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  1. I dunno about that. I still feel like the 94 World Series would've been the Expos and Tribe. Either forward to the present, I have a feeling that Kendrick's grand slam against the Dodgers pretty much becomes the iconic moment for the Nats regardless if they win or lose the World Series this year.
  2. Springfield State reminds me of the USFL Stars.
  3. Updated UDA poster with new logos for the league and the Houston Marshals. C&C Welcome.
  4. The Marshals' new uniforms for 1972. C&C Welcome.
  5. Should the Dodgers fire Dave Roberts after Wednesday night's humiliating defeat?
  6. Probably after the Lions get settled in the Silverdome. Owner will likely be Little Caesar's guy.
  7. While I wait for more thoughts on the league logo, here's a proposed rebrand for the Houston Marshals: Current: Proposed: C&C Welcome.
  8. The player silhouette doesn't seem to be working for me, so here's some other ideas for the UDA's league logo. C&C Welcome.
  9. The IDA's Championship Premiership Trophy C&C Welcome.
  10. Tweaks to the IDA officials' uniforms. The red, white and blue cap is worn by the crew chief. C&C Welcome.
  11. Making modifications to the UDA's League logo. BEFORE: AFTER: C&C Welcome.