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  1. Also, What about adding stitching to the other side of the baseball?
  2. Both are good updates. Would love to see a larger view of the space needle "S" monogram. I have to say I like the original "Jacksonville" road script better than the new one. Philadelphia is off to a good start.
  3. If you are still thinking of Miami, I like the name Herons as a baseball name. Just a thought.
  4. Would love to see the Bucks logo on a brown cap.
  5. Ok. You do good work. I would say the Darts and Bucks are my favorites.
  6. Love the Bucks package. Will you be doing primary logos and jersey concepts for these?
  7. Great start on this league. Would love to see more! Minnesota Loons and Toronto Darts are my favorites so far.
  8. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    May continue with more logo concepts soon. Logos I remade for the St. Louis Browns proposed move to Los Angeles in 1942 are attached.
  9. Much better! I really like this! I knew you would do something awesome!
  10. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    Will be on hold for a while. Just found out my wife has another brain tumor.
  11. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely work on improvements.
  12. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    MOD EDIT: Next time, copy the URL of the image only (ending in .jpg or .png or another raster file format) and paste that in the reply box. The image should embed automatically.
  13. teeray01

    Revised Logos

    Well, having trouble with adding links. I'm new to this.