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  1. Ladies and gentlemen... The Jacksonville Sharks. C&C Welcome.
  2. Three Clubs in San Diego County??? Man, I'm gonna have a tough time picking one to root for.
  3. Where would be the hub city or bubble this year?
  4. Here are some possible color schemes for the Charlotte Hornets: C&C Welcome.
  5. If it's an MW school, I really hope that it would be San Diego State.
  6. About those team names for my USFL series, I listed a few named you can vote on.


    1. qckgnc


      Just saw this, and voted.  Thanks for the inclusion.

  7. @Will94


    Liberty Basketball Association has been discontinued.


    I'm doing a USFL series now.

    1. Will94


      i had a whole bunch of ideas for that league tht  i could bring to the table but i didnt know u stopped :(

    2. neo_prankster


      Just got bored with it.

  8. Thanks for the follow.

    1. Will94


      welcome what happened to that liberty basketball associocation

  9. As the title indicates, this will be a what-if scenario of the USFL staying in the spring and hopefully sticking around long enough to expand to Europe. Without further ado, here are the Arizona Wranglers: C&C Welcome.
  10. Are you going to bring back your AFL series?

  11. Hi! I wanted to stop by and say that I really loved the What-If scenario you did on the WFL this past summer.


    I think it would be really awesome to do another version of that, where the WFL evolves into the WLAF between the years of '74 and '94.

  12. Excerpt from the story thread:


    David Boss [1] of NFL Properties on the Avengers' branding process:
    "The name 'Avengers' rose to the top of a fan poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times. In April of 1990, we were able to strike a deal with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics in which he'd allow the organization to use the Avenger moniker in exchange for the rights to produce World League related comic books. Luckily, we had one member of our creative staff who was a comic aficionado as a youngster. He recalled how most of the good guys wore some combination of red and blue with an occasional touch of golden yellow. Early on, we devised a stylized version of the 'LA' initials with jagged edges lifted from the city's flag. When that prototype was ridiculed by fans, we had to regroup and try to create something more dynamic. After maybe a month or two, we finally settled on the 'avenging angel' with the wing on his helmet. We were relieved to learn from team owner C. David Baker [2] that the fans liked the final design better."

    [1] Mr. Boss helped create the World League logos in real life,
    [2] The same C. David Baker that in real life owned the Anaheim Piranhas of the Arena Football League, served as the Arena League's commissioner, the father of former Atlanta Falcon Sam Baker and currently head of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  13. Did you get my PM's?

  14. Are you going to do any Project 32's for the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLS? The one you did for MLB was awesome!

    1. SFGiants58




      I doubt it. I'm in the middle of some big stuff in my personal life and I don't really have the interest in these other sports to keep going with a big, league-wide project. The Defunct Saga has been with me for about a year and a half now and I don't think I'm game for a full series after it. Maybe a few scattered concepts when I get an idea (a la OldSchoolVikings), but not a full series.


      I did do an NBA: Project 32 about five years ago, if you want to find it.

  15. Anymore XFL concepts coming or are you stuck on names?


    I can give you some names in a PM.