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  1. My only problem with those nashville renders is the field is facing due west...
  2. Sadly, both Charlotte and Nashville suffer from having brand new MiLB Stadiums that cannot be expanded to.
  3. The other nice thing about the Rays embracing light blue and yellow is that it brightens up the dingy looking Trop (even on TV) a TON. I don't know who's bright idea it was to outfit a stadium playing indoors with horrible lighting in the darkest colors possible, but I think it would go a long way to brighten the team colors up a bit.
  4. IDK but - this is an abomination: And this needs to hit the field of play as soon as possible: Maybe if the Rays embraced their lighter colors the Trop wouldn't feel as dreary on TV.
  5. This is 2015 for sure. I had a great Yankees one that got destroyed in the wash. Loved that shirt. This is also when Nike started introducing the vault color - it was in the thread for all of these shirt before the full roll out at Rio.
  6. I don't hate the idea of the nickname jerseys for a weekend. I've wanted the "Natural Rivals" to wear different jerseys on the road for a few years now - just seems weird to wear the name of the city you're playing in even as the road team - some thing like the Yankees wearing "The Bronx" and the Mets "Queens", North Side vs. South Side, LA vs. Anaheim, etc.
  7. So the Yankees and White Sox are going to play at the Field of Dreams - what're the chances we get throwbacks for this game? It'd be great to see the White Sox do the 1919 home unis Think the Yankees do the jerseys that Ray's dad wears - maybe in a gray? Or will we see the gray NEW YORK or YANKEES block text? Although the marketing for the event so far has the Yankees in roads and the White Sox in the black alternates - which would be a huge missed opportunity if you ask me. Although interestingly this ad has Judge in pinstripes - so maybe we get a white on white like in the movie? London set the precedent that this is okay now... <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. The first year they did the 4th of July hats I picked one up and wore it constantly. It was nice to have something different and cool. It got tiresome fast. This year I picked up the military cap for the first time cause I liked the design. It's one of my go-to hats now.
  9. Still seems strange that there's no authentic jerseys available
  10. Something interesting I noticed browsing MLB Shop - none of the Yankees or Red Sox London Series jerseys are available with NNOB. I'm wondering if MLB will have both teams go NOB for the foreign audience?
  11. What's up with the Pirates wearing last years memorial day unis today? Assuming it's for D-Day but it seems strange to use last years.
  12. Just leaving this here for comparison. This is NBC's logo for the 2012 Olympics. This does a far better job of conveying location than the generic logo MLB ran out.
  13. Yeah - that's just the official underground font. Don't know why the "L" is so short there
  14. It looks like MLB Shop may have given us our first hint at what the London Series hats will be: Kinda bland don't you think? This is also the only hat that's up, so it could change. EDIT: whipped this up real quick - wouldn't something along these lines be better and more exciting?
  15. Yankees to wear home unis for both games: