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  1. *sits back and waits for the Nats fans he's been adding lesser banners for over the last ten years*
  2. Hehehe. Like I said, it's a diverse state. Where I'm from in New York resembles the hills of Kentucky a lot more than the concrete jungle of New York City. But overall looking at the state, it's hard to ignore the number of state icons that rope them more in the West than the South. But that all came from the discussion on why Texas seems culturally more a part of the West than the Central/Eastern United States. From an alignment standpoint, it seems better to put them with the central teams than the Pacific teams due to time zones. That map is very interesting in that the Southwest mostly consists of teams in the Eastern geometric half of the country. It does look like the best way of doing it. Oklahoma being in the Northwest seems a relic of its Seattle heritage much like Atlanta being in the West because it was in Milwaukee and Arizona being in the East because it was in Chicago.
  3. You're taking a quote from documents dedicating themselves to secession and the Confederacy. You could take quotes from the founding of the Virginia Colony where they dedicated their fealty to England, but you wouldn't say that's evidence of a desire to be a colony today. In fact, that quote references a single economic factor that linked them to the other states in the Confederacy. Meanwhile, decades after the fall of the Confederacy, Texas built its State House to be a larger version of the US. Capitol, featuring the state's seal more prominently than the nation's. Today, Texans appear to engage more in Texan exceptionalism than Southern exceptionalism.
  4. It never really ends. Just like NNOB v. NOB. It always comes back around. A bunch of people kinda explained the whole cultural thing. While St. Louis is referred to the Gateway to the West, Missouri, Kansas, etc. seem to have more in common with Illinois, Iowa, and the Plains/Midwest area. As for the distinction of which area Texas fits into, it's tough, but here's why I always think of it where I always think of it. The South/Deep South/American Southeast I categorize by a hot, wet climate with forests and swamps and a lack of cultural and culinary effect from non-Northern/Western European cultures (German, French, Irish, British, Russian, Polish, etc) post the 15th century introduction of the idea of barbecue. Florida is the exception to this as it is was originally owned by Spain and is highly affected by the cultures of Latin America, especially in its Southern reaches. In fact, Florida is a distinct patchwork of a multitude of... well... everything! But, it kinda hangs out down there surrounded by the South, so it's hard to put it in any other category other than by itself. The Southwest I categorize by a hot, dry climate, a past of being held by the Spanish and afterward Mexico, and a much later history of Native residence (while they'd been mostly wiped out/displaced in the east). The latter two have a large effect on food and architecture. The truth about Texas is that given its large size that spans the location it does, the state is a lot of things and could easily just be called its own thing, but if we're categorizing it, it features the earmarks of the latter. Only a quarter to a fifth of the state may be that arid climate with scrublands and red rocks, but you can't find that in any of the Southeastern states. And that's without taking into account the Wild West stereotypes and cultural touchstones that have roots in the pioneer and cowboy spirit. I've always found their rebellious nature planted firmly in their own sovereignty than the part they had in the Confederacy. The one that trips me up is Oklahoma. They seem even more of a hodgepodge of the cultures around them.
  5. Plus, we still have to argue over whether the Angels should be the Los Angeles Angels or the Anaheim Angels.
  6. But would you prefer beating up on whichever three of the Twins, White Sox, Tigers, and Indians aren't good that year? If I recall correctly, a mixture of spring training/minor leagues and large chunk of retired Illinois transplants resulting in a big local Cubs fandom was the reason for Arizona wanting to be in the NL despite the original plan being an AL expansion. In a time when people are complaining about baseball being boring and out of touch, you want to make it so that there are less playoff races down the stretch and less games. The Wild Card Game and the races have infused a lot of excitement into seasons that would be missing it otherwise. The Wild Card needs to stay. It's the best tool to combat teams that don't deserve getting in making it on the strength of a weak division. It's the college playoff of baseball. Having the Texas teams in the West has always made sense of me culturally. It's not until the recent posts about time zones that I rethought it. That is a rough situation. You could also split into four divisions for each league, punishing a team that performs worst and wins their division by having them partake in the Wild Card Game possibly. After shirking all of my responsibilities to try to work out some models that both keep everyone within one time zone and maintain very emotional rivalries, I'm really finding it tough without moving a team from one league to the other again and/or winding up with silly things like when Atlanta was in the West while the Reds and Cubs were in the East. For that matter, I just realized how weird it is that Dallas is in the NFC East.
