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  1. I'll be honest, I think the mono-bone set might actually be the "worst of all time". It's all subjective so rankings are just sort of stupid. But when you mention all of the teams that are grouped in that bottom tier - Bucs alarm clocks, 00s bills, etc - At least the uniform was kind of cohesive. At least there was an element of the uniform here or there that made sense. I don't think there is one element on the mono-bone set that is worth keeping. Not the color, not the shiny weird numbers, not the white on yellow on bone shoulder stipe that gets lost, not the "los angeles rams" patch... nothing. Nothing on that set looks good from a design or just plain aesthetic view point. What from that set is a good element???
  2. IDK... there is something I just don't dig about this gold or this set. The red stripe looks pointless. Hell, the white looks pointless too. Maybe it would be better just two colors - Gold and grey? Something just feels forced and the shade is not impressive in game action
  3. The Flames looked sick last night. That is all.
  4. I've been really hoping the Ravens push more of a purple/gold theme. There is enough black in the league and i love their shade of purple and gold together. Really unique combo if they get it right
  5. That's the massive hole in the greed argument. 31 teams missed 11 or so games at the end of last year. They played 130 games in the bubble with 0 fans. That's about 471 games with NO FANS. Say on average there are 15,000 fans per game. That's over 7,000,000 tickets that weren't sold. Say the average ticket is $75. That's $529,875,000.00. And the best part is? The NHL has to do it all over again with basically no fans to start the year. I know the numbers are way more complex than this. I know that sports leagues generally make a ton of money. But it isn't hard to see how the league's financial forecast and long term viability could have really been shaken the past year. I want NHL hockey and i can live with a helmet ad and naming the divisions for the sake of getting back on track. I'm so sick of people hating rich people too to be honest. When was it deemed a crime to be rich? People always hate people that are wealthy than them, pity people poorer than them, but at the same time would poo themselves to make an extra buck themselves.
  6. How about Packers/Browns? Packers by far in the NFC. I would say a dog fight between Chiefs, Browns, Bills in AFC. But man, the Browns got it right.
  7. I would say the color is closer to "20 year old tighty whities that just wont wash completely white anymore"
  8. I agree in the fact that it is a massive upgrade for the home. For the road, it looks strange. I would almost rather have them go with maroon equipment on the road and blue at home... Would love to see a mock up of the road unis with maroon equipment
  9. This could be sacrilege but I would really dig a green packers helmet.
  10. This is a perfect example of the biggest issue with the Rams new set. It's not really about the new set being total garbage (which it is) but it's more about not living up to the standards that the Rams should and could have aesthetically. If the Jags or the Panthers put out a set in the realm of what the Rams just did, oh well. It's bad but it's not like they had a stout uniform history. But this is the RAMS. I remember as a kid collecting the gumball machine NFL helmets. The horn was so iconic. It's a shame really.
  11. I know that Blues jersey is a fake, but i always thought that trumpet logo would be a killer crest like that.
  12. I love all of this. That panthers logo is killer!
  13. Hockey coaches still wear suits.... it doesn't look weird
  14. You know, a guitar company like Gibson or Fender would be a good fit for the Blues.
  15. I would definitely consider GB pretty dominant right now. Also, I know they have been sputtering, but I still think Seattle is a hell of a team and will ramp it back up. They definitely aren't dominant right now. But they played quite a few games in this stretch with 3rd and 4th string RBs. They got Carson back. That offense could be really explosive again.