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  1. The way the Flames are marketing their third jersey retro look, I think the eventual adoption of that look full time is a fait acompli. Unless I missed such an announcement...
  2. Will NBC EVER update their NHL in game graphics again?
  3. Might the Ducks wear those orange jerseys in the playoffs if they get there? (unlikely as that is this year)
  4. The gradients on the postseason t-shirts remind me a little bit of the 2004 playoff logos.
  5. The way I look at it, the Jags seemed to have unofficially designated the black jersey as 1 and the teal jersey as 1A, seeing how they wear them in the preseason every year and seem to promote them equally.
  6. I'm a die-hard Panthers fan and I totally agree. This was an absolute modern classic that did not need to be discarded.
  7. I wonder if come Super Bowl LIV, that NFL100 logo will go on midfield the same way the gold shield was at midfield for Super Bowl 50.
  8. According to someone on the Hurricanes reddit, their white jerseys to be unveiled Tuesday will have a diagonal nickname "CANES" across the front.
  9. NBC has new graphics for their Premier League coverage, probably based on their partnership with SKY Sports because they're quite similar.
  10. Very nice! It looks great! You even figured out the crossflexed games (AFC on Fox, NFC on CBS) if they weren't already announced.
  11. With a logo package this awesome and colorful, I hope all postseason series are epic and memorable.
  12. The Steelers were always a prime example of this for me. The red and blue diamonds are prominent in their logo, but it is not in their color system. Just the yellow. What gives?
  13. I've been asking this question all season. It should come in October.
  14. And how about the Canucks in 2007. Were they ever punished for swapping sets in the playoffs?
  15. What drove me crazy was that they broke the rules that year! Watch the video of their 4OT win in Game 1 vs. Dallas and they were in their standard homes. Then they switched to the thirds starting in Game 7. How did they not get punished for that? Remember the (Mighty) Ducks the year before wore their alternates at home. I hated that and I felt it would have been unfortunate if they went to the finals wearing those.