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  1. Thank you for the enlargement. I like this version the best. Great work as always!
  2. Can you post a larger copy of the alternate "M" version of the Montreal Royaux primary logo?
  3. I agree. I was hoping for a Montreal Royals concept instead.
  4. Before the Boston Braves and Atlanta Braves, The Boston Rustlers existed in the National League. I think the San Antonio Rustlers would be a great baseball name
  5. Also, Oklahoma City could be shortened to Oklahoma and would work well with any of the above names.
  6. I think the whole concept is pretty good but would rather see this with the blue and red. Purple and Gold seems odd for a Montreal team.
  7. Hoping we will see more from this topic. Great work so far.
  8. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the eMb update. I still think Part II b is your best work on this one. Would be cool to see what could have been had they chose the name Royals instead.
  9. Nice updates on the latest version. Great improvements each time, but the latest one is your best. Well done!!
  10. I agree with the statement by QueenCitySwarm. I am partial to the eMb logo as well but the Part II concept is nice as well. I agree that the eMb could be updated. I like the font used to replace the old Clarendon font for "expos".
  11. Houston Colt.45's is missing from the Defunct Ones. Will there be a page for them?
  12. Great adjustments to Norfolk. Final set looks great! The Washington Grays work looks great to! Great Job!
  13. I like the whole concept. I think the typography is great even with the drop shadow. I like the simple cap logo. It looks like a cap I would buy. Great work again!