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  1. Any old school basketball court and uniform templates for Paint?
  2. The year is 1976. Both the NBA and ABA folded, leaving basketball fans to suffer a two year drought without their beloved game. The talent feud between the two leagues proved too bitter for a peaceful merger. The squeaks of sneakers on hardwood floors fell silent...but not for long. Out of the ashes of the NBA and ABA came the Liberty Basketball Association (LBA), which will take the court for 1978-79. Stay tuned for teams that will be unveiled in the coming days. In the meantime, here is the league logo. C&C Welcome.
  3. Most of the time when I get an item that isn't my favorite team, it's usually a gift from a relative or family friend.
  4. I've always wonder what it would've been like if Walt Disney lived longer and maybe had a son named Walt, Jr. So around 1969 or '70, father and son work together to create a new division. Hyperion Pictures would serve the same function Touchstone did later on in real life. The H is a modified version of the Rio Art Deco font. C&C Welcome.
  5. Edmonton Escorts Edmonton Ecto Coolers Edmonton Extreme (too 90s?) Edmonton Edgelords
  6. @FiddySicks Yeah, but it feels pretty awkward to have a placeholder name. And nobody has the patience to wait years for a new name anymore.
  7. One thing that'll get more people to warm up to the Kraken name: Winning.
  8. Updates for the Galaxy and Dragons, part of a league-wide makeover for 1994: C&C Welcome.
  9. For 1994, the Admirals and Monarchs will each have new uniforms: C&C Welcome.
  10. And the second of the two expansion teams for 1993: The Birmingham Fire. With the Avengers already using Navy, Crimson and Gold, the Birmingham franchise uses colors repurposed from the Rhein Fire organization. C&C Welcome.
  11. At the end of the '92 season, the troubled Luchador franchise relocated to Columbus, Ohio and became... The Ohio Glory C&C Welcome.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, one of two new expansion teams for 1993: The Scottish Claymores: C&C Welcome.
  13. 1) The whole "Rebel" thing for UNLV was simply for the sake of creating an identity to "rebel" against their rivals from Reno. 2) "Rebel" is a relative term, depending on who or what you're rebelling from. Basically, a rebel can be anything without the Civil War connotations.