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  1. Also noticed there is no "STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS" banner inside the blue lines on the ice, just the virtual ads.
  2. Per their Instagram, the Penguins are confirmed to be wearing their gold alternate uniforms this postseason.
  3. What would that mean for the Hurricanes do you think? They're considering going to their black jerseys full time or promoting the flag logo to full time logo status? With how they've been all over the place with their logos and jerseys, it'll be interesting to see with them.
  4. With the playoffs just around the corner, who will be wearing which jerseys at home this spring/summer? Will any go with their alternate or reverse retro?
  5. NBCSN just debuted a new scorebug for Wednesday Night Hockey. With both the dissolution of the channel coming soon and the eventual transfer of NHL rights from NBC, my reaction to this is "sure, NOW you change it up."
  6. Is there any word yet on which teams are going alternate or reverse retro for the playoffs?
  7. Since the 2019 World Series logo was revealed, I always wished that would be the permanent World Series logo. It and the other logos in the package were AWESOME.
  8. Honest question: To all the people who continue to gripe about the loss of unique Super Bowl logos, do the colorful and creative decorations around the stadium compensate for that? It does for me.
  9. In my opinion, the 2007-2011 Lightning logo looked like a Gatorade logo. The current logo always made me think of the Intel logo.
  10. You think if NBC were to have broadcast this game as originally scheduled, they would have revamped their graphics like they usually do?
  11. They got through Super Bowl XLI no problem, so there's no reason why they cant here.
  12. Penguins in their Reverse Retros tonight at the Rangers. So it's a matchup of two diagonal lettered crests.
  13. The Avs new gear reminds me of when the Predators traded their dark blue helmets for yellow/gold ones. That took a while to get used to as this one will.
  14. I think these corporate division names is only a one year engagement to recoup as much lost revenue as possible. When the conferences return I think they'll be gone. Don't hold me to that though. Also, is there any word on who will get the Prince of Wales Trophy and Clarence Campbell Bowl this year?
  15. In my opinion, the great majority of college football uniforms from the year 2000 are infinitely better looking than what is worn today. And I was in 8th grade that season.
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