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  1. I'm surprised you were able to find a picture of him where he's actually playing for the Patriots.
  2. i feel like license plates have so much potential but most of them are so lame. i think new york's previous set (with the statue of liberty) is awesome because its so simple but you know its new york when you see it.
  3. Do you think this is how they got to the game?
  4. let's hope the bruins get this thing right...
  5. OH MY GOD I would pay goooooooood money for one of those. it was selling for $900 on eBay. i just didn't have it in the budget for one...
  6. thanks all i appreciate the C+C. once i get my computer back i am planning on making a few tweaks and perhaps even a Minor League version for say the Tampa squad.
  7. So I understand perfectly well the tradition of the New York Yankees and the class their uniform and logo carries. I was playing around with some different elements of their logos and came out with a few ideas that I wanted to get some feedback from. I'm not trying to change their identity or anything I was just having a little fun with it. The logos with the classic Yankee Stadium frieze was cropped from the All Star Logo and I was just playing around with an idea to incorporate that (patch or whatever).
  8. ARock12

    New Look MLB

    This first redesign is of the Royals. I incorporated more gold from their scheme, a color that is rare among MLB teams.
  9. So I go to a small D3 school in eastern MA and the baseball team is in desperate need of new uniforms. We recently got new hats (which I designed) but the uniforms just don't work. They are sleeveless (which don't work well in March in MA) and the alternates are blue mesh with silk screen graphics from the 80s. The baseball team is one of the only teams that doesn't get funding and haven't gotten new uniforms in years. Our school is nicknamed the Fighting Scots, due to the Scottish heritage our school has. I tried to incorporate an old Scottish feel to the numbering. I made the front a little more modern, but haven't played around with using a similar typeface for the front wordmark. If needed, I could update it with an alternate typeface. Let me know what you think.
  10. its good to know i'm not the only one who thinks up concepts for wiffle ball jerseys.
  11. how about a vector template of a catcher's goalie style mask? that would be different, and clutch.
  12. both .pdf and .svg please? much appreciated.