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  1. I'll say this about the new New Era CFL uniforms: Feh. Most teams didn't change, but the lack of TV numbers om a few teams still bothers me. BC made some good changes, though.
  2. Nippon Pro Baseball/KBO are not included in this discussion, as they are outside North America and are doing well in their respective countries.
  3. - Took me a while, but I have found my "whale" after two years.
  5. I'm all for it. As a longtime fan in Washington state, I like seeing what Commission Ambrosie has in mind for this league. They really oughta bring players from Japan, as well, and maybe play a game there, too.
  6. On that note, during the 1950s, the PCL gained the "Open" classification, and as such, is the only minor league to get that distinction.
  7. On another note, I can figure out why the CFL has not had a serious alternative league in Canada. I think it is because Canadian football, being largely confined to Canada, only works there, and an alternative league would likely last only one week, or not even play at all.
  8. You know, you hear about new, alternative sports leagues trying to challenge the NFL (AAF, WFL, XFL, USFL, et al.), the NBA (ABA), the NHL (WHA), but not one league has cropped up to challenge MLB (the independent minor leagues notwithstanding). So, it had me thinking- why has there been NO alternative baseball league like what the other three leagues have gone through? Post your answers in the comments, but keep the discussion civil.
  9. All great looking memorial patches.
  10. Only on the court. They used a shamrock with RED on it on the jerseys.
  11. - Hi, all. I don't know why, but when it comes to memorializing a sports figure, whether it be for a single team or league-wide, my favorite approach is using that person's signature as the memorial. To me, it's a heartwarming reminder of that person who is being remembered. It's quite a nice touch, IMO. I wish more teams took this approach.
  12. The first facemask he had were Dungards; this is a Schutt model. He actually won Super Bowls XIII and XIV wearing the Schutt model pictured here.
  13. I haven't found anything of note so far in 2019 @ any thrift stores that are sports-related, since I haven't gone out too much, but I saw a 1987-90 Chicago White Sox cap for $5. Sadly, I had to turn it down, as it was too small for me.
  14. I am sorry for the lack of updates for so long; I've had so much to deal on my plate lately, is all. I haven't forgotten the database, BTW. Just saying hello to you all.
  15. I actually dig the pullover jersey. It needs a bit more red, though.
  16. - Going north of the border, but the third pic in this 1977 CFL yearbook featured a rare one-time matchup: The 1977 Toronto Argonauts changed their logo to a newer version of the "boat football" logo (which is still loved among fans of that team) and 1977 was the final year the BC Lions wore their black helmets with the older-style BC logo. They changed their logo the next year.
  17. OK, since there was one of these a long time ago that is since closed to new replies, I'm going to start a new thread. - Look at this! I can count how many things are wrong with this jersey with two hands.
  18. - From 1973, which was also Johnny Unitas' last season. It was the first season of that Rams uniform, and the last for that Charger white-helmet look.
  19. Whoa. Those uniforms on par with what the AAF has been putting out.
  20. ^ No idea. The goalposts are still on the goal line in Canada, for obvious reasons.
  21. ^ Thank you for shedding some light into this subject.
  22. The Toronto Blue Jays visited Regina's Taylor Field (former home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders) in 1989.
  23. I found a Team Canada Jonathan Toews jersey yesterday, a Dustin Ackley teal Mariners jersey and a Indians giveaway Trevor Bauer "Player's Week" jersey. Didn't get any of them.
  24. Heading north of the border again..... Like his Eskimos teammate during the dynasty years of the late 1970s/early 1980s Larry Highbaugh, Ron Estay started his career as a BC Lion.
  25. I changed up the order of what I wanted, I hope it's not to late to take them into consideration. I don't really want numbers on them, BTW.