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  1. In other sports: FOOTBALL Commissioner Joe Foss of the American Football League approves the New York Titans' application to change their name to the New York Jets following Sonny Werblin's purchase of the club. BEFORE AFTER As of 1963, the renamed Jets share the Dodger Dome with the MLB Brooklyn Dodgers and NDA New York Heroes. BASKETBALL The Nationals bid farwell to Syracuse after 15 years. Next season, they will play in Philadelphia, where they will become the Seventy Sixers.
  2. If you need help with WLAF fields, here's a full game if this helps:


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      Thanks neo. I plan to do the WLAF and NFL Europe eventually, after I finish the USFL



  3. 1963 CDA Playoffs Frontier Wild Card at Tulane Stadium Rustlers 18 - Revelers 48 The Rustlers bid farewell to Kansas City Municipal Stadium with a victory over the Los Angeles Jaguars in the final week of the season. However, that celebration would be short lived as KC suffers yet another early playoff exit. This time, it was the upstart New Orleans Revelers that sent KC home early. On the field, it was an ugly blowout with New Orleans running up the score thanks to four takeaways. Colonial Wild Card at Tiger Stadium Unicorns 21 - Roadsters 27 Detroit demonstrated courage and grit after trailing 21-9 at halftime. Otis Robbins, a rookie center from Michigan State, directed traffic for the Roadsters' attack in relief of the injured Paul Franklin. Two 6-point goals by Vernon Hall in the third quarter and another by Sherman Lieber in the fourth won the game for Detroit. Frontier Final at Kezar Stadium Revelers 18 - Dragons 30 If you told the San Francisco fans hours before this game that their team would host another playoff game the following week, they would've probably accused you of jinxing their beloved Dragons. A revamped defense would win the game for San Francisco. In goal for the Dragons was Xavier Arroyo, aka "Mister X." Arroyo's 43 saves and cat-like reflexes frustrated the Revs' attackers. So the only way New Orleans could score was to kick as high as possible, but most over attempts were still within Mr X's reach. The Dragons' fans stormed the field and mobbed their heroes, but the San Francisco Chronicle warned the next day that their celebration could be premature. Colonial Final at Rutgers Stadium Roadsters 21 - Rogues 27 By now, most of Northern New Jersey has embraced the Rogues while everything south of Trenton is still very much Brawler Nation. On this playoff game, the Rogues' faithful set a new franchise attendance record. Thousands more watched on CBS, with Rogues' legend Corky Liebowitz calling the game with Ray Scott. The game itself turned out to be much closer than what prognosticators expected. The Rogues fell behind early, trailing the Roadsters by 12 at halftime. In the second half, the Rogues attack heated up while Detroit's Otis Robbins became a non-factor. 10th Floyd Cup at Kezar Stadium Rogues 6 - Dragons 39 TV: CBS Announcers: Ray Scott and Corky Liebowitz Before the season began, the CDA awarded the tenth Floyd Cup to San Francisco. The league office had no way of knowing the Dragons would get this deep in the postseason. Also, before the '63 season began, many Driveball experts predicted that San Francisco wouldn't be all that great. The Dragons took control of the game early and never let up. San Francisco shut out the Rogues at halftime, only for New Jersey to score two measly overs in the third quarter. Surprisingly, very few Dragon fans left Kezar Stadium early. This despite their heroes pretty much having the Floyd Cup wrapped up with a bow on top long before the final siren. Once that siren blared through Kezar Stadium's crackling loudspeakers to signal the game's end, all of San Francisco was suddenly aglow. As they did the week before, fans stormed the field, tore down the goals and mobbed the players. Kezar Stadium (above) in its heyday. The rooftops along Frederick Street are your best bet if you want to see a Dragons game up close for free.
  4. 1963 NDA Playoffs Wild Card at Franklin Field St Louis 3 - Philadelphia 39 Grizzled veteran Jimmy Pendleton provided Philadelphia enough punch to sink the Showboats in a blowout win. Wild Card at Soldier Field Oakland 9 - Chicago 12 A low scoring affair that was dominated by defense. Homefield advantage and lucky bounces helped the Gaels breeze past the Squirrels. Oakland captain Hugh Daniels had to leave the game halfway through the first half after spraining his ankle during a scrum. Semifinal at the Dodger Dome Philadelphia 12 - NY Heroes 18 An old geographic rivalry is renewed in Brooklyn as the Heroes clinch yet another Frosty Mug berth. The Brawlers led 12-0 at halftime, but defensive penalties helped the Heroes tie things up early in the second half. The knockout blow that won the game for New York came off the foot of second year full forward Alex Grigorian. Semifinal at Husky Stadium Chicago 27 - Seattle 21 Last year, the Ems flew off the radar with the Century 21 Expo grabbing most of the attention. This year, Seattle hoped a revamped midfield would provide some reinforcement to an attack that ran out of ammo too soon in too many games in '62. Towards the end of the game, the Ems hoped to protect a 21-18 lead...when suddenly, Chicago forward Maurice Schumer found an opening in Seattle's defense, faked out Ems goalie Dale Freleng, and fist-balled the ball into the net to give the Gaels the three point lead. On Chicago's next offensive series, Schumer assisted