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  1. While not liking your allies can certainly be a problem to deal with, one should also not assume that every single person that is on one side of a cause is of the exact same set of beliefs as the worst person on that side of the cause. That is a two way street and when one takes up the cause with the least bad voices devoid of what the cause or the truth is or demonize the other side as being a copy of their worst ally, the world becomes a very, very, very dark place.
  2. Mmm... The Washingtom Team de Foot. Cleveland Forest Citys sounds more like a soccer team than Washington Team de Foot. Switching to the palette another Midwest team just recently switched to and won a championship in doesn't seem to be the best course of action. I don't mind. The reason I don't mind is because I don't think of it as a G. I think of it as a helmet. The two protective sides curve over either cheek like many stylistic helmets tend to do. It just so happens that they also kinda look like the letter G so they made a logo of the perspective that emulates the letter. That reasoning help at all?
  3. I mean... given what they sell at Coors Field... it's not too crazy a stretch. Huh. I remember OSW mentioning off-hand a deal being struck with Marvel and always assumed they paid the rights. I didn't realize there was a conflict which ended up with Marvel holding the rights to the names "Hulk Hogan", "Hulkster" and "Hulkamania" until 2004 while Hogan couldn't call himself incredible, be referred to only as "Hulk". and couldn't wear purple and green. That's hilarious.
  4. Fun Fact: One of two movies that I watched with my father in an otherwise empty theatre. The other was Huck Finn from around that time. I can't believe that doesn't have a recent release. But it's wild what does and doesn't get good relationships. I can't get a copy of McLintock! restored so that it doesn't keep going back and forth between Theatrical release and VHS quality? It's the Duke! Come on!
  5. At least if basketball comes back that's one example that absolutely has to be revived.
  6. The Cubs logo is a perfect circle. If you want to discuss the ones on the edge of what I said, the Dodgers have incredibly wide serifs, the Astros have a star, and the Rockies have a seperate inner color that varies in thickness through the letters. The Block C from 1915 actually would have been better given its square proportions. That would have made it stand out more than But the 1919-1920 World Series block C they went with looks like if you went to the place that prints jerseys for the local softball team and ask for your number to be C4. Or if someone needed one and only had numbers so they cut a chunk out and put it at the top. It's not even a non-standard ratio. It blended in as much as the non-contrasting colors without an outline blended. But it's over. It's done. We both agree an outline was needed. At least it's unique now. Yeah. Don't the two remaining teams have agreements and respectful friendly relationships with Native tribes?
  7. Huh... Somehow I missed a couple pages in the middle there, including someone else already calling out the Thor likeness. It wasn't classic. It wasn't classy. It was literally the alphabet equivalent to standard block numbers. Every team in Major League Baseball does... SOMETHING to differentiate their cap logo. The Indians had a serif. Even if they had just put an outline around it it would have at least made it somewhat legible and standout. But they didn't. The new logo is something. They did something. It's something. Perhaps that's exactly why they didn't go that way. To not get into legal trouble for being to similar to the existing logos. Also, I imagine the team wants to at least get to a full decade without a face on their cap. But do you have him do the accent? Then you get in trouble with the same crowd that caused the change to begin with. Oh, man. Get behind me Satan. Now you got me imagining them with a profile version of the G logo on both sides with the wing pointed back. Like a football uniform. That would be so goofy and stupid but I would kinda love it deep down in places I don't talk about at parties.
  8. It honestly doesn't look like them. The statues' wings are attached to... well, it seems to vary between statues. But the way the letters are positioned and the way the wings attach to them make it looked like a winged helmet. But I love Thor. He's my favorite. So perhaps that's why I enjoy the logo. I don't really dig it as the primary, but I expect it's going to get bounced to secondary where it belongs in a couple years. Ahh... someone said that, but I thought they means the negative space of the new block C was supposed to be that. I hate it, especially with how different the teams apply their colors. Even if they use the same shade, they're easily distinguishable, far more than the royal and white teams in Los Angeles and Kansas City. The RWB don't really look alike at all unless you just aren't paying attention. Me and my friends watch films every Saturday and often will watch something if someone is lost. With the loss of the beloved Humpty, I threw that on, having once caught it on Comedy Central in the afternoon twenty years ago. They were horrified. I couldn't stop giggling.
