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  1. I’m pretty sure the two teams in LA thing stems from how wide of a range the fan base for all teams in the NFL is here. It could work in a sense that the AFC teams will all visit (theoretically speaking) so Dolphins and Chiefs fans can all come through. LA is a city of many transplants, and those people bring their ties with them, so I’ve run into people who were fans of the Browns because they’re from Cleveland or wherever it is the next person can be from, so I think it’ll work in that sense. 16 home games at Sofi, 16 different teams. Regarding the Chargers trying to fill up 70,000 seats, home and road fans, that’s a different task haha. I also think the Raiders moved to Vegas since it’s “almost” the same distance from Oakland and Los Angeles. So both parties if they wanted to watch, could make the 3-4 hour drive and you’re spending the weekend in VEGAS.. as well as Vegas getting their own team. Sadly I’m a Cowboy fan, but I REALLY do hope this LA move works out just to put on for my city. But the Rams are really dropping the ball and pissing me tf off with this logo, these prices and with the looming jersey fail, I hope the Chargers win before they do.
  2. these mofo’s want $800 for a nosebleed? Lmaoooooo bruh! Bringing football back to LA is going to be a huge disaster.. you built a 70,000 capacity stadium which should’ve been closer to 60K, and you’re not pulling that number in weekly & then to top it off you want to charge that insane amount of money? I hope the Rams fail in all that they do..
  3. Does anyone know how to jump to a page instead of having to go one by one by one by one lol
  4. Electric blue helmets, yellow face mask, yellow pants for the Chargers??? p.s. I also have a strange feeling the Rams jerseys will be a letdown
  5. In some ways I can understand the decision though. Los Angeles is Los Angeles, and the Rams would’ve overshadowed that entire LA and Southern California market. The moment the Rams came back to LA, and Chargers has to find a way to get here too because they truly would’ve become obsolete. What sucks, is they’re even more obsolete now than had they stayed in San Diego. I saw someone a few replies ago say LA cares about the Rams and Raiders only, and we don’t even do that. LA is very much a fan of whoever the hell you want to be, because we didn’t have a football team for so long, that I know a group of fans of almost every team here (which is why football will work here & why I believe the NFL wanted the Chargers since Raiders were set on Vegas). Granted, Chargers and Rams may be playing “road games” depending on who they play, but I’d imagine the stadium still being to capacity. The Chargers are almost playing the long game of trying to reel in a new generation of fans who 20-30 years down the line who will associate them with Los Angeles & I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s still stupid regardless haha cause LA truly truly truly doesn’t give af about a Charger
  6. This is off topic, but I’m so glad I found this website and that there’s a boatload of people out there who are really into sports uniforms and logos like I am. I used to think I was weird when playing NCAA Football or Madden or whatever and always spending too much time looking and messing around with the uniforms. Good job guys for helping me embrace my nerd!
  7. Gotta say, I do like the logos, the LA and gradient is much better than the hat. With them going with royal and yellow, I’m really hoping for a uniform set like this, WITH STRIPED SOCKS!!!
  8. this looks so so much better than what the original leak shows. Oddly enough, I would still like for the helmet to be royal blue/yellow horns. quick question though for someone who may know. If this indeed was the logo, and fan backlash was at an all time high in LA (which I don’t think not a lot of people would care or cry over because LA if fans of many teams) but how long are the Rams required to have this logo until a new one can be made?
  9. I just now saw the perspective that Nike probably introduced black to help with accessories? Like AD and his black cat suit; if it were purple would it be too much? I think yellow stripes on the purple uniform, (a simple copy&past from Showtime) with colored accessories for the Lakers would be dope, it bums me out they don’t do it anymore. It’s been white and black all year. white numbers with the purple uni, yellow shorts panel work is because the size of the white number gives it more pop. (in comparison to black planels and yellow numbers) I personally think the all purple look is a good look here, but the black is truly unnecessary. This exact look with yellow (shorts only) would do perfectly with white numbers. Yellow panels would make it too much yellow with the number, that’s where white brings the balance and completion. {{this entire look is weird, and jumbled, and muddy. Ew is what it looks like}} also, I would love to see the Lakers with purple accessories with the gold uni. It looks pretty good too (not sure if white numbers makes the combo pop) white socks for balance, purple sleeves
  10. Idk how all the guys in suits, in marketing, and all that other business related stuff with the team can sit there in a meeting, and vote that this should be the image of the franchise for the foreseeable future. Everyone should be fired... tried so hard to incorporate LA with the logo; and failed
  11. we wear white on Sundays, so I’m legit glad they wore white. I’m going to be upset when we start wearing white on the road games coming up as lockervision has projected. That’s more stupid than anything. they wore them earlier this year on a B2B against the Jazz (Red Rocks) and Nuggets (black) but these upcoming games are almost unnecessary. Lakers have stated they just didn’t want to overuse the yellow because our purple jerseys don’t really contrast well with teams wearing more colors at home. But the purple jerseys being as awful as they are, idc if they wore them every game lol. Which makes me wonder: what they will do next year for their statement uniforms? Last year we had the purple Magic set, but I’m curious if Nike does something like a gray uniform? My gut tells me they’re going black though
  12. that’s a negative on the white numbers on gold. It should be white numbers on purple without the black piping. It’s literally just a copy of their showtime uniforms.
  13. This is completely off topic and random but I needed somewhere to vent this... the NFL just showed me why it’s not the best league in the US, and I hate Roger Goodell even more now because this is the 100th year of the NFL, and they didn’t do a damn thing to let anyone know about it except graphic design some logo to put on the jersey. How do you possibly drop the ball like that??? (After finishing this, I realized they didn’t do much for Super Bowl 50 either. Such bad marketing or whatever it is)
  14. I hate seeing things like this because I get really mad when the team goes in another direction that is 100000x worse than concepts like these.