  7. Whoop. Sorry. Suppose that's the effect of missing a year of the forum and being insular in a couple threads for the last few rough years of my life. Do you mean now, or always. I hate the current ones because they unnecessarily complicated nature and the betrayal of the earlier stated darker caps on the road thing which we are on either side of. The Yankees, Royals, White Sox, Rays, Rangers, Reds, Brewers, Phillies, Nationals, and Padres have cap logos that are pretty much entirely white on the road, but also have white outlines on their away grays. The A's have not one speck of white on their away grays. The change to the white on green with an outline that they've never worn on any cap in their history was just to match an unnecessarily complex alternate. That cap's an abomination. I'm getting an extreme case of deja vu. I have the sneaking suspicion that we've done these exact same two posts, although I don't know if you were the poster of the original claim that there were only a couple good pullovers that last time. Those are beauties, but I think in some way they show what may be the only benefit of pullovers: the lack of a need to parse things to avoid the placket. That Angels script is way lower quality because it all had to be moved over, whereas it looks better with the g in the center on the pullover. Those blue jays are beautiful, but the unique logo in the center of the others is impossible. Now, I'm not saying that the other Blue Jays look is more iconic than the World Series set, but I think it's still good/a major part of history. For the same reason, I think that Reds gray is good looking, but with how much it looks like heather and has no adornment, it looks like a uniform that has been in use since the 40's or a throwback. It throws away the pullover's slightly blue gray and bright bands of colors that are characteristic of the team's most iconic period. Side note: My instinct about that Cincinnati gray is correct. As I went to make sure I was correct about the pullover I posted being the Big Red Machine uniforms (I'd just looked up a year range and the teams in an image search to get my pictures), I saw that the one you posted is essentially the 1939-1955 road uniform without the patches. Long ago I've stated my favorite uniform color schemes, which mostly centers on contrasts. I love the way a dark or cool color and white combine to make each color pop. It's clean and beautiful. Perhaps watching the Yankees in the 90's where the white seemed fluorescent and the navy looked like the deepest part of the ocean was my first notice of the aesthetics of uniforms (although I picked the Dolphins as my favorite team solely on their look). The white cap logos of the Dodgers and Royals also have the same effect. And slipping a warm color in between that darker coolness and bright white just brings this up even higher. It's a clean, beautiful look that strengthens all three colors and makes them pop like a fireworks show. I'm talking the Red Sox, the Mets, the Cubs. I love the traditional home caps of the Twins and Red Sox, but dangit if the red crowns of the 70's don't just look beautiful to me. I hate the block C cap because of the lack of a white outline, and it sounds like you feel the same, but the inclusion of the white T makes the whole thing work better despite the C in the Twins' logo not popping as much. That being said, I think the teams should wear the navy caps as their primaries, but I'd love to see the red caps in rotation as an alt. They're beautiful. And the featuring of Navy, Blue, and White so heavily may be why I love both looks so much. It takes the team's colors and puts them much more at the forefront in equal measures and in ways we don't get to see. I'd say the Twins look actually looks better given how they separate the colors with white on the bands. That Red Sox uniform, however, is a legend, featured in perhaps the most iconic moment in Red Sox history. The M caps are the technically correct monogram, but they look like something Brandiose or Humongous Entertainment would come up with. I feel like every team has an era that they fit into aesthetically. The Dodgers with their blocky serifs and the aesthetic of Dodger Stadium are firmly in the 60's. The Astros are in the 50's-60's with their old style uniforms and space race aesthetic complete with plastic space helmets. The Tigers are in the Hammerin' Hank 30's and 40's. The Red Sox are in Ted Williams's 40's. The Twins were very 80's/90's with their Homerdome look and their home ballpark. But with the aesthetic of Target field they wanted to focus on their outdoor roots and the fact that despite their more recent success, they're a charter franchise. They changed back to the 60's aesthetic, and the TC with its angled serifs, thin lines, and curving crossbar feels incredibly of this era. Much like the LA monogram, it's dated, but in a way that evokes an era, the era they're trying to entrench themselves in, rather than just looks bad like the old Twins wordmark did. Both of those logos seem a bit unbalanced and squished to me. I took the letters as they were and put them together like those old caps, then squished them a bit. The thing about interlocking them is the huge open area on the bottom and the contast between the bottom of the S with more lines in it and the top with nothing in it creates an optical illusion that makes the top look larger. On closer inspection I see that in the old days they shrunk the top loop down to combat that, but the open D still looks bigger because of that. Interlocking the squished SD I found actually looks the best. It looks balanced and even, taking out most of the empty space. It doesn't solve your issue, though, but I think the best option is to go two-tone and drop the notch. That is, unless with stitching or slight lines of the background colors they could show the letters interlocking.
