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  1. XFL (2020) Western Division Dallas Renegades A reference to the Styx song "Renegade" Houston Roughnecks A reference to the city's previous oil-themed team Los Angeles Wildcats A reference to the city's previous XFL franchise Seattle Dragons A reference to the Peter, Paul, and Mary song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and Seattle's aquatic location
  2. XFL (2020) Eastern Division Los Angeles Xtreme A reference to the fans' traditional beer snake Las Vegas Outlaws A line from the opening monologue to Gargoyles Memphis Maniax A motto used by fans Tampa Bay Vipers A quote by Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  3. XFL (2001) Western Division Los Angeles Xtreme A reference to the team's name Las Vegas Outlaws A reference to player Rod Smart's nickname Memphis Maniax A simple idiom San Francisco Demons A reference to the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell"
  4. XFL (2001) Eastern Division Birmingham Thunderbolts A reference to the city's steel industry and the forge of Hephaestus where he formed Zeus's thunderbolts Chicago Enforcers A reference to the extortion tactic that inspired the team's logo New York/New Jersey Hitmen A reference to a saying commonly used in The Godfather Orlando Rage A reference to Jeff Brohm's short speech about playing in the XFL
  5. Time for some updates and some new additions. I'd forgotten about the Warriors' new arena, so here's an update from this: To this: And also there's two new MLS teams that I've added to their respective conferences! And finally, there's something I've been working on as I realized I wanted people to show off their pride before the season ended in the even that there would only be one season. Unfortunately, the season ended early while I was working on it. But it's still here for anyone who wants to enjoy it...
  6. Sorry. Headed back up to New York on a failed attempt to rescue a cat. She wound up freaking out on my aunt, clawing her up, and hiding, so we're gonna have to get her next trip. I've done the Admirals and Wave for another user, MBurmy. He's also got a minor league baseball team and Marquette basketball, so I wasn't sure what teams were important to you and what weren't. I didn't know if you wanted those or Wisconsin's basketball and hockey, or what it could be. I'd had things mostly together, was just looking for the answer to which additional teams you felt important. I find those banners a bit hard to read and the numbers don't all line up with a lot of what I can find. Here's the totality of things I have. If you want only certain champions and such, I can cut the wild cards or lesser wins. Just lemme know exactly what you're looking for for each team.
  7. Oh! Jeez! I had no clue! That's wonderful. If I'd have known, I'd have changed the images to include Puddy! I may still do that in the future. I honestly do not know enough to know which minor league teams you consider good. I've had people from your region include Northwest League baseball teams or the Wave. Why don't you let me know which ones you root for or feel are up to the standard of being a part of the Great Lakes pride you're reppin' so I can make sure you get what you like?
  8. Man, the winter got crazy and I didn't get notifications for this. Sorry this took so long, and thank you for being patient, @TheLogoFather72
  9. Hehehe. Like I said, it's a diverse state. Where I'm from in New York resembles the hills of Kentucky a lot more than the concrete jungle of New York City. But overall looking at the state, it's hard to ignore the number of state icons that rope them more in the West than the South. But that all came from the discussion on why Texas seems culturally more a part of the West than the Central/Eastern United States. From an alignment standpoint, it seems better to put them with the central teams than the Pacific teams due to time zones. That map is very interesting in that the Southwest mostly consists of teams in the Eastern geometric half of the country. It does look like the best way of doing it. Oklahoma being in the Northwest seems a relic of its Seattle heritage much like Atlanta being in the West because it was in Milwaukee and Arizona being in the East because it was in Chicago.
  10. You're taking a quote from documents dedicating themselves to secession and the Confederacy. You could take quotes from the founding of the Virginia Colony where they dedicated their fealty to England, but you wouldn't say that's evidence of a desire to be a colony today. In fact, that quote references a single economic factor that linked them to the other states in the Confederacy. Meanwhile, decades after the fall of the Confederacy, Texas built its State House to be a larger version of the US. Capitol, featuring the state's seal more prominently than the nation's. Today, Texans appear to engage more in Texan exceptionalism than Southern exceptionalism.
  11. It never really ends. Just like NNOB v. NOB. It always comes back around. A bunch of people kinda explained the whole cultural thing. While St. Louis is referred to the Gateway to the West, Missouri, Kansas, etc. seem to have more in common with Illinois, Iowa, and the Plains/Midwest area. As for the distinction of which area Texas fits into, it's tough, but here's why I always think of it where I always think of it. The South/Deep South/American Southeast I categorize by a hot, wet climate with forests and swamps and a lack of cultural and culinary effect from non-Northern/Western European cultures (German, French, Irish, British, Russian, Polish, etc) post the 15th century introduction of the idea of barbecue. Florida is the exception to this as it is was originally owned by Spain and is highly affected by the cultures of Latin America, especially in its Southern reaches. In fact, Florida is a distinct patchwork of a multitude of... well... everything! But, it kinda hangs out down there surrounded by the South, so it's hard to put it in any other category other than by itself. The Southwest I categorize by a hot, dry climate, a past of being held by the Spanish and afterward Mexico, and a much later history of Native residence (while they'd been mostly wiped out/displaced in the east). The latter two have a large effect on food and architecture. The truth about Texas is that given its large size that spans the location it does, the state is a lot of things and could easily just be called its own thing, but if we're categorizing it, it features the earmarks of the latter. Only a quarter to a fifth of the state may be that arid climate with scrublands and red rocks, but you can't find that in any of the Southeastern states. And that's without taking into account the Wild West stereotypes and cultural touchstones that have roots in the pioneer and cowboy spirit. I've always found their rebellious nature planted firmly in their own sovereignty than the part they had in the Confederacy. The one that trips me up is Oklahoma. They seem even more of a hodgepodge of the cultures around them.