  9. They did it... They did it! After years of screaming impotently into the darkness, I've seen them put an outline on the cap logo! I could not care about the rest and be happy based on that alone, but I'm actually pleased with this. I think the team's uniform set has looked really sharp over the last ten years and their home wordmark, which is an update of the wordmark during their World Championship run and has stood for almost 30 years through two pennants, sitting at the top of the Jake's scoreboard for its entire history, hasn't been thrown away. That was one of my biggest concerns. It feels like such an important part of the team's identity for the majority of my life and during their highest highs in 50 years. I'm glad it's here, even if they font is a little difference. People are complaining about the font. I've looked at it on my phone, then I looked at the video. I find that when it is small and compressed it looks a thousand times more awkward than it does closer up. Hopefully on the uniforms with raised stitching and such it'll look good. The winged logo is the worst part to me, but it's not terrible. It doesn't remind me of minor league, mostly because it seems the antithesis of the rounded Brandiose style. It reminds me of these old logos from the 40's-70's that ESPN likes to dust off for a montage background. But in terms of what they're going for... maybe it's the animated way it was first shown to us, but it looks like the little isometric animations I often see on websites of trendy brands over the last five years. I can't think of an example other than the (not animated in this image, but generally animated when it was shown on other shows) imagery for ESPN's Daily Podcast. Knickerbockers, Pacers, Trailblazers, Orioles, Royals, Twins, Padres, Blue Jackets, Winnipeg Jets, Ravens, Bears, Packers, and 49ers could easily mean absolutely nothing to outsiders who don't look into it at all. It doesn't really matter. Dayton, Canton, Toledo... Honestly, if you're not a college/NHL/MLS fan, I can see someone thinking of all three of these before Columbus and possibly Cincy if the only sport you follow is the NBA. Columbus feels like it can easily be a, Albany or Carson City to the average person. Oh, crap! Sandusky! I travelled through Ohio exactly twice to attend a wedding of one of my friends back in his hometown of Detroit. Actually passed the sign for Sandusky and didn't know it was a real palace. Wow, I know so many cities in Ohio. That's weird.
  10. I thought I saw somewhere they were wearing the sleeve patch due to their current home being Buffalo, NY. The cheapest thing about everything this weekend was that with each team not wearing their own uniforms they didn't bring their own helmets and instead both teams wore a really shoddy looking matte navy helmet with a flat, shiny sticker of the league initials in a mountain peak star. When I looked up and was trying to, at a cursory glance, figure out what team some people I was less familiar with were from, I had to rewind to when their name came up or try to spot the chest.
  11. Yeah. I have to say... they are terrible, but they look 100% better than they did in the pictures. The red is a lot more vibrant. The colors are obviously Braves-inspired, but one could easily wave them off as being the colors of the league. A turd with glitter. Still a turd, but better than it could be. Given the last set had palm fronds, I'm guessing local flora is going to be a theme from now on, or at least that was the plan.
  12. For as long as I've been paying attention they use the All-Star uniforms for the Home Run Derby. Thus far I have not seen the All-Star uniforms once the entire weekend. Is there, perhaps, an actual chance they have been ditched? It's the last day of the All-Star festivities and I haven't seen a trace of them anywhere. Seems odd to just suddenly break them out for the game and not before.
  13. Without sports I would think certain cities are... -A place in Florida where my uncle retired to so he could fish year 'round. -Where Prince is from. - Where Frasier/WKRP/Anchorman took place. -The Camden, NJ of San Francisco. -The crappy punchline town with pollution and dead industry where they used to make steel/cars/what did they used to make in Cleveland? And that's about it. I got a lot of people who argued with me because until I went to Detroit for a wedding the farthest West I'd ever been was Jacksonville. People don't realize since the coast swoops in that it's farther West than Niagara and Raleigh despite being almost on the ocean. And then the NL would have expanded with the New York Giant Dodgers. It's easily attributed to the fact that Miami has a similar relationship to the surrounding area that Los Angeles and Anaheim have been described to have in terms of different demographics. If you included the surrounding communities there could be up to double Jacksonville's population. But would you put the LIRR and the Metro North and all their stations as they leave the City and spider web out into other communities on the bill of the City?
  14. As do the Dodgers, but I believe the thought in most people's minds who are against that name as long as Oakland exists only find it pertains to the league rather than the sport. But if you're not going to go Anaheim, the only choice that makes sense is the state name. The Twins knew that. The Panthers knew that. The Hurricanes knew that. Pick no sides.