  8. A lot of them can be considered unnecessary, but it's kind of a boon that teams who are going to introduce these caps because they make money and fans like them but not ruin their home look. The Yankees, Royals, Red Sox, Dodgers, Tigers, Twins, Mets, Giants, Braves, Cubs, Phillies, Pirates, and Cardinals all have home primary caps that have long histories or are updates of looks that have long histories. If more is going to be added, doing it on the road or with alts is preferred. But for times when both looks just look so dang good (Nats, 90's/00's A's, Tigers, 50+ friggin' years of Cardinals) I'm fine with having two. Tigers get extra points for having orange with their road, since their home bears no orange. It was mostly a joke on the mentioned idea of the block M being a better fit because Hank Aaron wore it, given that he also wore something with the features that make people complain about the current Brewers cap logo. [MOD EDIT: Board Code of Conduct clearly states no discussion of Native American team name controversies.]
  9. Missed out on nearly the entire year of 2019 in a move to South Carolina, but things have calmed down enough to finally binge this thread. I feel your pain. Going on what feels like well over ten years with this supposedly as our cap logo. I beg to differ. I wouldn't want to see them come back, and would prefer button-down versions of a lot of uniforms, but there were quite a few beautiful pullovers, including some of the most iconic looks for some franchises. Wow. I'd forgotten those were the teams involved. I would HAVE to think that's why they were chosen, and that therefore they'd have to wear those throwbacks from the movie, right? They *were* in that status, but like the Cards and A's they've chipped away as they try to add. They've made great strides lately by making the piping uniform across the alts and getting rid of the navy on navy numbers and wordmark, but I still feel like it needs some tightening up like a script getting a punch-up. Their sock game is ON POINT, though. Perhaps it's a feature of the era I grew up in, much like older ones have screamed about wanting to see players wear their uniforms with the correct tightness and younger ones like the Diamondbacks, but I've really always found home and road caps to work well. Darker caps play well with away grays while caps with a brighter color on the brim work well at home. I find different colors with the darker on the road to be similarly pleasing to the eyes. Front panels and logos have the same effect. On second thought, while I find this is pleasing to the eyes, I realized going through the entire league to get examples that... I think teams have another thing in mind as they do this. There are a number of times that teams have caps with brightly colored bills paired with their away grays rather than home whites. And in those instances, and in most of these instances, I've found a common theme: The cap used at home is the one with the longest history and the most prominence. The Cubs, Twins, Brewers, and Astros all introduced caps with brighter colored caps or front paneled, but wore them on the road while wearing the older original solid-color cap at home. Although I can't say I argue with that tactic either. If the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, or Royals brought out an extra cap with a red or white cap, I'd expect them to wear the solid-color caps with the home whites still. (Teams that changed both at the same time are often exceptions to this rule, but not always.) Their current home is so good based off the strength of the logo. The lack of anything on it except for a one-color wordmark with no outline makes it look like a beer league uniform. A front number would be needed like the rest of their set. Either way, getting rid of their current home would be a downgrade and having both would be weird and redundant like the Dodgers away alts from a couple years back. Do you consider the Blue Jays and Astros remakes to be "fauxbacks"? There could be arguments made about the Brewers color scheme and whether it's becoming too old/out of style. I don't think any of that matters. What matters is that their current color scheme is entirely too dark and drab for indoors. The gold sings in the sun, but that's rarely seen at home. They need to brighten it up. Naturally, Hank Aaron would never be caught dead wearing an unbalanced, overly elaborate curly letter with uneven lineweights. Sounds like the Rays. "They've got that beautiful bright Columbia Blue to lean on." They don't need it with the two-tone cap, but it's extremely vital with the one-tone current rendering of the logo. Without that gap, the S and D become a tangled mess of lines. It is so simple, but goes a long way towards legibility. [MOD EDIT: Board Code of Conduct clearly states no discussion of Native American team name controversies.] The Twins have a beautiful history of uniforms that have