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  1. I just saw another punter wearing a higher number (than 19). It seems the NFL is quietly allowing this to compensate for the new numbering rules making the lower numbers more sought after. It also reminded of one of my earliest memories of sports uniform nerdery and thinking how cool it was that Pat McInally and Bob Parsons wore numbers that receivers usually wore. Speaking of nerdery... McInally is the still the only player in NFL history to score a perfect 50 wonderlic.
  2. These are honestly perfect for what you're going for. I love seeing expansion teams acknowledging the baseball history that existed in their city before the big leagues arrived. Even the Brewers one is growing on me. I think rendering the M navy-on-navy helps it look not SO much like a Michigan sweater.
  3. I haven't quite gotten to the 80s and 90s yet, but my plan was for the Indians to still be the Indians. In this universe, the Cleveland organization quietly phased out Wahoo in the 80s the way the Braves did with their native mascot logo. As such, they never became the source of controversy that they did in our world. In the 90s, the Indians have a rebrand inspired by legit Native American folk art to something along the lines of what we see with the MiLB clubs in Indianapolis and Spokane. However, I am eventually gonna have to address the fact that Indianapolis wanted a MLB team in the 80s. I can't say I've considered how convenient it might be if a team moved to Indy and already had an "I" on their cap!
  4. I'm not sure if this will become a formal series like some of those you've seen in the Concepts section. But I'll definitely share some updates as I make them since I am not completely sold on all the timelines. The 21s are the Seattle Centurys aka Seattle Century 21s. They evolved out of the ashes of the Seattle Rainiers of the Pacific Coast League. After the Coast League was declared a major league, they used the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle (aka the Century 21 Expo) as a platform to promote their brand of baseball. The Centurys play in an Astrodome-like stadium called the Emerald Dome on the expo grounds where the Washington State Pavilion (the old Key Arena where the Sonics used to play) sits in our universe. (Strangely enough, the two original ballparks that exist in this universe are on the site of a NBA arena in our universe.) Identity-wise the Centurys are sort of a mash-up of the Astros and Expos. They're named after a world's fair that their city hosted like the Expos, and like the Astros they play in a state-of-the-art dome in a city built by aerospace technology, and wear "space age" uniforms. But I'm still mulling a few ideas in my head of what they actually look like.. I want them to look unlike anything you saw teams doing in the mid-1960s, yet still plausible for that era. There's a clue in the initial post... The Browns moving to Milwaukee means the Braves had to find another city. It's actually a Kansas City A's logo... or at least that's where I got it from. But a lot of the monograms adopted by new teams in this era were lifted directly from a minor league team in that area. Both the Monarchs and KC Blues of the American Association used a similar monogram at various points before the A's arrived.
  5. Greetings logo nerds… I present the visual outline of a writing project I’m working on, and was in large part inspired by some of the series on this forum. This image is from an alternate 1972 where Major League Baseball has evolved into four circuits of six clubs and limited interleague play. It is the result of the past 20 years of baseball history which has been affected by three events that didn’t occur in our timeline: -Bill Veeck is successful in moving the St. Louis Browns to Milwaukee County Stadium. Thereby returning the original Brewers franchise from the 19th century to its original home and setting off a completely different pattern of franchise relocation. -The Dodgers are granted their proposed domed stadium on the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush in Brooklyn (the site of the current Barclays Center), and never moved to the West Coast. -The lack of NL or AL ball on the coast opens the door for the Pacific Coast League to become the third major league going into the 1960s. A conflict that, much like pro football with the NFL and AFL, takes about a decade to resolve. I’m not sure if this will be a series since my own design skills are limited. But my inbox is open if anyone would be interested in some collaborating. This is also by no means a finished project… I’m still not completely sold on the timelines I have going for some of the teams which would affect this particular lineup. My goal is to be different enough from our universe to keep things interesting, but still grounded enough in reality to keep the reader’s suspension of disbelief. Where possible, I even have storylines and side plots that show how MLB’s franchise moves have affected other sports (such as when a highly-anticipated 1988 Monday Night Football game between division rivals the Baltimore Colts and Brooklyn Titans was hastily moved to Shea Stadium in the Meadowlands to accommodate a Dodgers playoff game at the BrooklynDome). Anyway, let the speculation begin….. .
  6. I'm starting to think UW doesn't understand branding at all.
  7. Minnesota's city ed also looks like a Milwaukee city ed from a couple years ago. If you told me they just decided to circle jerk each other for perpetuity because it's easier than coming up with a new idea for this stupid series every single year, I'd probably believe it.
  8. Alleged Bucks city edition leak. Ugh, I hope that's fake. They barely even try when it comes to neon green, yet the keep trying to force blue on us.
  9. Another great job. I hope you can extend this series to non-football conferences. It seems as though the Big East and A-10 are full of Catholic schools that could form their own regionally appropriate Midwest and Eastern conferences. Eastern: Duquense, Fordham, Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, St. Bonaventure, St. John's, Villanova... maybe throw in UMass or BU to get the Boston market and/ or the other Phily schools. Midwest: Butler, Creighton, Dayton, DePaul, Detroit, Loyola, Marquette, Notre Dame, Saint Louis, Xavier
  10. MilSox


    I think your project unintentionally proved why the Brewers number font is great. Look how many classic designs it looks good paired next to. Not sure I can pick a favorite in this series. Suffice to say this has been one of my favorite all time series on the CCSLC.
  11. I thought I was getting pranked when my homeboy in Chicago called to tell me. It really sucks to lose Jrue Holiday. He was only around for three years, but that's all he needed to cement himself in Bucks lore and he was one of the most beloved players in franchise history to boot. The Bucks had to make this trade, but that doesn't make it any easier. On the other hand.... HOLY S#!T WE GOT DAME!!!!!!!!!
  12. Theres pics going around on social media of the Bucks selling LILLARD 0 jerseys. This means Marjon Beauchamp is gonna have a new number. If he goes with 00 it'll be the first time a team issued 0, 00, and 99 (Jae Crowder) all at once.
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