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  1. Still seems strange that there's no authentic jerseys available
  2. Something interesting I noticed browsing MLB Shop - none of the Yankees or Red Sox London Series jerseys are available with NNOB. I'm wondering if MLB will have both teams go NOB for the foreign audience?
  3. What's up with the Pirates wearing last years memorial day unis today? Assuming it's for D-Day but it seems strange to use last years.
  4. Just leaving this here for comparison. This is NBC's logo for the 2012 Olympics. This does a far better job of conveying location than the generic logo MLB ran out.
  5. Yeah - that's just the official underground font. Don't know why the "L" is so short there
  6. It looks like MLB Shop may have given us our first hint at what the London Series hats will be: Kinda bland don't you think? This is also the only hat that's up, so it could change. EDIT: whipped this up real quick - wouldn't something along these lines be better and more exciting?
  7. Yankees to wear home unis for both games:
  8. Yankees will apparently be wearing home uniforms for both games in London, which are Red Sox home games:
  9. Padres officially returning to brown unis in 2020:
  10. Yes, they gave up two games at Fenway for it.
  11. Has anyone heard any rumors or seen any merch for the London Series? The unveiled logo doesn't exactly make a great patch for the cap or jerseys. Also, will the Sox be in white for both games? Or can we expect an alternate? Yankees are a safe bet in gray, although there is precident for them to wear the pinstripes as the road team internationally....
  12. I was at the game last night - first time ever in Milwaukee. I found it very interesting that the BiG logo is EVERYWHERE in that stadium. I mean everywhere. Aside from the jersey and the main hat (no fashion hats) it's nearly impossible to find anything with the current identity in the ballpark. I think they're trending towards a Navy/Gold BiG rebrand, as just about everything in the store - including bobbleheads, stuffed animals, etc - features that look.
  13. Reviving this thread to ask a question: Recently I moved to a new apartment and just have my helmets sitting on my windowsill. I'm considering having a friend build a little display case that can double as a rankings tracker, but I was curious what methods others have come up with to display them creatively. I can't believe no one makes an off the shelf display case for these yet, seems like a common collectible.