  15. At least with the way things are going up by the Bay the argument of "They can't go back to California Angels with another team in the state" will be null and void.
  16. Hmm... This is rather bizarre. There are 15 red caps and 15 navy caps, but they're not playing each other. I was sure that in the past when they had two color options then each game was one vs. the other. It was jarring to watch the Mets and Yankees both in navy. Even weirder is the choices of who got red and who got Navy. Cleveland and Texas have red in their set and history but wore the navy caps against other navy teams! Tampa Bay, San Diego, or either of Chicago/Detroit, could have gone for the dark option instead of red, the Rays and Detroit literally having navy caps the rest of the year! It just doesn't make sense. Given that Pittsburgh traded black for red, it's not like the teams are at all trying to keep close to their usual appearances. Were there a bunch of last minute schedule changes? Also, while this is all rather silly, I love the aesthetic touch of the Diamondbacks putting the field of stars in the left stripe of their logo.
  17. Green feels wrong to me. Green (unless it's super light/lime) reads freshwater. Lakes and swamps. They're on the bay. The colors in the fauxback reads more ocean to me and the fact that people want to build on that show it has potential beyond what people feel is cosplay of more established teams. I think the modern font and the flashes of Columbia blue and yellow separates it quite a bit, but I'd rather build off of this color set than go back. No black. Please. And even that lighter Daytona green looks more drab than the current navy does under the Trop's lights. I don't know if Milwaukee's lights are darker or the difference between Columbia and Old Gold is that stark. I went to look at the flags of Tampa and St. Pete to see if there could be any Phoenix-type inspiration there, but... dear lord no! Someone posted last year a fashion cap that used the old gradient logo but in the current colors. It looked like the ray was riding a wave and having the gradient in those colors and basing an identity on that would be great. As for Ray vs. Ray, the culture of the team and fandom identifies with the aquatic creature. They still have the touch tank. Focus on that. Buuuuuuut, I don't want to lose that splash of yellow from the wordmark. Perhaps rather than just a ray of light they could focus on a bright light more in keeping with their seaside location. Perhaps the Egmont Key Light that's been the beacon of Tampa Bay for nearly two centuries? Huh... I really would have expected some brick or ivy somewhere. The light blue is in the city flag, but light blue and navy? Doesn't really scream Cubs or Chicago or Wrigley to me. The Boston one was a reference to the marathon. Is there a local reference I'm missing here? I don't know if I'm insane here, but to me it doesn't look like it's trying to emulate the Sox print. It looks like it's trying to do what the Clippers are doing by touching into the same specific culture of a different region and appeal to those who want to be a part of that culture For me the heather texture really messes with it. Black with white pinstripes would probably look a thousand times better and be more at home as a full-time alt if it was just black and white. Wow... I missed that one completely. My brain autocorrected it to "Broncos". What the crap does "Bronchos" mean? It sounds like a sports bar's nickname for a large nachos appetizer you can share with your bros. Blues is still my favorite. I'm warming around to my half-joking suggestion of "Jakes" as a nickname akin to Knicks, Pacers, Mets, Blazers, etc where it had a meaning but now most people don't know what it is and the identity is just based around the city/sport. Saves them a lot of headache, although I imagine the Blues identity similarly just being based around the city and baseball.
  18. We'd spoken a while back about Acuna wearing yellow accents and how it went with the Braves uniform. I'd listed teams that this could possibly work with. What I didn't expect was to watch a series against the White Sox in which at least one of Chicago's players broke out red armbands. And dangit if it didn't look objectively kinda nice. Maybe it's the fact that it's a historic color with them, especially in this style of uniform for 13 years. I've always felt the current identity of the team could stand on its own forever (save for the little imperfections added to the away and alt over the last decade or so), but maybe it would be nice to reintroduce a splash of red to the set. Or maybe it's just a matter of how good black and red look together.
  19. They are things of beauty. But I still can't choose between them and the Robinson/Larkins. But the Reds have a mild identity crisis. Their whole thing is based around old-timey baseball given their history, but their most legendary run is arguably in a sleek futuristic look in a spaceship of a ballpark. They're also largely on Twitter. All caps have the city name, city nickname, and the patch from the team's latest world series win. Although... they've chosen a different one for some teams. I don't know if it's semi-random, or if they chose the most important culturally. The Royals have 1985, their first. It appears the Yankees have 1996, which is a beloved year for the team. The Indians have 1920, and I'm not sure why.