evolved along with their surroundings. I think their flip of the home wordmark colors looks great. It fits the original 1961 color scheme and it looks surprisingly sharp. It's in the vein of the Blue Jays and Astros modernizations. The original text was way too irregular and odd, so modernizing it is much better. The gold is nice, but the fact that the caps worn with their standard home whites is called an alt cap still drives me into a blinding rage. Keep the gold off he primaries. Wear the current roads and put pinstripes on the current home with the standard cap. Then have a red home alt with blue piping and the home wordmark in white outlined in blue (like the old "Dairy Queen" alts), a blue away alt with red piping and the road wordmark in white outlined in red (like the Metrodome-era road alts) as your alts. Keep the Thunderdome homes and the Rod Carew red-crown homes (whether as pullover or button-down) as regular throwback alts for throwback days, and you've got every part of Twins culture, history, and identity covered. The Astros did it. Where the crap did the O's moving come out of? The White Sox have discussed it before (although they've got a lot of cred in the city), but I've never heard a moment's wild speculation about the Orioles. The Padres said brown was coming back. That just says new uniforms. I have no doubt another completely different rebrand/complication/further confusion is coming.
  10. Heh. Yeah, @Dalcowboyfan92, I'd moved on from Tinypic after a hack changed all the pictures to sparkly gifs. I didn't realize as Tinypic was closing that there'd still be people rolling around with stuff that old on their sigs. I have all the originals on my computer, but since you're looking to update the pics anyway, here's an updated version!
  11. I looked through the history of the IIHF and took ten teams that seem to have all seen success in one way or another. International Ice Hockey Federation Canada A reference to the nations love of and feel of ownership over the game The Czech Republic A reference to the nation's national anthem Finland A reference to the team's nickname Great Britain A reference to the British patriotic song "Rule Britannia!" Germany A reference to the team's crest Norway A reference to the team's nickname and the hunting habits of this creature Russia A reference to the team's former identity as the dominant, red-clad Soviet Union team Romania A reference to the nation's national anthem and the team's nickname Sweden A reference to the team's crest United States A reference to the Miracle on Ice
  12. FIFA Union of European Football Associations (Part 2) Hungary A reference to the nation's national anthem Italy A reference to the Roman Empire that preceded the nation The Netherlands A reference to the traditional title in Dutch royalty Norway A reference to a national motto Poland A reference to the nation's national anthem Portugal A reference to the nation's national anthem Russia A reference to an idiom and the the nation's common symbolic animal Spain A reference to the team's nickname and the Pillars of Hercules featured in the nation's coat of arms and flag (as well as the team's crest) Sweden A reference to the nation's national anthem Switzerland A reference to the nation's national anthem and one of the team's nicknames
  13. FIFA Union of European Football Associations (Part 1) Austria A reference to the team's nickname Belgium A reference to the team's nickname and the nation's motto Bulgaria A reference to the team's nickname and a nearby island's famous lions Croatia A reference to the team's nickname Czech Republic A reference to the nation's national anthem Denmark A reference to the team's nickname England A reference to the team's nickname and the nickname of the famous monarch whose crest inspired the nation's, which inspired the team's France A reference to the team's nickname and the nation's national anthem Germany A reference to the team's crest Greece A reference to the team's nickname
  14. Because CONMEBOL only has ten teams, I'm able to just do all of them. FIFA CONfederación SudaMEricana de FútBOL Argentina A reference to the controversial "Hand of God" Goal Bolivia The motto engraved on the nation's currency Brazil A line from the nation's national anthem Chile A reference to the nation's national bird and the team's nickname Colombia A reference to René Higuita's scorpion kick Ecuador A reference to the nation's position on the equator Paraguay A reference to the nation's national anthem Peru A line from a version of the nation's national anthem Uruguay A reference to a nickname of the team Venezuela A reference to the nation's national anthem and the team's primary color
  15. Headed back up to New York for a wedding and to work on the house for two weeks. Just got back home last night in time to hunker down for Dorian, but I can get back to uploading/posting now that I'm home... unless we lose power down here in SC.
