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  1. I love the presentation of your concepts. I love the Ravens and Dolphins unis. Some critiques i have would be: Ravens - keep the number font but try the gold outline and shadow like the current numbers have. Packers - Wonder what it would look like if you used the more traditional green and gold with the throwback style uniforms. Dolphins - I would consider an orange third jersey with grey accent. i'm imagining Real Madrid 2013. i love the combo Looking forward to the rest of the series!
  2. are you considering concept teams as well? i'm enjoying the thread i want to see more lol
  3. I really dig the uni's! Maybe one day we could see it on the field
  4. I say go with Atlant a Rampage. ATL Silverbacks were a soccer team.
  5. idk, i think its the rings inside of rings.really dig your stuff though!
  6. looks too much like columbus, nyc, atl, or philly.but i guess that long list of teams with similar looking logos speaks for itself doesnt it lol
  7. DC and NYRB Portland and Seattle Sounders LA Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes Toronto FC and Montreal Impact Atlanta United and Orlando City
  8. I definitely think you should do the other jerseys once this series ends. the "2019 kits" if you will.
  9. YES! *heart eyes* I do recommend that you change the Adidas striping to either red or white (probably red) and you've got yourself my favorite DC concept I've ever seen
  10. yeeeeees!!!! I don't often find DC concepts that I like but you sir, you've got yourself a winner
  11. Best MLS Concepts Ive seen on here in a while! Nice work! I can't wait for D.C. United!
  12. I like "St. Louis Archers". I like the reference to the Gateway Arch and how it can also be interpreted by an actual archer with a bow and arrow for a mascot! I like how that could play out. Maybe "archer" green (a deep forest/ dark green) and a light gray/silver for the contrast? For Boise, I think Columbus would be a better (bigger and more recognizable) city, would probably need a new name as well. San Antonio's name should be more "Texas specific." Maybe "Stallions?" Platypuses are not native to Oregon so I was thinking maybe a Forest Myth themed name would be cool. "Yetis" or "S'quatches" with dark colors; Dark Green and Black? Same idea with Orlando pertaining to the locally themed name. Maybe "'Gators" would match well with the Orange and Lime Green? My last suggestion would be to be more specific with the Hawaiian teams location. Honolulu is a big city in Hawaii! But at the same time Hawaii has a bunch of islands which would probably appreciate the recognition. Maybe "Hawaii" would work the same way "Carolina" does.
  13. I know you weren't asking for feedback on Virginia Beach but as someone who is born and raised in Virginia Beach, I can say that it could be a better idea to locate the team in Norfolk as most of our areas minor league teams play there and there is more of a downtown/biggish city feel to the area. Although, the Virginia Beach Sportsplex does have an expandable capacity of about 17,000 as opposed to Harbor Park in Norfolk who has a current capacity of 11,000. Depending on how popular you expect this Minor League to be, you could choose between the two cities. Another option I would suggest is that you could create your own stadium at the Oceanfront in an era of land by the Virginia Beach Convention Center that has been discussed as a possible location to construct an arena to lure a NBA or NHL team to the area. My suggestion for the name, however, would definitely be to change it. We have a massive military (specifically Navy) population in the area due to NAS Oceana and Fort Story (Army) in Virginia Beach and Naval Station Norfolk (largest Naval station in the world). I would involve a more militaristic name to draw interest from that crowd; would also be more menacing sounding of a name than the "Neptunes." Thinking that color change would follow if you did decide to change the name. I'm also a Ravens fan in a family of Washington fans so I love that you aligned the two teams with Virginia Beach!
  14. would you be willing to make one for D.C. United? All 13 major titles would be pretty sweet!
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