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  1. I don't care what color any of it its... these uniforms are brutal. Between them and the Rams, somehow they made me not dislike the Cardinals and Broncos as much.
  2. Honestly, I really don't like anything the Stars have put out while in Dallas beside the Winter Classic set, which is amazing. Other than that, I haven't dug anything. Maybe i just compare it to the beauties that were the Minnesota North Stars, but everything they put out is either dull or forced to me.
  3. They can do what they want and they will probably sell. It's just an opinion. It just does nothing for me
  4. Exactly. They have also already tweeted out the phrase "back in black" .... im just bored with this stealthy black stuff. Their team name is the Stars. There are so many creative thing you can do with that. Yet, they decided to make the billionth "blackout" set and slap an outline of texas on it.
  5. Trust me, I get what you are saying. It just bores me. We've seen this song and dance from multiple teams now in multiple leagues. Plus, there is a reason they steered away from the black-dominant jerseys of the past. They are boring and dull. And I fully expect this to be either underwhelming or tacky as well.
  6. I did. Navy and black just dull things down so much. They could just use the WC jersey. It's stellar. Black is a pretty minor color on their palate. No one is forcing them to churn out a black alt. But it feels like they are just following suit with all of the other black sweaters in the NHL now.
  7. Another black jersey huh? Attention major sports leagues: I am really really bored with the black stealthy alternate uniforms. It would be great if you would just stop. Thank you.
  8. I just plain disagree. They look good compared to all of the other garbage combos they have sent out there, but the colors are just too bright. And we have already gone over how crappy the other details are. I'll be honest, even though that set last night was better than the rest, it still is a disgrace for a franchise with a proud classic uniform history. They look like cheerleader uniforms.
  9. This is great! the numbers really bring the entire jersey together.
  10. Very vague/encompassing comment here, but NFL uniforms are a mess right now. I would say that there are about 12 teams that have their uniforms correct right now. The rest have varying degrees of crap associated with them. And I think the 12 is being pretty generous.
  11. Could this actually happen?? Its hideous but as a Blues fan, I just want to see it once on the ice
  12. Maybe, but I'll be honest, I'm kind of enjoying them. It's cool to have almost every team roll out a new jersey. That doesn't mean the jerseys will look good, but at least its fun. And they are only wearing them a couple times next year.
  13. Yeah they just need to simplify things and let that helmet be the focal point. When you have a classic helmet like that, all you need is some simple unis to complement them. See their uniforms while in St. Louis. They are perfect.
  14. The helmet is killer actually. The rest is pretty brutal.
  15. I agree with the OP. Any name they pick is just going to sound gimmicky and out of place IMO. I mean, what purpose does the name even have? So they can slap a drawing of some made up animal on the helmet and have a mascot running around the stadium? This is a proud storied franchise. They don't need a cute animal on their helmet. Love the concept as well.
  16. I don't think they necessarily need to add gold, but two stripes on each sleeve and a stripe at the bottom is just kind of lame. Maybe it will look better one the numbers and name/number are added... But I have seen dozens of concepts from people on this board and others that blow this design out of the water.
  17. I've been thinking the same thing. Nice job returning to the 2D logo, but the jersey itself was just an afterthought. Very lazy IMO. Almost like they didn't want to screw it up, so they just kept it way too simple.
  18. I just don't like anything about any of Carolina's branding. Not the home, the road, the third, the wordmarks, the logos.... blow it up and start over
  19. Soooo you call Cards fans bigots and blah blah blah and then crack jokes about players that have passed. I get your a cubs fan, so it's all probably in jest... but still. Gross. Ruins an otherwise good well thought out list.
  20. Blues, Canadians, Rangers are too low. Penguins, Senators, and Sabres too high. Just my two cents.
  21. I just disagree with that line of thinking... coming up with a fake Red-something name just for the sake of putting a cartoon made up animal on the side of the helmet does nothing for me.
  22. Probably a super unpopular opinion here, but part of me kind of hopes that they just stick with Washington Football Team. The burgundy and yellow look killer by themselves. And no matter what name they pick, it's just going to feel forced. I mean, they have been called the (Washington Football Team) since 1933. Nothing else is going to feel or sound right. Washington Football Team is almost like a classic soccer team name but would be unique for the NFL.
  23. I agree, but it is crazy the amount of franchises that seemed to have failed that Marketing 101 class. LA Rams, Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. The Sabres and the Senators are FINALLY about to pass. All of those teams seem so easy to brand from a fan perspective, but management continues to overthink it.
  24. I actually said to myself that it reminds me of the Cards road uniforms with the navy blue caps.