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  1. On Wikipedia, the Super Bowl 55 logo has been updated to show more texture. I think the orange is a nod to the sun, the blue on the edges of the L and V and reflecting on the trophy represents water and the grainy texture in the letters might signify sand on the beach. This is all a guess. If that guess is accurate, I think we're getting somewhere with regard to localization in the templated logo.
  2. Why oh why has NBC not updated their NHL scorebug yet? I've said before that their package looks like a visually dissonant mixed bag.
  3. Fox never overhauled their graphics for any of their previous eight Super Bowls. They always went with what they used for the regular season. CBS and NBC are the ones that usually do this.
  4. More important: Why did the 49ers get a helmet but the Chiefs didn't?
  5. I think they've also done a good job with stadium and merchandise colors and decorations. That's what I look forward to seeing every year.
  6. The Gridiron Field Database is predicting the midfield logo will get the NFL100 logo on it, the same way the gold shield was used for Super Bowl 50 and the NFL75 logo was used for Super Bowl XXIX.^sb&image_path=
  7. Probably the wrong place to post this fact, but I'll make it anyway: Lost in this matchup is the fact that this is the second championship within a decade between Kansas City and San Francisco (2014 World Series, Royals-Giants).
  8. Here's an interesting read on NHL uniform process.
  9. And maybe we'll hear another diatribe from Jack Edwards, even though it's not against the Bruins.
  10. Might the Coyotes wear their Kachina uniforms at home if they're still playing in April and May? I'm usually not at all a fan of alternates in the playoffs, but I wouldn't mind that one bit.
  11. But that was quickly taken care of by reverting to white helmets.
  12. Super Bowl LIV program. Feel free to move this post to appropriate forum topic if necessary.
  13. Can the NBA actually return to Vancouver please?
  14. The way the Flames are marketing their third jersey retro look, I think the eventual adoption of that look full time is a fait acompli. Unless I missed such an announcement...
  15. Will NBC EVER update their NHL in game graphics again?