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  1. I think winning a Super Bowl means Washington is pretty much stuck with the Commanders.
  2. The way the UFL logo looks at midfield comes off a little too minimalist for my tastes.
  3. The tiger stripes look too much like lightning bolts. Also, this would only work if the Bengals were the only team in Ohio.
  4. If you can make the eye bigger that would help. Otherwise, that tiny eye would not be noticeable when reproduced in smaller sizes.
  5. You have Atlanta Falcons written on the top left.
  6. Each team unveiled so far you've nailed with the Reverse Retros. Particularly, the Ravens reverse retro/Fauxback can easily evoke the silks worn by jockeys at Pimlico. When you get around to the Rams, all I ask is to fix the helmet horns. If today's helmets don't really allow the horn to curl around the ear hole like it used to... Try a smoother version of the horn from 1949.
  7. Revised 36 team NHL Division A Boston Buffalo Detroit Montreal Ottawa Toronto Division B Columbus New Jersey NY Islanders NY Rangers Philadelphia Pittsburgh Division C Atlanta Carolina Florida Nashville Tampa Bay Washington Division X Anaheim Colorado Los Angeles San Jose Vegas Utah Division Y Calgary Edmonton Portland Seattle Vancouver Winnipeg Division Z Chicago Dallas Houston Milwaukee Minnesota St. Louis
  8. So basically New Orleans becomes the next Oakland?
  9. And without LA, Tampa or Dallas, that would make the NHL unattractive to TV networks in the US. It sucks that Quebec and Hartford lost their respective clubs in real life, but there's other reasons why they moved besides money.
  10. Here in San Diego, who are we supposed to cheer for in this scenario?
  11. But seriously though. Why did the NHL put up so much fierce resistance to keep the Coyotes in Arizona? Was it just because Maricopa County was a huge TV market (and still is)?
  12. I'm definitely gonna miss the Yotes' Kachina logo. But at the same time, they were a cancer that the NHL allowed to linger for too long.
  13. Is that Navy blue or black for the Cards?
  14. Or if Vince McMahon could appoint Bettman to run the XHL?
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