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  1. My opinion differs. I love them. I actually love the faux leather helmets from a few years ago too. I know that opinion might get torched but oh well. I dig it. It feels classic yet clean. I would even love for them to wear this full time TBH without the old logos of course:
  2. Future Devils Tweet: #StealthMode #Blackout
  3. Dang. I actually think I might dig these... not loving the way the different fabrics come together. Sort of seems cheap. But the chrome helmet with the chromed retro logo is pretty slick looking.
  4. Ok well it seems to work nicely for their RR Nordiques uniform. Also the mock up with the blue stripe posted above is nice. That really is probably the best answer.
  5. I think its a combo of things why people don't like it, with the main reason being imbalance. Maybe I'm the crazy one, but why don't they just add a pair of burgandy breezers to the road set? Wouldn't that solve everything? The home looks great and the road set is a complete mess. Blue>Black on the home set. Burgandy>Black>Blue on the road set. It's that easy.
  6. 100% agree. Maybe just as simple as switching the ice blue/seafoam color and navy on the home jersey and boom, you have a winner.
  7. I'm scared to say this but... I sort of like the look of these The crests really pop but also has the slightest feel of a fauxback because of the stitching without being gimmicky. For some reason, I even like the colors of the uniform itself more too. Maybe its just the photos?
  8. I agree. IDK why, but I'm just not all in on this branding like it seems the rest of the world is. I was just severely disappointed in the navy as the base color. I think the red stripe is needed for a contrasting color, but it's usage seems sort of lazy to me. The logo was well done and I love the anchor. The secondary blues are nice as well. But as a whole, I'm underwhelmed.
  9. For real... Ads aside, when are the caps going to move on from this garbage?? Literally every other jersey they have ever worn are better than these.
  10. I would agree if they fixed the horn on the helmet. Thats a deal breaker for me. The shape of the rams horn on the helmet was so iconic.
  11. I thought it has been pretty well know that it is a cream version of their original white sweater? It would definitely be more interesting if they did what you are suggesting. It might not be better but it would be more interesting. I really love the powder blue current alts the blues use and have been dreaming of them to make a white version and promote them to full time. Their current set is very classy but stale to me. I have never loved navy as part of their color scheme. It dulls down a team that used to pop, much like Calgary and their inclusion of black. That being said, this blue is definitely more royal than their current alts, so i don't see that as happening.
  12. To further that thought, if they already have the jersey done, and they wait to unveil it, its on them if it leaks out while they are teasing everyone and rains on their parade.
  13. Agreed. Now if his shirt just wasn't hanging out like a mini-skirt, it would look even better
  14. Good god, the Blues need to pair this with their current Heritage sweater and make them the new primaries. Gorgeous. And I love that Min sweater as well. Never been a fan of their branding, but this would be a fantastic look for them.
  15. First off - I too absolutely love 47 brand hats. Especially the style you posted, plus I have recently gotten one of the Carhartt hats they are doing and loved that one too. Secondly, I really miss when the side view of the helmet was basically used as the teams logo. I loved the side view of the old blue/yellow rams helmet. I guess this is really getting out of the MLB talk at this point, but it just reminds me of collecting those gumball machine helmets.
  16. God I hope my Cardinals are never involved with this. We will probably get an all red uniform with the Gateway Arch slapped on the background and a cap that reads "we don't care that you don't like our pizza"
  17. If you showed someone picture of a normal Dodgers uniform and then also showed them a picture of a Mexican flag and a can of spray paint, which picture would connect to the city of LA more? This is terrible. It is also brutal aesthetically, with black "spray paint" on deep blue and a mess of a cap. Are those socks in the instagram photo real???? I think I saw those at Walgreens on a rack of other wacky dress socks...
  18. I may be in the minority here it seems, but I actually dig these. Clean and balanced. I actually love the shoulder stripes. The plain block numbers are great. And i even dig the mesh jersey material. I get that it looks like a color rush, but its not. It's a direct callback to a uniform from the past. It looks like a real football uniform, which is refreshing because many of the new uniforms from the last 5 or so years don't. It's nothing earth shattering, but when you are the Packers, you don't need to be.
  19. Even with the rough editor, this looks 100% better to me. Love it
  20. Just to lighten the mood... what if Tampax sponsored the Dallas Stars and they brought back the Mooterus jersey?
  21. I don't really love this new Bengals set and I think I figured out why.... Helmet: Orange base with black stripes Jersey: Black base with orange stripes Pants 1: White base with orange stripes outlined in black Pants 2: White base with black stripes There is no cohesion whatsoever. Even the stripes from the helmet to the jersey to the pants are different patterns. I really want to love it, but just can't seem to get past all of the disjointed parts. When you think Bengals football, there should be orange, black, and bengal stripes. It shouldn't be that difficult to make a cohesive look.
  22. The Los Angeles the Dodgers or translated even further: The The Angels The Dodgers I honestly hate every teams attempt at shoving a "los" in front of their name in order to connect with their proximity to Mexico. It's lazy at this point.
  23. I really like the options either on the left or the right where the arm yoke and hem match in color betweent the home and away set and also match the breezers. IMO that is the thing that would make their set more cohesive. Currently, the hem/yoke goes from burgandy on the road to blue at home, so it throws the color balance off on the road set when the breezers went to blue. Cool stuff thanks for posting
  24. Ah thanks for clarifying... i guess it was so discreet, I didn't realize it for a year This is what happens when your home team's sports network can't work out a deal with anyone other than one cable company. I missed an entire year of a good hat tweak
  25. Love that. Sort of related, but quietly the Cardinals also tweaked the STL on their primary hat this season, widening it a bit tweaking the corners of the letters. I'm a big fan of what the Cardinals did and love that Yankees hat.
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