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  1. The Steelers were always a prime example of this for me. The red and blue diamonds are prominent in their logo, but it is not in their color system. Just the yellow. What gives?
  2. I've been asking this question all season. It should come in October.
  3. And how about the Canucks in 2007. Were they ever punished for swapping sets in the playoffs?
  4. What drove me crazy was that they broke the rules that year! Watch the video of their 4OT win in Game 1 vs. Dallas and they were in their standard homes. Then they switched to the thirds starting in Game 7. How did they not get punished for that? Remember the (Mighty) Ducks the year before wore their alternates at home. I hated that and I felt it would have been unfortunate if they went to the finals wearing those.
  5. So the NFL100 logo in 2019 will get the same treatment the gold NFL logo got in 2015? If that's the case, I'll expect to see the NFL100 logo at midfield in Super Bowl LIV just like the gold NFL logo was at midfield in Super Bowl 50.
  6. Check CBSSN during their next preview show.
  7. It looks like CBS will have a modified version of their Thursday Night Football graphics package for the Super Bowl.
  8. This article has some pictures of the field design. If this is the wrong thread for this article, you can move it to the correct one.
  9. Nice logo to kick off the 2020s decade of Final Four logos.
  10. Flyers black jersey causing problems as Doc Emrick had a hard time reading the numbers. Hope that gets fixed at some point.
  11. BUMP I really hope NBC fully switches to the graphics they have for Wednesday Night Hockey intros and commercial breaks. It just looks totally visually dissonant with both of them in use at the same time.
  12. FSN updated their hockey scorebugs to a box in the upper left hand corner with initials. They got this done correctly in my opinion.
  13. Yes it's now Wednesday Night Hockey. And hopefully they'll update their graphics as well later on. The ones they have now that they've used the last three years are nice, but it's time to be refreshed.
  14. I don't mind those jerseys. I think they look good, better than the other Sharks black jerseys. Just as long as they STAY OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS.
  15. Bump. I'm hoping the NHL on NBC will have some refreshed graphics next month with what we're seeing tonight. I think they will look good for hockey.