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  1. Great updates on both Portland and Virginia. Portland is awesome in black/red/blue. I am from Fort Wayne and we had a basketball team named the Fury in the CBA. I am actually ok with that name. Do you design with Illustrator or Corel Draw?
  2. Since this thread covers failed expansion will you cover any cities not mentioned previously that you haven't done concepts for? - In the early 1960's, The Continental League, a rival league to the AL and NL was created and teams placed in New York, Toronto, Buffalo, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Denver. 7 of these cities have gained teams in the MLB. Only Buffalo has not. Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Montreal, New Orleans, Portland, San Diego and Seattle were also considered for the CL. - The Kansas City Royals, Montreal Expos, Seattle Pilots and San Diego Padres were granted expansion teams in 1969. Buffalo, Dallas, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Oakland and Toronto were considered. - The Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays were given expansion teams in 1977. Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, Oakland and San Diego were considered. - In 1993, the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins were given expansion teams. Buffalo, Charlotte, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento, Tampa, FL and Washington, DC were considered. - In 1998, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays were given expansion teams. Buffalo, Nashville, Northern Virginia, Orlando and Vancouver were considered. Charlotte and Washington, DC were mentioned but neither city officially applied for expansion. - Currently, Portland, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Nashville. Montreal and Vancouver are being considered for future expansion. Would love to see concepts for Louisville, New Orleans, Buffalo, Nashville, Orlando, Sacramento, Vancouver. I believe all other locations have been covered. Portland is awesome! Sacramento was covered by the Giants but would love to see a fresh concept. Same with New Orleans. They were covered by the Pirates. I know one of the Orlando groups was the Orlando Sun Rays. Anyway, I hope you will give this some consideration. If not this time, maybe later. Louisville Colonels? Orlando Sun Rays? Sacramento Solons? Vancouver Mounties?
  3. Will you be doing a logo sheet for the black and red version?
  4. Great updates. Eliminating the back antler gives it a cleaner look. I have to say I like the black and red uniform option the most. Great work again!
  5. Love the name, concept and colors. If anything, eliminate the back antler. Great work!
  6. Will a full New Orleans Pelicans set be a part of your updates?
  7. https://www.baseball-fever.com/forum/general-baseball/history-of-the-game/79207-a-successful-continental-league Maybe not relevant to this topic but this proposed third major league impacted expansion and relocation in the MLB. Would be cool to see your take on this at some point.
  8. Would love to see a full set concept for the New Orleans Pelicans. All of them are pretty good!
  9. The Boston Braves were renamed the Boston Bees from 1936 to 1941 and The Philadelphia Phillies were briefly known as the Philadelphia Blue Jays in the 1940's. And before the Cleveland Indians were the Cleveland Spiders. Would love to see your version of these.
  10. The Fort Wayne Wizards will announce a new name tomorrow at 11:00 am. Rumored to be the Sandbaggers. I hope not.
  11. Whatever it is, I think it should be just Oklahoma, not Oklahoma City. Outlaws or Wranglers sound good. I like Cyclones or Twisters too.
  12. Yes, the Freedom were in the NIFL and the UIF. Most of their assets were sold to a new owner in the AF2. The Fort Wayne Fusion fold after one season. Fort Wayne was granted an expansion team for this year in the Continental Indoor Football League and they are going to use the "Freedom" name.
  13. The CIFL has added the Fort Wayne Freedom
  14. It's funny how a person lives somewhere for a year and suddenly they know everything about it. Fort Wayne is a great place. You probably haven't even been here. Maybe you should go back to college as a professor and teach everyone what you know about Indiana or are you the flaming moron?