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  1. Oh! Hey! It's the Cubs! One of the most unique and beautiful color schemes in the league, and the new patch just bursts right through it like the Kool-Aid man through a brick wall. Oof.
  2. Are you trying to manifest it like the Cards fan who brought up them not being leaked and had a leak happen immediately after? If so, keep doing it. I'm hoping for history to repeat itself.
  3. Huh... I thought it was just because of the military tie-in. Nevertheless, weird that they now seem to have conformed.
  4. Much appreciated. Now there's only two remaining... One last Cardinals alt, the powder blues, and the Cub's City Connects. The latter, as discussed earlier, appears to not be worn before June. Friday was the last day of May, so we'll have to wait until the end of the week to see if they're back. Well, there actually is another. Last year with the advent of the 4+1 setup and the culling of so many extraneous alternates, the San Diego Padres actually had an exemption to be able to wear two different camo uniforms: Desert and Forest. Thus far, we've had five camo days and they've worn the desert print every single one. I mean, it fits their identity very well. I wouldn't be unhappy with them sticking with the one. I'm just wondering if there's been word about them dropping down to 4+1. I looked for tweets in order, but the most recent mention of the green camo is the team saying they were 3-3 in them last year. Perhaps that's the reason for the change.
  5. Both a top 10 cap in the program. Possibly top 5.
  6. That's supremely disappointing. It really seems to be honing in on neon red within blue metal channels. Any locals know of any famous marquees in the city that use this look? Also, the Os are really weirding me out. The inner blue line is different from the rest. Is there some kind of effect with these that isn't showing well in the quality of the photography/replica jersey? Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, I jokingly spoke in an apocalyptic way, but the more I thought of a jersey that was half their red alt and halt their navy alt with the STP and M logos... I kinda thought of how it would kinda slap. Just like MJD7's concept except with modern striping mirrored on either side and the M above the numbers or the STP on the sleeve and the numbers where they are on the rest of the set. You know what? Looking back at this... kind of wild that the Dodgers wore something that was one S away from an in-league team.
  7. Now make it random colors with dark pants and a yellow bridge across the cap with the river between.
  8. Yeah. The wall of text was mostly from a place of trying to explain the nuance of the feeling beyond just change being bad. I said when it happened and when I originally said it didn't feel like the Twins that with time I'd probably just get used to it. It's been a year and it hasn't hit yet. I honestly forget about the change in our away grays most of the time despite actively disliking the change. But the front of the Twins uni still hasn't clicked yet for me. Eh, I'll continue to wait and see. Time and success are 90% of what makes a look iconic and they're on their way with the latter. Oh... Oh... Of course... I just realized what it's going to be like some sort of horrible prophetic vision. It's going to be a two-tone split jersey. Minneapolis on one side and St. Paul on the other. Perhaps Minnie and Paul are even the length of the front, but that's too fun to be a real City Connect. I also would imagine half navy and half red, but team colors aren't allowed. So maybe half black and half powder blue. And no purple because that's what everyone wants.
  9. The Twins have essentially had four major looks if you don't consider the last set as just a pinstripeless upgrade of the originals. And the centerpiece of every one was the large TWINS in red and navy. I've spoken about how much I prefer the Bronx Zoo away grays for the Yankees. But the trimless version has its roots in history. The Red Sox, Cubs, White Sox, Guardians, and Tigers have gone back and forth between outlines and no outlines. If any of those teams dropped outlines from their uniforms that have them, I may have a feeling about how I agree or disagree with the move over matters of aesthetics. Then there's teams like the Orioles, the Giants, the Pirates, and the Mets who have for the length of their history shown off their two colors with a wordmark and its outline barring a couple seasons possibly. And if one of those teams dropped their outline, it would look equally naked and not in fitting with their identity. It's not a matter of just "It's always been that way, so let it stay that way.", which I'm ironically arguing against at the moment in a Disney forum. It's a matter of team identity. The TWINS wordmark had been the logo for 25 years. The outline change, which is accentuated by the thinning of the letters themselves makes it feel a little too empty for me and the end result doesn't feel Twinsy. I actually think the Killebrews, the Carews, and the Pucketts are all iconic looks. I agree that the mixture of the three is a great way to go. I think the new set is beautiful. The home wordmark just feels like a misstep. Meanwhile, I'm actually not futzed about the change on the other three uniforms, with the MINNESOTA wordmark has been much less consistent in history, feels more like a brand new invention, and is thicker and tighter so there's not too much negative space.
  10. It just drives me crazy how much people talk about those three colors like any of the teams using them would look anything alike in a home v. away matchup. (There have been times when the Twins and Nats looked nigh identical in road gray). I'd said at the time that the lack of an outline didn't seem very Twinsy considering it was an aspect that existed since 1961 and got laughed out of the thread. I'm glad Kg agrees with me. While the set rocks in a lot of ways and I've mostly gotten used to it, the wordmark feels like the Twins went Web 2.0, which is a thing I've heard a lot of people use in similar contexts, so I'm hoping I'm using it halfway correctly.
  11. No one was mixing up the huge Twins script with the bubble letters of Cleveland, the olde letters of the Red Sox, the halos and serifs of the Angels, not to mention the accessories of the Braves and Cards. And that's just the script, with each uniform set having a heap of differences. Funnily enough, the uniforms that actually are most said to look similar have different color schemes (Navy/White and Black/Silver/White). That would be supremely disappointing. The touch was one of my favorite parts of the I don't know how that's physically possible. Whether or not it's present physically or a trick of light is one thing, but that's definitely the color yellow in the photo. Eyedropping has proven it's not an illusion created by surrounding colors, but definitely shades of yellow/gold.
  12. I... will... wait until we see it in full action. The Detroit City Connects dropped two tiers once they saw the field. I want to wait and see on these. While it has plenty of drawbacks, I'm intrigued by the skyline theme. The yellow swoosh seems to be representative of a star or moon in the sky, which I find fun. But I want to see it in a different environment than what gave us the dress before I fully commit to an opinion.
  13. Finally the Cardinals' City Connects it the field, which gave us the first look at the accompanying socks since they were obscured in every image and still aren't on the Stance site. And they're... Just team colored socks with navy logo and ankle lines and the STL from the cap on them. That's it. Almost like they've been hiding them because of how nothing they are. Weird. Also, it seems that they are indeed keeping both patches with the memorial patch over the sponsor patch. And they seem to be second team after the Texas Rangers to have a sponsor patch and keep it on one sleeve for everyone, at least for their City Connects. While the sponsor patch and memorial patch switch on opposite sides for their other uniforms, every City Connect I saw had them on the same sleeves.
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