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  1. That Broncos set, of course, is actually a Nike design circa 1997. So if we really want to trace back the roots of this design era, you could perhaps claim Nike inspired Reebok to do some terrible things.
  2. I just read another analysis that suggested the Twins/Saints partnership could be about franchise valuation. That becoming an affiliated minor league franchise can increase the club's value by as much as 75%. It could also lead to shared marketing capabilities that produce more lucrative sponsorship opportunities for both clubs. Those are the sorts of (pardon the pun) inside baseball business deals that I fail to consider.
  3. This whole scenario makes me think of the current and pending Twins/St. Paul Saints scenario. I was listening to a podcast recently on this subject where the lingering question was this: Why would the Saints do this? They've carved out a reputation as the standard-bearer for running a quality independent baseball franchise. They already have no trouble selling tickets and filling up their beautiful new stadium. They have laughably inexpensive payroll as an independent club. And becoming a AAA affiliate will reportedly cost ownership $20 million, a fee that I'd guess will be picked up in part or in whole by the Twins. The benefits to the Twins, by contrast, would be significant. The convenience of working with your rehabbing stars or top prospects via a 10-minute drive rather than a three-hour plane ride alone is worth it. In other words, the Saints don't need this affiliation nearly as much as the Twins do. Which leads me to this hair-brained theory: The Twins are working out a deal to acquire the Saints, either in whole or as a minority investor. All supposition of course. Just the result of trying to rationalize why the Saints would even want this.
  4. Brian, as usual, your analysis is spot on in this thread. I used to live just a few miles from Ron Tonkin Field, a municipally owned stadium that's charming, but limited in its scale. Five years ago, in the midst of another year of sell-out crowds, General Manager K.L. Wombacher was asked by the Portland Business Journal what was keeping the club from advancing beyond the short-season Single A level. I put the first sentence of his response in bold: Clearly, Major League Baseball is forcing the issue with the latter half of those concerns. And perhaps it's forcing a change in the way of thinking about what services/facilities/amenities/etc. are required at the high A level. Even so, even the Hops' GM thought the stadium was inadequate at one point. And now they could soon find themselves with a higher affiliation than longtime AAA stalwart Fresno.
  5. Maybe it's become I've evolved into "old school" status, but this picture displays my three all-time favorite NFL facemask styles. I especially love the old two-bar style Mark Duper is sporting. It seemed to have left the league alongside Steve Largent.