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  1. The Lakewood BlueClaws are rebranding themselves as the Jersey Shore Blue Claws and unveiled a new logo package: Only the home jersey has been unveiled so far, with the rest to be revealed at a later date. More details on the look here
  2. Probably related to the shift to china
  3. Don't forget the 1998 Expansion was the league apologizing to the players for collusion. So it kind of was an afterthought. Also don't forget just 4 years later they tried to contract two teams - namely the Twins and Expos.
  4. They have the Rockies:
  5. They no longer officially have the "of Anaheim" in their name as it's no longer required as part of their agreement with the city of Anaheim.
  6. Love this idea!! A nice throwback, plays with baseball's historical significance in American culture, and appropriate for what we're all going through right now.
  7. Yes network just shared a post to Facebook that I think gives us our first look at the AL ASG Uniforms: Looks like they're sticking with the AL in white as the home team. I love this jersey. If it wasn't for the swoosh, I think this would be an easy buy
  8. About as close as you're going to get for now
  9. A lot of the teams individual clubhouse shops around the cities are all owned by Lids, and therefore fanatics. I know both the Yankees and the Mets are for sure. The stadiums tend to have mostly the same stuff, but a few exclusives thrown in here and there. In NY/NJ I've found that Modells tends to have the most variety that differs from the Fanatics affiliated shops. Online the best option for variety seems to be the individual manufacturer sites, IE '47 Brand, Majestic, etc. but for MLB I've found some cool stuff on the European store and
  10. I don't think that's a night game - note the sunglasses
  11. Has anyone found a collection of the pullovers a lot of teams have been wearing for ST warmups?
  12. Woah, these are AWFUL. These are the only ones that aren't terrible:
  13. Oh - Yankees ones didn't have them. At least not on the front
  14. Jesus Nike even added the swoosh to the Shirseys? Do they know no limits??