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  1. Exactly. I wouldn't read into this as an endorsement for Las Vegas. It's just that Las Vegas is top-of-mind already in Oakland for any conversation related to relocation. The broader point was, "this happened to the Raiders, it will happen with the A's, too."
  2. I think the assumption so far here in St. Louis is that Saint Louis F.C. will remain as the new MLS franchise's affiliated USL club, but I haven't seen anything definitive from the MLS owners other than a statement that the STLFC club is not being promoted to MLS. It makes a degree of sense considering its principal owner, Jim Kavanaugh, is part of the MLS ownership group. But nothing seems to have been uttered publicly so far, at least as far as I've seen. I completely understand the conundrum with these 2 teams. I know it's worked well for Portland to have a feeder team in its backyard to supplement its bench and give its developing players more time on the pitch in a competitive match without sending them on loan deals. But it's exceedingly difficult to build any sort of fan interest in those clubs when you have the parent club in the same proximity, if not the same exact facility. I lived in Portland for most of the MLS Timbers' existence and never once made it up to Merlo Field at the University of Portland. Thought about it, but it never rose to the level of intrigue that led to me laying out cash for tickets. That creates some bad optics for a league that otherwise is going through a rather impressive growth spurt. The high energy fan bases in new independent markets like Albuquerque are a stark contrast from the empty crowds at the MLS 2 clubs.
  3. I was questioning that decision, as well. If anything, isn't the trend to default to a city's airport code? In this case, CLT would've made more sense than CHA. Unless they're being just incredibly transparent about this being a blatant cash grab and using CHA as a shortener for "CHA-CHING!"
  4. That sounds great, actually. I'd be in favor of an update like this. But modernizing it too much strip the logo of its charm.
  5. I don't know why the red would seem out of place. The Bucco Bruce era used both orange and red in its color scheme. Seems like the stadium is ready made to adapt to a switch. Also, I don't understand the call for a modernized Bucco Bruce. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see a lot wrong with the original.
  6. I'm hoping for a return to the creamsicles. I don't disagree that the 1997-2013 set was a great-looking football uniform -- just not for a team in Florida. That color scheme, as appealing as it was, just seems drab for the region its representing.
  7. I'd think that's an easier assumption to make with the mid-sized, non-sexy markets like St. Louis, Cincinnati, Minnesota, etc. Maybe I'm wrong, and I hope I am, but i don't see a lot of instant-impact stars -- the Carlos Velas of the world — eyeing middle America as their place to shine.
  8. You're not reading that correctly. They're not identifying the upcoming matches in the schedule. Those are listings for how to buy tickets into the supporters sections for away matches. So where it says "Timbers Army @ Sporting KC" is a link to instructions on how to buy tickets to sit with the Timbers Army at the Sporting KC game. It's not a self-reverential reference.
  9. My guess is this guy perceived a certain level of demand for his interpretation of a Fighting Hawk. His Fighting Sioux logo is still revered up there and there was no shortage of people suggesting he be given the chance to create the logo for the new name. I'm sure he's harboring some fantasy that this is the start of some geurilla logo insurgence, that enough people will buy his apparel that its eventual ubiquitousness makes it the legitimate alternative to the actual logo and the university will come to its senses and adopt it. Nothing wrong with fantasies.
  10. This is a case of university that overcorrected. UND and its leaders were basically traumatized by years of having a nickname controversy be its defining narrative. They chose the least offensive option of the bunch. That nickname is a lukewarm glass of water. It's vanilla ice cream. It's pasta without sauce. Inoffensive to everyone but those of us with a thirst for originality. My pick was NoDaks. I thought the state could own it like Indiana owns Hoosiers. No need for a logo; keep the ND ligature as the primary mark. Own who you are and where you're from. It's an evolution from just being "North Dakota." Nobody listens to me, though.
  11. Bennett Brien, the local designer behind the Fighting Sioux logo adopted by the University of North Dakota in the mid-2000s, has now come up with his own interpretation of a Fighting Hawks logo. He's also produced an apparel line to go with it though, as this story notes, he claims it isn't meant as a snub to the university's current Hawks mark. Here's the story from the Grand Forks Herald: https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4626593-Artist-behind-the-Fighting-Sioux-logo-has-a-hawk-design-of-his-own Personally, I don't care for the logo. Too much detail. His Fighting Sioux logo was also really detailed, but it managed to work without being too busy. This one, however, doesn't.
  12. It really is an interesting issue. There can't be very many teams that have been around for around 40 years that have a brand you could argue is disposable. The Clippers might be in a category of their own.
  13. I keep hearing rumblings of a new central division, which would make a lot of sense considering the appeal of geographic rivalries. Doing so, however, would make the idea of a Midwest Cup seem unnecessary. Cascadia Cup works because it's a regional thing with just three teams. A Midwest Cup that included STL, KC, Chicago, Minnesota, Cincy, Columbus (and maybe Nashville?) would make up for the majority of that Central Division. (The outliers, I'd assume, would be the Texas clubs).
  14. I don't know. I think that St. Louis one could be problematic. Certainly, you can apply the wings to either side of the helmet, but that's hardly unique anymore. And they'd probably sully it by trying to cram that sword down the middle, just like the logo. Or worse, they'd just stick the logo as its on the side of the helmets and call it a day. I think that Gladiators could be wrapped to the back of the helmet, sort of like the old Michigan Panthers of the USFL. I'd like to see a Renegades helmet that employed those red eyes at the front of the helmet. The bottom third of the helmet would be blue to mimic the scarf and the top could employ some markings to illustrate the hat. I'm just spitballin' here.