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  1. Rod Carew as the Angels hitting coach in the late 1990s. The guy has no business in the "Disney style" periwinkle-and-blue era uniforms.
  2. You know, I enjoy finding the most esoteric things at thrift stores, and today I got a 1980s/90s Milwaukee Admirals jersey for $5.
  3. Another find: A Montreal Canadiens jersey for $20.
  4. Heh, I found another Japanese baseball cap, that of the Yomiuri Giants for $6.
  5. I found four caps: A Yokohama Taiyo Whales (today's Yokohama DeNA Baystars) one, a Bellingham Mariners (the former "Baby Ms" Minor League Club of the Mariners from 1977-94; it's based on their 1987-92 cap) one, a Washington Huskies cap, and a 1977-80 Seattle Mariners cap.
  6. Hi, group. Here's something that I could use help on: Authentic hockey jerseys have fight straps, which is strap or piece of fabric sewn into the back of a player or goaltender's jersey to prevent it from being pulled over his head by an opponent during a fight. The fight strap, which attaches to the back of the pants, also prevents a player's jersey from being taken off and leaving him to fight with almost no equipment. While it is of use to the players, it isn't as of much use to a fan wearing an authentic jersey. This may seem like a silly Q, so please refrain from posting rude comments, but should I remove the strap if I ever get my hands on such a jersey (NOT for team-issued/game-worn jerseys, if I EVER get those, those stay for collector's reasons; this only applies to authentic jerseys sold for the retail market)? I'd love to hear your answers.
  7. The Seattle Seahawks 1983-2001 uniforms kind of qualify, with their "wrap-around Seahawks" sleeve striping; it is quite out-of-the-box and awesome looking, right up there with the Rams' 1973-99 set.
  8. Once upon a time, when sports teams in North America cut their own deals with individual uniform manufacturers, you had your (largely) national players such as Russell Athletic, Wilson, Champion Athletic, to name a few. But some teams went for more smaller, more regional uniform manufacturers. Let's remember some of them. ----- W.A. Goodman and Sons/AIS: Both were Los Angeles-based (AIS is still in business, though). The former supplied uniforms to most of the L.A. based teams (Dodgers, Kings, UCLA football), but both also supplied uniforms for the New York Mets (Goodman for the World Series Champion 1986 Mets, and AIS for the Mets in the late 1990s; they were also behind the "Mets in Black" thing used from 1998-2011; a backstory behind that can be found here: Southland Athletic: Based out of Terrell, Texas (a 45-some minute drive east of Dallas), they were the original suppliers to the Dallas Cowboys; and they were the ones that came up with that unique block number font the team used for their first 20 years of existence. Gerry Cosby: Based in the New York City area. I've seen their tags on Giants, Knicks and Rangers jerseys. ----- Are there any other of these so called "regional" uniform companies you remember? Post them here.
  9. -and- Sorry to bring this back up, but the Twins also went this route twice, honoring the Pohlads (first Carl's wife, Eloise in 2003, then Carl himself six years later).
  10. ^ To be fair, however, there weren't too many "real" jerseys being sold at retail to the public in that era.
  11. I found a Matt Roney Oakland A's jersey for $6.
  12. The Raider running back extraordinaire Mark van Eeghen completed his career with the New England Patriots.
  13. Hey, I found a Len Dawson Chiefs jersey for $18.
  14. I must be basing my opinion based on what I've seen about Toronto, Vancouver, those two markets. Shows what I know. Some people have said that the league is in trouble..... which is where I got that notion from; I was told that the recent Touchdown Atlantic game wasn't even a sellout!
  15. Hi, all. I wanted to talk about the Canadian Football League, its future, and why NO other pro leagues have tried to challenge the CFL within Canada. The CFL is in a rough spot ATM. I will ALWAYS be a fan, but I think that the league needs to market itself better towards younger people, is what I think should be done; I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the CFL and the NFL, but I do believe that the CFL and NFL CAN coexist with each other. What else? A lot of people have said that the CFL is dying, and will go away in a few years- but they've been saying that since, what, 1980?! The league has endured. And I can see it enduring for a long time to come. All that is needed is that the sport's awareness should be spread. The CFL's game is NOT inferior to the NFL's. Lastly, you might ask me, "Why has no pro football league cropped up in Canada to compete with the CFL?" Very simple, Canada's population is not as big as that of the U.S.'s, so there's room for just one pro league in Canada. I hope you have some things to say, but please, NO rude comments. Thanks.
  16. Simply put, this is a thread where you can put your most fave team('s) least-favorite uniform and/or logo. Mine: SEATTLE MARINERS: Their first uniform set worn from 1977-80 was blah. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The original set was plain. The tweaks made in 1983 jazzed it up. But overall, I don't hate anything they've worn. BC LIONS: Their 1970s sets, prior to their 1978-89 set don't rank highly with me. SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS: The black jerseys they wore in the late 1990s/early-mid 2000s just look weird. VANCOUVER CANUCKS: I'm not much of a fan of the first-generation blue/green set. Haters gonna hate, but once their got into their skate logo, they've had solid looks since.
  17. Hi! This is the operator of the CFL uniform database speaking. NO, the project is not dead, I just have been too busy lately to keep up with it. If any of you want to volunteer in helping me make pics of the uniforms after 1993 and before 1978 (with the cutoff date being 1958 for me; I did this because that year marks the beginning of the modern CFL and that I wouldn't have ended up in a bottomless pit of research, as I stated in the initial post of this thread). If you'd like to help me, don't hesitate to ask. Cheers.
  18. I found a B.C. Lions T-shirt, a Toronto Blue Jays hat and an uncrested Vancouver Canucks goalie jersey all for $20.
  19. I also did see a Deacon Jones jersey "dress", a Troy Aikman jersey among others, but I passed on them.
  20. And today, I come up with more: A B.C. Lions windbreaker and a 1980 Team USA hockey "Miracle on Ice" jersey for $16 altogether. They were half off today.
  21. I know I haven't find time to venture into thrift stores lately, but I found a Dave Casper #87 Raiders jersey and a Darryl Dawkins 76ers jersey (RIP) for $25 altogether!
  22.^1 - I can't seem to find any in-game pics, but in 1974, the (then) San Diego Chargers emerged with their new look complete with the first colored facemask in football and navy blue helmets and in its regular season debut, met the powder-blue helmeted Houston Oilers for the only time. The Oilers went to a white helmet the next season (everything else on the uniform went unchanged).
  23. Re: Wilson/Staff: That's Wilson's golf division. Don't ask me why they supplied NFL uniforms, though....