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  1. Good start. Although, I would like to have just one dominant color for the dark jerseys.
  2. I say Brady cemented himself as an enabled cheater and liar. Period.
  3. Seriously? That's the best a multibillion dollar sports league can come up with?????
  4. Not having the XFL start next weekend makes this worse. Now I prefer to call him Brady Bonds. Or Broidy.
  5. The regional Fox channels will now become Bally Sports.
  6. I really wished WFT would've tried the gold jerseys with burgundy pants.
  7. USA Network is available to slightly more homes than NBCSN right? Why not merge NBCSN with the Golf channel?
  8. QB's that made 14 look good. Am I missing somebody?
  9. Will the Dodgers have a memorial patch for Tommy Lasorda and Don Sutton?
  10. The Rock bought the XFL and is trying to get it back up and running for 2022.
  11. That secondary logo with the LA initials in the crown could've easily been a primary crest, at least at the beginning.
  12. @Ferdinand Cesarano While the Orange Crush look for the Broncos was a classic, it's largely associated with their Super Bowl losses. Getting back to Cleveland, I have the feeling that by having the Block C on his plaque in Cooperstown, Jim Thome was trying to absolve himself from complicity towards the continued use of Chief Wahoo during his tenure in Cleveland.
  13. January 31, 1988: Washington beats Denver in Super Bowl XXII, played literally the day after I was born. March 25, 1991: The first HelmetCam game. December 24, 1994: Chargers beat the Steelers at the Murph to qualify for a first round bye. June 23, 1996: Scottish Claymores trounce the Frankfurt Galaxy in the 1996 World Bowl. Later that night, Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Jake the Snake at King of the Ring. October 14, 1998: Padres beat the Braves to advance to the World Series. August 6, 1999: Tony Gwynn got his 3000th hit against the Montreal Expos (Google it, kids). January 30, 2000: Arena Football superstar Kurt Warner named Super Bowl XXXIV MVP. June 19, 2000: Kobe and Shaq's first ring. June 13, 2014: Kings beat the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup. November 2, 2016: Cubs win the World Series...finally. February 4, 2018: Cue the Rocky theme song. June 2019: Just a few days apart, the Toronto Raptors and St. Louis Blues win their first rings in their respective sports. (Play Gloria!) February 2, 2020: Chiefs' first Super Bowl ring since the debuts of Scooby Doo, Monty Python and Sesame Street. July 30, 2020: The return of the NBA after the suspension of the season the previous Spring. Nothing can really top January 15, 1995 when I rooted for the Chargers.