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  1. I had a bit of an ending of The Usual Suspects moment there as I questioned everything I believed in trying to think through this matter for two reasons. I thought I'd had an idea of why I felt the way that I do about what belt fits what team. Then I realized that all of the teams I thought had black belts may indeed have navy belts. See, I'd always felt that belt color depended on the identity of the club and the look they were going for. This is comparable to what I've said about the Block C and how it has no sense being a part of Cleveland's identity. The Indians' logo, usual wordmark, and identity to me is based less around starched, iconic, charter member type stuff and more about silly fun. They've been associated with losing and with a screwball comedy movie more than they are tradition. When I think Indians, I think Wild Thing and Drew Carey joyously crying out "Whose team sucks now!" The fun, bubbly, curvy font fits this identity. The block C and basic early-1900's look doesn't seem befitting of the team. Compare this to earlier comments about the Twins and Indians having plenty of leeway to change their colors despite being charter franchises because of their history. So, I'd say teams that are going for old-time, iconic identities either in their entire aura or their ballpark or in their uniforms would wear black belts. The Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Tigers, Astros, and Giants. The Rays and Nats are kind of playing dress up to these styles. But the Cardinals also fit in that groove, and they've got red belts. But they also have all red everything being a huge part of their identity. My first instinct was to say that belts should match cleats rather than socks, as I'd also associate black cleats with a lot of these teams, but a lot of players are now striking out with different footwear colors and some of the colored belt teams are still rocking black. Also, no way the A's are wearing white belts. And then, of course, a lot of the brightly colored belts are the teams whose identities are focused more on the late 60's/70's/80's or more focused on fun rather than tradition like the Indians, Royals, Angels, Mets, Reds, and Dodgers. But then I realized that most of the black belt teams either are wearing black socks/caps/have black as a team color or are navy teams. Do the teams actually wear black belts, or have they been such a dark navy that I've just missed it. Navy belts on the Red Sox was mentioned earlier, and I always thought they wore black. And I've got Oakland wearing black in my uniform images, but could it have actually been a poor quality photo with a dark green belt from the originals in the mid 2000's? And some of the teams don't actually fit any of those rules I was just talking about but still feel like they look good with black. I'd just kind of assumed that was my standard until I actually thought about it and realized that it doesn't actually work. So, at 3am as I wrote the rest of my post and then got stuck on the sock thing as I realized everything I believe is a lie, I kind of just wrapped up and figured I'd think about this later. So in the end, I have no friggin' clue what I believe. As to the question of teams whose socks and belts shouldn't match, I'd say Boston, Chicago if they ever went for a black top white bottom sock, the Rangers when going red because it feels like it throws off the balance, and any throwback or fauxback trying to emulate a pre-70's look.
  2. Hehehe. Been here a while, although I can't remember if I learned that bit of trivia here or in the Big Shot 30 for 30 where I most learned just how much the team was steeped in a Long Island identity. Ehh... Arena football teams and any start-up league is going to be full of teams who can't afford to get the big venue in the city and probably play somewhere far off while claiming the big name to sound fancy. The XFL, the MLS, the XFL, the WNBA, everyone's done it and some still do. On the subject of claiming the metro area, the Red Bulls are a bit of an embarrassment in my mind. They should just claim New Jersey. The Devils take plenty of share of the market despite not repping the big City. But, in the end, much like people complain about Carolina Hurricanes but I've found it impossible to come up with any other name, it may be necessary to go with California when no other name will achieve everything you need, despite the flaws in it. Personally, though, I'm an Anaheim guy. Alliteration, history, the numbers, the perception around the league. Did anyone else feel like the Angels doing the Hollywood theming with their All-Star game felt really disingenuous? I, like most people, completely missed the drop of the "of Anaheim" from the team name. But when the team changed to the full name and changed their score bug, I thought for the longest time LAA stood for "Los Angeles of Anaheim" rather than "Los Angeles Angels". But to be fair, with the Ducks, my lack of experience at the time with basketball, and the fact that football was still missing from the market at that point, I wasn't used to a team from the city being anything but "LA". No. Not socks. It should depend on the team. I... can't find my reasoning, but I've always felt that certain belt colors went with certain teams. It's been a matter of "that works for that". I don't know if it's a matter of just a random aesthetic thing I can't articulate or where I consider the era of the team to be. My... my mind is blown as I look at the belt colors I've kept track of. I'll have to think about this.
  3. Oh! Jeez. I wrote my big ol' reply earlier in the day and have watched parts of seven games since then and only noticed now after reading this.
  4. There are eight powder blue uniforms in the majors right now if you include the Ray's alt. Of those, seven are paired with a cap that has a darker crown on it. Seven have either a darker wordmark or a darker front number. The Rangers are wearing powder blue uniforms with powder blue pants, a cap with a powder blue crown, and a white wordmark. It's all pale and light and it all just looks... bleh. No contrast. All too light.
  5. I... never noticed that but you're absolutely right. But it seems to be of a similar ratio, so... did they just stretch the font while rendering the uniforms without adjusting the outline and didn't catch it so they ran with it? Or is it done on purpose and the outline was made smaller for the wordmarks so that it doesn't overpower?
