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  1. Found Idaho Falls Chukars cap (former Royals affiliate, now independent) for $3.50. And this Toronto Blue Jays BP cap for $13.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154534718559 - Wow, the Mariners script on this jersey is laughably bad.
  3. I got a New York Jets Darrelle Revis jersey for $20.
  4. Follow-up to this post, we found a game pic one of those two 1992-93 games; this is the March 25, 1993 game between the Suns and Bucks. IMO, this is how this year's NBA Finals should look.
  5. -and- I can't find any game pics, but in light of this year's NBA Finals matchup, these two uniform sets concided during the 1992-93 season only; they only met for two games that season, and it was the first year of that Suns set, and the last for the "Irish Rainbow" Bucks set. After further review.... -and- These two uniform sets coincided as well in the 2000-01 season only. Like above, it was the first year of this new set for the Suns, last year of this set for the Bucks.
  6. - A video of a 1990s matchup: From 1997, the first year of the Bucs "pewter" set meeting the Patriots "big flying Elvis" shoulder logos for the only time.
  7. The Atlanta Hawks introduced new uniforms for the 2007-08 season. It was also the last season for the Seattle Supersonics, so this does qualify for this thread.
  8. Also: In the first year the 1974-81 Alouettes set, the logo was placed on the front of the helmet, with the player's number on the side of the helmet!
  9. Back to the CFL. For most of its run, the 1974-81 Montreal Alouettes uniform lacked TV numbers. That changed in 1979, when they were added to the jersey sleeves, thus completing what was already a pretty solid look. It wouldn't be there for long, because in 1980..... ....the team put their "delta-A" logos on the sleeves, migrating the TV numbers to the shoulder pad for the final two years of this uniform set's run.
  10. When the Edmonton Oilers changed up their colo(u)r scheme for the 1996-97 season, their (then) home white jerseys had a mostly blue shoulder yoke that lasted only that season.
  11. In the first year of using a custom number typeface in 1997, the Jacksonville Jaguars had black side panels on their jerseys used for that season only.
  12. ^ I'm also not aware of any NCAA football teams that had that style jersey in that era, on another note. If anybody wants to prove me wrong, well, post away.
  13. W When the St. Louis Cardinals became the second MLB team to adopt double-knit uniforms in 1971, their jerseys used this crew-neck collar which was used for two seasons before they went to a V-neck collar in 1973.
  14. -and- ^ Speaking of the Argos, a year prior, in 1990, both jerseys had wordmarks that were only used for that season. On that note, the 1990s had quite a few one-season deals for the Argos. The 1995 jersey, with the HUGE "Jason" logo was only used for that season, before being toned down somewhat to have him appear on the jersey shoulders.
  15. In 1971 only, the Los Angeles Dodgers road uniforms had shoulder stripes.
  16. ^ I saw that same OKC Thunder jersey @ my local Ross. I passed on it for obvious reasons.
  17. Been a while, but I got the 1997-2007 Washington Capitals black jersey for $15.
  18. Both the California Angels and Philadelphia Phillies both wore white shoes with their uniforms for one season only; the Angels in 1974, the Phillies in 1975.
  19. The Pittsburgh Steelers, with their current uniform set (since 1968, with one major modification along the way since), paired their white jersey with white pants for a short time. The white britches were worn for only two seasons, 1970 and 1971.
  20. ^ https://uni-watch.com/2014/01/09/cubs-1972-uni-design-was-the-result-of-a-manufactuers-error/ - On that note, here's the backstory.
  21. In 1972, due to a manufacturing error on the part of Wilson, who made these jerseys, the Chicago Cubs had their first pullover road jerseys feature the number on the center for that season only. Do you think other teams should have gone this route with their pullover jerseys?
  22. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-brady-doesnt-sound-too-happy-about-the-nfls-decision-to-change-the-rule-for-jersey-numbers/ - Say what you will about Mr. Tom Brady, but I do agree with him on the new numbering system. He's got a vaild point about being able to tell which position is which - IMO, a good reason to keep the numbering system in place from 1973-2020.
  23. Again..... yeah, it's still active. I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything to work, but I promise I will get a few pre-1977 entries in.
  24. Hey, all. Here's a fun catch-all post that I don't think has been done: Show me your softball team pics! As in, beer league or company teams that you've played for. I look forward to seeing what we got.
  25. Again, this pic from the 1995 AL West tie-breaker game is the best I can do, but those two uniform sets were both introduced in 1993.
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