expected reveal earlier this week, too. He includes this interesting little nugget of history about how the Winterhawks came to adopt the Chicago Blackhawks look:
  5. Back in the late '80s, when I was a kid growing up in Minnesota and we only had three channels, the only baseball I got was Twins road games (home games weren't on TV then), the occasional national game, and episodes of "This Week in Baseball." The ASG was the one time a year I got to see what a Montreal Expo looked like during a live telecast. Seeing those uniforms on TV, to me, is as big of an attraction as the all-stars themselves. Watching them all in special ASG dress-up ruins it for me.
  6. I felt the same way when North Dakota announced its rebrand from Fighting Sioux. The other options, which included Roughriders, Sundogs and (my preference) Nodaks, were all more unique than the eventual choice, Fighting Hawks. Much like with Marquette, its as if in making their choice they favored the least controversial over the most interesting. It's easy to understand why they did, especially for campuses in which the nickname topic had come to define entire eras. It's just unfortunate they couldn't add a little risk into the equation. We'd have had some better outcomes.
  7. It's like New Era has become like Taco Bell. They both essentially take the same ingredients for every product and rearrange them to make something "new."
  8. The Rams have us in this unusual position to where this is such a huge improvement over the monstrosities they revealed a year ago that I almost don't want to critique these. That said, I'm going to anyway. I'm relieved the numbers don't have a gradient like the blue ones, but I still really hate the numbers. I get that they're trying to evoke the shape of the ram horns inside the numbers, but it would look considerably better without the shiny lines of fabric. The same goes for the shoulder treatment. The glazy fabric is garish. One other nitpick: I don't care for the yellow trim going under the shoulders. I'm sure it has something to do with the blue on the shoulders not connecting to the end of the sleeve. But that little extra bit of yellow is a distraction.
  9. I agree. There seems to be a willful blindness on this board about the financial standing of the CFL, as if history and tradition is enough to withstand the economic forces at play. I, for one, didn't think the XFL merger talk was a bad idea. It at least hinted that anything and everything was on the table. If any of this is true, then the Argos ownership is sending the same message. And, to someone else's suggestion, what could the Canadian government really do to stand in the way of a private business making a decision in an attempt to ensure its survival? I don't see how a protectionist measure would help unless it involved some sort of financial incentives. I think it's likely the CFL will find some way to appease the new Argos owners and keep them in the fold. As @monkeypower said, it's imperative to the league's success. But you can't expect the Argos to just stand pat because the CFL has tradition and things can never change.
  10. I think you maybe contradicted yourself here. Because if you were a "Vegas guy," you'd enjoy going there whether it was February or August. FWIW, I'm not a "Vegas guy" either, so if I'm going there, it's specifically to see my team (and probably because the flights are cheap), so I wouldn't particularly care what time of year it was. But here's the thing I don't get about this topic: Vegas gets brought up as being too hot for baseball, yet Phoenix -- where the average summertime temps are nearly identical -- seems to get a pass in this regard. And the D-Backs have a retractable roof, rather than a fully domed stadium, so there's a willingness to embrace the elements. I don't really see why Vegas should be any different.
  11. I get what you're saying, but there's a big distinction between two major universities that chose their colors decades ago and professional sports franchises that seem to make consequential branding changes every few years, and appear to do so with less and less consideration for uniqueness. The T-Wolves, for example, could easily have re-embraced royal blue and green with their most recent redesign, which would have made them unique in the league, but instead opted for a pair of darker shades of blue that, as the picture shows, isn't that dissimilar from what the Mavericks wear. It looks to me that they cared less about creating a brand that stood out within the league and more about creating product they thought had a better chance at selling, likely using focus group and market research data. And that's fine. These teams are a business, of which retail sales are a big part. So I get it. But as others have pointed out, they just end up looking a bit more like the Mavericks than I'd like. As an aside, I'm still flummoxed by the T-Wolves' decision to incorporate a neon green accent in such a subtle way that it's barely noticeable. The garish green alts aside, I don't see how adding a slight touch of green inside the fold of the shorts adds anything other than frustration that the rest of it looks so ridiculously bland.
  12. I've never spent much time looking at that logo. It's really sort of ridiculous. That aside, it also appears as if it's too tall to adequately fit on a modern helmet. In order to avoid the air holes at the top, the logo had to be pushed more toward the back of the helmet. I wonder if you can even see the logo when looking at the helmet from the front.
  13. I can see how we might draw that conclusion, but I still think it's a stretch. And if it really is an evolution of the Barkley look, then I'm guessing it is more of a happy accident and not out of intent. And even so, I had forgotten there was a black version of that '90s set. When I think of that era, I think of the purple and white primaries. If they wanted something to be an homage of that era, I'd think they'd build off the primaries. As always, happy to be wrong. But I think any similarities between the two is merely coincidental.
  14. This NBA Finals has really reignited my love for the NBA. As a result, I've started checking out some YouTube clips of old NBA broadcasts. I've got to say, as much as I like the current Bucks set over prior iterations, and I appreciate the attempt to pay homage to their '80s Irish rainbows, I can't imagine why they went with such a bland wordmark when what they wore in the '80s was so perfect.
  15. Agreed. I love the idea, but the elk horn just feels too insubstantial to command the space it's trying to occupy. Making it worse are the ends of the chinstrap that partially cover up the helmet logo.
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