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  1. I mean at least its a local company as a sponsor... That's the only good thing I can say about it because the logo is ugly
  2. This combo is easily their best look. The white jerseys just need teal numbers, gold outlines and the pants need stripes and they're set. As for the Jets, I would have to agree that something simple like this would be great.
  3. The Phillies cream alt with the new outline is up
  4. The Phillies cream alts were featured in The Show's Harper trailer so it looks like they'll be sticking around this year
  5. Flyers appear to be wearing the Stadium Series uniforms again. This time the logo is on both sides of the helmet.
  6. Absolutely. I wish the Sixers would do it more often with their Association ones, which are a top 5 look IMO.
  7. I quite liked how this game looked...
  8. They better not get rid of the creams... That's their best uniform
  9. I still believe the fish sticks set could have stayed if it had the lighthouse logo on the front, rather than the fisherman and a more standard yoke/hem stripe/number combo.
  10. Piling on to the Harper rumor train...
  11. I actually like this jersey, however it should have replaced the red one rather than the cream throwback.
  12. Sixers-Rockets has to be my favorite 76ers game so far this year... Watching Embiid do his thing while McConnell and God Corey Brewer pestered James Harden to the tune of a 30 point blow out was really fun to watch. inject this straight into my veins
  13. The more I look at the alternates, the more the lack of triple piping sticks out... They just look off without it.
  14. First, of all great job to whoever made this for making it so convincing. Second, the number font has to go. If they can't go standard block, use "Amarillo" (the Air Force/Navy stencil font) Third, white sleeve stripes, no black and finally that logo needs to go.