half forward Mickey McDonald on the game winning over. Frosty Mug XVI at the Dodger Dome Chicago 36 - New York 42 Even though the Heroes had homefield advantage for the Frosty Mug, over 5,000 lucky Gaels fans won tickets to the game from a raffle held by the Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV. However, luck wasn't enough to lift the Gaels past the hometown Heroes. The leader for the Heroes was once again full forward Alex Grigorian. The 23 year old out of UCLA, along with third year quarter forward Tony Kowalczyk, accounted for most of New York's 42 points in this year's Frosty Mug. TRIVIA: To accommodate the Frosty Mug, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved their previously scheduled home stand against the Washington Grays to the end of the MLB regular season. MVP - Alex Grigorian (FF; Heroes)
  5. 1963 Driveball Results In the NDA... A knee injury sustained by Jerry Rosenbach sank the Admirals early on. Off the field, the Admirals have picked up problems of another kind on their radar. The AFL Chargers, who came over from Los Angeles two years ago, have pushed the Ads off center stage. Also taking attention away from the Ads was the Padres' PCL pennant triumph last October. That victory was the Pads' second PCL pennant in the last nine seasons. At the conclusion of the regular season, the Flamingos announce that after winning just four games in '63, head coach Les Archibald will be on the hot seat for '64. Bill Bartholomay, the new owner of the Cincinnati Monarchs, sees his team win only three games in his first season in charge. Of course, as part of the deal to buy the team, the Monarchs must play '64 and '65 in Cincinnati before they can opt out of their Crosley Field rent agreement with the MLB Reds. Bartholomay's goal in LaSalle Corp's purchase of the Monarchs late last year is to eventually move the franchise to Atlanta. He also hopes to move the MLB Milwaukee Braves to the same city. NDA Eastern Division New York Heroes 11-1 Philadelphia Brawlers 10-2 Buffalo Lakers 5-7 Cleveland Mad Hatters 4-8 Miami Flamingos 4-8 Cincinnati Monarchs 3-9 Western Division Seattle Emeralds 8-4 Chicago Gaels 8-4 Oakland Squirrels 7-5 St Louis Showboats 7-5 Milwaukee Voyagers 3-9 San Diego Admirals 2-10 Over in the CDA, the league celebrated its tenth season. However, that same celebration was tempered by bitter court battles with the City of Denver over the relocation of the once financially troubled Mountaineers. A Colorado judge had allowed the Mounts to leave a year earlier than planned. For Denver fans, the pill has become much harder to swallow as their former franchise, now in New Orleans, has made its second straight playoff appearance. In our nation's capital, the retirement of center Bernie Berman after the '62 season has sent the Commanders into a tailspin. The absence of Berman's leadership gave rise to a team that was unable to do much right for most of the '63 campaign. The Detroit Roadsters were sold mid-season to department store giant SS Kresge Corporation. Last year in nearby Garden City, Kresge, under the leadership of CEO Harry Cunningham, opened its very first discount store, which they call "K-Mart." That store opened two months before Minnesota-based Dayton-Hudson opened a discount shop of their own which can be easily identified by a unique bullseye sign. CDA Colonial Division New Jersey Rogues 8-4 Detroit Roadsters 7-5 Boston Unicorns 7-5 Minnesota Shockers 5-7 Pittsburgh Knights 4-8 Washington Commanders 4-8 Frontier Division San Francisco Dragons 9-3 New Orleans Revelers 9-3 Kansas City Rustlers 7-5 Dallas Metros 6-6 Houston Marshals 5-7 Los Angeles Jaguars 1-11 Playoff teams in BOLD. NDA Playoff Schedule FIRST ROUND Squirrels at Gaels Soldier Field Showboats at Brawlers Franklin Field SECOND ROUND Winner of OAK/CHI vs. Seattle Emeralds Husky Stadium Winner of STL/PHI vs. New York Heroes Dodger Dome FROSTY MUG TBD CDA Playoff Schedule FIRST ROUND Rustlers vs. Revelers Tulane Stadium Unicorns vs. Roadsters Tiger Stadium SECOND ROUND Winner of BOS/DET vs. New Jersey Rogues Rutgers Stadium Winner of KC/NOLA vs. San Francisco Dragons Kezar Stadium TENTH FLOYD CUP Frontier Champs vs. Colonial Champs Kezar Stadium (San Francisco, CA)
  6. As of 1963, the game balls used by both the CDA and NDA are identical to the footballs Wilson Sporting Goods normally builds for the NFL: So very likely, it'll rotate between Wilson, Spalding or Rawlings as the official game ball suppliers. All three also supply helmets and uniforms to the different teams, along with Sand Knit. Riddell builds most of the helmets outfitted to the players.
  7. Dolphins late 90's logo in current colors: Seahawks' current logo in old colors: C&C Welcome. It'll be kinda tough, since NFL teams don't rebrand as often as NBA teams do.
  8. Rams current logo with the classic colors: C&C Welcome.
  9. This is the best I could do since I couldn't find a Titans logo in higher resolution: C&C welcome.
  10. Thanks. Anyways, here's an overhauled look for the Kansas City Rustlers. 1963 will be the Rustlers' last season at Municipal Stadium before moving in to a new domed stadium downtown next year. BTW, the Driveball field at KC Municipal Stadium is laid out the same way the Chiefs' gridiron was in the image above.
  11. Now, I will expand this into a series. The second team mashup will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The current and 1997 pirate flags merge together: C&C Welcome.
  12. Just a quick mashup of an unused logo from about 1996 or so, along with the current primary: C&C Welcome.