  6. Woot! Made it through 130 pages that happened since I lost track of this thread. I had to pick up a few things from what I missed. I have been screaming since the new identity dropped about this and I'm glad other people are saying it too now. The soap color they use now is too pale and they keep trying to pass it off as honoring their past. Slightly deviate? I've always been flabbergasted by the way that people complain about blue and red being prevalent when everyone wears it completely differently and very few names could be confused for one another. But to compare royal blue/red, navy/red, and red/navy teams with the Marlins going Black/Sea Blue/tiny bit of red accents that mostly look like a reddish orange is kind of a level above. There was a big fight over the Nike logo competing with the interlocking NY and thus dominating the identity, seemingly going off that the swoosh's area is a certain percentage of the logo and thus is taking up that percentage of the identity. But, perhaps from being here for so many years and being so intensely interested in uniform design and team identity and culture, the monogram isn't the identity. The pinstripes, the raglan sleeves, every inch of that uniform is the identity. And not just this uniform. The thick 70's striping on the away grays that call back to the Bronx Zoo teams. The bubble numbers on the sleeves of the Phillies' uniforms. The double piping on the Braves' uniforms. The red numbers on the Dodgers' uniforms. The white/black/white piping that was sadly taken off of the White Sox's (how the crap do I plural possessive that one!?) uniforms that we all mourned the last off. All of the uniform is part of the identity, so the swoosh in the large picture takes up a tiny percentage of it. And I kinda already stopped noticing it until I saw the discussion here. It's definitely obtrusive on some larger script uniforms (Reds, Rangers) but it's not the worst. I went to a Mets game and I heard people chanting "Beat L.A.". It's a classic chant that goes all the way to the heyday of the Celtics and Lakers, but it's not really something that's ever come up in my personal sports experience, much like a hatred of Philadelphia. I ran through all of the teams I really follow and when I thought to baseball I realized "Oh... Yeah, that never comes up in baseball because we have Anaheim instead of Los Angeles." I've never thought of the Angels as Los Angeles. The broadcasts describe the team being headed for Anaheim when they visit. They've always either been Anaheim or The Angels, their team name being used even when in a list with other teams being referred to by their city. Anaheim looks like it would be a pain to pronounce in Spanish. "ah-nah-EH-eem"? Given the strong Long Island identity and fanbase in their history, I always thought the "New York" in the name was for New York State, not New York City. I mean, their logo lops the outer boroughs (Queens and Brooklyn) off of the Island, ditching the City. Love the New Generation love, but seeing this in response to someone mentioning the Repo Man just... breaks my brain even though I know the context and what you were doing. Like those things where the names of colors are shown to you in different colors than the letters spell out. The jerseys are beauties, but I don't like the caps. I know they usually go with the single letter, but why not go interlocking monograms like the team's logo? (Quick and cheap mockup of idea. You can parse the letters however you want.) Hey! Great minds think alike! I'd done the same thing 10 years ago! (Back when I couldn't do much besides use the fill tool so there's weird outlines) Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Royals, Athletics, Mets, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, Dodgers, and Giants all have great looks with a lot of history and they could all be on a pantheon of legend if they would stop screwing things up. The A logo is the best option. Fits without having to go to two lines or an abbreviation. Has the history. Looks clean and professional.
  7. It's funny you phrase it this way, because even looking at the positioning of everyone, Brent Suter is turned more towards the other two, looking almost like those three are framing a three-man picture and Ryan Braun is off to the side like the uncle everybody hates because he lied to everyone and got a guy fired from his job.
  8. That makes sense, then. I knew they were out of the lineup, but didn't expect them to get pulled from the shops too. Does Colorwerx's work only apply to graphics? I know there's often a change in values when you translate to textiles, so I don't know if turning on the signal would help or not.
  9. Surprising. Do they still have the pinstripe throwbacks in stock? I would think that if people were buying a pinstripe they'd stick to the historic alts, unless there really is a big love for navy and people want to jump on what they consider a version of the beloved throwbacks in their preferred colors.
  10. No. No. By all means. Usually I ask here if everything is right every year, but the move has kept me busy. It's began early last spring and I missed most of the second half of last season until the playoffs started, so I didn't notice the new Twins alt. While there was an article on the change, the Twins were missing from last years' roundup, which was probably what I based changes on last year so I whiffed on the Twins who I didn't really see them in action until they wore the road navy and red alts during the ALDS. That's a stone cold bummer on the hat. The Twins and Red Sox red crowns of the 70's are two of my favorite hats. The initial article on the throwback included Kirby Puckett wearing the red batting helmet with it, which apparently they wore with both despite Dressed to the Nines saying they only wore the navy hat with the uniform. I guess that's a drawback of wearing a road throwback at home. The roundup article mentions the cap pairing, but I'd gotten the Twins done early this year so I just skipped past it. Looks like they dropped the red-brim away too, huh? Yeah, if anyone ever sees an error, lemme know. I usually track the changes on here, so small things like that that occur without an announcement can slip by.
  11. I've been so incredibly disconnected, but with checking the home page and seeing the MLB 2020 update news item, I decided to run through the Wikipedia images and make any necessary updates. The anniversary patch is listed as being on all Giants unis, but they didn't wear it on the black alts. Are they only wearing them at home? EDIT: Actually, that's from the end of Summer Camp. They wore them home and away with no patch and it seems to be the regular season game uni rather than a Training/BP one.
  12. XFL (2020) Western Division Dallas Renegades A reference to the Styx song "Renegade" Houston Roughnecks A reference to the city's previous oil-themed team Los Angeles Wildcats A reference to the city's previous XFL franchise Seattle Dragons A reference to the Peter, Paul, and Mary song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and Seattle's aquatic location
  13. XFL (2020) Eastern Division Los Angeles Xtreme A reference to the fans' traditional beer snake Las Vegas Outlaws A line from the opening monologue to Gargoyles Memphis Maniax A motto used by fans Tampa Bay Vipers A quote by Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  14. XFL (2001) Western Division Los Angeles Xtreme A reference to the team's name Las Vegas Outlaws A reference to player Rod Smart's nickname Memphis Maniax A simple idiom San Francisco Demons A reference to the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell"