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  1. Will the numbers on the black uniforms be white? It should be because the black outlined with red made them virtually illegible in their inaugural season.
  2. Perhaps the Hurricanes should consider making the black jersey their full time home jersey and the stick and flag logo on it their primary logo. It's the logo that's getting most ice time this playoffs and they're doing well with them.
  3. Man, I wish NBC would use the same graphics for all aspects of their NHL coverage. It just looks so lazy and disorganized with two different sets in one broadcast.
  4. It's also cool how they digitally project the "home" team's logo and local ads on the courts.
  5. We know that the Coyotes and Hurricanes will utilize their alternate home uniforms for the playoffs. Anyone else that we know of?
  6. Great news that this is coming. That said, I still to this day wish the Sens had worn these beauties in at least one of their playoff runs from 2002-2007:
  7. These are GREAT! Takes me back in my mind to those times! My only question is is the "NOT PLAYED" graphic necessary? People can gather that if a team has won the necessary number of games.
  8. I've said before that they seem to be treating the black uniforms as 1A and the teal uniform as 1B. Maybe that confirms it/
  9. I don't know how seriously to take this, but look at the order of the uniform graphics on the Jaguars Wikipedia page. Has that been switched?
  10. From a die-hard Panthers fan, this is one fabulous set that never should have been discarded to begin with. My only gripe is the continuation of the oversized helmet decal. Just make it normal sized and it's a total winner.
  11. On Wikipedia, the Super Bowl 55 logo has been updated to show more texture. I think the orange is a nod to the sun, the blue on the edges of the L and V and reflecting on the trophy represents water and the grainy texture in the letters might signify sand on the beach. This is all a guess. If that guess is accurate, I think we're getting somewhere with regard to localization in the templated logo.
  12. Why oh why has NBC not updated their NHL scorebug yet? I've said before that their package looks like a visually dissonant mixed bag.
  13. Fox never overhauled their graphics for any of their previous eight Super Bowls. They always went with what they used for the regular season. CBS and NBC are the ones that usually do this.
  14. More important: Why did the 49ers get a helmet but the Chiefs didn't?
  15. I think they've also done a good job with stadium and merchandise colors and decorations. That's what I look forward to seeing every year.