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  1. Amed Rosario had gorgeous stirrups on yesterday
  2. What's even more odd about this is TNT didn't broadcast this game live... It was the local affiliates and to my knowledge neither of them had the virtual logos or ads.
  3. It's too bad hockey doesn't lend itself to introductions like this... All the brand speak about how their arena will be "feared" made me think of it.
  4. And the Devils' quote tweet in question is still up as of now If they did leak the name I'm sure someone would make them take it down.
  5. The way things are going, I'll be surprised if he isn't
  6. I am frankly surprised no one has suggested Washington Senators
  7. Pairing it with a bright (but not too bright) green could work nicely
  8. Whoops! That's what I get for not checking
  9. I am personally hoping for number 13: Rangers defeat Hurricanes on the way to the Stanley Cup, win the Lafreniere sweepstakes because they own the Hurricanes first round pick
  10. I found the video of the lottery to be highly entertaining if only because Bettman is holding up today's New York Times at the beginning to prove it's not rigged in advance before going into a long spiel about how it all works.
  11. This right here is what I was hoping to see from the Marlins... but they're using black too much at the expense of teal and pink
  12. All the more reason to bring back the AI-era Sixers jersey as a classic