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  1. People have been talking about vests, but I think the Reds are the exception to the rule on both fronts. But that's because they're a two-color team with white being one of them. Admittedly, I think looking at the league a number of two-tone teams would objectively looks good with them, but it's unnecessary.
  2. Here ya go, @SpenserRM! I didn't even realized the NASCAR championship cup had changed! Hmm... I'm in a tough spot right now. The formatting for the images are different for each league, and for the NFL it's the biggest legend(s) or moment (Immaculate Reception, Music City Miracle, first Lambeau Leap) for the franchise on the left and fans on the right. Currently the Bucc's pic is of Dwight Smith and Ronde Barber from their 2002 win, but now that that's one half of the team's championships happened a week ago, should I change to Brady and Gronk? What is Tampa's biggest champion right now? Meanwhile, with Harden breaking his way out of Houston I am absolutely officially changing it from past legend and current star, because current stars just get bounced around so friggin' much that I'm changing them every year.
  3. @_J_ Here ya go! I actually saw your sig in the wild a day or two ago and was mortified at how janky the top of the harp came out. This gave me a chance at smoothing that out too!
  4. I'd looked at the All-Star nods before my last post, and save for one it was a tandem of him and Cal. But my comment was on overall rating of All-Star in weighing which side to go here. They're just... so... not objective. Either you've got fan voting, or you've got the opinion of one dude with his biases, or you've got the voting of peers. Jason mutha%^&ing Varitek. Two wins in the postseason with Baltimore. A lot of garbage seasons for the team. Five postseason wins in New York, two pennants, and the aforementioned near perfect games (I can't remember off the top of my head if it was once or twice but I have this feeling he got one out away twice despite only remembering exactly the circumstances of the one at Fenway), and his only 20-win season. Context makes it less cut-and-dry. But it sounds like you support a rather even analytical view rather than weighing other factors. To each his own.
  5. @BandaBassotti There's directions in the first post in this thread on how to change your signature. Just right click and copy the URL of the image you want to use. This is what it would look like with your original choices, which is why I asked if you wanted to add more. Which is more the size for an avatar than a signature. But with the addition of AC Milan... Up to you which of the four you want to use.
  6. Mussina had 24 more wins over his Baltimore career overall with those two years. He stayed quite consistent through his career despite injury, was much beloved for both teams' fans, came within an out of pitching a perfect game and won 20 games in pinstripes, achievements he strove for his entire career. All-Star nods are kinda hard to use to quantify player success. The best player on a terrible team will get all the nods because every team gets representation. Yes. T'was a joke to illustrate how silly one finding winning enough to get to the championship as failure.
  7. Everyone wants to see the Brewers return to a look where they lost a World Series. Catfish Hunter and Mussina make sense. They both had split careers with highlights in multiple places. Compare to Lebron James. He won most of his championships in one city, won one for his home team to break a huge city championship drought, and may reach new heights with his current team. Halladay probably would have chosen a team if he were alive when he was selected. I say Blue Jays, but I'm in that division so I saw him there a lot more. You can go logoless with the cap angled in a way that it's not obtrusive. The plaques of players like Hank Greenberg and Walter Johnson have logos that seem like they're shoehorned in to make sure they're visible. If they were gone, it wouldn't be too noticeable. I would have rather Thome had gone with that. But the Hall for not letting Gary Carter choose his team so they could get representation for a dying franchise. When they added Dawson they should have rectified this and fulfilled his wishes in his final years. Cleveland Phalluses not getting the notoriety I think they deserve. The balkanization of news threads over the last years has been of great detriment. The whole Mariners discussion went on here while the main thread was dead for a month because everyone was talking here. Discussions happen wherever people are no matter what the subject is.
  8. Just go Mallet. It has the same general shape and proportions of the tomahawk. The other shapes suggested are too thin.
  9. I'm more focused on the fact that that Puerto Rican baseball academy is straight-up stealing the US's World Baseball Classic logo. Just wear the Homerdome set as one weeknight alt. The White Sox have worn the 80's throwbacks for once a week without it becoming the new normal. Once a week is fine.
  10. It's the best they've had, was during the best they've been, and short of a possible color brightening it looks perfectly modern. Maybe add some alternate marks modernizing a trident from the past or making the S their primary (although a pet peeve of mine is teams lacking a real primary and just using the simple insignia from their cap/helmet). But any more than that and I'm worried they'd screw it up going for gimmicky over-modernization that becomes immediately dated. I'd never heard of Defending Your Life until a friend threw it on during movie night and it was quite nice. I'd love nothing more than two hours of Hank Scorpio. In my last message I was gonna throw out For Love of the Game and Bull Durham, but realized one was super late 90's and one was 88, just missing the window on each side since I figured we were doing the early 90's groove. Also, jeez what was up with Costner and baseball? But now I think we've thoroughly hit everything. Umm... Major League II?
  11. Eh, the earlier conversation's dead and gladly dead. It's nice to have all that wind up in a happy place where everyone knows everyone's genuine and coming from a good place. I'll let it lie. The block C is so much the antithesis of the entire rest of the Cleveland identity, and shoehorning in uniforms with wordmarks that better match it hasn't helped things, not to mention the fact that it just doesn't read well. A white outline would make it a thousand times better. Perhaps it has something to do with the age range. One grows into one and out of another. But I do still think of Angels in the Outfield whenever I see the last wanings of a crescent moon. Wow, I forgot about that one. Also, Jay-Z made it quite clear he made a Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can. Honestly. That's such a slight to the team and we were rocking that song so much. Also don't forget what Elaine Benes did bringing the Oriole cap awareness.
  12. Usually, @_J_, I try not to add wins that get one into the playoffs before finding out if they get eliminated and win, telling the person who requests it I hope that's not the farthest they make it, but it looks like we may be going head-to-head in the first round so... But if the Ravens manage to pass us, I do hope the Bills go far.
  13. 1. Did you move? 2. Aww, but they just won a championship last year. 3. When did you have the Raptors? You've never had them in the past and I can't find you making a request for them.