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  1. I speak for all of New England when I say, thanks. It gud
  2. I might make a fictional league for Cheesistan, a fictional country from Good Mythical Morning.
  3. I’m in eager anticipation to see the “team of short lifespan whose look is up to speculation” and I have some ideas of what it might be that I really want to say but I don’t want to accidentally spoil it.
  4. Yes, this is good.
  5. Cool. I think Madison is a good place for a team.
  6. Reminds me of one of the coolest experiences in my live. I saw a manatee in the wild in Tampa Bay!
  7. I didn’t notice lol! But I see it now, on the badger’s head.
  8. Milwaukee Badgers? It’s time. While looking for old logos I found one that was probably the Badgers logo. I hope it’s real because it’s very advanced for its time. It looks, dare I say, decent by today’s standards.