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  1. The William Penn statue is bronze but that would be cool
  2. The Sixers will be wearing their new red Statement uniforms tonight.
  3. The Rays lead the Astros 4-1 and I would love nothing better than to see them miraculously win 3 games in a row just to play spoiler after practically everyone anointed the Astros with the title.
  4. I miss the star side panels but otherwise this is fantastic!
  5. Baseball: Home whites and road greys must be worn for at least 41 of their 81 respective games Two teams cannot wear colored tops in the same game (teams with white, cream or grey alternates are exempt from this rule) Multiple sock designs for each team are allowed (for example the Mets have both plain blue socks and blue socks with the bridge from their sleeve logo on them) however for each game, one design must be designated and all players must wear those socks.
  6. Damn shame cause that's their best look. They should also wear them with the black jerseys
  7. I'm sorry but that new Nets court is a downgrade... The first one in Brooklyn was perfect.
  8. I personally think the Jets in green pants, black socks would work better than black pants, green socks... Great idea for a thread! I'll be following along as the season goes on.
  9. Let's not forget Carson threw game winning touchdown passes in two straight losses because his receivers dropped them.
  10. I'm just waiting for Nike to pass off "wolf grey" as a different color from "wolf gray"
  11. I'm personally hoping for these to come back so I can get a Kakko or Shesterkin
  12. That court is the best way to "honor" the subway without getting a cease and desist from the MTA for using their logos and symbols... As for that B in a basketball logo, I always felt like it reminded me of the B train bullet from day one.