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  1. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    May continue with more logo concepts soon. Logos I remade for the St. Louis Browns proposed move to Los Angeles in 1942 are attached.
  2. Much better! I really like this! I knew you would do something awesome!
  3. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    Will be on hold for a while. Just found out my wife has another brain tumor.
  4. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely work on improvements.
  5. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    MOD EDIT: Next time, copy the URL of the image only (ending in .jpg or .png or another raster file format) and paste that in the reply box. The image should embed automatically.
  6. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    Well, having trouble with adding links. I'm new to this.
  7. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    I've been observing for a white. I though I would post a couple logos I have revised. These are revised Brooklyn Dodgers logos under the name Brooklyn Superbas which is a previous name the Dodgers used.
  8. Please accept my apologies. My intention was not to rush you in any way. I know life gets busy. I work two jobs myself. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to each concept you post!
  9. This series has been on of the best recently. Hate seeing this one stall out. I hope you will consider continuing.
  10. The primary logo "C" looks great! I'm not a fan of the wispy thin font though. Maybe try a a script font on the home sets. Ballpark is a nice font. Would be interesting to see if the "C" would work over the bottom of the secondary spider logo. Or maybe keep it simple and remove the outline. I actually think the colors work. I was unsure about that. Nice Job!
  11. Awesome final update. I hope to see more from you. Great job!
  12. Cleveland Spiders would be cool. I'm originally from North Central Ohio which is Cleveland territory for the MLB, NFL and NBA and Columbus for the NHL and MLS. There is a lot of talk about the Indians rebranding. Would love to see your take on the rebrand. Good work so far! I like the black version, but I like the lightest burgundy version the best.
  13. I think the roundel is fine. Would be cool to see the burgundy/gold combination in MLB. Are you planning to do any other teams? Would love to see more from you.
  14. I like the direction that you are taking with Seattle. I gotta say, I also like the monochrome Seattle concept as well. As for Jacksonville, I think you have enough good suggestions to work with. Some mentioned were to simplify the primary logo while having a more detailed sleeve patch. I also like the suggestion of the trident being used along with the "J" on the cap. Based on your work so far, I'm sure you will pull it off with something awesome.