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  1. Excellent update for the Rebeldes. I think the original Missions was better though.
  2. Maybe pick another name from suggestions made earlier by coco1997 using the fiesta color scheme? - Scorpions - Alamos - Toros - Outlaws - Rebels - Armadillos
  3. Also, not a fan of the face but I do like the name Rebeldes over Tejanos. I think the fiesta colors are a bit overdone. The stripes on the sleeves and pants would be enough or duplicate the Missions color scheme replacing Missions with the Rebeldes script. I like the one color monogram you used for the Missions. It could work with a teal bill. Also, I think the roundel should be the primary logo. I think the Missions concept is the stronger of the two.
  4. Heritage Twisters is definitely better than the primary concept!
  5. More great work from you sir. The second version of the Charlotte Knights was your best. Honestly, I like the vintage Twisters logo better than the primary. I'm not a fan of the red baseball and would reduce the amount of black used. The rest of the package is solid. Glad to be enjoying your work again.
  6. I'm glad it's still on your agenda. All in good time. Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work when you are ready!
  7. I have to apologize myself. I believe I may have been part of the problem. Anyway, I'm glad you will be continuing. You are very talented and I enjoy your work.
  8. Thank you for the enlargement. I like this version the best. Great work as always!
  9. Can you post a larger copy of the alternate "M" version of the Montreal Royaux primary logo?
  10. I agree. I was hoping for a Montreal Royals concept instead.
  11. Before the Boston Braves and Atlanta Braves, The Boston Rustlers existed in the National League. I think the San Antonio Rustlers would be a great baseball name
  12. Also, Oklahoma City could be shortened to Oklahoma and would work well with any of the above names.