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  1. Dude an Alcatraz jersey would be sweet. Pitripes with "The Rock" on the front??
  2. That's the old Brooklyn mascot. Funny, I can't recall ever seeing it used for LA. Little salty about LA stealing it to be honest.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/MLB/status/1394296516295204868?s=19 Well....these are bad.
  4. That collar is awful -- Also, how come the minor league teams get to shove the swoosh on the sleeve but the MLB teams need it front and center? Much less offensive on the sleeve.
  5. Wait is there a new Anaheim stadium being built?
  6. God I hope it's anywhere but Portland. They can't even hold onto a minor league team. Plus the city has seemed...volatile of late
  7. Makes sense, but interesting that the film actually features a faux back that never existed: It's an amalgum of the 1909-1911 jersey with the Yankees pinstripes added and the classic hat. I can't believe I've never noticed that before. I wonder why they wouldn't do a gray version of ththis, since it's fictional anyway?
  8. Lack of an outline, but mostly that generally speaking the Yankees script logo is what appears on the back of non-on field caps.
  9. Sorry, not assuming anything, but the new era ones labelled as field of dreams feature the same arched new york
  10. Hmm, you're right. I did some digging and found that '47 has the same hat. I remember seeing it last summer as well: https://www.47brand.com/collections/new-york-yankees/products/new-york-yankees-cooperstown-47-franchise Worth noting, the NEW YORK script on the back appears on all the hats that aren't the on-field model. Wonder if that's a clue as to the front of the jersey
  11. Where at? I hadn't seen it. They just put the FoD in the title. I wonder if they had the stock last year...
  12. We got our first look at the Yankees Field of Dreams game cap - seems like we're getting throwbacks:
  13. If they're a part of the Air Force, then the Marines are part of the Navy
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