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  1. My current "whale" is this 1978-96 Kintetsu Buffaloes jersey. That, and... An on-field model of the 1978-89 BC Lions jersey.
  2. I haven't gone thrifting since March, since all the stores are kinda closed. X( Me so sad.
  3. Hi, all. Before we go any further, let me explain the sitch I'm in. I live in the Seattle area, and for a long time, I've had to make two with cheering for two different teams (before the arrival of the soon-to-be-coming Seattle Kraken- BTW, I have dreamed of the NHL coming to Seattle since 2006!), and I will explain why. I like both the Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings. The former, because up until now, they were the closest NHL team to Seattle. The latter, I needed a favorite U.S.-based team to cheer for. So, what do I do now? This has me in a bit of a quandary. Devote myself to the Seattle Kraken, or keep one team, but cheer for the Kraken? (BTW, I have nothing but love and respect for both Canada and Los Angeles). Thanks!
  4. - Again, sorry to bring up an almost year old thread, but a more recent example is this Flyers memorial patch of founding owner Ed Snider. Beautiful.
  5. - Hi, all. Something new from me: What if Vancouver, BC had an MLB team? Well, this came to me a few days ago, and here is a uniform concept for.... the Vancouver Oceanics. Why Oceanics? It is befitting, as Vancouver, BC is by the Pacific Ocean. I brought back a few things from the 1980s (haters gonna hate about it, though): Pullover jerseys, racing stripes and a powder blue road suit! Yep, the Oceanics take visual cues from both of Canada's other baseball teams, past and present, the Expos (racing stripes) and the Blue Jays (powder blue road uniforms). Some things are ripe for a comeback, and all three of those design elements deserve one, IMO. The team colours of blue and green are fitting for a team with the name "Oceanics", IMO. Hope you like them.
  6. Charlie Hough, the knuckleballer whose career lasted almost a quarter-century, played the last two seasons of his career for the young Florida Marlins (and kudos to him wearing the uniform and stirrups the RIGHT way here).
  7. The 2007 and 1989 Grey Cup victories didn't mark the first time the Saskatchewan Roughriders modified their uniforms after a Grey Cup win. The Riders had this set in 1966: They had "Northwestern" style striping on their green jerseys: In 1967, they returned to the Grey Cup in the copied Philadelphia Eagles' "double-double" striped jerseys, which remains the team's most iconic look: During their "five-in-a-row" Grey Cup run of 1978-1982, the Edmonton Eskimos did this, but their change was more subtle: This is what things looked like in '79, #2 of the 5..... ....and here is what it looked like in '80. The change? The Eskies switched from grey to white facemasks, and added an extra stripe on the jerseys, and put the EE monogram superimposed on the sleeve striping in an oval.
  8. Mr. Torre wore the second iteration of the pullover jersey/beltless trousers combo during his first season and a half as the Cards' skipper.
  9. Re: Harmon Killebrew: He spent his last season with the Kansas City Royals, which wore the same pullover jersey/beltless pants combo in 1975:
  10. On June 12, 1980, the Edmonton Eskimos make a slight change to their uniform set they've worn since 1966; they add a fifth stripe on the jerseys, and include the EE monogram superimposed on the sleeve stripes. (This set, would be kept, with one small change made in 1987 [adding an outline to the jersey numbers], until 1995). Not mentioned in this article is the changing of the facemask colour from grey to white.
  11. Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning played the last two seasons of his career for the first two seasons of the Phillies' "baseball P" uniforms.
  12. Ken Griffey Jr., as a Mariner, will be associated with the Kingdome. Its successor, Safeco FIeld/T-Mobile Park, on the other hand, in which he spent half of one season (1999) and one and a half more after a sojourn with two teams (2009-10)? Not quite. Same applies to Alex Rodriguez, who spent one and a half seasons @ at the Safe as well.
  13. Hi, all. Here's a question to you all: I love baseball stirrups. And they come in all different "cuts", with the arch going higher with each cut. With that said, how do you like your stirrup stockings? Me: I'll take the 5, 7, 9 and 12 inch cuts. The 4 is too low, 15 too high, and those ribbon stirrups: Eh......
  14. -and- Hank Aaron played the last several seasons of his career in pullover jerseys (and with the Brewers, that plus the beltless pants combo).
  15. Mr. Kaline played the final three years of his career in with the beltless pants/pullover jersey combo of the Detroit Tigers road uniforms in the early 1970s.
  16. ^ Awesome find. I miss being able to go to thrift stores. I hope I can happen (with precautions) for me soon.
  17. Hi, all. Someone wanted to make a thread about this a while back, but I'll do it. It is crazy to think, that some athletes late in their careers, experience a change in their team's logo and uniforms. This has been common since at least 1970, when Major League Baseball introduced its first pullover jersey/beltless pants combo uniform set. I'll get the ball rolling. Bill Mazeroski, Pirates hero in the 1960 World Series, won another World Series ring in 1971 wearing the Pirates' ultra-modern pullover jersey/beltless pants combo; he played the last two and a half seasons in it. Yes, we know this has been mentioned, but John Elway closed out his career in the new Nike-engineered Broncos uniforms. This is a rare photo of him wearing the all-blue combo, which was only worn in the 1997 preseason.
  18. One of the most talked about players in New York Mets history, Mookie Wilson, played the first two and a half seasons of his career in the first iteration of the Mets' pullover jerseys; he'll always be associated with the racing stripe uniforms that followed this set.
  19. Red: Montreal Canadiens Orange: BC Lions Yellow: Los Angeles Lakers Green: Saskatchewan Roughriders Blue: Seattle Mariners Indigo: Los Angeles Dodgers Violet: Baltimore Ravens
  20. The Baseball Network actually lasted two seasons, 1994 and 1995.
  21. Hi, guys. Well, today, I've been thinking of the documentary The Last Dance, about the 1990s Chicago Bulls. The late, lamented Seattle Supersonics (RIP) put out some tough teams in the 1990s, and this was their pinnacle: The 1995-96 season. The team went 64-18 in the regular season, and coasted their way through the first two playoff rounds, before going the maximum seven games against the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference Finals. This would set the stage for the 1996 NBA Finals, and they would go up against an EVEN tougher team: The 72-10 Chicago Bulls. Yes, it's crazy to think that this Sonics team went up against a buzzsaw in that Bulls team. It was a lot like Rocky IV: The Sonics were to Apollo Creed as the Bulls were to Ivan Drago. The Sonics fell in six games, but wow, the Sonics gave the Bulls a great fight. 1996 was a very epic year in sports and movies, IMO. This two-part meme below sums up the whole 1996 NBA Finals. - Part I - Part II
  22. The amazing Neil Smith, who played for three out of the four AFC West teams (best known for his tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs, but he won two Super Bowl rings with the Denver Broncos), finished out his career playing in a SINGLE game for the San Diego Chargers in 2000.