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  1. I was planning to add the hat as an alternate but I feel it is appropriate to use it as the primary for that set so I will update it. I didn't forget the throwback jersey, it's just one of those situations where we haven't seen it in 2 seasons and I want to wait until it actually does make an appearance to add it to the rotation. This is how I handled the Cincinnati Military appreciation set. If it shows up, I'll add it.
  2. I use the 33 on the front of every jersey that requires numbers for consistency purposes, and because the number means something to me, personally. For the first (and maybe only time) I wanted to use 44 for the great Hank Aaron.
  3. Here is Colorado. I only saw a couple of patterns for the Stance socks with this team. If there are more out there, let me know
  4. I did not run that site but I did provide the uniforms for it. Rob, the guy who runs those sites, wanted to concentrate on football. I wanted to get further along in the process before we made another attempt. I believe I am getting to that point now.
  5. The mannequin look is inspired by the work of Marc Okkonen. Back when I started this project his only real request is that I use my own template. This is version #4 but I feel it is the better one. Although it is more work to present the uniforms on so many different little guys, the presentation is way better in my opinion. I think this look pays tribute to Mr. Okkonen while at the same time, giving a fresh look to the presentation.
  6. Here is Cincinnati. They have a 'military appreciation' jersey that technically should be in the rotation but they have not worn it this year and did not wear it at all in 2020. When/if it does pop up, I will update this.
  7. I wanted to switch it up a little. Here is the American League from 1901. Things looked very different 120 years ago.
  8. Here are the Cardinals. I realize the home and road 'alternates' are just a difference in cap, but I needed to figure out a way to include a bunch of uniforms here anyway.
  9. When I did all the BP jerseys for 2021 I gave half the teams one pose and half the other. There are some teams who have 2 BP jerseys and in that case, I use them both. Although the normal uniform poses give several different options, for batting practice uniforms I will only stick with the two templates. Teams actually have 3 different choices for BP uniforms in 2021, but for this presentation I decided to go with the ones I have already completed.
  10. The blue jersey is from Spring Training and they don't wear that during the season. Would not be a bad alternate, though.
  11. Here are the Diamondbacks. I have not spotted nearly as many different designs for the socks this season for Arizona. However, if I have missed something here, let me know and I will add the design.