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  1. I agree with most of you that these will be an upgrade over what they have, though admittedly the bar on that judgement is pretty low. I'm all for simple, and I agree that TV numbers aren't necessary. But on these new designs, I'm not a fan of the tiger stripes floating on the shoulders as they do. I see them more as flames or the fingers of some mythical creature than as tiger stripes. There's something about how the stripes were housed inside their own orange panels on the original tiger-stripe set that ensured that the stripes were unmistakably tiger stripes. Leaving them to float in that space diminishes the effect. Also, the white jersey will really help determine whether these new uniforms are a success or failure. If they do the same with the white jersey as they do with the black or orange, and allow the stripes to float in a single color on the jersey, then it'll be a huge miss. The orange tiger-striped shoulder panels really are what made that earlier era's white jersey stand out.
  2. I disagree with this. I fall more in line with what @MNtwins3 suggested in terms of modernizing the '80s-early '90s WS logo. But I think the example you offer here is pretty interesting. I hadn't given it much thought before now, but I actually really like the effect of including just one seam of the baseball into the logo. It's gives you the sense of the shape of the ball without forcing the logo into that shape. That said, this logo fails to convey the grandeur of the World Series. But it's far from the worse example.
  3. When I first saw these, I thought the side panels detracted from the look. But I didn't realize until I zoomed in on the picture that the white panels have a black border. And seeing that it's meant as an homage to the early '00s look, I've changed my tune. If it were just a plain white side panel, I wouldn't like it as much. But that little added dimension really helps it.
  4. Yes, this exactly. I actually got in a four-car wreck just outside the tunnel, likely due to someone further up the tunnel making the wrong decision. (And I actually lived ON Crane Avenue, in an apartment complex about a half-mile up from the Eat 'n Park on Banksville Road. I still dream about getting cuts of Beto's Pizza. That was a long time ago, though. Fall of '99 to 2004ish)
  5. I spent the first five years of my professional career in Pittsburgh, living off of Banksville Road, which meant I got the Fort Pitt Tunnel experience every day I went to work. I'll never forget when I arrived in Pittsburgh for my job interview. The cab driver bringing me in from the airport referred to Pittsburgh as the only city in America with an entrance (or its own front door, or something to that point.) He was spot on. (That said: driving through it for the first time is incredibly intimidating. The second you get past that breathtaking view you have, like, four choices to make in terms of exits, and you have to make them quickly.)
  6. I've always liked the idea of logos like this -- perhaps too detailed for apparel, but still attractive -- being reserved for formal uses, like on letterhead. I'm sure such things are somewhat anachronistic, but so am I, so I like the idea of having letterhead-specific logos.
  7. It's plain, but it has enough going for it to also have character. The black collar isn't much, but it somehow adds to the overall look. I wonder what it would look like with black sleeve cuffs instead of white. One detraction: I'd do without the white side panel.
  8. I agree. Looks a lot like the Portland Timbers' color scheme, which is probably exactly what Seattle sports fans want to hear.
  9. I can appreciate how NYCFC has really built this into a blue-and-white club and hasn't overplayed the orange. But I wouldn't mind if they played up orange a little bit more than they have here. Still a nice and classy kit. But I see no harm in adding a little more orange in small touches. Like, maybe forego the white sleeve cuffs for striped cuffs of navy/orange/white or some similar combo. Or a jock tag with touches of orange, and adding an orange outline to the MLS badge.
  10. The Caps and Dynamo kits should be the foundations they build around for years. They're perfect for those clubs. Every Vancouver kit should start with the hoops. And the simple orange/black Houston kit is gorgeous and pairs perfectly with the new crest. Like the Caps, it should be where every subsequent new kit starts for them.
  11. Looks like they're spraying lines on a port-a-potty. I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere.
  12. I agree. I'd never considered this before, but I feel like the black-and-white lines on the original logo (essentially on the jaguar's cheek) could be incorporated as a design element elsewhere on the uniform, perhaps as sleeve stripes.
  13. Yes, two things can be true. But the patches in these examples are only there because they add some value to the product at retail, not because they add value to the aesthetics. Jersey patches aren't something that generally bother me. But the question at hand was to whether the patches in these examples are necessary, and I'm suggesting they aren't. In the case of the Steelers, the patch does nothing but add clutter to a jersey that doesn't need it. It looks better without the patch. And I think the Steelers are well known enough to not generate confusion with the Iowa Hawkeyes anytime soon. Their look can stand on its own without adding knick-knacks. As for the Jaguars, I can understand why someone might be bothered by the lack of gold in the jersey. But a patch, seemingly placed at random, shouldn't be the answer to a design flaw. Again, its only function is to make the jersey recognizable on its own. It's not there because it looks good.
  14. I completely understand why the preference would be to have Cincy featured in royal and orange, considering that's their primary colors. That said, the kit looks way nicer in navy than it would in royal. It's a really nice looking jersey.