  16. FIFA Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football Canada A reference to the nation's national anthem and nickname Costa Rica A reference to the stone spheres Cuba A reference to the nation's national anthem Curaçao A reference to the nation's national anthem El Salvador A reference to the team's nickname Honduras A reference to the team's nickname and the linguistic practice of silent letters Jamaica A reference to the team's nickname and the nation's motto Mexico A reference to the nation's national anthem Panama A reference to the nation's national anthem and motto United States A reference to the nation's national anthem
  17. FIFA Confederation of African Football Algeria A reference to a nickname of the team Cameroon A reference to the team's nickname and the other famous "Lions" Cote D'Ivoire A reference to the team's nickname and the nation's national anthem Egypt A reference to ancient burial customs and a common idiom A reference to the team's nickname Morocco A reference to the team's nickname, an extinct species Nigeria A reference to the team's nickname and the nation's national anthem Senegal A reference to the nation's motto South Africa A reference to the team's nickname Tunisia A reference to the nation's national anthem
  18. International confederations/alliances/leagues have... SO MANY teams, so I'm going to take the top ten most successful or iconic teams from each. FIFA Asian Football Conference Australia A reference to the nation's national anthem China A reference to the team's nickname and the nation's national anthem India A reference to the team's colors and nickname Iran A reference to the nation's national anthem Iraq A reference to a chant said by the fans Japan A reference to a nickname for the nation North Korea A reference to an Eastern mythical beast that gives the team its nickname Qatar A reference to the nation's national anthem Saudi Arabia A reference to the nation's national anthem South Korea A reference to the nation's national anthem
  19. Hadn't actually heard of this until looking it up after you said that. Not sure if it'll keep on (much like the Bernie Lean one I'd once done for an A's fan, and that barely lasted a season), but if you're a fan looking to add it to your sig, I can make it for you. Way back when, I'd originally had this in reference to the Gator Chomp (I'd always heard the song referred to as "Florida Jaws", but can't find any references to that as I search now. But Florida fans told me that they preferred I go with the one used in the actual commercials. (One also asked for these images instead, but that was a while ago) I can fill a request, though, if you'd like. I haven't gotten into the NCAA yet and it's been so crazy that I wound up behind on your sig and even posting the ones that I have done. Speaking of which, here ya go: I've been using a double reference to the fight song and a common rallying cry. But I'm on the outside looking in. If you're a fan and know better, I can change it or add an alt. It's what I did with the Gators.
  20. CFL Western Division BC Lions A reference to the city's geographic location Calgary Stampeders A reference to the team's nickname Edmonton Eskimos A reference to the Klondike Gold Rush's important place in the city's history Saskatchewan Roughriders A reference to the team fight song Winnipeg Blue Bombers A reference to the team's name
  21. CFL Eastern Division Hamilton Tiger-Cats A reference to the city's steel industry Montreal Alouettes A reference to the children's song "Alouette" (which I discovered while doing this is A LOT more messed up than I thought) Ottawa Redblacks A reference to the sung legend of Big Joe Mufferaw, the basis for the team's mascot Toronto Argonauts A reference to the team's nickname
  22. WNBA Eastern Conference Dallas Wings A pun on the team's former identity Los Angeles Sparks A reference to the Kanye West song Las Vegas Aces A line from the Elvis song Minneosta Lynx A reference to the wild nature of the lynx Phoenix Mercury A reference to the other song titled "Heat Wave" Seattle Storm A reference to the team's status as Seattle's last remaining basketball team
  23. WNBA Eastern Conference Atlanta Dream A reference to Dr. King's speech ("we have a dream" sounded way too overstepping) Chicago Sky A reference to the motto of the team's home of Rosemont, Illinois Connecticut Sun A common idiom Indiana Fever A line from the song "Heat Wave" New York Liberty A reference to the poem at the feet of the Statue of Liberty Washington Mystics A reference to the Screamin' Jay Hawkins song