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  1. I agree. The Pit home and aways are great and should never be pushed aside for those alts.
  2. Hope you are prepared for the onslaught of people that will say you are "making excuses" for the NHL I absolutely hate the idea of an ad on a hockey jersey. But you are right. To say they will ever be NASCAR or KHL jerseys is a massive improbable leap. Even the NBA ads came and now a lot have left... probably because its not really that great of a deal for both the advertiser or the league. You can barely read the ad during game action so its probably not that great for the advertiser. And that ad money is just a small amount for a league the size of the NBA, or NHL for that matter. But let me reiterate for everyone: I absolutely hate the idea of an ad on a hockey jersey.
  3. I'm a Cards fan and i have thought that since the day they debuted. Could not agree more. Good mock up too. I think the goal was for it to be the road/blue version of the white St. Louis jersey. But for some reason the piping doesn't work well with the blue. I still dig the uniform, but that small change would perfect it.
  4. I'm underwhelmed by these... maybe that's a good thing to be honest. That picture with the 5 players wearing different sets is tough to look at and evaluate. None of them are wearing their socks properly, they have mismatches shoes, one guy has an arm sleeve... just not a great pic. I want to see: Orange helmet, black jersey, orange pants, black socks, orange shoes. But i don't think its even an option
  5. And some of you guys hate the name WFT? Woof that list is bad.
  6. I honestly can't stand the grey away uniforms in baseball. I'm indifferent on the facemasks. But I have never understood the grey in baseball. Why not a team in white and a team in the primary uniform color like other sports?
  7. If they pick a name, its going to be some kind of predatory animal or something to do with the nations capitol. And nothing will bore me more. Which is why i guess WFT doesn't bother me because at least it isn't that. Plus, based on their past name, whatever they pick will be as G rated as possible, which makes an animal an easy choice. My fear is that once they pick a name, they will basically have the branding of the Jags or Panthers in the colors of the WFT - swooshy animal head on the helmet and all.
  8. I get this sentiment, but TBH even if they come up with a great name, it still wont feel right. Putting all debate of racism to the side, they are forever etched in my brain as the (Washington Football Team). That is kind of why i actually like "the football team." Giving them a different name at this point feels so gimmicky to me. As if they need a name just to make sure they have a mascot and so they can plaster an animal head on the helmet.
  9. So I think we are saying the same thing actually. I don't think black/silver is the issue. The issue is the rest of it. Like I said, if they just went back to the Gretzky era unis, they would essential fix their look without changing their identity and no one would complain. I actually disagree with the bolded/underlined. I think the ONLY thing salvageable from the current set is the color scheme. The rest is awful. I have never liked their current set. The piping, the crest, no hem stripe, too little silver. I don't mind the idea of the team sticking with black/silver. But the rest needs to be fixed. If the idea of keeping this color scheme is to keep a continuous identity, I would argue that this set hurts that cause because it is so uninspired and cluttered.
  10. On the Kings, i get the argument about keeping uniforms from a successful era. That being said, I would say the black/silver Gretzky era and todays set really don't look alike other than color scheme. I don't think anyone would throw a fit if the kings just went back to the Gretzky era set and kept the black/silver scheme. The issue is that this new set is brutal with the piping and the awful home plate logo. So when you see this RR in purple and yellow compared to the terrible current set, you realize how good they could look. Think of it this way... if the Rams won three Super Bowls in a row in bone/gradient trash, should they be married to those design items forever? The Capitals won the cup in their piping mess of a jersey, yet we are all ready for a change. Dallas won the Cup in the star-hemmed green/black set, but I would say their current home away set is head over heals better. Just because you looked bad winning a championship, doesn't mean you need to always look bad.
  11. I am with you. That might be top three RR's and should be adopted for a full time look. Just killer. Meanwhile, the stars.... woof. You can't even read the team name on the crest. The all white makes the star hem look really forced, especially with the matching pant stripe. It just looks like someone started a uniform design and never finished it.
  12. Ummmmm Cardinals.... we are all waiting...
  13. I would like to reiterate that I DON'T LIKE THE HELMET ADS. I would also like to reiterate that I DON'T NOTICE THEM AT ALL DURING GAME ACTION. That was my only point about the ads. But, I feel like instead of talking about the continuation of the helmet ads, certain posters took it upon themselves to start the "i told you so" circuit and to act like its a battle of good vs. evil. I'll be honest. The shiny gold trash that Vegas has been putting on their melons bothers me a lot more that most of these helmet ads
  14. What you call "greed" I call capitalism. Also, I said that i don't like the ads, but I don't notice them during game action whatsoever. Aesthetically, yes I would love for them to not be there. But I won't get "embarrassed" or fired up about something beyond my control as you state I should be. Especially when it doesn't actually bother me when I watch a game.
  15. I honestly don't get your point. The corporations that bought the ads did nothing wrong. They saw an opportunity and paid for that ad space. There isn't anything morally wrong with advertising your company. I'll say it again, the ads on the helmets have not changed my love for watching hockey in the slightest. I barely even notice them especially when they are in team colors.
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