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  1. I saw this tweet this morning, are Phil and Phillis still an official logo?
  2. I could have sworn I read somewhere that this was the original plan before Color Rush happened...
  3. The Sixers are wearing their classics tonight against the Nets instead of the Association editions that were listed for this game on locker vision.
  4. That was exactly it... He was playing the character of "KryptoNate" IIRC
  5. Those socks need to go though... What happened to the ones with gold stripes?
  6. I personally like the defending champion getting the gold batterman idea.
  7. Another really nice match up in Philly tonight... However I wouldn't mind an alternate court with the blue swapped for red when they wear the statement jerseys
  8. Wow this is fascinating! I had no idea. Thank you for sharing
  9. I'm late to this but LMAO at them suggesting they're playing two games in a row in London because of construction near their stadium in Jacksonville.
  10. Those are certainly words... I'm actually curious about this: What makes it one of the worst in your eyes?
  11. After seeing @sparky chewbarky's concept, I am all in on Sockeyes... Kraken is just terrible all around. "The Seattle Sockeyes visit Madison Square Garden to take on the New York Rangers" sounds good... "The Seattle Kraken visit Madison Square Garden to take on the New York Rangers" just sounds like amateur hour.
  12. I'd imagine they had a blank 7 lying around and added Smith's name on the back or something like that... The Sixers had Kobe's high school #33 on the court tonight. It would be nice if they put a Lower Merion HS #33 banner in the rafters to "retire" it.
  13. Same here... I was crying all day not necessarily because of Kobe but because his sudden death opened all the wounds from losing two family members in the last year and a half that I thought I had come to terms with. And then finding out that his 13 year old daughter also died just sent me over the edge. Mike Breen also made that connection to Munson on the Knicks broadcast last night and referenced Bill Gallo's cartoon from the day after his death.
  14. These players are in no mental state to be playing tonight... Kyrie Irving straight up left MSG when he heard the news and players are breaking down in tears during the games.