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  1. I'm not sure if I want just Austus or Austus Football in the name of whatever league ends up being the first formed. Right now, I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to come up with a good acronym or league name.

    1. Bomba Tomba

      Bomba Tomba

      I say just  go with Austus so that the public don't get overwhelmed with all the footballs (soccer and gridiron being the other two)

    2. neo_prankster


      Here's what I have in mind...


      National Austus League (NAL) (Pronunciation "Nail"?)

      United Austus League (UAL)

      American Austus League (AAL)

      Continental Austus League (CAL)

      Elite Austus League (EAL) (Pronounced like "eel")

      Major Austus League (MAL) ("Maul"?)

      World Austus League (WAL) ("Wall?")

      International Austus League (IAL)

      Professional (or Premier) Austus League (PAL)

      Professional Federation of Austus (PFA)

      Austus Circuit of America (ACA)

      National Austus Circuit (NAC) ("Knack"?)

      Professional Austus Circuit (PAC) ("Pack"?)

  2. Scoring in Austus is derived from Aussie rules football. A goal is worth six points and a behind is just one point. For example, the Hollywood Bulldogs' seven goals multiplied by six equals 42 points, plus the nine behinds gives you their 51 point total. Likewise, the Los Angeles Lions' five goals times six equals 30 points, plus the eleven behinds makes 41 points. For more specific info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_of_Australian_rules_football#Scoring
  3. You need help coming up with names for your handball league?

  4. The second trial-run/showcase game was held almost a year later in Los Angeles. The organizers successfully piqued enough interest from multiple corporations in sponsoring a full-time league for a 1948 ball-up. C&C Welcome.
  5. A couple years back when I was researching which sports to combine to make Driveball, I stumbled across Austus, a hybrid of American and Australian rules football which was played briefly during the second world war. This is the (fictional) story of the game that inspired Driveball. Above is how an Austus field would look compared an NFL sized field. Note that the 25 yard lines serves as the Austus version of the 50 meter lines on a typical VFL/AFL field. Basic Rules - Austus is played with nine players a side on a field divided into three zones (defense, midfield, attack). - The ball similar in size and shape to a CFL football with pointed ends for easier passing. - A pass or a kick that travels more than fifteen yards can be marked. - The goal posts are the same as Aussie rules, with a goal worth six points and a behind worth just one. Positions Defense One Fullback Two Halfbacks Midfield One Center Two Wings Attack One Full-Forward Two Half-Forwards Roster Size 27 players The first Austus game played by civilians was held at Yankee Stadium in March of 1946 with NFL/AAFC guys on Team USA (Blue and Red) and Australia (Green and Gold) represented by VFL guys. C&C Welcome.
  6. The series is coming along great so far. I hope we can see more teams soon.
  7. For me, it's down to the Knights and Monarchs. The Surge and Mad Dogs names don't really fit the St. Louis area.
  8. Since the old Maddens only let you customize 32 teams, I'd suggest picking the IAAF teams you like the most and go with those.

    1. Bomba Tomba

      Bomba Tomba

      That's what I meant lol.


      By any chance, do you still have your old logos as well?

    2. neo_prankster


      I still might have a few of them. What's up?

    3. Bomba Tomba

      Bomba Tomba

      I might make some of those teams too. I think I may have asked you before but that was probably 3 PCs ago

  9. Getting back to the drawing board. I keep losing interest in my previous Driveball and Gridby threads. So as I said, I'm going back to the drawing board with Austus. This time, I wanna create a simpler Austus game. Based on the gridiron/Aussie rules hybrid played during World War II. Field: Not sure if I want a rectangular field or a round field, but I want it to be smaller than a VFL/AFL pitch, but still fit within the same dimensions as an NFL gridiron field. As for the markings, I kinda wanna borrow the center square and circle from Aussie rules. But I'm not sure if the arcs should be 25 or 30 yards if midfield is at the 50 yard line. Also, I'm not sure if I want arcs for a rectangular field or if they'd look better on a round field. Another thing I'd like suggestions for is where to put team, league and sponsor logos. Nine players per side. 3 Forwards (1 Full Forward, 2 Half Forwards) 3 Midfielders (1 Center, 1 Left Wing, 1 Right Wing) 3 Backs/Guards/Defenders (1 Fullback, 2 Halfbacks) I would like suggestions for the number of interchange players. Uniforms. - Helmets (Not sure if I want NFL style, NHL style or multisport helmets (think Legends of the Hidden Temple and Guts) - Lacrosse style jerseys and shorts. Rosters Not sure if I want 27 or 36-man rosters. Marks Passes or kicks longer than 15 yards can be marked. Scoring: Goals are six point. Behinds are one point. Scores after the siren are allowed. Championship Name: The Grand Final Trophy: The Cowley Cup, named after Austus inventor Ern Cowley, former Carlton Blues star. Rough ideas for the league name: Professional Austus League Alliance of Austus Football World League of Austus Football Austus Football League United Austus Football League Major League Austus Football Majot Austus Football League International Austus Football League World Austus Football League A rough timeline of league membership. 1955: 10 teams. 1960: 14 teams. 1966: 16 teams. 1970: 18 teams. Membership goals: I want 24 teams by 1990. Then 30 by 2000. I'm not sure how to space out the expansions after 1970.
  10. Danny Ainge is stepping down from the C's. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/31552637/boston-celtics-president-danny-ainge-step-brad-stevens-moving-front-office
  11. I hate to sound like a broken record, but has there been any word if the CFL will be able to play this year?
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