  20. Hrm. The addition of the new box seems to have truncated the size of posts. I'd attempted to cut down on the size of one of my signature image options to clear clutter and allow two on one line, but now one barely fits one and a third and the pixel art championships have been shrunk beyond legibility before I cut the amount down a bunch. I was working on updates, but this formatting change may have made it kind of a moot point.
  21. Ugh. That sounds terrible. Moving between a new state-of-the-art retractable roof park and the Trop? Giving the local fans a team they've likely scorned as of late? Giving Miami another reason to dislike the Marlins/taking away from time those who want to go can? They'd be better off writing the town off as The Bronx/Fens of the South. Makes sense. When I mentioned them possibly going with the more bland Sox design, I realized that the blue collar was a big identifying mark that pointed to the year range for them. The Yankees jersey also features this collar despite me not noticing a collar on any of the Yankees uniforms. They probably just took the base they made for the Sox uniforms and put the logo where it would show with the catcher's gear. After all, the Yankees wear pinstripes, right?
  22. They're not set in stone, but green/yellow is so good and they're the only ones in the sport wearing it. I don't think anyone would confused the Habs and the A's. Especially since it would be Club Athlétique du Montreal rather than Canadien, the source of their name. Would a change to Athlétiques not soothe the French? And Expos may have a novel charm, but it's still owned by a current club. Would they sell it like the Pelicans did? In the end, let's hope it's an expansion or the Rays beat them so that this doesn't become an issue. (I would miss the Ray's existence in Tampa, but we'll see how they work things out.) It's not that. It's simple. It's because that's not what they wore in the movie. I don't know why they chose the uniform used for Joe's first year and a half. Perhaps because it's the simplest and they could use the base for it, the Yankees, and any other pinstripe clubs? I didn't even think of that! Wow. How would the divisions recover from a move to Montreal? Royals to the West and Montreal to the Central? Right now, most of the State of Oregon is under Oakland's rights territory, shared with Seattle. Could they not just extend the tendril up a bit to get the Portland as well and let them still broadcast to their current market? How do the channels work for them and the Giants? Is it like MASN or like YES and SNY?
  23. While writing that I couldn't quite figure out what year they were going for in the film and a quick cursory glance gleaned nothing. Looking now at the Dressed to the Nines database, the specific Sox jersey Joe wears was worn from '14-'16. The blue collar was missing prior and it gained a more traditional plack after. So the Yankees jersey should have the interlocking NY on the chest. My guess? He was the catcher. With his hat backwards and wearing pads, they fudged it a bit and moved the logo to an old location so that he would be readily identified as a Yankee immediately. I expect the team to wear the 1915 or 1916 away grays. One is closer to today's with a different wordmark and one has a wordmark in the same style as the back of the hat but has road pinstripes to go against a White Sox team that will certainly wear the white pinstripes. Even if pinstripes are their thing, I expect them to go with the more recognizable look. They're the only exception. A charter franchise whose nickname is not regionally based at all? The A's simply CANNOT change their name. Too much history. And, heck, even the Dodgers kept their name. I was honestly picturing if any change would be made an color change and the roundel changing to emulate the Expos. (Cheap and dirty mockup without the colors of the A's thought through much, meant just for rough illustration) Of course, green and yellow is one of the best sports looks possible to me, so I would love them to keep it, but if they need to change in the move, I can see this middle ground. Oh, crap. They're going Timbers colors if they move to Portland, aren't they?
  24. So... I'm assuming that the Diamondbacks' special jersey is going to be the purple jersey that fearless leader's season preview said their anniversary patch would be paired with? I kinda find intriguing to see a second Canadian team. Any of the Northwest cities seem to fit the A's brand well, but I just can't help but be amused by a future where the team's nickname is "The Athletique". Makes sense they'd go with that. The road wordmark dates back to as close to their time as the Yankees as the current A's cap is close to their debut in Oakland. The Yankees name didn't exist as a wordmark until a four-year stint on the roads from '27-'30 with the first incarnation of the bat and hat primary coming in the late 40's to capitalize on a peak of patriotism. Might as well go with the common thread/oldest wordmark.
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