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  1. Where did you hear about the curve flattening in Seattle or SF?
  2. The expansion franchise originally slated for Chicago will instead shift to Detroit. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Detroit Muscle. C&C Welcome.
  3. Ok guys. Sorry for the long delay but here are the uniforms for the Madness. C&C Welcome.
  4. How about a 90 game season? 45 home? 45 away?
  5. What channel is showing those? Isn't soap and water just as good as hand sanitizer?
  6. Sorry for the late response, but here you go: C&C Welcome.
  7. Another place offering drive-up testing.
  8. More importantly, this is a good time for all of us to help one another.
  9. YouTube too. Also a good time to dust off the old VCR if you still have yours. So basically, an actually WWE offseason for a change? I certainly hope not either. Some places here in the US are starting to offer drive-up testing: Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital (Barrington, IL) Colorado, Connecticut and Washington state too Would the championships go down in the record books as "Season Not Played," or could schools be crowned co-champs in their respective conferences? Also, how many of you guys still have sports video games to keep you guys company in the interim?
  10. I certainly hope not, but everything else right now is secondary right?
  11. Any distraction would be nice right about now. Even if it ends up being a replay of a game from last year or two years ago.