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  1. I really dig the uni's! Maybe one day we could see it on the field
  2. idk, i think its the rings inside of rings.really dig your stuff though!
  3. looks too much like columbus, nyc, atl, or philly.but i guess that long list of teams with similar looking logos speaks for itself doesnt it lol
  4. DC and NYRB Portland and Seattle Sounders LA Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes Toronto FC and Montreal Impact Atlanta United and Orlando City
  5. I definitely think you should do the other jerseys once this series ends. the "2019 kits" if you will.
  6. YES! *heart eyes* I do recommend that you change the Adidas striping to either red or white (probably red) and you've got yourself my favorite DC concept I've ever seen
  7. yeeeeees!!!! I don't often find DC concepts that I like but you sir, you've got yourself a winner
  8. Best MLS Concepts Ive seen on here in a while! Nice work! I can't wait for D.C. United!
  9. I like "St. Louis Archers". I like the reference to the Gateway Arch and how it can also be interpreted by an actual archer with a bow and arrow for a mascot! I like how that could play out. Maybe "archer" green (a deep forest/ dark green) and a light gray/silver for the contrast? For Boise, I think Columbus would be a better (bigger and more recognizable) city, would probably need a new name as well. San Antonio's name should be more "Texas specific." Maybe "Stallions?" Platypuses are not native to Oregon so I was thinking maybe a Forest Myth themed name would be cool. "Yetis" or "S'quatches" with dark colors; Dark Green and Black? Same idea with Orlando pertaining to the locally themed name. Maybe "'Gators" would match well with the Orange and Lime Green? My last suggestion would be to be more specific with the Hawaiian teams location. Honolulu is a big city in Hawaii! But at the same time Hawaii has a bunch of islands which would probably appreciate the recognition. Maybe "Hawaii" would work the same way "Carolina" does.