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  1. 1976 EXPANSION The thirteenth franchise: The Charlotte Hornets (Option A) Option B for the Hornets The fourteenth franchise: The San Antonio Wings C&C Welcome.
  2. Yeah, the legal stuff we often don't take into consideration, so you do have a point on that. I don't think Marvel really owns the word guardian, because I think DC probably used that for a couple of their titles too. I don't remember Marvel batting an eye when Casey Wasserman named his Arena Football team the Avengers. It seems like the Spider name didn't really check the boxes for what the club thought would really represent Cleveland.
  3. Why is it so hard to keep things from leaking until the day of an event?
  4. If anyone is interested, I have created a story thread to accompany the concepts presented here. https://ahsports.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?pid=21563#p21563
  5. For 1976, two teams retain their current looks while moving into new-ish ballparks. The House that Ruth Built has finally been refurbished for the Gargoyles to move in from Hofstra Stadium. The Detroit Wheels have a new garage too; the 80,000+ seat Pontiac Silverdome. C&C Welcome.
  6. 1976 EXPANSION The Carolinas are abuzz with excitement for the birth of the WFL's thirteenth franchise: The Charlotte Hornets C&C Welcome. Coming up next: The fourteenth franchise.
  7. For 1975, the Portland Chinook replace the green pants with white pants for the home uniform. 1974 1975 C&C Welcome. Coming up next: Expansion for 1976.
  8. Yes, there will be expansion. BUT.... I am not sure if I want to expand by two or four teams. Also, I'm not sure what year should the WFL expand: 1976, '77, '78, '79 or '80?
  9. Still not sold on the gold helmets and pants. Maybe just have purple and either black or gold. Or how about purple and silver?
  10. I think the road uniform should have aqua pants.
  11. I don't think the state shape really works under the arms. I would try a modern take on the FloJo designs.
  12. For 1975, the Hawaiians make several adjustments to their look. 1974 1975 C&C Welcome.
  13. If you're using one of the PS2 Maddens, try the Columbia blue or reddish orange for stripes. Also, use the Tennessee Titan style shoulder yokes on the jerseys.
  14. Here's how I'd imagine the equipment guy would put on the decals. Step One: The Rainbow. Step Two: The clapperboards. Step three: The LA initials.
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