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  1. The Clippers-Lakers thing has almost reached a level where, if you’re not from Los Angeles, nor live there, how can you truly speak on the dynamics of how things are working out in Los Angeles??? The Clippers Los Angeles font might not have anything to do with Compton or the urban, inner city neighborhoods, it just might be something they thought was unique, who knows. The Lakers because of their history and tradition, probably wouldn’t be able to pull off what the Clippers just did with that gawd awful uniform, but the Clippers are trying to create their own identity, and all the power to them. As I stated in a previous post, I think it’s really hard for the Clippers to draw inspiration about how to represent the city, since the city itself, doesn’t really rock with the Clippers. This isn’t a sports town, it’s a Lakers town & that is facts. So to come on here from wherever y’all live & say the Lakers represent this and Clippers represent that, kill that noise lol. The Clippers PLAY in LA, but the majority of the city could care less about the Clippers. The Angels play in Anaheim, which is some 30-40 minutes from DTLA, and while I’m an Angels fan, the majority of LA despises the Angels. We’re still trying to figure out why they brought the Chargers here, if you’ve never watched a Chargers home game, look at how it’s a road game for them every week. The Clippers/Angels/Chargers are almost synonymous with one another. They play in LA, but no one cares about them
  2. Does anyone know what happened with the sock designs the league used to do with Stance? I remember teams having sock designs to go with their uni’s, does anyone know why they don’t do it anymore?
  3. That’s not how things are working out here man lol. Lakers are the urban team. They are the boujee’s team. They are everything LA.
  4. Clippers are San Diego’s team lol.
  5. Part of me also believes that, the Clippers lack of history and success, as well as the Lakers pretty much dominating the Los Angeles fan base, made it hard for the Clippers to come up with ideas on how to “represent” the city. Thus we get this bland ass jersey, with Old English font. The court is so much better, I think that’s the best part about their “city” jersey; having the map on the court. but everything pertaining to LA, the stars (Hollywood) the beach, the people, every single thing about LA, sad but true, belongs to the Lakers. & if you’re not from LA, you wouldn’t understand.
  6. to jump in on the Clippers convo, those jerseys are atrocious. & I second the user who was stating that they don’t represent anything about the team or the brand & they are definitely trying way too hard. (Btw the Clippers are more like the city Oceanside or Carlsbad than they are anything remotely close to LA) I will say however, there is a generation of young kids who don’t know about the Lakers success and only know the Clippers being the better team. The Clippers are doing an excellent excellent job doing so much for the city of Los Angeles and the communities, and are essentially raising up a generation of fans for the future, it’s a long-game play the Clippers are doing right now. It’ll be a lotttttttttttttt of work because literally 90% of Los Angeles are Laker fans. The Clipper fans that now exist are previous Laker fans from the past millions of years who jumped shipped when they started losing and “Lob-City” was in effect. Clippers could win back to back titles and LA would still hate the Clippers lol. to stay on topic with the jerseys.. I admitted to their twitter account that the design with the map of the Los Angeles engraved on their court was very creative, innovative and a great way to represent Los Angeles (something the Lakers probably wouldn’t have done because of tradition).. but the jerseys, don’t represent Los Angeles in any form (unless you want to go gang culture with the Old English font) and if you look at it from those lens, the hood don’t mess with the Clippers, so it’s out of place. its an “okay” marketing strategy, since these jerseys look more like something you’d find at an inner city swap meet for $20, and the connection of the Los Angeles font, would be something that appeals to the LA masses more than the Clippers logo itself. and y’all need to stop saying the Lakers are Hollywood.. people who live in Hollywood aren’t from LA, and this it’s a very false narrative and comparison. The real Laker fans are all over the entire city and outskirts of Los Angeles. All this just to say, the Clippers are trash, but I respect what they are doing as an organization within be communities of LA, and trying to really create their own and new identity, and do LA their way. They still have a ton of work to do, and who knows if they’ll get there. & if you not from LA or live in LA, don’t ever go online anywhere and say the Lakers and Clippers have a rivalry or Clippers will run LA. Please
  7. Really hope the ‘earned’ version of this jersey is blue and yellow and not white cause this jersey is legit dope. They could make this a primary later on
  8. Bro I came in here like damn the Angels opted out? Why they don’t talk about it when I watch the games (I live in LA) & I come here I see the XFL, NFL, NBA, CFB and X-Games being mentioned.. I hit that back button like where tf am I lmao
  9. I felt like that was a Jerry West ode to the Forum kind of thing, but that’s me
  10. I came here to post this. I think they did and I’m soooooo glad. Maybe after next season they can give us our purple uniforms back too
  11. @Conrad. not that you can confirm, but I just want to stab at it since you said 7 of those teams will do it. 1. Lakers (only one I care about) 2. Rockets 3. Warriors 4. Cavaliers 5. Jazz 6. Thunder 7. Knicks
  12. Zion needs to play in Lebron’s.
  13. Really crossing my fingers for the blue or white Los Angeles throwback for the Lakers. Would be a huge missed opportunity. A classic court to go with it and OMG.. LA will be on fire.
  14. Good job! I forgot about that one. I was looking at SB results, going off memory.
  15. You guys know about that interesting note where since 2000, 15 of the 18 Super Bowl champions wore white in the game. It’s part of the reason the Pats chose to wear white last season.. up until last season, it had been 14 years in a row, the last being Patriots vs. Panthers.