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  1. Really hope the ‘earned’ version of this jersey is blue and yellow and not white cause this jersey is legit dope. They could make this a primary later on
  2. Bro I came in here like damn the Angels opted out? Why they don’t talk about it when I watch the games (I live in LA) & I come here I see the XFL, NFL, NBA, CFB and X-Games being mentioned.. I hit that back button like where tf am I lmao
  3. I felt like that was a Jerry West ode to the Forum kind of thing, but that’s me
  4. I came here to post this. I think they did and I’m soooooo glad. Maybe after next season they can give us our purple uniforms back too
  5. @Conrad. not that you can confirm, but I just want to stab at it since you said 7 of those teams will do it. 1. Lakers (only one I care about) 2. Rockets 3. Warriors 4. Cavaliers 5. Jazz 6. Thunder 7. Knicks
  6. Zion needs to play in Lebron’s.
  7. Really crossing my fingers for the blue or white Los Angeles throwback for the Lakers. Would be a huge missed opportunity. A classic court to go with it and OMG.. LA will be on fire.
  8. Good job! I forgot about that one. I was looking at SB results, going off memory.
  9. You guys know about that interesting note where since 2000, 15 of the 18 Super Bowl champions wore white in the game. It’s part of the reason the Pats chose to wear white last season.. up until last season, it had been 14 years in a row, the last being Patriots vs. Panthers.
  10. They don’t even look like the Lakers wearing yellow.
  11. I wish the white jersey had gold numbers instead, I feel like that jersey has too much purple; or use gold wordmark. But that jersey looks dope af. This purple one is really bad but since we’re stuck with it, I wish they’d wear black accessories (including leg sleeves). Ditch these next year and match the templates. Since the conversation is also on the plenty of blame to go around, which I do agree with Goth, who would you point at for the gold now being banana yellow? I feel like that would be more on the organization right?
  12. I write on this thread specifically hoping someone who has access to those who make the unis or close to the Lakers read this but those jerseys are just awful. The design isn’t that bad, and the jersey looks a lot better on the court but so much is happening within the jersey that’s so distracting. The bright white (omgggggg) and bright yellow combined with the dark purple and black are like two sides of the opposite spectrum and, the white and yellow are a very bad eyesore when watching the game. Add in the yellow wordmark and yellow numbers (should definitely be white) and it’s going to be prettt hard to watch the Lakers in the jersey on the road with the other teams colors surrounding. I just cant believe Nike didn’t deem the purple jerseys a thing last year, when the jerseys were normal, only to give us this... the same exact jersey with a different spin. I’m writing this in the hopes of someone who works for the organization or for Nike to bring back the default purple Showtime next season. (Along with the blue 1960 uniforms )
  13. Lakers can wear yellow and white for the rest of the year, I don’t even care.
  14. Nike will give you a bronze goldish jersey, with purple numbers and word mark, and add a captain patch for Lebron, in honor of Kareem. (The bronze paying homage to the “golden era” of basketball Kareem played in) something silly like that
  15. The yellow socks and presumably yellow leg sleeves/compression pants (I personally prefer black) may help it’s case. I envision Nike going to try and make them wear this on Staples Center where the jersey may not look as bad? The fact that the Lakers have two purple jerseys, and neither are the traditional road jersey they should have is going to be hard for me s personally to let go of, as a Laker myself lol. Already can’t wait for next year.