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  1. Not a "thrift store" find per se, but a local company did a huge buyout of 25+ years of Bills backlogged equipment... snagged all this yesterday:
  2. It sold for $400 the same day I bought it for $40!
  3. When the freelancer you hired Googles "5 year anniversary patch."
  4. I an hoping to get it photomatched or authenticated (even though its an obvious gamer), I think it might be worth auctioning through a memorabilia specialty site Scored this off Facebook for $40 this morning:
  5. I don't have anything to add, I just think monogram logos are awesome. I hope to design just one killer monogram in my lifetime.
  6. I've been holding back on posting, don't wanna hijack this thread, but I had to share this one... why do people get rid of stuff like this!?
  7. IMO, navy blue has zero place in their current aesthetic. The red jersey would be 10x better paired with white pants.
  8. They really used the navy trim for the entire Bills jersey Though I guess the royal, white, and red already exist.
  9. Scored this signed game-used Syracues jersey for $10!
  10. Many of those counterfeit sites do offer replicas, but at the exact same price as the more expensive models, so nobody ever really buys them. I do assume its actually easier to sew and embroider everything than it is to heat press or sublinate prints, though, at least in terms of using the equipment/technology they already had.
  11. I know it defies the standard conventions of sports logo design, but to hit the effect at play, I think it would make sense to maintain the high level of detail from the reference picture, so long as it could be simplified for small-scale application. This is a rare case where simplifying the design strips away the majority of its charm, IMO.
  12. I had to Google him because I didn't know he died - I had no idea he was part of that KHL crash! How sad.
  13. Highlights of the week: Already flipped the Mogilny... but that Theo Fleury!! The White Liberty has been one of my personal holy grail jerseys - nabbed it off Facebook for $15 this morning!!
  14. This is exactly it. Some alternates were great, others were lazy, but they were all money grabs. Its certainly no coincidence that team identities went crazy right when teams started monetizing their jerseys.
  15. I'm showing my (relative lack of) age, but will always think of Wayne as a Ranger.
  16. I 100% say "1996-current" is fine. Teams made tweaks on a whim back then (technically, the Jags wore three different jerseys in their first four seasons). As a random aside, I always found it funny how near-identical the changes were between the Eagles and 49ers uniforms in 1996.
  17. I literally just bought a blank Adidas Authentic jersey from this era just to stitch Brady’s name & numbers on... would be so easy considering the the exact helmet carried over... so long as they don’t shrink the shoulder logos like Dallas did recreating the 90’s alt.
  18. The site does make some great points without hypotheticals, though. Hasek was like the Barry Sanders of goaltenders until he (ironically) landed in Detroit. I'm sure the fact that the goathead hasn't been produced in 15 years plays a role. I can say that the legit 90's CCM/Starter blue & gold's outsell those Reebok faux/throwbacks, and, even though the early 90's jerseys are more scarce, the Goatheads outsell them all. I sell to several local vintage sports stores & they move much more Goathead gear than blue & gold. On top of that, I guess compared to the black & red, the current jerseys are awfully similar to the OG's, even if us purists disagree. I still don't think the fans want it back as a full-time look, probably just to be different and rep the 90's.
  19. I don't usually do "what if's," but imagine if Hasek didn't have to wait seven years to play in the NHL! http://brodeurisafraud.blogspot.com/2007/06/hasek-vs-brodeur-why-its-not-even-close.html I live in Buffalo and run a pretty lucrative side-hustle selling vintage jerseys. Believe it or not, this is by far the best-selling and most in-demand Sabres jersey: I don't think anybody is really pushing for the goathead to return as a primary. All three goathead-era unis are objectively gaudy and "90's," and while that probably won't work as a primary, there is a lane for that style again. The majority of fans around here really just want the original royal blue & yellow back with something from the goathead-era as an alternate (myself included).
  20. >30 ✔ True Fan ✔ Likes the Black & Red ✔ I associate the red & black with the best team in franchise history ('98/99 > 06/07 > 74/75) and the best goalie ever.
  21. Why haven't I shared this yet? I have an Instagram page with some of my best finds @lockerswap716 Didn’t want to wait til the sales Thursday & deal with those insane 4th of July sales crowd... scored a hat trick (and 4 jerseys):
  22. Truth! Well, maybe not the last one... kinda nuts they didn't win another title or two in the mid-00's. Those teams were absolutely stacked.
  23. Lots of "Pizza Hut Express" stores are popping up, which technically have "dine-in" options, but literally just a handful of tables - nowhere close to the size you used to see.
  24. I've never heard anyone talk about Jamba Juice at all.